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Question CAF That I Can’t Think of a Creative Name For- Round 5 of 5-Final Round

  • childofthewaves

    How many years have passed?
    Video Games…
    Love em!: 1 year
    Like em: 2 years
    Hate em!: 3 years

    You discover you/your wife are/is pregnant with multiples!

    My birth date is…
    1st-7th: Twins
    8th-14th: Triplets
    22nd-31st: Quintuplets

    Gender of child 1:
    Have you ever left the country you live in?
    Yes: Boy
    No: Girl

    Gender of child 2:
    Do you like to wear dresses?
    Yes: Girl
    No: Boy

    Gender of child 3: (If applicable)
    Do you have a cellphone?
    Yes: Girl
    No: Boy

    Gender of child 4: (If applicable)
    Do you like Twilight?
    Yes: Girl
    No: Boy

    Gender of child 5: (If applicable)
    Have you ever watched Dr. Who?
    Yes: Boy
    No: Girl

    Names (first and middle):
    My real life first name starts with…
    A-D: Must all have same initials

    E-H: Must have the same or similar meanings

    I-L: Nature names

    M-P: Mythology names (doesn’t have to be Greek)

    Q-T: Must all be from the same book (you choose what book)

    U-X: Biblical

    Y-Z: Named after real life friends or family of yours

    Feel free to add pictures and story lines.

    End of Round 5. This is the last round. Hope you had fun!

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  • elizabeth


    Ezra Matthew (28)
    Katherine Jane (30)

    Got married in a church then took a honeymoon cruise around Greece.

    3 years later they had a baby girl.

    G: Eve Ruth (10)

    2 years later they had a baby girl.

    G: Emilia Imogen (7)

    And they have 2 cockatiels: Peter and Sydney.

    2 years later they adopted two boys from the US

    B: Isaac Hunter (5)
    B: Asher Blake (7)

    3 years later they have quintuplets.

    B: Daveigh William
    G: Cara Elizabeth
    G: Jaime Maria
    B: Jorryn Frederick
    B: Leif Elliot


    LN: Ford-Adams
    DW: Jane Margaret Ford-Adams (37)
    DW: Beatrice Eve Ford-Adams (34)
    DD: Florence Annabelle Ford-Adams (7) “Flora”
    DAD: Lauren Piper Ford-Adams (7) “Wren”
    DD: Caroline Lydia Ford-Adams (5)
    DAS: Jack Parker Ford-Adams (5)
    DD/DS/DD/DS: Evangeline Ruby Ford-Adams, Asher Flynn Ford-Adams, Mallory Scarlett Ford-Adams, and Felix Reed Ford-Adams (nb)
    -DDog: Katia
    -DDog: Oscar


    LN: Clinton
    DH: Matthew Joseph (31)
    DW: Megan Elizabeth (31)

    DD: Charlotte Grace (6)
    DD/DS: Emma Hayley & Ethan Henry (4)
    ADD/ADD: Avery Elizabeth & Sophia Madeline (2)
    DS/DD/DD/DS: Blake Matthew, Finley Paige, Rowan Rebecca & Asher Noah (nb)


    LN: Roosevelt
    DW: Evelin Phoebe Roosevelt (27)
    DH: Joshua James Roosevelt “Josh” (28)

    Wedding: In a church
    Honeymoon: Greece

    DS1: James Zachariah Roosevelt (5)

    DS2: Avery Taylor Roosevelt (3)

    DS3: Park Zhi Roosevelt (2)

    DS4/DD1: Micheal Jacob Roosevelt and Mathilda Jean Roosevelt (nb)

    Cat/Cat: Daisy and Opal (3)


    LN: Lincoln

    DW: Imogen Alice (28)
    DH: Henry Connor (34)

    DS: Liam Benjamin (6)
    DD/DS: Sage Harper/Rory Micah (4)
    DAD/DAS: Margot Anne/Bennett Isaac “Ben” (4)
    DD/DD/DS: Willow Lily/Ivy Rose/Ash Slate (nb)

    DCat: Rover (4)
    DCat: Sunny (4)

    Imogen & Henry


    Sage and Rory

    Margot and Ben

    Willow, Ivy and Ash (and their aunt and uncle)

    Rover and Sunny

    Imogen and Henry have Liam, Sage, Rory, Margot, Ben, Willow, Ivy and Ash.


