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Passing Time Extended Family Congrats Round 2

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  • Aunt2eight

    Huxley Wayne Houston (49)
    Lola Rebecca (Kent) Houston (50)

    Isaac Channing Houston-Marden (26)
    Ryan Edward Houston-Marden (28)
    Tabitha Roxanne Houston-Marden (4)
    Elizabeth Baylee Houston-Marden (3)
    Arista Taylor Houston-Marden (1)
    Raven Charley Houston-Marden (1)

    Piper Genesis (Houston) Valora (26)
    Timothy Valent Valora (26)
    Dexter Clayton Valora (1)
    Hazel Paloma Valora (1)
    Divine Evangeline Valora (nb)

    Flint Heath Houston (23)
    Veda Rose Heyman (23)
    -girlfriend: won’t get married-
    Dylan Travis Houston (4)
    Shiloh Emilia Houston (2)

    Audrey Merida (Houston) Perez (22)
    Draco Orion Perez (25)
    Nikki Yolanda Perez (2) previous
    Gabriel Shannon Perez (nb)
    Cecily Olive Perez (nb)

    Henry Micah Houston (21)
    Ivy Sarah Pebble (20)
    -girlfriend: won’t get married-

    Coltrane Theodore Houston (19)
    Rocco Mercury Golf (21)
    -boyfriend: won’t get married-


    DH: Archer Michael Cruz
    DW: Harper Joy (mn: Charles) Cruz

    DD1: Ella Jolie Cruz (27)
    —BF[won't get married]: Jayden Nero Jefferson (30)
    —-ds: Atticus Michael (4)
    —-ds/ds: Zachariah Yarrow/Ezekiel Mason (3)
    Ella and Jayden have been dating for five years. They have three boys, Atticus, Zachariah (Zach), and Ezekiel (Zeke). They do not plan on getting married.

    ADS1: Asher Chase Cruz (25)
    —GF: Aylin Lux Wood (24)
    —-dd/dd/dd: Isabel Evangeline/Addison Cheyenne/Aalissah Elliana (3)
    —-ds: Javan Yorick (2)
    Asher and Aylin have been dating for four years. They have four children: Isabel (Izzy), Addison (Addy), Aalissah, and Javan. They plan on getting married eventually.

    DD2: Ariel Lillie Cruz -Jamison (24)
    —DH: Orion Zev Jamison (26)
    —-dd: Sawyer Juliette (2)
    —-dd: Hayden Jakori (1)
    Ariel and Orion have been married for three years. They have two daugthers:Sawyer and Hayden.

    DS2: Dane Mason Cruz (22)
    —GF[won't get married]: Verity Makena Coleman (22)
    Dane and Verity have been dating for two years. They do not have any children. They plan on waiting to have children after they wed.

    DS3: Colton Eugene Cruz (22)
    —GF: Lyra Maribeth Martin (21)
    Colton and Lyra have been dating for one year. They do plan on getting married.

    DS4: Channing Young Cruz (22)
    —DW: Genesis Jane-Cera (22)
    Channing and Genesis have been dating for three years. They do not have any children. They plan to wed.

    DD3: Valyn Aisling Cruz (22)
    —-ds: Oliver Tecumseh (nb)
    Valyn met a gentleman at a local nightclub and became pregnant. This gentleman has chosen not to be involved in Oliver’s life.

    DS5: Griffin Alexander Cruz (20)
    —DW: Sadie Viollette Zimmerman-Cruz (19)
    —-ds: Gabriel Davonte (3)
    —-dd: Waverly Grace (2)
    —-dd/dd: Scarlett Gianna/Parker Bryn (1)
    Griffin and Sadie have been married for four years. They have four children: Gabriel, Waverly, Scarlett, and Parker.

    DS6: Jarrett Matthew Cruz (20)
    —GF[won't get married]: Aulanna Jo Windsor (20)
    —-ds: Joshua Carter (2)
    —-dd: Arya Claire (1)
    Jarrett and Aulanna have been dating for three years. They met in high school. They have two children: Joshua and Arya.


