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Passing Time Extended Family Congrats Round 2

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  • Volleyball_Love

    DH: Walter Everett Ark
    DW: Willow Valerie Lincoln-Ark

    DS: (27) Griffin Nicholas Ark
    DF: (25) Clara Rowena Mile

    DS: (27) James Hulbert Ark
    BF: (26) Dale Isaiah Hicks

    DD: (26) Victoria Lynn Ark
    DF: (28) Matthew Jacob Raphael
    DSS: (7) Ian Matthew Raphael
    DSS: (6) Jasper Gregory Raphael
    DS: (nb) Oliver Dylan Raphael

    DS: (23) Thomas Chad Ark
    DW: (21) Rachel Sadie Dover-Ark
    DD/DD: (4) Maeve Nicki Ark & London Ariel Ark
    DS: (3) Harrison Drake Ark

    DS: (21) Blaine Esmond Ark
    DH: (21) Roger Ryan Hartman
    DS: (3) Theo Josiah Hartman-Ark
    DD: (2) Chloe Jean Hartman-Ark

    DS: (19) Richard Vincent Ark
    DW: (18) Orva Ashley Riley-Ark


    DH: Will Huxley Laker (46)
    DW: Juliette Selma {Nottingham} Laker (50)

    DS: Barrett Strong Laker (25)
    –DW: Prio Usagi {Miller} Laker (24)
    —-DS: Felix Hayden Laker (1)
    —-DS: Edger Unique Laker (4 months)
    Barrett and Prio have been together since high school. They were married 3 years ago after they graduated from college. They have had two beautiful boys since then.

    DD: Bella Scarlett Laker (23)
    –DF: Clinton Alexander Gracie (22)
    Bella and Clinton have been together for 2 years and have been engaged for 4 months they’re planning wedding for the summer.

    DD: Blake Violet Laker (23)
    –DBF: Josef Endymion Miller (23)
    —-DSD: Petra Bonny Miller (3)
    —-DS: Alonzo Quince Miller (3)
    —-DS: Eastward Yarrow Miller (2)
    Josef’s ex girlfriend was pregnant with Petra when he and Blake started dating. Things moved way faster than expected and Alonzo was born 5 months after Petra. Josef is also Prio little brother.

    DD: Kelley Ella {Laker} Lailynn (22)
    –DH: Prasad Viggo Lailynn (26)
    —-DD: Adeline Berry Lailynn (1)
    —-DD: Edith Erlana Lailynn (5 months) “Edie”
    —-DD: Seraphina Erva Lailynn (5 months)
    Prasad was a student teacher in Kelley’s college psych class freshman year. They hit it off and after she was done with the class they started dating. They were married a year later and have added three beautiful little girls to the family.

    DS: Nicholas MacAlpin Laker (21)
    –DGF: Elisabeth Victoria Howard (21)
    Nicholas and Elisabeth have been together about six months. They have no set plans but they’re really good together

    DAD: Bibi Tai Laker (19) (homosexual)
    Bibi came out when she was about 16. We’re all very supportive of her. She isn’t in any serious relationship and doesn’t have any children yet. She just started college and is having fun for now.


    DH: Griffin Valentine Stark (52)
    DW: Amy Joy Kristof Stark (51)

    DS: Callum Teague Stark (27)
    DW: Sadie Ruth Terrell Stark (27)
    DS: Silas Ian Terrell (4)
    DS: Gabriel Heath Stark (2)

    DS: Sebastian Marcos Stark (26)
    DW: Deirdre Guadalupe Valora Stark (26)
    DD: Claire Simone Stark (2)
    DD: Adeline Grace Stark (nb)

    DS: Maxwell Bailey Stark (22)
    DW: Phoebe Samantha Kaplan Stark (22)

    DD: Eve Aisling Stark (22)

    DD: Ruby Isabella Stark (21)

    DS: Emmett Matthew Stark (19)


    LN: Noble
    DH: Robert Archer
    DW: Paisley Valerie (Deaton)

    DS: Parker Vaughn Noble (25)
    -DW: Ireland Jamee (Lincoln)
    –DD/DD: Isabella Adriana/Alice Emily (3) ‘Ella & Ally’
    –DS: Jeremy Alexander (1)
    –DD: Cordelia Haven (NB)

