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Passing Time Extended Family Congrats Round 3

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  • dreamofyou

    DH: Gideon Christopher Cruz
    DW: Aubrey Beatrix Nelson-Cruz

    DS1: Callan Jarrett Cruz (29)
    —DW: Bronwen Amanda McBride (28)
    —-dd/ds: Ella Cecilia McBride/Oliver Michael McBride (6)
    *Callan and Bronwen have been together for six years, married for four. Bronwen has twins from a previous relationship.

    DS2: Nicholas Layton Cruz (28)
    —DW: Ivory Accalia Terrell-Cruz (28)
    —-ds: Leonardo Eoghan Terrell (9)
    *Nicholas and Ivory have been together for seven years, and married for six. Ivory has a son from a previous relationship.

    DD1: Essence Crimson Cruz-Lanik (27)
    —ExDH: Abe Channing Lanik (30)
    —-ds: Ryker Elijah Lanik (9)
    —-ds: Kennedy Isaiah Lanik (7)
    —DH: David Joseph Noble (32)
    —-ds: Lewis Cason Noble (6)
    —-ds: Garrett Cole Noble (4)
    *Essence and Abe have been together for three years, married for one. After two years of marriage, Abe and Essence break up. Essence met David during the divorce process, and the two marry almost immediately. Abe has a son from a previous relationship. Abe and Essence have one son together. David has a son from a previous relationship, and they have one son together.

    DS3: Corbin Calloway Cruz (25)
    —DW: Michaela Desire Miller-Cruz (25)
    —-dd: Isaac Christian Cruz (6)
    *Corbin and Michaela met in their junior year of high school. They have been married for seven years. They have one son together.

    DS4: Baylor Matthew Cruz (25)
    —Fiance: Jayden Rose Adelson (24)
    —-ds: Lander Tayshawnn Cruz (5)
    *Baylor and Jayden have been dating for six years. They have one son together. They plan to wed.


    DH: Atticus Jude Nelson
    DW: Kennedy Quinn Molly-Nelson

    DD1: Verity Harper Nelson-Riley (32)
    —DH: Kryzysiek Sean Riley (35)
    —-ds: Walker Josiah Riley (8)
    —-ds/dd: Zayden Cooper Riley/Isabel Morgan Riley (3)
    —-ds: Ciaran Joseph Riley (nb)

    DS1: Vincent Tyler Nelson (32)
    —DW: Echo Maribeth Thompson-Nelson (30)
    —-ds: Wyatt Alexander Thompson (10)
    —-dd: Ajavalon Gianna Nelson (8)
    —-dd: Kara Amabel Nelson (6)
    —-ds: Dylan Bradford Nelson (3)
    —-ds: Seth Craig Nelson (2)

    ADS2: Varek Henry Nelson (30)
    —DW: Akira Xahlia Miller-Nelson (29).
    —-ds/ds: Michael Rod Nelson/Jason Dominik Nelson (2)

    ADD2: Kailey Sage Nelson (28)
    —BF[won’t get married]: Xebulon Ray Newman (31)
    —-ds: Dakota Austin Newman (7)
    —-ds: Logan Thomas Newman (2)
    —-dd: Evelyn Kalenah Newman (1)

    DS3: Griffin Kendall Nelson (27)
    —DW: Michaela Socorro Lincoln (25)
    —-ds: Xavier Brecken Nelson (3)

    DS4: Garrison Victor Nelson (26)
    —Fiance: Aiden Amanda Valora (25)
    —-ds/ds: Eddy Christopher Nelson/Simon Devin Nelson (2)
    —-dd: Catalina June Nelson (1)

    DD3: Genesis Brooke Nelson-Thurman (25)
    —DH: Conan Eyolf Thurman (25)
    —-ds: Jaden Micah Thurman (8)
    —-ds: Josiah Breck Thurman (5)
    —-add: Tracie Junot Thurman (nb)

    ADS5: Riley Samuel Nelson (25)
    —GF[won’t get married]: Arya Branwen Wright (23)
    —-dd: Lillian Naomi Nelson (3)
    —-ds: Gavin Richard Nelson (nb)


    DH: Jackson Alain Calvary
    DW: Arcelia Yeva Caspian-Calvary

    DS1: Baylor Lane Calvary (32)
    —GF: Socorro Jo Miller (30)
    —-dd: Bentleigh Sage Calvary (7)
    —-ds: Oliver Tecumseh Calvary (6)
    —-dd: Adeline Elizabeth Calvary (5)
    *They do not plan to marry.

    ADS2: Colton Derek Calvary (30)
    —GF: Violet Julijana Lincoln (29)
    —-dd: Cadence Zara Calvary (9)
    —-dd: Gianna Rose Calvary (7)
    —-ds: Jedidiah Tennyson Calvary (5)
    —-dd: Emma Braelynn Calvary (4)
    —-ds: Jacob Xavier Calvary (3)
    —-ds: Damian Matthew Calvary (nb)
    *They do not plan to marry.