    DH: Christopher George Lundgren
    DW: Monika Chetana (Evelin) Lundgren

    DS: Tristan James Lundgren (27)

    DD: Adele Victoria Lundgren (27)
    DF: Anthony Jay Sanders (28)

    DD: Julina Charmain Lundgren (20)
    DBF: Gabriel Sebastian Valora (20)
    - DD: Wren Estelle Valora (4)
    - DD: Rosemary Quince Valora (3)
    - DD: Lola Grace Valora (1)

    DD: Anna Meredith Lundgren (20)
    DBF: Winston Asher Charles (22)


    DH: Owen Louis Gersemi
    DW: Quinley Paige Lawson-Gersemi

    DD1: Arabella Jolie Gersemi-Spy (25)
    —DH: Raleigh Michael Spy (27)
    —-dd/ds: Aisling Grace Spy/Alexander Aydan Spy (nb)
    Arabella met Raleigh four years ago in college. They married two years ago. They welcomed twins, Aisling and Alexander.

    DS1: Bentley Vaughn Gersemi (24)
    –GF[won’t get married]: Raegyn Sofia Charles (23)
    —-dd: Samantha Finn Charles (7)
    —-dd/ds: Amalia Niamh Gersemi/Liam Mason Gersemi (2)
    —-dd: Gianna Mercedes Gersemi (nb)
    Bentley and Raegyn have been dating for three years. Raegyn has a daughter, Samantha, from a high school fling. Bentley and Raegyn have three children: Amalia, Liam, and Gianna. They do not plan to marry.

    DS2: Grayson Henry Gersemi (22)
    –DF: Genesis Paris Cruz (22)
    —-ds: Jonathan Jeremiah Cruz (6)
    —-dd: Ava Elizabeth Gersemi (2)
    —-ds/dd: Sage Hezekiah Gersemi/Sara Isabel Gersemi (nb)
    Grayson and Genesis met four years ago in high school. Genesis became a mom early, having her son Jonathan at age 16. They have three children together: Ava, Sage, and Sara. After discovering they were pregnant with the twins, Grayson proposed to Genesis and they plan to wed soon.

    DD2: Micah Elizabeth Gersemi (21)
    —BF: Ronan Wolfe Kramer (24)
    —-ds: Quince Harrison Kramer (2)
    —-ds: Yarrow Roderick Kramer (nb)
    Micah and Ronan have been dating for three years. They have two children: Quince and Yarrow. They plan to wed, but for now are simply focused on raising their children.


    DH: Cameron Jackson Beckett
    DW: Neela Aspen Taylor-Beckett

    DD: Kennedy Alice Beckett-Gracen (25)
    —DH: Axel Cade Gracen (27)

    ADS: Colton Blake Beckett (22)
    —Baby Mama: Calypso Lisabeth Montgomery (19)
    —-ds: Archer Isaias Montgomery (nb)

    DD: Avery Violet Beckett-Ross (20)
    —DH: Donovan Gray Ross (23)
    —-ds: Zachariah William Ross (4)

    DS: Owen Ryder Beckett (20)
    —DW: Socorro Murphy Waters-Beckett (20)
    —-ds/ds: Ian Parker Beckett/Jordan Ezekiel Beckett (1)

    DD: Larkin Vivian Beckett (20)
    —BF[won’t get married]: Keanu Jens Rochester (21)
    —-ds/ds: Theodore Wyatt Rochester/Lucas Gabriel Rochester (4)
    —-dd: Adelaide Evangeline Rochester (3)
    —-dd: Aaliyah Isabella Rochester (1)

    DD: Brooklynn Elizabeth Beckett-Jamison (19)
    —DH: Emmett Alexander Jamison (21)
    —-ds: Ivan Thomas Jamison (6)
    —-dd: Gianna Olive Jamison (4)
    —-dd: Saffron Rosemary Jamison (2)

    Five years have passed and all but one of Cameron and Neela’s children is in a serious relationship, and all but one has given the patriarchs grandchildren.

    Kennedy met Axel four years ago. They married two years later. They have no children, but have been trying.

    Colton met Calypso at a club a year ago. Archer was born nine months later. The two are not in a relationship.

    Avery met Donovan five years ago. They dated for three months before discovering Avery was pregnant. Donovan proposed and the couple wed in a small private ceremony. Zachariah entered the world three months later.