    DS: Weston Henry Noble (23)
    -DW: Eden Makena (Elkins)

    DS: Matthew Colton Noble (22)
    –DD/DS: Georgia Marie/Nicholas Maxwell (2)
    –DD/DS: Abigail Taylor/Micah Brendan (1)

    DD: Victoria Johanna (21)
    -DF: Asher David Montgomery
    –DS/DD: Jethro Anthony/Eve Brooklynn (3)

    DS: William Samuel (20)
    -DGF: Ryan Lindsay Daniels

    DD: Vienna Irene (20)
    -DH: Aidan Ronan Perry

    DD: Athena Madeleine Robertson (19)
    -DH: Michael Alan Robertson
    –DS: Dylan Judah (4)
    –DD: Natalie Lucia (2)
    –DD: Olivia Kristin (2 months)


    DH (54): Griffin John Barr
    DW (52): Quinn Eve *Garrison* Barr

    DS1 (26): Nicholas James Barr “Nick”
    DGF (24): Samantha Isabel Daniel
    DS (4): Tyler Blake James
    -dad (28): Leo Griffin James
    DS (3): Zackary Noah Barr “Zack”
    DS (1): Ryan William Barr
    DD (nb): Ava Naomi Barr

    DS2(24): Miles Cohen Barr
    DGF (23): Layla Irene Russell (never marry)

    DS3 (24): Louis Marsh Barr
    DW (24): Amy Clara *Woodard* Barr

    DS4 (23): Henry Garner Barr
    DGF (21): Carina Vivian Marden
    DS (3): Dylan Wyatt Barr
    DD (1): Rosemary Annabel Barr “Rosie”

    DD1 (23): Claire Summers *Barr* Collier
    DH (26): David Clinton Collier
    DS (3): Bryson Alexander Collier
    DS (nb): Isaac Brendan Collier

    DD2 (22): Edith Quinn *Barr* Lawson “Edie”
    DH (24): Emmett Lowell Lawson
    DS (4): Elijah Garland Lawson “Eli”
    DS/DD (nb): Toby Isaiah Lawson/Erin Tiffany Lawson

    DS5 (21): Gavin Joseph Barr
    DW (19): Georgia Laurie *Thompson* Barr
    DS (3): Nathaniel Courtland Barr “Nathan”

    DD3 (21): Sophie Corinne Barr
    DBF (24): Jason Carter Morgan “Jay”
    DD (3): Lyla Adeline Barr

    DS6 (19): Kenton Neal Barr “Kent”
    DGF (18): Jamee Clara Dinton (never marry)
    DD (3): Kayleigh Britta Barr
    -mom (18): Maribeth Winona Hicks


    DH: Christopher George Sullivan
    DW: Susan Elizabeth Green Sullivan

    DS: Bradley Joshua Sullivan (27)
    DW: Lindsay Sarah Morgan Sullivan (26)

    DS: Nicholas James Sullivan (25)
    DF: Megan Adelaide Miller Sullivan (24)

    DS: Matthew Joseph Sullivan (23)
    DGF: Samantha Ariel Petersen (23)

    DD: Victoria Jamie Sullivan (23)
    DBF: Jonathan David Kennedy (25)

    DD: Rachel Jessica Sullivan (21)


    DH: Christopher Basil Damian (45)
    DW: Felicia Mallory {Enzo} Damian (45)

    DS: Aiden Morning Damian (27)
    –DW: Natalie Kelly Hayden-Damian (28)
    —-DSS: Dakota Sam Hayden-Sexton (7)
    —-DD: Aoife Sanaa Damian (3)

    DAS: Vincent Evening Damian (25)
    –DGF: Rachel Agatha Marden (27)
    —-DD: Tara Quince Damian (3)
    —-DD: Bernadette Kale Damian (2)
    —-DD: Claire Addison Damian (1)
    —-DD: Noel Erin Damian (1 month)

    DS: Gregg Lucas Damian (22) (homosexual)
    —-DD: Tracy Isobel Damian (2)
    —-DD: Valentine Toyota Damian (8 months)

