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Passing Time Extended Family Congrats Round 2

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  • ElishaCook

    LN: Cruz
    DH: (48) Jackson Fox Cruz
    DW: (46) Ellen Jade Cruz *Kern*

    DS: (25) Cade Matthew Cruz
    DW: (24) Sadie Marisa Cruz *Jones*
    DS: (3) Ryan Brady Cruz
    DD: (1) Molly Beatrice Cruz
    Cade and Sadie have always lived next door to each other and have always had a major crush on each other so it was inevitable they were going to end up together. They are happily married living in the upstairs flat of Jackson and Ellen’s house with their two children Ryan and Molly.

    DD: (22) Lacey Faith Cruz
    DF: (26) Jay Anthony McBride
    DSD: (5) Nylah Audrey McBride
    DSD: (4) Keeley Rose McBride
    ExpectingDS: Teddy Harrison McBride
    Lacey was at uni when she met Jay McBride, she had never thought about having children so it took her a while to get used to the fact that Jay had two daughters from a previous relationship, Nylah and Keeley. After a year of dating though Lacey knew she was in love with Jay and they decided to buy a house together, big enough so Jays daughters could come and stay. After moving in, Jay popped the question and Lacey started planning a wedding. A few months before the wedding though she got a big shock and found out she was pregnant! With a boy. Although over the moon Jay and Lacey decided to postpone the wedding until after their little Teddy was born.

    DD: (20) Leah Danielle Taylor *Cruz*
    DH: (38) Tom Keanu Taylor
    DSS: (13) Jake Oliver Taylor
    Leah and Tom have had struggles to be together because of such a big age gap. Tom was Leah’s tutor in college and although they didn’t get together until Leah had left college it still caused a lot of problems. They eloped to prove to everyone they were serious. Tom had been married before but his wife died of cancer, they had a son together Jake and Leah was happy to take him on as her own. They have been happy for two years now and Leah’s family is starting to accept Tom.

    DS: (19) Cohen Henry Cruz
    DGF: (19) Jessica Rose Saunders “Jess”
    Cohen has been a difficult teenager going off the rails a little bit and getting into the wrong crowd but his family were relieved when he met Jess as she has made him settle down a little bit and focus on the future. They are living with Jackson and Ellen at the moment but are looking for a flat of their own.


    DH: Christopher “Chris” Patrick Stark
    DW: Jada Yazmin Kelsey-Stark
    DS: Colton Dante Stark (27)
    -DW: Samantha Ivy Lincoln-Stark (27)
    –SDD: Ava Gabrielle Lincoln (4)
    –SDS: Alexander Evan Lincoln (3)
    –SDD: Amandine “Amy” Juliette Lincoln (2)
    DS: Damon Brandon Stark (25)
    -DGF: Isabella Hannah Michaelson (23)
    DS: Amadeo “Evan” Evan Stark (22)
    -DGF: Lindsay Isabel Staff (24)
    –DD: Natalie Sage Staff-Stark (4)
    –DS: Ian Arnold Staff-Stark (3)
    –DD: Keeley Emma Staff-Stark (1)
    DD: Charlotte “Charlie” Julia Stark-Brice (21)
    -DH: Edward Anthony Brice (23)


    LN: Kaplan
    DH: Christopher Ken (48)
    DW: Anna Patricia (48)
    DD: Mary Alicia Kaplan Mitchell (27)
    DH: Ian Gabriel Mitchell (27)
    dd/ds: Brook Riley/Cameron Ryan (3)
    ds: Marcus Isaac (1)
    ds: Joe Alexander (nb)
    DS: Abel Raven Kaplan-Sexton (26)
    DH: John Todd Kaplan-Sexton (26)
    ds: Sage Quince (nb)
    DD: Valeria Elizabeth (25)
    DD: Brooke Jodi Kaplan Loehman (24)
    DH: Gary Anthony Loehman (24)
    DS: Jet Chad Kaplan-Westminster (23)
    DH: Michael Daniel Kaplan-Westminster (23)
    dsd: Shakeima Shawana (5, Michael’s daughter)
    dd: Ann Marian (3)
    Chris & Anna Kaplan
    Mary & Ian Mitchell
    Brook, Cam, Marcus, Joe
    Abel & John Kaplan-Sexton
    Brooke & Gary Loehman
    Jet & Mike Kaplan-Westminster
    Shakeima & Ann


    H (55): James Barney Stark
    DW (53): Eve Hildred *Baxter* Stark

    DD1 (27): Lorraine Belle *Stark* Taylor “Raine”
    DH (28): Emmett Alan Taylor

    DD2 (27): Lucille Alice *Stark* Goodman “Lucy”
    DH (30): Alexander Brian Goodman

