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Numberific Question CAF (All-In-One)

  • childofthewaves

    Yes, I know the title’s kind of corny.

    Add up the digits in your age. (So if you’re 23, 2+3+5)
    Even # under 10: Occupation
    Odd # under 10: Your real life FN
    Even # 10 or over: Very common
    Odd # over 10: Grab a book, turn to page 64, find word 16 and that is the last name.

    DH (first and middle):
    Add up the digits in your first name using the method A=1, B=2 and so on.
    EX: Your name is Bob.
    B= 2
    O= 15
    B= 2

    Under 20: Biblical
    20-30: Unisex
    31-50: Mythological
    Over 50 Starts with X or Z

    DW (first and middle):
    Add up the ages of everybody living in your house, then divide by the number of people. Disregard decimals.

    Odd # under 50: Nature
    Even # under 50: Old-fashioned/Classic
    Odd # over 50: Biblical
    Even # 50 or greater: Musical

    Number of Children:
    Take your date of birth, disregarding month and add up the digits and that is the number of children.
    Ex: You were born on the 16th (of any month), 1+6=7, so there are 7 children.

    Children’s Names (first and middle) and Genders:
    For the first child take your birthdate as you did in the last section but this time multiply the numbers together, then find the corresponding number in the following list. For each additional child choose a family member or friend and multiply their birth date. The child’s gender is the same as the person whose birth date you used.

    0: FN is 3 or more syllables, MN is 1 or 2 syllables
    1: FN is 1 or 2 syllables, MN is 3 or more syllables
    2: Very Common
    3: Biblical
    4: Shakespearean
    5: Celebrity
    6: Book Characters
    7: Movie or TV Show Characters
    8: Using names of people you know in real life
    9: Famous Historical Figures
    10: “Creative” Spelling
    12: Unisex
    14: Greek, Japanese, or Italian Origin
    16: Mythological
    18: Nature

    Children’s Ages:
    Add up the letters in the child’s first name, as you did with your name in Section 2, then divide by the number of letters in the name.
    Ex: The child’s name is May. M=13, A=1, Y=25, 13+1+25=39, 39/3= 13, so May is 13 years old. Disregard decimals, so whether you get 12, 12.1, or 12.9, the child is still 12 years old.

    DH’s Age: Add 20 years to the oldest child’s age.

    DW’s Age: Add 18 years to the oldest child’s age.

    Hope you enjoy! :D

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  • mrswrathell

    LN: Mason
    DH: Zachary Xander (34)
    DW: Rachel Anna (32)

    DD: Lucy Rebecca (15)
    DS: Thomas Michael (13)
    DS: Matthew James (12)
    DD: Julia Carolyn (10)
    DD/DS: Emma Alexandra & Liam Nicholas (8)
    DD: Anna Elizabeth (7)


    LN: Lily
    DH: Zorro Xavier (34)
    DW: Victoria Nicole (32)

    DS: Perseus Carmine (14)
    DD: Rosalind Robin (11)
    DS: Clive Othello (10)
    DD: Jacqueline Queen (9)


    LN: Tiera
    DH: (35) Xerxes Zachariah Tiera
    DW: (33) Lily Azalea Tiera
    DD: (15) Taylor Mackenzie Tiera
    DD/DS: (12) Melody Kayla Tiera and Trevor James Tiera
    DS: (10) Nicholas John Tiera
    DD/DD: (9) Alexandria Rain Tiera and Jessica Anne Tiera


    LN: Emily
    DH: Zachary Xavier
    DW: Margaret Elizabeth
    DD: Ruth Sarah (16)
    DS: William Anthony (11)
    DD/DD: Flora Daphne & Lucienne Michelle (10)


    LN: Tabitha
    DH: Zachary “Zack” Xavier – 31
    DW: Elizabeth “Lizzy” Marie – 29
    DD: Sophia “Sophie” Carter – 11
    DS: Alexander “Alex” Michael – 9
    DD: Dakota “DJ” Jane – 8