    DD: Cally Elizabeth Damian (21) (bi)
    –DGF: Jo Veronica Riley (19)


    DH: Louis Gene Van Ark (52)
    DW: Eve Honora {Dillon} Van Ark (47)

    DS: Vladamir Patrice Van Ark (27)
    –DW: Marisa View {Valora} Van Ark (29)

    DS: Earnest Samuel Van Ark (27)
    –DF: Mischa Guadalupe Gracen (25)
    —-DD: Ellington Ivankara Van Ark (4) “Ella”
    —-DD: Devin Charlotte Van Ark (3)
    —-DD: Payton Bell Van Ark (2)
    —-DS: Taylor Valentine Van Ark (2 months)

    DS: Esmond Cohen Van Ark (27) (bi)
    –DW: Wini Clementine {Elliot} Van Ark (21)

    DAS: Osborn Tuffy Van Ark (27)
    –DW: Paquita Nahid Benson-Van Ark (26)
    —-DSS: Hudson Adrian Benson (10)
    —-DD: Petal Cathy Van Ark (4)
    —-DS: Indiana Angelo Van Ark (4)

    DD: Piper Jodi Van Ark (25)
    –BabyDaddy: Solo Jayden Roy (31)
    —-DAD: Julitta Quince Van Ark (4)
    —-DS: Nicolo Irma Roy (3)
    —-DD: Parizza Nessa Roy (1)
    —-DS: Yessir Frankie Roy (8 months)

    DS: Geoffrey Antoine Van Ark (23)
    –DW: Thea Tatiana {Walters} Van Ark (23)
    —-DSD: Waverly Valerie Terrell (6)
    —-DD: Talia Karen Van Ark (4)
    —-DS: Leonardo Adrian Van Ark (3 months) “Leo”

    DS: Matthew Alban Van Ark (23)
    –DW: Lynx Linda {Raphael} Van Ark (22)

    DS: Lyle Kraig Van Ark (22) (homo)
    –DH: Icarus Lindsay {Nicholson} Van Ark (23)

    DD: Virag Ida Van Ark (22)
    –DBF: Matthew Jan Moss (22)
    —-DD: Claude Vernell Van Ark (4)

    DS: Augustus Troy Van Ark (20)


    DH: Byron Jackson Cameron (47)
    DW: Eufrozina Arizona {Urant} Cameron (45) “Zina”

    DD: Galaxy Bagheera Cameron (27)
    –DBF: Bruce Lindsay Ferarriff (31)
    —-DS: Alec Nesbit Ferarriff (4)
    —-DD: Marianne Victoria Ferarriff (3)
    Galaxy and her long term boyfriend Bruce have two beautiful kids. She always hated having a “weird” name so she wanted traditional first names for her kids.

    DD: Andrea Benning Cameron (26)
    –DBF: Winslo Yadriel Raphael (22)
    Andrea and Winslo have only been together about a year. The age difference is a lot to get used to for all involved.

    DD: Harper Phyllis Cameron (25)
    –DF: Anthony Hiroto Araina (30)
    Harper and Anthony have been together for about two years and plan to get married next year.

    DS: Erving Baggins Cameron (19)
    —-DAD: Zelda Novalena Helena (3)
    —-DAD: Quinn Icy Helena (2)
    —-DD: Clementine Cameron Helena (1)
    —-DD: Ava Kendall Helena (3 months)
    Erving’s ex and he had Clementine and Ava. Last month he was watching their kids plus her daughters Zelda and Quinn from her previous relationship and she never came back. She sent a letter two days later saying she couldn’t take it anymore. She sent the papers for Erving to adopt Zelda and Quinn and giving him full custody of Clementine and Ava.

    DS: Rockley Nicholas Cameron (19)
    –DW: Jayden Ekundayo {White} Cameron (19)
    Rockley just married his high school sweetheart Jayden. They’re helping Erving a lot with the girls.