    LN: Kennedy
    DW: Charlotte Anne (30)
    DH: James Alexander (34)
    DD: Elizabeth Ava “Ellie” (8)
    DD: Avery Phoenix (4)
    DS: Cameron Parker (4)
    ADS: Julien Maxime (2)
    ADD: Lea Marie (2)
    Cats: Penelope and Reese
    ~2 years later~
    Charlotte gives birth to Quintuplets!
    DS: Ash Flint (nb)
    DD: Lily Rose (nb)
    DD: Sage Willow (nb)
    DD: River Ivy (nb)
    DS: Forrest Elm (nb)


    Last Name: Bush

    DW: Catherine Annie
    Age: 26

    DH: Samuel Thomas
    Age: 27

    Wedding: outdoors wedding in the countryside
    Honeymoon: went on a cruise around the carribean

    after one year of marriage Cathy gives birth to a baby boy!

    DS1: Theodore Franklin ‘Theo’
    Age: 5

    2 years follow and she is pregnant again with twins!…

    DS2: Ash Cliff
    DS3: Forrest Stone
    Ages: 4

    1 year later Cathy and Sam decide to adopt twins – a baby boy and girl

    DS4: Archie Leon
    DD1: Evelyn Rose ‘Evie’
    Ages: 2

    Two years later Cathy and Sam decide they love having a big family and try for one more baby using IVF only to find out they are having quintuplets!! Five more beautiful babies!!

    DS5: Kelvin Carwen ‘Kel’
    DD2: Lilly Cara
    DD3: Elle Amada
    DD4: Lana Amia
    DS6: Hamilton Ceiro ‘Hammy’

    Cathy and Sam and there ten children:
    Theo, Ash, Forrest, Archie, Evie, Kel, Lilly, Elle, Hammy and Lana


    LN: Kennedy-Roosevelt
    DW: Bailee Coral (27)
    DW: Dakota Ellis (27)
    DS/DD: Liam Malachi & Nora Claire (8.) [adopted from Ireland]
    DD: Elizabeth Grace “Izzy” (6)
    DS: River Ash (4)
    DS/DS/DS: Carter Jude, Cooper James & Charlie Joseph (nb)
    Ddogs: Maggie & Molly

    Liam with his cousin Xavier




    Cooper & Charlie



    LN: Adams
    DW: Sabrina Bailey 30
    DH: Jonathan Paul 33
    DD: Elizabeth Grace 6
    DD/DS: Laura Danielle & Lucas David 4
    DD/DS: Katherine Emily & Jacob Elijah 2
    DS/DS/DD/DD/DS: MacKenzie James, Matthew Jared, Madison Janae, Miranda Joy, & Michael Job
    DDog: Molly
    DDog: Ace

    Line Sofie
    Line Sofie

    LN: Monroe
    DW (32): Chelsea Ella Monroe
    DH (36): Ethan James Monroe

    Wedding: Church
    Honeymoon: Cruise

    DAS/DAS (13): James Michael Monroe & Jacob Aiden Monroe “Jamie & Jake”
    - Jamie and Jake are very different. They are identical twins, but personality wise they couldn´t be more different. They were adopted at 6 years old from the US. Jamie loves to play sports and has more energy than should be possible. He is outgoing and loves to hang out with friends after school. Jake is also talkative if you talk about a subject that he is interested in. If not, he might come across as shy and quiet. Once he lets you in, you´re in for the long haul. He is loyal and will stand up for his friends if needed.