    DD3 (24): Piper Vivian Stark
    DF (27): Robert Michael Thomas “Rob”
    DS (3): Oliver Cayce Thomas
    DD/DD/DD (nb): Mollie Kathryn Thomas/Olivia Jordyn Thomas/Isabel Ashlyn Thomas

    ADS1 (23): Grayson Channing Stark
    BF (25): Jonathan Timothy Riley “Jon” (never marry)
    DD (2): Madeline Sawyer Riley-Stark
    DS (1): Jordan Alexander Riley-Stark

    DS1 (23): Peter Nathaniel Stark
    DW (23): Sarah Ashley *Newman* Stark
    DS (4): Ryan Jasper Stark
    DD (3): Lillian Penelope Stark “Lilly”
    DD (1): Adalyn Rachel Stark “Addy”

    DD4 (22): Blair Maria Stark
    DW (22): Laurie Isabel Walsh
    DSD (3): Cora Blake Dinton (Laurie’s daughter)
    -Ddad (27): Theo Ryan Dinton
    DS (2): Levi Matthew Walsh-Stark
    DD (1): Brenna Presley Walsh-Stark
    DD (nb): Lainey Kendall Walsh-Stark

    DD5 (21): Brooke Allison *Stark* McBride
    DH (22): Jay Martin McBride
    DD (3): Ava Kate McBride
    DS (1): William Harrison McBride “Liam”

    DD6 (21): Claire Rebecca Stark
    BF (23): Ian Richard Cagle (never marry)


    DH(51): Anand Milo Manami
    DW(50): Sara Alice (Humbert) Manami

    DD(26): Annie Minal Manami
    -DF(30): Jonathan Paul Riley- A.K.A. “Jon”
    -DFDS(4): Paul Jasper Riley
    -DD(3): Ella Jean Riley
    -DS(1): Dylan John Riley-A.K.A. “DJ”
    Annie and Jon met through some mutual friends at a party. Jon had just broken up with his girlfriend, who was pregnant with Paul. Annie and Jon got together that night, and got pregnant with Ella. They decided to stay together since they both really liked eachother. Jon proposed to Annie about a year and a half later, and they celebrated with a mini-vacation, where they conceived DJ. They are set to be married this summer.

    DS(26): Zazu Kings Manami-A.K.A. “Zeke”
    -DGF(27): Monica Ashley Wigfall
    -DD/DS/DD(4): Victoria Rose Manami-A.K.A. “Vicky”/Chase Kevin Manami/Olive Julia Manami
    -DD(1): Clarissa Emil Manami
    Zeke and Monica have had an on again-off again relationship for the past 6 years. When they got pregnant with the triplets, it was a complete shock. They were originally pregnant with twins, but somehow, Monica was still ovulating and got pregnant again within that pregnancy, resulting in the 3rd baby. They broke up 1 year after the triplets were born. They got together 2 years later and got pregnant with Clarissa. They have been able to get along for the past 2 years for the sake of their children. But they still have a lot of trust issues.

    DD(24): Allie Pierette Manami
    -DBF(25): Edward Bruce Valora- A.K.A. “Eddie”
    -DBFDS(4): Alexander Ryan Valora- A.K.A. “Alex”
    -DS(1): Anthony Lander Valora
    -DD(7 months): Ava Jordan Valora
    Allie and Eddie have been together for 2 years. Eddie has a son, Alex, with his ex-girlfriend from college. Allie and Eddie’s relationship moved real fast, and they got pregnant with Anthony after just a few months of dating. After Anthony was born, Allie went for her routine post-natal checkup after 8 weeks. At that appointment, she found out she was pregnant again with Ava. The stress of having 2 children under the age of 2 has been having a negative effect on their relationship and Alex’s mom has been hinting that she wants to be back with Eddie.

    DS(24): Roger Phillip Manami
    -DGF(24): Ulrica Vega Tritterat- A.K.A. “Ricki”
    -DD(3): Charlotte Kamryn Manami- A.K.A. “Charlie”
    -DD(2): Scarlett Jayda Manami
    Roger and Ricki were College sweethearts. They started dating Freshman year of College, and have been together ever since. They got pregnant with Charlotte right after graduation. After they had Charlotte, they got pregnant again a couple months later with Scarlett. Even though they were urged NOT to go with rhyming names for their daughters, they went ahead with it anyway, but they call Charlotte “Charlie.” They have not been married or engaged yet because they both believe marriage and engagement before the age of 25 is too young.