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    DH: Bert Benjamin Gizwald (49)
    –Snow Blower Mechanic
    DW: Toya Duff {Evangeline} Gizwald (49)
    –Retail Purchasing Agent

    DD: Lizzie Mickey {Gizwald} Walsh (27)
    –Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner
    -DH: Jupiter Matthew Walsh (33)
    –Highway Engineer
    —-DD: Grace Jayda Walsh (2)
    —-DS: John Winston Walsh (9 months)
    —-DD: Eleanor Joey Walsh (9 months)
    Lizzie and Jupiter are an amazing couple with good jobs they worked hard for and they are amazing parents to their three beautiful children.

    DAD: Winnie Global Gizwald (27)
    –Veterinary Laboratory Technician
    -DBF: Maxwell Zane Flores (31)
    –News Videotape Editor
    —-DD: Gianna Baylee Gizwald (6 months)
    Winnie and Maxwell were casually dating when she discovered she was pregnant. Though they weren’t planning it they love Gianna more than anything. There are no plans to make they’re relationship a marriage.

    DD: Cliona Raining {Gizwald} Johnson (24)
    –Convention Planner
    -DH: Rahul Gilbert Johnson (29)
    –Alterations Tailor
    —-DSD: Chloe Anna Atkinson-Johnson (2)
    —-DD: Saffron Riel Johnson (7 months)
    —-DD: Rajina Cordelia Johnson (7 months)
    When Cliona met Rahul she knew his ex-girlfriend was 5 months pregnant. But she fell head over heels and so did he. He actually proposed to her when Chloe was 2 months and they were married 6 months later. Cliona and Rahul’s ex Juliana get along really well. They all do holidays together and everything. Cliona and Rahul also added identical twin girls to the family. Chloe loves being a big sister but she also likes going to Juliana’s and getting a break.

    DD: Kelsey Freda Gizwald (24)
    –Communicable Disease Specialist
    Kelsey just got her dream job. Now she’s looking for the relationship and the family.

    DD: Hedwig Bolinda Gizwald (22)
    –Statistic Analyst (working towards being a professor)
    -DBF: Jean Revolver Cliff (22) “JR”
    –Electric Sign Assembler
    —-DS: Israel Alter Cliff (3)
    —-DD: Ciara Morgan Cliff (3)
    —-DS: Felix Neil Cliff (8 months)
    Hedwig and her boyfriend JR have three wonderful kids. They want to get married eventually but not yet.

    DD: Deborah Rose {Gizwald} Plaintiff (22)
    -DH: Isaac Victor Plaintiff (22)
    Deborah just married her high school sweetheart Isaac. They couldn’t be happier. They’d like to have kids someday but aren’t looking to get pregnant right away.

    DS: Greg Benjamin Gizwald (21)
    –Orchestra Conductor in Training
    -DW: Alexandra Hannah Raphael-Gizwald (21) “Lexi”
    –Booking Agent –Family Business–
    —-DSS: Brady Joseph Raphael (6)
    —-DD: Joan Glen Gizwald (4)
    —-DS: Judah Erland Gizwald (4)
    Lexi had Brady very young and two years later she met Greg and they made a mistake and got pregnant they have beautiful twins. They are very young but they are doing an amazing job as parents and supporting themselves the best they can.

    DD: Halo Andromeda {Gizwald} Gooding (21)
    –Economist (in school)
    -DH: Alan Brooks Gooding (22)
    –Percussion Instrument Repairer
    —-DD: Lena Orla Gooding (4)
    —-DD: Billie Manuela Gooding (3)
    Halo and Alan are high school sweethearts as well. They have two beautiful little girls Lena and Billie. It’s rough having kids so young but they are doing their best.


