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Question CAF That I Can't Think of a Creative Name For- Round 3 of 5

  • childofthewaves

    How many years have passed?
    Books are…
    Something I couldn’t live without: 2 years
    Eh…: 1 year
    Something I hate… 4 years

    You’re pregnant again!

    What do you have?
    This is how I feel about text-talk/chat-speak…
    I can’t stand it !: Girl

    It’s kind of annoying.: Girl/Boy twins

    I use it sometimes.: Boy

    I use it all the time!: Girl/Girl twins

    I don’t use it, but it doesn’t bother me when others do.: Boy/Boy twins

    Names (first and middle):
    I was born in the month of…
    January or February: Names from the last book you read

    March or April: Names from the last movie you saw in theaters.

    May or June: Nature names

    July or August: Unisex Names

    September or October: Shakespearean names.

    November or December: Initials must be your real life initials reversed (Ex. Your name is Anna Jane, baby’s initals must be JA)

    You also get a pet/pets.

    What kind?
    I like these chips best…
    Lays: Dog

    Cheetos: Cat

    Doritos: Cockatiel

    SunChips: Snake

    Other: Horse

    How many do you ger?
    Do you like Justin Bieber?
    Yes- 1
    No- 2

    My favorite drink is…
    Soda: Human name
    Water: Rover, Fluffy, Polly, or Sunny
    Juice: Nature name
    Other: Your choice

    Feel free to add pictures and story lines.

    End of Round 3. Round 4 will be up either today or tomorrow.

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  • TwilitAmity

    Two years have passed since Delilah’s birth. Now the Cameron family have identical girl twins! Their names are Saskia Celeste Melina Cameron and Skye Cassia Merliah Cameron. They are tanned, have flaxen blonde hair and black eyes. They love to dance, write and play sport like their older sister. They are very popular models due to them being identical and their unusual eye colour. They get two female horses named Ebony and Chica in addition to Delilah’s pony. Ebony is black and pretty. Ebony is bay (brown with black mane) and is calm, making her good for the girls.

    The Cameron Family:
    Mum – Willow Tia Cameron (25)
    Dad – Jacob Alex Cameron (26)
    Daughter #1 – Delilah Veronica Cameron (2)
    Daughter #2 – Saskia Celeste Melina (newborn)
    Daughter #3 – Skye Cassia Merliah (newborn)
    Pet #1 – Ebony (horse) (2)
    Pet #2 – Chica (horse) (2)

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