    Owen and Socorro met two years ago at college. They welcomed twins Ian and Jordan a year ago and wed shortly after the birth.

    Larkin and Keanu met in junior high. They welcomed twins Theodore and Lucas when Larkin was 16 and Keanu was 17. They have since added two girls. They do not plan on getting married.

    Brooklynn and Emmett also met in high school. Emmett has one son, Ivan, from a previous relationship. They welcomed Gianna a year after Ivan was born, when Brooklynn was 15 and Emmett was 17. They added daughter Saffron two years later. They married a year ago.


    LN: Watson
    DH: Benjamin Jude Watson
    DW: Winifred Song Lawrence-Watson

    DS: Jarrett Blane Watson (27)
    –DIL: Reagan Maribeth Dillion-Watson
    DS: Matthew Cohen Watson (27)
    –GF: Lara Victoria Riley
    DD: Sophia Grace Watson-Jones (26)
    –SIL: Christopher Dante Jones
    DD: Chelsey Olivia Watson (23)
    –BF: Emmett Neil Carson
    DD: Thea Elizabeth Watson (21)
    DS: Garrison Cade Watson (19)
    –GF: Pamela Cate Marden


    LN: Hunter
    Maiden Name: Nyx

    DH: Albert Quinten Hunter (55)
    DW: Lesia Suzanne (Nyx) Hunter (53)

    DD: Larkin Catherine Hunter (26) “Lark”
    DD: Blair Elizabeth Hunter (23)
    DD: Tessa Leigh Hunter (22)
    DAS: Rigg Benjamin Hunter (21)
    DD/DD: Vienna Faye Hunter and Sterling Vivienne Hunter (21)
    DD: Fallon Alana Hunter (19)

    Larkin Catherine Hunter (26) “Lark”
    DBF: Neil Castor Narif (27)
    -DSD: Carrie Maeve Narif (7)
    -DD: Margaret Audrey Narif (4)
    -DD: Laurie Kaitlin Narif (2)
    -DD: Beth Riley Narif (1)
    Lark and Neil met in her first year of college. They were just friends at the time. A year after they met, Neil had a daughter with his previous girlfriend. That was when Lark realized she loved him, because she was so jealous. She never told him until the day that Carrie’s mother ran away, and Neil brought Carrie over to Lark in panic. He needed help with her, and had no way to care for her on his own. That was the day they fell in love. Ever since then, they have been together. The day of Lark’s graduation, she found out they would be starting a family together! 9 months later, Meg was born! Then, 2 years later they had Laurie, and finally, a year ago, little Beth came into their world!

    Blair Elizabeth Hunter-Clark (23)
    DW: Lilith Grace Hunter-Clark (23) “Lily”
    -DS: Tobias Marshall Hunter-Clark (3) “Toby”
    Blair was the first in the family to come out as lesbian. She was 13 when she came out, and has always been comfortable with her sexuality. When she was 17, she met Lily. They were in swim together, and instantly clicked. It was not too long after when Lily confessed her love to Blair and they have been together ever since! Now, 6 years later, they have gotten married and even started their family! They now have little Toby, their pride and joy!

    Tessa Leigh (Hunter) Lincoln (22)
    DH: Emmett Alex Lincoln (26)
    -DS: Jake Josiah Lincoln (1)
    -DS: Zackary Ryan Lincoln (nb) “Zack”
    Tessa and Emmett have not always had a smooth relationship. They met 2 years ago at a party. They had a bit of a fling, and a few weeks later, Tessa realized she was pregnant. She contacted Emmett, and at first, he didn’t want anything to do with the baby. Tessa kept calling and calling, and finally, he decided to meet with her to talk. It took him some time, but he came around to the idea of being a dad. By the time Jake was born, Emmett and Tessa were dating. When Jake was a month old, Emmett proposed to Tessa, and they had a small wedding in the town hall with only family. Then, at the reception, they announced they were expecting again! Now they have two healthy, happy boys!

    Rigg Benjamin Hunter (21)
    DW: Maura Abigail Hunter (22)
    Rigg and Maura have known each other almost their whole lives. Maura is Tessa’s best friend since pre-school. One night when she was spending the night at Tessa’s house, she told her that she had a crush on Rigg. Although at first Tessa was repulsed, she soon encouraged Maura to tell Rigg, because she had a feeling he liked her too. At the age of 18, they started dating. They have been married for 3 months now.

