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Question CAF That I Can’t Think of a Creative Name For- Round 1 of 5

  • childofthewaves

    LN: My favorite music is…

    Rock: Occupation

    Country: LN of your favorite author

    Classical: Common

    Other: Presidential

    DW (First and middle names): Bleach is…

    A cleaning agent: English origin

    One of the best shows ever!: Japanese origin

    What I use on my hair: Greek origin

    That weird anime show: Italian origin

    DW’s age: My favoirte season is…

    Spring: 18

    Summer: 20

    Winter: 21

    Fall: 23

    DH (First and middle names):

    My relationship status is…

    Single: Very common

    Married: Greek mytholgy name

    Engaged: Biblical

    Dating: Nickname name (Ex: Xander, Bob, Liam)

    DH’s age:

    I have this many siblings…

    0: 19


    2 or 3: 24

    4+: 26


    My favorite candy is…

    Chocolate: In a church

    Caramel: Outdoors

    Friut-flavored (Starbursts, Skittles, etc.): Las Vegas

    Other: You choose

    All other wedding details are your choice.


    My favorite genre is…

    Fantasy/Sci-fi: Greece

    Romace: Cruise

    Nonfiction: Hawaii

    Other: You choose

    Feel free to add pictures and story lines.

    End of round 1. Round 2 will be up soon.

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  • opalskye

    LN: Truman-Ford
    DW: Maggie Hope Truman-Ford (20)
    DW: Ella Sophia Truman-Ford (26)

    Maggie and Ella got married in Vegas and honeymooned in Greece!

    Maggie and Ella:
    Ella and Maggie


    LN: Lincoln

    DH: Nathan Benjamin [26]
    –Finishing up residency, MD
    DW: Allie Josephine [20]
    –Studying to become a Registered nurse

    Nathan and Allie met while at a convention for students interested in health careers, Allie only 17, a senior in high school still, and Nathan, 23, in his second year
    of med school. They were at the same booth when they saw each other and claim that “it was love at first sight.” They have been dating for three years now, and
    though it has been tough with work and school, they couldn’t be happier. They are to be married outside at a vineyard and for the honeymoon, a cruise from
    Florida to the Bahamas.


    Willow Tia Cameron (20)
    Jacob Alex Cameron (21)

    Alfie Willow Cameron (20)
    Jacob Alex Cameron (21)

    Willow Tia Cameron (20)
    Violet Zoe Cameron (21)

    Got married in Las Vegas and honeymooned in Greece.

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