    DD (10): Sara Miriam Monroe
    - Sara is the oldest biological child of Chelsea and Ethan. She is like Jamie very outgoing. They are very good friends and will do a lot of stuff together – more so when they were younger, though. Being only 2 years old when the twins, Daisy and Hazel were born, she didn´t get as much attention as she wanted. Therefore she was very happy when a year later, Jamie and Jake arrived and they loved to play with her because she didn´t cry as much as the babies.

    DD/DD (8): Daisy Emerald Monroe & Hazel Juniper Monroe
    - Daisy and Hazel are fraternal twins. Daisy loves to sing and dance and Sara will join her most of the time. Hazel loves to read and quickly took to reading after learning it. She already talks about wanting to be a teacher. Daisy wants to become a famous singer.

    DS/DD/DD (5): Reed Robin Monroe & Lily Marigold Monroe & Olive Primrose Monroe
    - The triplets were quite the surprise for their parents, but they are loved nonetheless. Reed, being 8 years younger than Jamie and Jake, sometimes can feel a little left out. Jamie and Jake have been good at bringing him along and playing with him though. Reed was taught by Jamie to play baseball at a very young age and is turning out to be more and more like a mini Jamie. Lily is a sweet little girl. She can light up the room with her bouncy personality and her bright smile. She loves to joke around and play tricks on everyone. She is quite the comedian. Olive loves the nature. She loves to spend her time outside and her favorite season is the fall when all the leaves fall off and she can run around and play in them. She loves to walk the dogs and is probably the only one to volunteer to walk the dogs every day.

    2 dogs: Jack & Luna

    Chelsea & Ethan Monroe
    Sara, Daisy, Hazel, Jamie, Jake, Reed, Lily and Olive


    2 more years have passed and we’ve decided that these last little editions to our family will be the last. 9 months ago, we began the process to get Emily pregnant. Now, we welcome 2 more babies into the world.

    LN: Kennedy-Adams
    DW: Ashley Blake- 31
    DW: Emily “Em” Jessica- 27
    DD: Charlotte “Charlie” Belle- 6
    DD: Diana “DJ” Juliet- 4
    DAS/DAD: Nathaniel “Nate” Thomas/Sophia “Sophie” Reagan- 2
    DD/DS: Isabelle “Izzy” Jocelyn/Alexander “Alex” Jace- nb
    DDogs: Mickey (male) and Sammy (female)- 4

    Charlie at age 6

    DJ at age 4

    Nate and Sophie at age 2

    Izzy and Alex


    After a year, the Archer family (Apollo, Chelsea, Clara, Orlando, Lena, Annika, Bob & Bill) are joined by Quints!

    Griffin David
    Barrett Jedidiah
    Audrey Esme
    Ethan Philip
    Denzell Amadeo


    LN: Patterson
    DH (34): Alexander Michael “Alex”
    DW (30): Millie Georgia
    -married in our church
    -honeymoon: Caribbean cruise
    DS (6): Samuel Jonah “Sam”
    DD/DD (5): Kaylin Margaret/Marin Katherine
    Ddog: Sunny
    ADS/ADD (3): Martyn Burian/Zorya Klarysa
    DD/DD/DD/DD (nb): Linden Briar/Willow Calla/Dahlia Arbor/Aspen Delta


    LN: Baker
    DH: Ares Posiden – 33
    DW: Victoria Abigail – 27
    DD: Imogen Grace – 6
    DD: Charlotte Amelia – 5
    DS: Jordan Avery – 3
    DS: Matthew James – 2
    Dogs: Molly and Harry

    Well, not quite the Bakers dozen, but we certainly have a lot of kids now! By some freak natural whatever I ended up pregnant with Quintuplets. How the devil that happened, we have no idea. But now that they are here, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Introducing

    River Hawk – boy
    Willow Rain – girl
    Brook Magnolia – girl
    Ocean Stone – boy
    Falcon Lake – boy

    And that is it with the children making! Ares had the snip after we found out we were having the quins.