    Vienna Faye Hunter (21)
    DBF: Milo Robert Dillon (20)
    -DS: Breck Jasper Dillon (3)
    -DD: Quinn Adelaide Dillon (1)
    Vienna and Milo were not expecting to start a family so soon in life. While in high school, they found out they were going to be having a baby boy. Vienna never went back to school because she felt like she needed to be with Breck instead of studying. Then, right as she was ready to go back, she found out she was expecting again! Now, Quinn is a year old, and hopefully Vienna will be starting night classes when Quinn is 18 months old.

    Sterling Vivienne Hunter (21)
    DFiance: Alexa Rose Miller (25)
    -DSS: Jack Cyrus Miller (2)
    Sterling was the second daughter to come out as gay. Unlike her fiance, she had known since she was very young, but never wanted to tell anyone. Alexa, her fiance, tried her hardest to “turn herself straight”, and even had a child, but when she finally took down the walls, she found that she was much happier. About a year ago, they met at a pride parade, and they instantly fell in love. Sterling loves Alexa’s son Jack as her own. They are planning a large and fun wedding on the fourth of July, and then hope to start a family together.

    Fallon Alana Hunter (19)
    DBF: Asher Ronan Galling (18)
    -DD/DD: Juliette Madeline Galling “Jette” and Willow Adelaide Galling “Willa” (1)
    Unlike Vienna, Fallon and her boyfriend (ignorantly, but with good intentions) planned their family. They are very much in love, and just could not wait to start a family together, so their senior year, they decided they would have a baby. They planned it so that Fallon would have the baby about 2 months after graduation. But by surprise they found out they were having twins! They love the little girls so much, but have decided to wait until they both graduate college to give the girls siblings.


    DH: Gideon Christopher Cruz
    DW: Aubrey Beatrix Nelson-Cruz

    DS1: Callan Jarrett Cruz (24)
    —Fiance: Bronwen Amanda McBride (23)
    —-dd/ds: Ella Cecilia McBride/Oliver Michael McBride (3)
    *Callan and Bronwen have been together for one year. Bronwen has twins from a previous relationship.

    DS2: Nicholas Layton Cruz (23)
    —DW: Ivory Accalia Terrell-Cruz (23)
    —-ds: Leonardo Eoghan Terrell (4)
    *Nicholas and Ivory have been together for two years, and married for one. Ivory has a son from a previous relationship.

    DD1: Essence Crimson Cruz-Lanik (22)
    —DH: Abe Channing Lanik (25)
    —-ds: Ryker Elijah Lanik (4)
    —-ds: Kennedy Isaiah Lanik (2)
    *Essence and Abe have been together for three years, married for one. Abe has a son from a previous relationship, and they have one son together.

    DS3: Corbin Calloway Cruz (20)
    —DW: Michaela Desire Miller-Cruz (20)
    —-dd: Isaac Christian Cruz (1)
    *Corbin and Michaela met in their junior year of high school. They have been married for two years. They have one son together.

    DS4: Baylor Matthew Cruz (20)
    —GF: Jayden Rose Adelson
    —-ds: Lander Tayshawnn Cruz (nb)
    *Baylor and Jayden have been dating for one year. They have one son together. They plan to wed.


    DH: Atticus Jude Nelson
    DW: Kennedy Quinn Molly-Nelson

    DD1: Verity Harper Nelson-Riley (27)
    —DH: Kryzysiek Sean Riley (30)
    —-ds: Walker Josiah Riley (3)
    *Verity and Kryz have been married for four years. They have one son.

    DS1: Vincent Tyler Nelson (27)
    —DW: Echo Maribeth Thompson-Nelson (25)
    —-ds: Wyatt Alexander Thompson (5)
    —-dd: Ajavalon Gianna Nelson (3)
    —-dd: Kara Amabel Nelson (1)
    *Vinnie and Echo have been together for four years. Echo has one son from a previous relationship, and they have two children together.

    ADS2: Varek Henry Nelson (25)
    —DW: Akira Xahlia Miller-Nelson (24)
    *Varek and Akira have been married for one year. They have no children, but are trying.