    DS(22): Jay Carl Manami-A.K.A. “JC”
    -DGF(19): Thalia Maribeth Danville
    JC and Thalia have been together for 5 months. Neither of them have children, and they want to wait until marriage before they have kids.

    DS(21): Victor Charmain Manami-A.K.A. “Vic”
    -DGF(20): Cady Alannah Lincoln
    DS/DS/DS(1): Jack Victor Manami/Silas Mathew Manami/Dexter Joseph Manami
    Vic and Cady have been together for 2 years. Cady has PCOS so she takes Clomid every month to make sure she ovulates and doesn’t develop any cysts on her ovaries. As a result, when Victor and Cady got pregnant, she had triplets. Vic and Cady have been fighting a lot lately because he would prefer to be on birth control to prevent any more babies, but she wants to try and have a little girl.

    DD(20): Jolie Brooklyn (Manami) Taylor-A.K.A. “JoJo”
    -DH(21): Jayden Ivan Taylor-A.K.A. “Jay”
    -DD(4): Kaelyn Maeve Taylor
    -DD(3): Dakota Jane Taylor
    -DS(10 months): Jeremy Alexander Taylor
    Jolie and Jayden started dating Freshman year of High School. In their sophomore year, JoJo got pregnant with Kaelyn. A few months after she gave birth, she got pregnant with Dakota. When JoJo and Jayden were both 18, they got married. They got pregnant with Jeremy on their honeymoon. They have been happily married now for almost 2 years.

    DS(20): Hulbert Chad Manami-A.K.A. “Bert”
    -DGF(19): Rhyannon Victoria Mulberry
    -DD(2 months): Callie Joell Manami
    Bert and Rhyannon met in college and quickly got into a relationship. They became pregnant almost right away with their daughter Callie. They are still together and plan on being together for a really long time.


    LN: Baxter

    DH(50): Quinton Paul
    DW(49): Elizabeth Jean (Valentino)

    DS(25): Doug Atticus Baxter
    DGF-(23): Calli Jane Denver
    –>DS(3): Daniel Jason Baxter-”DJ”

    DS(25): Amari Cade Baxter
    BM(23): Mariloo Justice Marden
    –>DD/DD(8 months): Kayleigh Sage Baxter/Katheryn Mae Baxter

    DS(25): Gordon Gus Baxter
    DGF-(22): Rocio Bellatrix Gracen

    DS(24): Chad Nicholas Baxter
    DGF-(24): Phoebe Mara Duncan

    DD(21): Rochelle Ann (Baxter) Parker
    DH(24): Randall Clinton Parker
    –>DSS/DSD(5): Ryker Felix Parker/Roxanne Isabella Parker-”Roxy”


    DH[53]: Patrick Valerian Kaplan
    DW[51]: Willa Sage (Forest) Kaplan

    DD[26]: Abigail Grace (Kaplan) Hartford
    –DH[27]: Roman Emmett Hartford

    DD[26]: Isabel Charlotte (Kaplan) Marsden
    –DH[28]: David Edwin Marsden
    —-DD[4]: Emily Katherine Marsden
    —-DD[3]: Violet Sara Marsden
    —-DD[nb]: Aubrey Isabel Marsden
    —-DD[nb]: Ava Abigail Marsden

    DS[25]: Mason Harding Kaplan
    –DGF[22]: Illyria Selene Lopez
    —-DD[1]: Chloe Maeve Kaplan
    —-DD[nb]: Macy Sage Kaplan

    DD[23]: Gabrielle Natasha (Kaplan) Thompson
    –DH[24]: Joshua Robert Thompson
    —-DD[4]: Celia “Leah” Madison Thompson
    —-DD[3]: Eleanor “Ellie” Rosemary Thompson
    —-DD[3]: Caitlin “Katie” Annabeth Thompson
    —-DD[1]: Jenevieve “Jenna” Mia Thompson

    DS[20]: Benjamin Pierce Kaplan
    –DH[20]: Madeline Accalia (Danville) Kaplan
    —-DS[1]: Lucas Jackson Kaplan

    DS[19]: Quinn James Kaplan


    LN: Noble
    DH: Oliver Leroux Noble
    DW: Ruby Suzanna Noble
    -DD: Katie Ember Noble (26)
    -DD: Flora Quinn Noble (24)
    -DS: Walker Holden Noble (23)
    -DS: August James Noble (21)
    -DD: Willa Agatha Noble (19)