    LN: Washington
    DW: Peyton Audra, 26
    DW: Isabelle Sophia, 27
    DAD: Claire Ariana, 5
    DD: Matilda Olive “Tilly”, 4
    DD/DS: London Jess & Finley Devon “Fin”, 3
    DAS: Parker Hudson, 2
    DD/DD/DD: Jolie Eda & Calla Beatrice & Arabella Felicity “Ellie”, nb
    Cats: Kevin & Beth, 3

    2 years after the adoption, Peyton and Isabelle decide to do IVF one more time. Much to their surprise, Isabelle becomes pregnant with triplet girls! They name them Jolie Eda, Calla Beatrice, and Arabella Felicity.






    Jolie, Calla, Ellie:


    LN: Lincoln
    DW: Ashley Beth (26) (Ash)
    DH: Jacob Alexander (29) (Jake)
    Wedding: church
    Honeymoon: Hawaii
    DD1: Charlotte Elsa (7) (Charli)
    ADD1: Sophia Erin (6)
    DD2: Perrie Nicole (5)
    ADS1: Nathan Rhys (3)
    DS1/DD3/DD4/DS2/DS3: Conor/Aimee/Imogen/Jedd/Theo (NB)
    Pets: 2 horses, Polly & Sunny


    LN: Hunter
    DH: Jacob Tyler (33)
    DW: Sophie Rose (32)
    DD: Rebekah Naomi (6)
    DS: Matthew Gabriel (4)
    DS/DD: Daniel Alejandro/Sofia Valentina (4, adopted from Guatemala)
    DS/DS/DD/DD: Chad Dave/David Jed/Sherri Amanda/Ami Jaime (nb)
    Cockatiel: Dana
    Cockatiel: Max
    Jake & Sophie Hunter
    Beckah, Matty, Danny, Sofia, Chad, DJ, Sherri, and Ami
    Dana & Max


    DH (28): Jacob Simon Washington “Jake”
    DW (27): Evelyn Meredith *Taylor* Washington
    -married in our hometown church
    DS (5): Samuel Elijah Washington “Sam”
    DD (4): Riley Peyton Washington
    Ddog: River
    Ddog: Bear
    ADD/ADD (3): Addison Caroline Washington/Mackenzie Savannah Washington
    DD/DD/DD (nb): Charlotte Elizabeth Washington/Francesca Lisolette Washington/Karolina Isabel Washington


    Francesca Eve McKinley [30]
    Michael James McKinley [35]

    Sarah Elizabeth McKinley [5]

    Alby Jackson McKinley [3]
    Jack Thomas McKinley [3]

    Millie Rose McKinley [1]
    Isaac Arthur McKinley [1]

    Gavin Levi McKinley [nb]
    Griffon Lilia McKinley [nb]
    Genevieve Lola McKinley [nb]
    Giovanna Laken McKinley [nb]
    Gabriel Lennox McKinley [nb]

    The family have two horses:
    Molly & Timmy

    Francesca&Michael: Sarah, Alby, Jack, Millie, Isaac, Gavin, Griffon, Gen, Gee & Gabe


    LN: Truman-Ford
    DW: Maggie Hope Truman-Ford (30)
    DW: Ella Sophia Truman-Ford (36)
    DD: Florence Mae Truman-Ford (6) “Flora”
    DD/DD: Margo Lacey and Quinn Sterling (5)
    DAD: Annabelle Madeline (7)
    DAS: Grayson Cooper (5) “Gray”
    DD/DD/DD/DS: Naomi Mila, Felicity Siran, Gwyneth Seraphina “Gwyn”, and Asher Lennan (nb)
    DDog: Nora (Czechloslovakian wolf dog)
    DDog: Bodhi (Labrador retriever)

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