• phoenix84

    Hi guys,

    What do you all think of the name piper? I like it, although im not sure it ‘fits’ our family. What do you all think? Know any pipers? And what middle name would you use?

    Thanks x

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  • yellowwatts

    Oh I LOVE Piper!! I’m not sure my husband would go for it but I’d totally name a future daughter that. I have an Allie, Lucy and Emma so I think it would work. I forget what your other children are named to see if it fits in with your sibset.

    Piper Jessamine
    Piper Cordelia
    Piper Corinne
    Piper Mackenzie
    Piper Michaela
    Piper Elise
    Piper Lillian


    Yay! So happy someone else loves it! I think it would work for you! Love Piper Jessamine :) gonna run that one past hubby! I have Esmé Pearl and James raymond, what do you think? xx


    I think it is cute, but have trouble envisioning it on an adult. I think if you go that route, you may want to give her a more traditional mn that she can go by if she wants if she is in a professional setting.
    Piper Elizabeth
    Piper Suzanne
    Piper Marie
    Piper Rosalie
    Piper Katherine


    I love Piper!

    Piper Evangeline
    Piper Renee
    Piper Trinity
    Piper Irene
    Piper Penelope (I actually know this one)
    Piper Amelia
    Piper Serenity
    Piper Davina
    Piper Francesca
    Piper Gracelyn
    Piper Jane
    Piper Kinsley
    Piper Lauren
    Piper Zuri
    Piper Coraline
    Piper Vera
    Piper Briana
    Piper Nadine
    Piper Madeline


    Embra took the words right out of my mouth. :) I also think it’s cute but have a hard time picturing it on an adult, and agree it would be good to give her maybe a classic, strong feminine MN in case she prefers to go by that as an adult.


    piper is not my style. i normally like more girly names. but i really like piper. its different and fun. and it doesnt really make me think of pipes. i know two dogs named piper which is unfortunate but it seems like a reasonable name for a girl. and its easy to say and spell. i dont know what id pair with it but id like to meet a piper.


    i also think it sounds sophisticated. i dont agree that its hard to picture on a professional adult


    I know a 3 year old Piper. She’s really sweet and adorable, but I agree, I have such a hard time imagining it on an adult. It’s not really my style of name in general – it’s not very feminine, yet I don’t consider it unisex. It’s cute, but that’s about it for me, and just being cute doesn’t make a name anything special for me…..

    I agree, I would pair it with a more traditional and effeminate name. I like embra’s suggestions; I think Piper Elizabeth is lovely.

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