    ADD2: Kailey Sage Nelson (23)
    —BF[won’t get married]: Xebulon Ray Newman (26)
    —-ds: Dakota Austin Newman (2)
    *Kailey and Xeb have been together for three years. They have one son together. They do not plan on getting married.

    DS3: Griffin Kendall Nelson (22)
    —Fiance: Michaela Socorro Lincoln (20)
    *Griffin and Michaela have been together for one year. They have no children.

    DS4: Garrison Victor Nelson (21)
    —GF: Aiden Amanda Valora (20)
    *Garrison and Aiden have been dating for two years. They have no children

    DD3: Genesis Brooke Nelson-Thurman (20)
    —DH: Conan Eyolf Thurman (20)
    —-ds: Jaden Micah Thurman (3)
    —-ds: Josiah Breck Thurman (nb)
    *Genesis and Conan met in high school, and have been married for one year. They have two children together.

    ADS5: Riley Samuel Nelson (20)
    —GF[won’t get married]: Arya Branwen Wright (18)
    *Riley and Arya have been dating for two years. They do not plan on marrying.


    DH: Jackson Alain Calvary
    DW: Arcelia Yeva Caspian-Calvary

    DS1: Baylor Lane Calvary (27)
    —GF: Socorro Jo Miller (25)
    —-dd: Bentleigh Sage Calvary (2)
    —-ds: Oliver Tecumseh Calvary (1)
    —-dd: Adeline Elizabeth Calvary (nb)
    *They do not plan to marry.

    ADS2: Colton Derek Calvary (25)
    —GF: Violet Julijana Lincoln (24)
    —-dd: Cadence Zara Calvary (4)
    —-dd: Gianna Rose Calvary (2)
    —-ds: Jedidiah Tennyson Calvary (nb)
    *They do not plan to marry.

    DS3: Christian Alexander Calvary (21)
    —GF: Hope Elisabeth Cox (21)
    —-ds: Harrison Quince Cox (6)
    —-dd: Kendall Imogen Calvary (4)

    DD1: Liberty Natasha Calvary-Dwight (20)
    —DH: Aiden Justice Dwight (22)

    DD2: Delilah Pope Calvary (19)
    —BF: Asher Brooks Rivera (20)
    —-dd: Sarah Aaliyah Rivera (3)
    —-dd: Ella Brynn Rivera (1)


    DH: Vykram Holden Wilson (58)
    DW: Queenie Joanna {Aften} Wilson (58)
    —Seismic Engineer

    DD: Bella Astrid {Wilson} Myla (24)
    —Material Handler
    –DH: Wisdom Fortunato Myla (28)
    —Labor Relations Manager
    —-DS: Benjamin Cayenne Myla (newborn)
    Bella and Wisdom have been together 5 years now. They were married less than a year ago and got pregnant within the first month. They now have a gorgeous little boy Benjamin and can’t wait to have more.

    DD: Meg Vivienne {Wilson} Ryan (23)
    —Pesticide Applicator
    –DH: Storm Jericho Ryan (22)
    —Localization Translator
    —-DS: Vladimir Andrea Ryan (3)
    —-DS: Sassacus Clove Ryan (2)
    Meg and Storm have been together since high school. They were married two months after Storm graduated. They now have two beautiful sons Vlad and Sass. They hope eventually to have a little girl but want to wait for the boys to get a little older. Also Meg loves that since they got married she’s Meg Ryan.

    DS: Kraig Richard Wilson (22)
    –DW: Monica Raquel {Christopher} Wilson (19)
    —Customer Solutions Leadership Trainer
    Kraig and Monica met 6 months ago and were married 2 weeks ago. It was a whirlwind romance we all feel that they can make it work.

    DS: Cosmo Vladimir Wilson (20)
    —Corporate Administrative Assistant
    Cosmo is working at a big corporation and going to college for a business degree. He is concentrating on his work right now and has a job offer now as soon as he graduates.