    LN: Noble
    Katie Ember Noble (26)
    DF: Maribeth Marisa Montgomery (27)
    -DSD: Imogen Plum Montgomery (6)
    -DD: Matilda Isobel Montgomery-Noble (2)
    -DD: Juliette Molly Montgomery-Noble (nb)

    LN: Leech
    Flora Quinn (Noble) Leech (24)
    DH: Vincent Isaiah Leech (24)
    -DD: Abigail Anne Leech (2) “Abby”
    -DS: William Robert Leech (1) “Will”

    LN: Noble
    Walker Holden Noble (23)
    DW: Lindsey Roni Noble (21)
    -DS: Phineas Jordan Noble (6)
    -DD: Belle Olive Noble (1)

    LN: Noble
    August James Noble (21)
    DF: Vanessa Lennox Lincoln (24)
    -DS: Lachlan Shawn Noble (2)
    -DS/DD: Cyrus Adam Noble and Olive Caitlin (nb)

    LN: Bronson
    Willa Agatha Noble (19)
    DBF: Esteban Gerrard Bronson (22)
    -DD: River Hazel Bronson (1)


    DH (55): Benjamin Oliver Morgan “Ben”
    DW (53): Nina Cherie *Tyler* Morgan

    DS1 (27): Piers Wesley Morgan
    DW (26): Lila Samantha *Walsh* Morgan
    DS (4): Isaiah Nathan Morgan
    DS (2): Riley Louis Morgan
    DD (1): Laney Elisabeth Morgan

    DS2 (27): Roark Hayden Morgan
    GF (27): Ivy Anne Howard
    DD/DS (2): Emily Adeline Morgan/Blake Harrison Morgan

    DS3 (27): Flint Joshua Morgan
    DW (27): Theia Julienne *Turner* Morgan

    DD1 (26): Maisie Campbell Morgan
    DF (28): Jonathan Timothy Perch “Jon”
    DSD (5): Molly Claire Perch
    DD/DD (3): Isabella Meredith Perch/Alianna Mackenzie Perch “Bella & Ali”
    DS (nb): Ethan David Perch

    DD2 (26): Sophie Mckenzie Morgan
    BF (27): Ian Jay Marden (never marry)

    DD3 (26): Ellie Harper *Morgan* Hartford
    DH (28): Stephen Garrett Hartford
    DSD (6): Savannah Helen Hartford
    DS (2): Samuel Stephen Hartford “Sam”
    DS (1): Sawyer Joseph Hartford
    DS (nb): Clayton Jordan Hartford

    DS4 (24): William Garrison Morgan “Will”
    GF (24): Emily Clara Charleston (never marry)
    DSS (7): Maximilian Dexter Charleston “Max”
    DD (3): Rosemary Katheryn Morgan “Rosie”

    DS5 (21): Peter Channing Morgan
    DW (21): Layla Elisabeth *Montgomery* Morgan

    DD4 (21): Alice Sterling *Morgan* Blair
    DH (23): Asher Lennox Blair

    DD5 (19): Emmeline Kennedy Morgan “Emmi”
    DF (20): Isaac Aiden Dennison
    DS/DD (nb): Beauregard Humphrey Dennison/Isabella Genevieve Dennison “Beau & Izzy”


    Jude Archer Stark
    Mira Portia [Kaplan] Stark

    Ezra William Stark, married to Ingrid Lucy [Coleman] Stark.
    –Levi Blair Stark
    –Eli Wren Stark
    –India Eleanor “Indie” Stark
    Sebastian Drake Stark, boyfriend to Grace Luna Riley.
    Henry Cohen Stark, married to Isabella Wynn [Wright] Stark.
    –Griffin Jacques Stark
    –Anna Laurel Stark
    Robin Walter Stark, married to Clara Angelica [Marsden] Stark.
    –Ronan Bailey Stark
    Juliet Pearl [Stark] Tomlin, married to Lennox Ian Tomlin.
    –Eva Heidi Tomlin
    –Jesse Ryland Tomlin
    Benjamin Carter Stark, married to Sophia Edith [Gardner] Stark.
    –Ridley Frank Stark
    –Pepper Jill Stark
    –Annabeth Spencer Stark
    –Thomas Beckham Stark
    Nala Caroline Stark, single


    DH: Stepan Peter Kern
    DW: Annelle Ruby (Damian) Kern
    DS/DD/DD: Warren Ezra Kern, Darling Sage Kern, and Flint Belle “Flinn” Kern (27)
    DAS: Noah Garson Kern (27)
    DS/DS: Maddox Dodger Kern and Rowling McCrea Kern (26)
    DS: Jet Everett Kern (25)
    DD/DD: Perrin Vivia Kern and Merida Sadie Kern (23)

    Warren Ezra Kern (27)
    DW: Sabina Cleo Kern (24)
    DS/DS: Isaac Sage Kern and Alexander Flynn Kern (1)
    —Warren and Sabina have been married for 3 years when they decide to start a family and are blessed with twin boys! Since both Warren and Sabina have uncommon names, they gave the boys names in the top 100. Their middle names are after Warrens triplet sisters.