    LN: Shade
    DH (30): Zachary Xavier “Zach”
    DW (28): Abigail Naomi “Abby”
    DD (10): Kimberley Anne “Kimmy”
    DS (10): Jordan Leigh “Jordy”
    DS (8): David Alexander “Davy”


    LN: Ellie
    DH: Conor Dylan (36)
    DW: Wren Lily (34)
    DS1: Zayn Marvin (16)
    DD1: Evangelina Lee (Evie) (9)
    DD2: Francesca Kasia (Frankie) (7)
    DD3: Adriana Imogen (Addy) (6)
    Conor & Wren Ellie with Zayn, Evie, Frankie & Addy.


    Arthur Fintan Baker [35]
    Iris Primrose Baker [33]

    9 kids

    Juno Iris Baker [15]
    Ryan Samuel Baker [14]
    Raven Rosalie Baker [12]
    Dylan Brian Baker [11]
    Colette Melody Baker [11]
    William Jack Baker [11]
    Gabriel Elijah Baker [9]
    Noah Thaddeus Baker [9]
    Amelia Anne Baker [6]

    Arthur&Iris: Dylan, Juno, Ryan, Raven, Colette, Liam, Gabe, Noah & Amy

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    DH: Zayn Aries Tristan (39)
    DW: Katherine Mary Tristan (37)
    DS: Gabriel Zayn Tristan (19) ‘Gabe’
    DD: Eleanor Rene Tristan (10) ‘Ella’
    DD: Serena Claire Tristan (10)
    DS: Liam Bradley Tristan (8)
    DD: Rebekah Katherine Tristan (7) ‘Bea’
    DS: Caleb Micheal Tristan (4)

    Zayn, Kathy & Gabe, Ella, Serena, Liam, Bea & Caleb


    LN: Reed

    DH: Zachary Xavier (31)
    DW: Catherine Elizabeth (29)

    DD: Brooke Aspen (11)
    DD: Sophia Claire (11)
    DS: Lucan Pascal (10)
    DS: Logan James (9)
    DD: Emma Alexandra (8)
    DD: Camilla Daphne (7)
    DD: Jane Marie (7)
    DS: Caleb Benjamin (4)


    LN: Carpenter

    DH: Xavier Zane (34)
    DW: Catherine Elizabeth (32)

    DS/DS: Tristan Orion/River Sage (14)
    DD/DS: Khameryn Rayne/Dillon Elias (11)
    DD/DD/DD: Lorelei Selene/Sienna Violet/Serena Abrielle (10)
    DS/DD: Aydan Zachariah/Kayedainse Alyzabeth (9)
    DS/DD: Chandler Ross/Cassandra Jade (8)


    LN: Highclasshooker

    H: Xavier Zayn (34)
    W: Zelda Alexandra (32)

    D: Robyn Emma (14)
    D: Cersei Katniss (9)
    D: Viola Miranda (11)
    S: Ariel Oberon (9)
    D: Delilah Eve (7)
    D: Riley Cato (13)


    LN: Smith
    DH: Zachariah Xaviar (33)
    DW: Aspen Lily (31)
    DS: Oliver Finn (13)
    DS: Everett Leo (13)
    DD: Briar Rose (9)
    DD: Regan Phebe (9)
    DS: Liam Cullen (8)


    LN: Spencer
    DH: Zander Xavier
    DW: Eliza Katherine

    DD: Scarlett Charlize
    DS: Ezra Simeon
    DD: Audrey Kathleen
    DD: Jane Alexandra
    DS: Lon Augusten
    DD: Emilia Juliet

    Zander and Eliza with Scarlett, Ezra, Audrey, Jane, Lon, and Emmy


    LN: Carpenter

    DH: Arthur Damon (34)
    DW: Elizabeth Grace (32)

    DS: Travis Alexander (14)
    DD/DD: Juliet Constance & Audrey Bianca (12)
    DD: Belle Anastasia (7)

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