    DS3: Christian Alexander Calvary (26)
    —ExGF: Hope Elisabeth Cox (26)
    —-ds: Harrison Quince Cox (11)
    —-dd: Kendall Imogen Calvary (9)
    —GF: Gracelynn Ahana North (25)
    —-ds: Brighton Albert North (1)

    DD1: Liberty Natasha Calvary-Dwight (25)
    —DH: Aiden Justice Dwight (27)

    DD2: Delilah Pope Calvary (24)
    —Fiance: Asher Brooks Rivera (25)
    —-dd: Sarah Aaliyah Rivera (8)
    —-dd: Ella Brynn Rivera (6)
    —-dd: Xena Josie Rivera (2)
    —-dd: Jaylynn Alyssandra Rivera (1)
    —-add: Emily Chloe Rivera (nb)


    DH: Vykram Holden Wilson (63)
    DW: Queenie Joanna {Aften} Wilson (63)
    —Seismic Engineer

    DD: Bella Astrid {Wilson} Myla (29)
    —Material Handler
    –DEXH: Wisdom Fortunato Myla (33)
    —Labor Relations Manager
    —-DS: Benjamin Cayenne Myla (5)
    –DBF: Aloysius Jim Sigismonda (29) “won’t”
    —Airport Terminal Controller
    —-DSS: Nick Trey Sigismonda (7)
    —-DD: Anna Marilou Sigismonda (8 months)
    Bella and Wisdom just didn’t work. They were divorced almost 3 years ago. She met Aloysius 2 years ago and fell hard. He also had a son and Ben and Nick get along super well and love their little sister Anna too. Bella doesn’t want to get married again, she feels like marriage ruined her and Wisdom’s relationship and doesn’t want that to happen with Aloysius.

    DD: Meg Vivienne {Wilson} Ryan (28)
    —Pesticide Applicator
    –DH: Storm Jericho Ryan (27)
    —Localization Translator
    —-DS: Vladimir Andrea Ryan (8)
    —-DS: Sassacus Clove Ryan (7)
    —-DD: Alexandria Lydia Ryan (2)
    Meg and Storm started trying for a girl after both boys were fully potty trained. It took 2 years but Meg gave birth to a little girl Alexandria. They might be done but aren’t positive.

    DS: Kraig Richard Wilson (27)
    –DW: Monica Raquel {Christopher} Wilson (24)
    —Customer Solutions Leadership Trainer
    —-DS: Zeus Bradley Wilson (3)
    —-DS: River Tony Wilson (2)
    —-DS: Omar Teodor Wilson (2)
    Kraig and Monica have added three beautiful boys to the family. Since the twins they’ve decided to take a break before anymore kids though.

    DS: Cosmo Vladimir Wilson (25)
    —Staffing Manager
    –DF: Harlem Rosemary Piran (29)
    —Personnel Analyst
    After Cosmo got his real career at the company he worked for, he met Harlem their Personnel Analyst. They both say it was love at first sight. After two years of dating Cosmo proposed last month and she said yes of course. They’re planning a Christmas wedding.

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    DH: Owen Jude Stark
    DW: Eve Roisin Lane-Stark

    DS1: Achilles Michael Stark (32)
    —ExDW: Aiden Calypso Lincoln-Stark (30)
    —-dd: Adrian Ziva Stark (9)
    —-ds: Anton Vincent Stark (7)
    —-dd: Alter Isabella Stark (5)
    —-ds: Andrew Beckett Stark (2)
    *Achilles and Aiden were together for for seven years. After the birth of their youngest child, Aiden was diagnosed with Post-Partum Depression. Feeling trapped, Aiden filed for divorce, leaving Achilles to parent their four children alone.

    DD1: Johanna Aisling Stark-VanBenthuysen (32)
    —DH: Craig Barrett VanBenthuysen (35)
    —-ds: Oliver Brexton Stark (9)
    *Johanna and Craig met three years ago and fell in love. They have been married for one year. They do not have any children of their own yet, but are trying.

    ADD2: Santana Riley Stark (30)
    —Fiance: Axel Rafe Harrison (31)
    —-dd: Waverly Avianna Harrison (7)
    —-ds: Alan Finn Harrison (1)
    *Santana and Axel have been together for eight years. They have two children together.

    DD3: Valen Elizabeth Stark-Delgado (25)
    —DH: Xylon James Delgado (26)
    —-ds: Emerson Josiah Delgado (11)
    —-ds: Tayshawnn Zackary Delgado (9)
    —-dd: Ella Cayenne Delgado (6)
    —-dd: Sacnite Noelle Delgado (3)
    —-dd: Morgan Deeanna Delgado (2)
    *Valen and Xylon met in high school. Xylon already had a child from a previous relationship. Valen and Xylon welcomed their first child together when Valen was just 16. They added Tayshawnn two years later. The couple has been married for seven years.