    DH (55): Declan Albert Stepp
    DW (53): Ellen Raleigh *O’Neil* Stepp

    DD1 (27): Tessa Alice *Stepp* Cason “Tess”
    DH (28): John Timothy Cason

    DS1 (25): Collin Jarrett Stepp
    DGF (24): Valerie Anne Riley (never marry)
    DS (4): Caiden Sage Stepp
    -Dmom (23): Marisa Laurie Kidman
    DS (2): Samuel Trace Stepp-Riley “Sam”

    DD2 (25): Mallory Rachel *Stepp* Lawrence
    DH (28): Julian Patrick Lawrence
    DD (1): Katheryn Rachel Lincoln “Katey”
    -Ddad (27): Ryan Anthony Lincoln
    DD (nb): Stella Quinn Lawrence

    DS2 (24): Allen William Stepp
    DW (23): Brigitte Renee *Anderson* Stepp
    DS (5): Oliver Thomas Stepp
    -Dmom (24): Chrisina Isabel Wilson
    DD (4): Adeline Presley Stepp “Adie”
    DD (3): Ella Charlotte Stepp
    DS (nb): Jordan Riley Stepp

    DD3 (20): Camille Annette *Stepp* Walter
    DH (22): Bryce Leonard Walter

    DS3 (19): Miles Phillip Stepp
    DF (18): Sandra Isabel *Robertson* Stepp
    DD/DD (nb): Katherine Lucille Stepp/Elizabeth Adriana Stepp “Katie & Lizzie”


    DW: Willow Mary Watson
    DH: Atticus Lukács Lark

    DAS: Benjamin Flynn (27)
    -DGF: Anna Natalia Ryerson (29)
    –DS: Bennett Sage “Ben” (3)

    DD: Anna Katharine (26)
    -DGF (nm): Jessica Rose “Jess” Holden (27)
    –DS/DD: Liam Jacob/Lorelei Charlotte (2)

    DD: Ruby Charlotte (23)
    -DBF (bi, nm): Mohan Victor Stream (22)
    –DD: Rory Aria (4)
    –DD: Tessa Molly (2)
    –DD: Meredith Amber (1)
    –DS: Oliver Micah (nb)

    DS: Liam Nicholas (21)
    -DGF: Joy Arlo Providence (25)
    –DSD: Jane Elizabeth (1)
    –DSD: Rose Katherine (nb)

    DS: Miles Noah (19)
    -DW: Isabelle Sadie Alexander (21)
    –DS: Ronan Isaac (1)


    The Warren Family
    DH: Milo Jude Warren
    DW: Leah Payton (Parker) Warren
    Milo & Leah: Jackson, Scarlett, Emma, Parker, Cooper, Sophie, Audrey, and Matthew

    DS[27]: Jackson James Warren
    –DW[25]: Accalia “Callie” Rhiannon (Moore) Warren
    —-DAD[7]: Emily Katherine Moore — Callie’s from a previous relationship
    —-DS[4]: Nathaniel Jasper Warren
    —-DD[2]: Briana Sage Warren
    —-DD[1]: Serena Claire Warren
    Jackson & Callie: Emily, Nathaniel, Briana, and Serena

    DD[26]: Scarlett Rochelle Warren
    –DBF[29]: Vincent Bryce Young
    —-DD[10]: Juliette Rose Young — Vincent’s from a previous relationship
    —-DS[3]: Benjamin Kale Young
    —-DS[3]: Alexander John Young
    Scarlett & Vincent: Juliette, Benjamin, and Alexander

    DD[25]: Emma Violet Warren
    –DBF[26]: Jakob Stephen Stahl
    —-DS[2]: Riley Christopher Stahl
    Emma & Jakob: Riley

    DS[24]: Parker Harding Warren
    –DGF[23]: Sadie Isabelle Byron
    —-DD[2]: Ella Genevieve Warren
    —-DS[nb]: Lucas Brendan Warren
    Parker & Sadie: Ella and Lucas

    DS[21]: Cooper Nicholas Warren
    –DGF[21]: Michaela Lynn Baker
    —-DS[3]: Daniel William Warren
    Cooper & Michaela: Daniel

    DD[20]: Sophie Catherine (Warren) Richmond
    –DH[22]: Asher Patrick Richmond
    —-DS[1]: Liam Asher Richmond
    —-DD[nb]: Charlotte Alice Richmond
    Sophie & Asher: Liam and Charlotte

    DD[20]: Audrey Caroline Warren
    –DBF[20]: Sam Alexander Montgomery
    Audrey & Sam

    DS[19]: Matthew David Warren


    DH: Noel Christopher Evan
    DW: Aria Jane Teeters-Evan

    DD: Alice Ramona Evan (26)
    -DBF: Robert Victor “Rob” Miller (30)
    Won’t get married