    Darling Sage Kern (27)
    DGF: Clara Lindsey Windsor (31)
    DD: Mollie Plum Windsor-Kern (1)
    DD/DD: Niamh Coralie Windsor-Kern and Sadie Violet Windsor-Kern (nb)
    —Darling came out of the closet 1 year after Flinn. She and Clara have been together for 3 years and have 3 beautiful daughters. They will not get married until every LGBT couple in the USA can.

    Flint Belle Jackson-Kern (27) “Flinn”
    DW: Marisa Raoule Jackson-Kern (31)
    DSS: Jedidiah Calvin Jackson-Kern (6) “Jed”
    DD: Abigail Lorelei Jackson-Kern (3) “Abbey”
    DD: Katheryn Isabel Jackson-Kern (2) “Katie”
    DD: Annabel Olive Jackson-Kern (1) “Annie”
    —Flinn and Marisa met 4 years ago. Marisa already had a 2 year old son, Jed. A year into their relationship, Marisa and Flinn turned to IVF and had a baby girl! A year later they got married and had another girl! And finally a year later, another girl!

    Noah Garson Kern (27)
    DW: Justice Anna Kern (26)
    DSS: Callan Pepper Kern (8)
    DSD: Vera Maeve Kern (6)
    DS: Altar Breck Kern (3)
    DS: Griffin Xavier Kern (nb)
    —Noah and Justice have been together for 3 years. The reason they started a relationship was because Justice fell pregnant with Noah’s kids after a one night stand. She already had 2 kids, Callan and Vera. Noah fell in love with her kids and after they got married, he adopted them! They now have another baby boy, Griffin!

    Maddox Dodger Kern (26)
    DGF: Haylie Kasey Riley (27)
    DD: Isabella Addison Riley-Kern (4)
    DD/DS: Lyla Allyson Riley-Kern and Liam Wyatt Riley-Kern (nb)
    —Maddox and Haylie knew each other in middle school and high school, but were not friends until they went to the same college. They soon fell in love. Neither of them believe in marriage, so they do not plan on getting married. They have three kids together so far, Isabella, Lyla, and Liam!

    Rowling McCrea Kern (26)
    DW: Alexa Xela Kern (23)
    —Rowling and Alexa have been together for 2 years! They are not starting a family since Alexa is still in college.

    Jet Everett Kern (25)
    DW: Rylo Rebecca Kern (21)
    —Jet and Rylo met at Rowlings wedding, Rylo is Alexa’s cousin! They have been together for 1 year, and had gotten married 1 week ago!

    Perrin Vivia Beau (23)
    DH: Alexander Ron Beau (28)
    DS: Jaidon Clayton Beau (2)
    —Perrin and Alex met at a bar. They had son, Jaidon, and just recently got married!

    Merida Sadie Kern (23)
    DFiance: Lowell Leo Odis (23)
    DD: Mae Lucille Odis (nb)
    —Merida and Lowell were not expecting to get married, but when Merida finds out she is pregnant with Lowell’s daughter, his parents want them to get married. Not wanting to disappoint his parents, Lowell proposes to Merida. They planned on getting married before Mae is born, but Merida goes into labor almost months early! They have pushed the wedding back until they get out of the hospital. Mae has trouble with her lungs and bowels, and possibly her eyes too.


    DH: Myles Leon Athol
    DW: Clea Daisy (Amelia) Athol
    DD: Annamae Claire Athol (27)
    DD/DD: Emmeline Victoria Athol and Lydia Meg Athol (24)
    DS: Jett Henry Athol (23)
    DD: Vivian Jolie Athol (22)
    DS/DS: Bennett Ross Athol and Russell Miles Athol (19)

    Annamae Claire Athol (27)
    DBF: Jonathan Patrick Smith (27)
    -DD: Claire Megan Smith (4)
    -DD: Olive Willow Smith (2)
    -DD: Josie Ava Smith (1)
    ***Annamae and Jonathan have been together since they were Juniors in high school. They went to the same college, and in her last year, Annamae became pregnant! They now have 3 beautiful girls. Annamae and Jonathan do not believe in marriage so they do not plan on getting married.