    DH: Stanley Ken Olsen
    DW: Leah Karen Olsen

    DD/DD: Imogen Ruby Olsen and Caroline Perrin Olsen (26)
    DS: Isaac Griffin Olsen (24)
    DS: Callan Atticus Olsen (22)
    DS/DS: Sage Ezra Olsen and Alban Blake Olsen (21)
    DD: Harper Astrid Olsen (20)

    Imogen Ruby Olsen (26)
    DBF: Jonathan Michael Terrell (29)
    -DSS: Isaiah Levi Terrell (4)

    Caroline Perrin (Olsen) Preston (26)
    DH: Aiden Asher Preston (26)
    -DD: Juliette Vivian Preston (1)

    Isaac Griffin Olsen (24)
    DW: Maya Alexandra Olsen (23)

    Callan Atticus Olsen (22)
    DW: Monica Cleo Olsen (24)
    -DS: Milo Matthew Olsen (1)

    Sage Ezra Olsen (21)
    DGF: Vigrinia Lexi Willis (21)
    -DS: Jaden Isaac Olsen (4)
    -DS/DD: Olivia Nylah Olsen and Kyle Sawyer Olsen (nb)

    Alban Blake Olsen (21)
    DW: Samantha Carola Olsen (20) “Sam”
    -DSD: Kayleigh Unique Olsen (3)
    -DD: Baylee Natalia Olsen (1)

    Harper Astrid Olsen (20)
    DFiance: Rowena Maggie Zimmerman (24) “Row”
    -DS/DS: Archer Benjamin Olsen-Zimmerman and Lennon Isaac Olsen-Zimmerman (1)


    DH: Owen Jude Stark
    DW: Eve Roisin Lane-Stark

    DS1: Achilles Michael Stark (27)
    —DW: Aiden Calypso Lincoln-Stark (25)
    —-dd: Adrian Ziva Stark (4)
    —-ds: Anton Vincent Stark (2)
    —-dd: Alter Isabella Stark (nb)
    *Achilles and Aiden have been together for five years, married for three. They have three children together: Adrian, Anton, and Alter.

    DD1: Johanna Aisling Stark (27)
    —-ds: Oliver Brexton Stark (4)
    *Johanna became pregnant after meeting a man at a night club. She chose to have the child, and raise him on her own.

    ADD2: Santana Riley Stark (25)
    —BF: Axel Rafe Harrison (26)
    —-dd: Waverly Avianna Harrison (2)
    *Santana and Axel have been dating for three years. They have one child together.

    DD3: Valen Elizabeth Stark-Delgado (20)
    —DH: Xylon James Delgado (21)
    —-ds: Emerson Josiah Delgado (6)
    —-ds: Tayshawnn Zackary Delgado (4)
    —-dd: Ella Cayenne Delgado (1)
    *Valen and Xylon met in high school. Xylon already had a child from a previous relationship. Valen and Xylon welcomed their first child together when Valen was just 16. They added Tayshawnn two years later, married, and then welcomed Ella. The couple has been married for two years.


    DH: Matthew Roman Finn
    DW: Maycee Sloane Oleg-Finn
    * Five years have passed, and only the two youngest of the seven children have had children

    DD1: Kalynn Elizabeth Finn-O’Connor (27)
    —DH: Aries Baer O’Connor (30)
    —-no children

    DD2: Evelyn Lucille Finn-Slide (27)
    —DH: Roderick Joseph Slide (28)
    —-no children

    DS1: Grayson Beckett Finn (27)
    —DW: Hope Lorette McBride-Finn (26)
    —-no children

    DD3: Jasmine Montaine Finn-Dwight (25)
    —DH: Milo Alexander Dwight (27)
    —no children

    DD4: Valyn Angelina Finn-Cox (23)
    —DH: Orion Luca Cox (24)
    —-no children

    DD5: Janiya Sage Finn (22)
    —-dd: Amalia Jewel Finn (1)
    *Amalia met a young man in college at a party. They hooked up and she became pregnant. The young man told Janiya that he would not help, but she decided to have the child and raise her own her own.

    DD6: Carly Victoria Finn-Ticket (19)
    —DH: Aydan Draco Ticket (20)
    —-ds: Liam Harrison Ticket (6)
    —-ds: Archer Immanuel Ticket (4)
    *Carly met Aydan in high school. They became pregnant, and had a son when Carly was 15 and Aydan was 17. Aydan already had a child from a previous relationship. They have been married for one year.