    DS: Abel Griffin Evan (25)
    -DF: Valeria Desire Heisman (24)

    DS: Channing Augustus Evan (24)
    -DW: Alexa Daniela Gracen-Evan (24)
    –DS: Wyatt Maxwell Evan (2)
    –DD: Kristina Meryl Evan (1)
    –DS: Silas Harrison Evan (0)

    DD: Lillian Kenya “Lilly” Evan (22)
    -DBF: Jacob Antonio Montgomery (23)
    Will get married
    –DD: Juliette Nicole Montgomery (2)
    –DD: Adeline Celia “Addie” Montgomery (2)

    DD: Vera Stella Evan (20)
    -DBF: Michael Brion “Mike” Lincoln (22)
    Will get married

    DD: Astrid Delilah Evan (20)
    -DGF: Isabel Luna Jones (21)
    Will get married


    DH: Spike Atticus Robinson (49)
    DW: Jane Amrita {Carl} Robinson (48)

    DD: Santana Amrita {Robinson} Korva (27) (bi)
    –DW: Makena Isotta Korva (25)
    —-DD: Arnelle Rainbow Korva (1)

    DS: Neal Augustus Robinson (24)
    –BabyMama: Lucy Vermilion Robinson (27)
    —-DD: Dominiqua Kimberly Robinson (4)
    —-DS: Sage Lanny Riley-Robinson (7 months)
    —-DS: Nicky Tobias Riley-Robinson (7 months)

    DD: Rose Amelia Robinson (24)
    –DF: Victor Breckan Glover (27)

    DS: Maverick Antoine Robinson (23)
    –DBF: Hubert Ernesto Angelica (23)
    —-DD: Arya Wynn Angelica (3)


    DH: Rudolph Paulie Drunkenness (53)
    DW: Dina Manisha {Mijndert} Drunkenness (47)

    DD: Genesis Mackenzie {Drunkenness} Dodgem (26)
    –DH: Magan Demetrius Dodgem (27) “M.D.”
    —-DS: Lemuel Demetrius Dodgem (3)
    —-DD: Hazel Dominique Dodgem (1)
    —-DD: Amy Dianalynn Dodgem (1)
    —-DD: Juliette Danilee Dodgem (4 months)

    DD: Kellie Nicolette Drunkenness (22)
    –DGF: Abigail Lavone Prosstipp (20)
    —-DD: Fiona Kilina Drunkenness (3)
    —-DS: Greyson Lucas Drunkenness (1)

    DS: Charles Vaughn Drunkenness (20)
    –DF: Nayelis Rose Windsor (19)
    —-DS: Winston Tobias Drunkenness (2)

    DS: Jamie Camden Drunkenness (19)
    –DF: Florina Jin Lilliana (20)
    —-DS: Isaiah Quinton Drunkenness (4)
    —-DS: Hulk Finnegan Drunkenness (1)


    LN: Silicon
    DH (50): Jay Milo
    DW (49): Keira Lou (Kaplan)

    LN: Silicon
    DS1 (26): Channing Remy
    -DW (24): Jamee Roxana (Coleman)
    –DS (1): Henry Peter
    –DS (nb): Jasper Daniel

    LN: Howard
    DD1 (24): Bethany Piper (Silicon)
    -DH (24): Bram Levi
    –DS (5): Quince Adrian (from Bram’s previous marriage)
    –DS (3): Clove Benjamin
    –DS (2): Dexter Eddison
    –DS (1): PJ Sebastian

    LN: O’Connor
    DD2 (22): Meredith Brooke (Silicon)
    -DH (24): Alexander Edward “Alex”
    –DS (6): Jordan Shane (from Alex’s previous marriage)
    –DS (3): Devon Lance
    –DD/DS (1): Adeline Elizabeth “Addie” & Ezekiel Brendan “Zeke”

    LN: Silicon
    DS2 (22): Nicholas Asher “Nico”
    -DW (22): Michaela Julie (Windsor)
    –DD (2): Olive Natalie
    –DD (1): Nora Madeline

