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Question CAF That I Can’t Think of a Creative Name For- Round 4 of 5

  • childofthewaves

    How many years have passed?
    Do you like singing?
    No- 1 year
    Yes- 2 years

    You decide to adopt.

    My favorite subject in school is/was…

    Science: Single child from China.

    Math: Twins from teen mom in your area. (Age is newborn)

    English: Twins from country of your choice.

    History: 2 siblings from your country. (Not twins)

    Other: Single child from country of your choice.

    Gender of child one:

    Would you consider yourself a good dancer?
    Yes: Girl
    No: Boy

    Age of child 1: (If you adopted from teen mom, ignore this)
    I have this many pets in real life…
    0: 6 years old
    1:2 years old
    3: Newborn
    4+: 8 years old.

    Gender of child two: (If you have two)
    Fruits or vegetables?
    Fruits: Girl
    Vegetables: Boy

    Age of child two: (If you adopt siblings that aren’t twins)
    What’s your favorite fruit?
    Apple: 3 years old
    Pear: 1 year old
    Orange: 5 years old
    Other or I don’t like fruit:4 years old.

    Names must be from the country the child(ren) came from. If the child(ren) is/are from your own country the names must be from the top 100 list.

    Feel free to add pictures and storylines.

    End of Round 4. Round 5 will be up soon.

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  • TwilitAmity

    The Cameron Family:
    Mum – Willow Tia Cameron (27)
    Dad – Jacob Alex Cameron (28)
    DD#1 – Delilah Veronica Cameron (4)
    DD#2 – Saskia Celeste Melina Cameron (2)
    DD#3 – Skye Cassia Merliah Cameron (2)
    DS#1 – Aaron Christopher Cameron (2)
    Pet#1 – Ebony (horse) (4)
    Pet#2 – Chica (horse) (4)

    As they already have three girls, the Camerons decide to adopt a boy. They adopt him from America because they don’t think they could manage to raise a child who doesn’t speak English. Aaron has very pale skin with flaxen hair and black eyes. He is very interested in science as he grows up. He also plays the flute and loves to ride, so he is bought a pony named Coco.

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