    Emmeline Victoria Athol (24)
    DGF: Marisa Lisbeth Butler (26)
    -DSS: Wyatt Cyrus Butler (6)
    -DS: Dexter Milo Butler (3)
    -DS: Marshall Alexander Butler (1)
    ***Marisa and Emmeline met at a charity event, and instantly fell in love. Marisa was a bit afraid of a relationship at first, because she already had a 1 year old son at home, but Emmeline loves him like her own. They now have two more boys together. They will not get married because the state they live in has not legalized marriage for them yet.

    Lydia Meg Athol (24)
    DBF: Robert Ronen Anderson (23)
    ***Lydia and Robert have been dating for a little under a year, and are very much in love.

    Jett Henry Athol (23)
    DGF: Farah Carolina Mathis (21)
    *** Jett and Farah have known eachother since middle school, and have been dating for about 2 years. Jett plans on popping the question soon.

    Vivian Jolie Athol (22)
    DFiance: Lennox Kenneth Jones (25)
    -DS: Zackary Jaden Jones (4) “Zack”
    -DD: Aubrey Brynleigh Jones (1)
    ***Vivian and Lennox are planning on getting married in about 3 months! They had a little boy together, and when he was 3 they were planning the wedding when OOPS! Vivian was pregnant again! Now, the little girl is a year old, and they are ready for the wedding, they are just hoping they don’t have anymore surprises!

    Bennett Ross Athol (19)
    DGF: Jo Lindsey Thacker (20)
    ***Bennett and Jo met in a club about 6 months ago. Their relationship is beginning to become pretty serious!

    Russell Miles Athol (19)
    DBF: Oscar Isaac Murray (24)
    -DSD: Caroline Ophelia Murray (7)
    ***Russell met Oscar at a club, on the same night as Bennett meeting Jo. They too have been dating for almost 6 months. Oscar has a daughter he had in high school with a girl who is now his best friend.


    DH: Gideon Huxley Reid
    DW: Meredith Violet Ross-Reid

    DS1: Jarrett Miles Reid (27) married
    –DIL1: Emma Rose (Taylor) Reid (25)
    –DS: Jeremy Miles Reid (4)
    –DS: Jonathan Shane Reid (1)
    –DD: Jessi Alexis Reid (infant)

    DD1: Harper Astrid Reid (24) engaged
    –SO: Reagan Ross Shipman (24)
    –DD: Madeline Reese Shipman (4)

    DD2: Larkin Pearl Reid (22) dating
    –SO: Leonard Bruce James (23)

    DS2: Micah Asher Reid (21) dating
    –SO: Matthew Tyler Lansing (20)
    –DD: Santana Quinn Lansing-Reid (1)

    DD3: Frances Arden (Reid) Miccosukee (19) married
    –SIL3: Sam Anwar Miccosukee (22)
    –DS: Landry Beck Miccosukee (2)
    –DS: Lachlan Kyle Miccosukee (1)


    DH: Michael Stanley Talon
    DW: Polina Brigid (Gardelli) Talon

    DS: Viktor Bruin Talon [27] {Adopted}
    -DGF: Farah Natela Charles [29] (will get married)
    –DD: Cecily Flora Anderson [7] {From SO’s previous relationship}
    –DD: Chloe Viktoria Talon [4]
    –DD: Heidi Ariel Talon [1]
    –DS: Felix Sebastian Talon [0]

    DS: Vincent Derek “Vince” Talon [25]
    -DW: Isla Milano (Simpson) Talon [24]
    –DS/DS: Riley Joel Talon / Henry Virgil Talon [3]
    –DD: Katherine Britta “Kaya” Talon [2]

    DS: Axel Griffin Talon [24]
    -DGF: Julia Celeste Dover [21] (will get married)

    DD: Tessa Fiona Talon [22]
    -DBF: Castor Randall Beverly [24] (won’t get married)
    –DS: Travis Creon Lindon-Beverly [5] {from SO’s previous relationship}
    –DD: Adeline Maria “Addie” Talon-Beverly [2]

    DD: Ruby Emmeline (Talon) Martin [21]
    -DH: Ivan Lennox Martin [21]

    DD: Jasmine Athena (Talon) Valora [20]
    -DH: Isaac Timothy Valora [21]
    –DD: Iliana Grace Valora [4]
    –DS: Troy Alexander Valora [2]

    DD: Isabel Margaret Talon [19]
    -DGF: Emily Hilaria Belva [25] (will get married)
    –DD/DS: Sadie Ekaterina Belva / Jordan Gabriel Belva [3] {from SO’s previous relationship}