    DS3 (19): Cory Griffin Silicon
    -DGF (19): Moira Felicity Bronson
    Won’t get married

    DD3 (19): Libby Jasmine Silicon
    -DBF (19): Stuart Philip Gracen
    Will get married


    DH: Jude Anderson Earl (52)
    DW: Lane Ester (Sergeant) Earl (48)

    DS: Griffin Wolfgang Earl (27)
    -DBF: Davis Raymond McBride (29)
    DS: Gordon McCrea Earl (27)
    -DGF: Kelly Kamilah Marden (24)
    -DSD: Tabitha Nicolette Marden (7) Kelly’s daughter
    -DS: Liam Atticus Earl (2)
    DS: Harvey Sergeant Earl (22)
    -DW: Phaedra Valentine Rockwell (21)
    -DS: Cannon Raffaele Rockwell-Earl (NB)
    DS: Titus Octavian Earl (19)
    -DH: Isaac Victor Cruz (19)


    DH: Jackson Avedis Stark
    DW: Kennedy Jane Elliott-Stark

    DD: Kalynn Grace Stark (26)

    DS: Nicholas Emanuel Stark (24)
    —DW: Sadie Clare Riley-Stark
    —-ds/dd: Ezekiel Alexander Stark/Eve Amalia Stark (1)
    —-dd: Arya Grace Stark (nb)

    ADD: Sawyer Rose Stark (23)
    —gf: Ireland Makena Terrell (21)

    DS: Garrison Mitchell Stark (22)
    —gf: Justice Alixandra Valora (20)
    —-dd/ds : Alexa Isabella Valora/Ian Matthew Valora (2)

    DD: Genesis Tatiana Stark (21)
    —fb: Keanu Michael Alexander (22)
    —-ds: Davonte Kai Alexander (3)
    —-dd: Kennedy Santana Stark-Alexander (1)

    DS: Emerson Sean Stark (21)
    —gf: Ilaria Eirian Dixon (21)
    —-ds: Mitchell Zackary Dixon-Stark (2)

    DD: Alexandra Elizabeth Stark (21)
    —bf: Owen Lux Montgomery (24)

    DD: Aisling Eve Stark-Riley (20)
    —DH: Jayden Thomas Riley (22)

    DD: Nina Arabella Stark-Gracen (19)
    —DH: Orion Asher Gracen (19)
    —-ds: Jakori Skye Gracen (2)
    —-ds/ds: Javan Michael Gracen/Oliver Henry Gracen (1)

    ADS: Jarrett Chaniel Stark (19)
    —gf: Accalia Joy Lincoln (18)
    —-ds: Israel Dane Lincoln (5)
    —-ds: Cullen Blake Lincoln-Stark (4)
    —-dd: Azerria Sage Lincoln-Stark (3)
    —-dd: Eden Bretonika Lincoln-Stark (1)


    DH: Shea Charles Barr
    DW: Nicoletta Charlotte *Watson* Barr

    DD: Aisling Saige Barr (27) (Bisexual)
    DW: Juno Storm *Stevenson* Barr

    DS: Flynn Vincenzo Barr (26) won’t marry
    DGF: Isla Sadie Shooting
    DSD: Oliver Quince Shooting “Ollie” (5)
    DS: Ian Jameel Barr(4)
    DS: Taylor Cyrus Barr (2)
    DS: Iskander Lance Barr “Ike” (1)

    DS: Elijah Bryce (25) will marry
    DGF: Accalia Jolina Gracen “Cali”
    DSD: Adeline Julietta Barr (3)
    DS: Atlas Judah Barr (3)

    DD: Kenya Rae *Barr* Craig (25)
    DH: Rhett Isaac Craig
    DS: Harrison Wesley Barr (1)

    DS: Lyle Atticus Barr (23)
    DD: Teyla Hazel Barr (8 months)

    DS: Boston Mercer Barr (21) (won’t marry
    DGF: Anaxandra Myla Ross “Xandy”
    DSS: Gannon Scott Ross (6)
    DS: Tobias Charleston Barr (4)
    DS: Jordan Matthias Barr (1)
    DD: Avalie Estelle Barr (3 months)

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