    DH(57): Myles Harvey Watson
    DW(56): Jane Mariangela (Gould) Watson
    DS(32): Brady Robin Watson
    -DF(29): Laurelynn Ashley Richmond
    Brady Watson and his fiancee Laurelynn Richmond, happily engaged. Getting married this summer and hoping to start a family.

    DS(32): Andrew Grayson Watson
    -DEXGF(31): Angelica Victoria Gracen
    –DEXGFDS(7): Tyler Ryan Gracen
    Andrew Watson and his ex-girlfriend/best friend Angelica and her son Tyler(7). Although no longer together, Andrew is the only father Tyler has ever known, so they remain best friends for Tyler’s sake.

    DD(29): Leah Ann (Watson) Benjamin
    -DH(31): Ryan Alexander Benjamin
    –DS(8): Oliver Darryl Benjamin
    –DD(3): Celia Alexandria Benjamin
    –DS(2): Kent Simon Benjamin
    –DAS(1): Phillip Demetrius Benjamin
    –DAS(2 months): Frank Barry Benjamin
    Leah and Ryan Benjamin with their children Oliver(8), Celia(3), and Kent(2). They also adopted Ryan’s sister’s 2 sons Phillip(1) and Frank (2 months) after she passed away last month in a car accident.

    DAD(28): Kitty Blaire (Watson) Garcia
    -DH(28): Jonathan Alex Garcia
    –DSS(10): Dante Sean Garcia
    –DD(7): Shavonne Sage Garcia
    –DD/DD(5): Jada Briana Garcia/Cayenne Leighton Garcia
    –DD(4): Mia Sara Garcia
    –DS/DS(10 months): Christopher John Garcia/Connor Jadran Garcia
    Kitty and Jonathan Garcia with their children Dante(10), Shavonne(7), Jada(5), Cayenne(5), Mia(4), Christopher(10 months), and Connor (10 months)

    DD(25): Chelsey Ella Watson
    -DF*(23): Edward Matthew Robertson
    –DFDD(7): Mercedes Leilani Robertson
    –DS(1): Rylan Dave Robertson
    Chelsey Watson and her fiance Edward and their 2 children Mercedes and Rylan.


    DH[55]: Jake Valerian Kaito
    DW[53]: Emily Juliette (Soren) Kaito

    DS[31]: Micah Jarrett Kaito
    –DF[34]: Isabelle Piper Evans
    —-DD[8]: Ella Elizabeth Kaito
    —-DS[7]: Jake Oliver Kaito
    —-DS[4]: Wyatt Isaiah Kaito
    —-DS[3]: Evan Alex Kaito
    —-DD[nb]: Kyla Evelyn Kaito

    DD[30]: Sophie Emma (Kaito) Montgomery
    –DH[31]: Aiden John Montgomery
    —-DSS[12]: Nathan Alexander Montgomery
    —-DD[7]: Saffron Grace Montgomery
    —-DS[6]: Camden Nicholas Montgomery
    —-DD[5]: Peyton Claire Montgomery
    —-DS[3]: Nolan Christopher Montgomery

    DS[28]: Henry James Kaito
    –DBF[30]: Lennox Thomas Ward
    —-DS[9]: Laughlin Joseph Kaito-Ward
    —-DS[8]: Sterling Daniel Kaito-Ward
    —-DS[6]: Harley William Kaito-Ward
    —-DS[5]: Malcolm Atticus Kaito-Ward
    —-DD[2]: Sahara Katherine Kaito-Ward

    DD[26]: Lilly Victoria Kaito
    –DBF[27]: Emmett Joshua Bridge
    —-DSS[9]: Lucas Spencer Bridge
    —-DS[7]: Liam Archer Bridge
    —-DD[3]: Adriana Juliette Bridge
    —-DS[1]: Landon Walker Bridge
    —-DD[nb]: Amelia Josephine Bridge
    —-DD[nb]: Adelaide Jaylene Bridge

    DD[26]: Audrey Gabriella Kaito
    –DBF[27]: River Orion Armstrong
    —-DS[6]: Trevor George Armstrong
    —-DD[5]: Chloe Beatrice Armstrong
    —-DD[3]: Lauren Shirley Armstrong
    —-DD[1]: Lydia Margaret Armstrong

    DD[24]: Charlotte Lana Kaito
    –DF[24]: Asher Jonathan Jones
    —-DSD[8]: Ava Quinn Jones
    —-DD[6]: Evangeline Rose Jones
    —-DD[6]: Adeline Anne Jones

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