    DD: Juliet Duffie (Talon) Walsh [19]
    -DH: Adrian Olaf Walsh [20]


    The Langleys…five years later

    DH: Edward Henrik
    DW: Kaia Erin

    DS: Vincent Sergio Langley “Vin/ce” (25)
    GF: Cynthia Laurie Rathman “Cyndi”
    DS: Atticus Brendan Rathman “Ace” (6)
    DS: Henry Joseph Langley “Hank” (4)
    DS: Gabriel Valentino “Gabe” (3)

    Vin and Cyndi have been together for five years. They have two sons together and are raising Cyndis son from a previous relationship. Vin is trying to legally adopt Ace because he’s the only dad that Ace knows. His biological dad bailed before he was born.

    DD: Miranda Celine “Mia” (25)
    DH: Matteo Victor Heineman
    DS: Alexander Michael “Alex” (4)
    DD: Elizabeth Mae “Libby” (3)
    DS: Christopher Josiah “Chris” (2)

    Mia and Matteo have been married for five years and have three beautiful children.

    DS: Matthew Blake (24)
    BF: Jacob Arvad Nelson “Jake”

    Matt has been openly gay for 6 years. He and his boyfriend Jake have been together for three years.

    DD: Ruby Adele (24)
    BF: Timothy Andrew Howard
    DD/DD: Victoria Renee/Caitlin Rebecca (2)
    DS: Jordan Robert (1)
    DS: Ian Joshua (nb)

    Ruby and Tim have been a couple for four years. They have identical twin girls that are almost three years old, a son that’s a year and a half old and a newborn son. Baby Ian is just three weeks old.

    DS: Garrett Tucker (24)
    DF: Diana Emily Ashes
    DS: Vladimir Bailey Walker (6)
    DD: Giovanna Kate “Gia” (2)
    DS/DD: Thomas Cameron “Tommy”/Marianne Laura “Mari” (1)

    Garrett and Diana have been together for four years. They are raising Diana’s son from a previous relationship and their three children together.

    DD: Carolina Isabel “Cara” (23)
    DH: Simon Alexander Valora

    Cara and Simon are newly wed (6mo)They do not have any children yet.

    DS: Samuel Padraig “Sam/my” (22)
    DW: Phoebe Vanessa (Sunset)

    Sam and Phoebe are also newlyweds without children (2mo).


    DH: Andrew Michael Baxter (52)
    DW: Kohar Eve (Vero) Baxter (50)

    DD: Imogen Claudette (Baxter) Abdellatif (25) Adopted
    DH: Leonardo Xavier Abdellatif (28)

    DD/DS: Clementine April & Levi Jasper (3)
    DD: Isla Courtney (1)
    DD: Cecilia Megan (NB)

    DS: Vincent Gabriel Baxter (24)
    DGF: Michaela Sadie Hudson (24) Engaged

    DS/DS: Ezekiel Quince & Emmanuel Jordan (4)
    DD: Carmen Gabrielle (2)
    DD: Juliette Andrea (NB)

    DD: Vivienne Sky Baxter (23)

    DS: Tyrone Jack (3)
    DD: Madelyn Rebecca (2)

    DS: Channing Joseph Baxter (22)
    DBF: Isaiah Marcus Johnson (27)

    DD: Kate Olivia (NB)


    DH: Errol Dane Calvary [54]
    DW: Katie Alice (LaGrange) Calvary [47]

    DS: Emmitt Jack Calvary [27]

    DD: Abigail Burke Calvary “Abby” [26]

    DS: Matthew Joseph Calvary “Matt” [25]
    DW: Lisabeth Amanda (O’Connor) Calvary “Liz” [24]

    DD: Chelsey Rose Calvary [24]
    BF: Langdon Cato Windsor “Cato” [27]
    -DS: Breck Nathan Windsor [4]
    -DD/DS: Saffron Brynleigh Windsor/Clayton Heath Windsor [4mo.]