    DH(52): Myles Harvey Watson
    DW(51): Jane Mariangela (Gould) Watson
    DS(27): Brady Robin Watson
    -DGF*(24): Laurelynn Ashley Richmond
    Brady and Laurelynn met in college. They both majored in Biology. They have been dating for 3 years and are moving in together next year after Laurelynn graduates college.

    DS(27): Andrew Grayson Watson
    -DGF(26): Angelica Victoria Gracen
    –DGFDS(2): Tyler Ryan Gracen
    Andrew and Angelica have been dating for 2 years. Angelica has a son, Tyler, from her last relationship, which ended when she got pregnant. Andrew and Angelica have been best friends since middle school and Andrew has assumed the father role of Tyler since he was born.

    DD(24): Leah Ann (Watson) Benjamin
    -DH(26): Ryan Alexander Benjamin
    –DS(3): Oliver Darryl Benjamin
    Leah and Ryan have been together since High School. They got married 4 years ago after Leah found out she was pregnant. They are a happy family and want at least 4 more children. They have been trying for their 2nd baby for 7 months.

    DAD(23): Kitty Blaire (Watson) Garcia
    -DH(23): Jonathan Alex Garcia
    –DSS(5): Dante Sean Garcia
    –DD(2): Shavonne Sage Garcia
    –DD/DD(7 months): Jada Briana Garcia/Cayenne Leighton Garcia
    Kitty and Jonathan met in college and got married shortly after. Jonathan has a 5 yr old son named Dante from his previous relationship, and has full custody since Dante’s mom went back to Mexico. After Kitty and Jonathan got married, they quickly had Shavonne. Thinking their family was complete, they were pleasantly surprised when they found out they were pregnant with twin girls, Jada and Cayenne. They say they are done having children, but Kitty would like to adopt a child, since she was adopted.

    DD(20): Chelsey Ella Watson
    -DBF*(18): Edward Matthew Robertson
    –DBFDD(2): Mercedes Leilani Robertson
    Chelsey and Edward have been together for 2 years. Edward has a daughter, Mercedes, from a previous fling he had with a friend. Chelsey started dating Edward right before Mercedes was born and has been a second mother figure to her since then. They would like to get married one day and start their own family.

    Myles and Jane Watson have 5 children; Brady(27), Andrew(27), Leah(24), Kitty(23), and Chelsey(20). They have 2 son-in-laws; Ryan(26) and Jonathan(23). They have 7 grandchildren; Dante(5), Oliver(3), Mercedes(2), Tyler(2), Shavonne(2), Jada(7 months), and Cayenne(7 months).


    DH[50]: Jake Valerian Kaito
    DW[48]: Emily Juliette (Soren) Kaito

    DS[26]: Micah Jarrett Kaito
    –DGF[29]: Isabelle Piper Evans
    —-DD[3]: Ella Elizabeth Kaito
    —-DS[2]: Jake Oliver Kaito

    DD[25]: Sophie Emma Kaito
    –DF[26]: Aiden John Montgomery
    —-DSS[7]: Nathan Alexander Montgomery
    —-DD[2]: Saffron Grace Montgomery
    —-DS[1]: Camden Nicholas Montgomery
    —-DD[nb]: Peyton Claire Montgomery

    DS[23]: Henry James Kaito
    –DBF[25]: Lennox Thomas Ward
    —-DS[4]: Laughlin Joseph Kaito-Ward
    —-DS[3]: Sterling Daniel Kaito-Ward
    —-DS[1]: Harley William Kaito-Ward
    —-DS[nb]: Malcolm Atticus Kaito-Ward

    DD[21]: Lilly Victoria Kaito
    –DBF[22]: Emmett Joshua Bridge
    —-DSS[4]: Lucas Spencer Bridge
    —-DS[2]: Liam Archer Bridge

    DD[21]: Audrey Gabriella Kaito
    –DBF[22]: River Orion Armstrong
    —-DS[1]: Trevor George Armstrong
    —-DD[nb]: Chloe Beatrice Armstrong

    DD[19]: Charlotte Lana Kaito
    –DBF[19]: Asher Jonathan Jones
    —-DSD[3]: Ava Quinn Jones
    —-DD[1]: Evangeline Rose Jones
    —-DD[1]: Adeline Anne Jones

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