    DS: Toran Chad Calvary [20]
    GF: Storm Cianna Taylor [19]
    -DS: Zion Levi Taylor [3] (from Storm’s previous relationship)


    DH: James Viktor Journey (47)
    DW: Martha Eve {Gajijens} Journey (45)

    DAS: Pierce Cole Journey (27)
    –DF: Laurie Nio Zallimiaz (26)
    —Topography Technician

    DS: Nicholas Keys Journey (27)
    —Customer Service Representative in Risk Management
    –DF: Izabella Sandra Zeff (31)
    —-DSD: Aisling Devin Bronson (9)
    —-DS: Isaiah Irving Journey (3 months)

    DD: Terry Lowe Journey (27)
    —U.S Border Patrol Agent
    –DBF{won’t}: Demetrius Victor Parks (25)
    —Garbage Truck Driver

    DD: Vanessa Park {Journey} Kliff (26) {bi}
    —Computer Applications Software Engineer
    –DH: Dave Nanda Kliff (32)
    —Commercial Banker
    —-DS: Bill Joe Kliff (3)
    —-DD: Judy Cayce Kliff (2)
    —-DD: Margaret Saffron Kliff (2)

    DS: Gavin Duck Journey (26)
    —Supply Chain Manager
    –DGF{won’t}: Desta Raffaela Practice (22)
    —Deli Clerk
    —-DS: Ken Isaac Journey (3)
    —-DD: Patricia Liza Journey (3) “Pati”
    —-DD: Rose Alter Journey (1)
    —-DD: Tiffany Jean Journey (10 months)

    DS: Morgan Ezra Journey (23) {gay}
    —In Home Caregiver for Senior Citizens
    –DH: Christopher Eth Yoo (21)
    —Assembly Line Supervisor

    DD: Taylor Wave Journey (22)
    —Income Tax Advisor
    –DBF{will}: Thoth Axel Joe (22) “TJ”
    —Warehouse Worker
    —-DD: Trudy Honor Joe (1)

    DD: Adeline Bell Journey (20) {gay}
    —Security Guard
    —-DS: Arthur Daryl Willis (2)
    –DF: Rosalie Phaedra Walsh (19)
    —Stay at Home Mom
    —-DSS: Lowell Brady Walsh (4)
    —-DD: Gwen Annabeth Walsh (5 months)

    DD: Danielle Rose {Journey} Lilliana (19)
    —Logging Company Secretary
    –DH: Galaxy Innis Lilliana (22)
    —Utility Worker

    DD: Desiree Lana Journey (19) {bi}
    —Assembly Line Worker
    –DBF{won’t}: Bruce Alexander Marden (25)
    —Retail Store Manager


    LN: Duke
    DH: Patrick Donald
    DW: Willow Evelyn (mn: Stark)

    DS: Ellington Sage Duke (26)
    —Df [engaged]: Paris Lux Graff (25)
    —–dd: Adeline Jakori Graff (7)
    —–dd: Amabel Paige Duke (2)
    —–ds: Eoin Micheal Duke (1)
    —–ds: Atticus Phillip Duke (nb)
    DD: Aisling Victoria (26)
    —Dbf [won't marry]: Orion Samuel Jackson (28)
    —–ds: Sage Thomas Jackson (6)
    —–ds/ds: Wyatt Yarrow Jackson/Isaac Dakota Jackson(4)
    DS: Noah Blaze (25)
    —Dgf [won't marry]: Echo Niamh (mn: Cox; 24)
    —–dd: Evangeline Noel Cox (6)
    —–dd: Lola Ebony (1)


    DH: Gavin Boone Anderson
    DW: Kennedy Jane (mn: Wilson)
    DS1: Griffin Carrick Anderson (26)
    —gf[won't marry]: Eirian Hope Norris (25)
    —-dd: Aisling Elizabeth Norris (6)
    —-ds: Quince Jackson Norris-Anderson (2)

    DS2: Cohen Michael Anderson (24)
    —gf[won't marry]: Aydan Cera Kramer (24)
    —-ds: Wyatt Davonte Kramer-Anderson (3)
    —-dd: Ella Olivia Kramer-Anderson (2)

    DS3: Asher Sage Anderson (22)
    —gf: Jessica Shayan Montana (21)
    —-dd/dd: Ava Saffron Montana/Arya Wren Montana (4)
    —-dd: Devin Cayenne Montana-Anderson (1)

    DS4: Javen Thomas Anderson (22)
    —dw: Thea Jennifer (mn: Cox) (22)

    DD1: Violet Lynnlee Anderson (20)
    —bf[won't marry]: Ronan Jens Taylor (22)
    —-dd: Temperance Isabella Taylor (5)
    —-dd:Gianna Annabel Anderson-Taylor (4)
    —-dd: Ryan Amalia Anderson-Taylor (2)
    —-ds: Elliot Greyson Anderson-Taylor (1)

    DD2: America Johanna Anderson (20)
    —-ds: Archer Alexander Anderson (4)
    —-dd/ds: Adrian Sofia Anderson/Dakota Vincent Anderson (1)
    —-ds: Lennox Cameron Anderson (nb)

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