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New Baby Ideas?

  • Arletta84

    My husband, Wes, and I recently found out that I am Pregnant. We currently do not know of the baby’s gender but are attempting to think of a few names for each before we find out.

    Being a writer who loves to come up with names to create characters, I thought the easy part would be to come up with names. The hard part would be narrowing it down. However, this wasn’t the case. I found plenty of names I loved, but I did not want to name my child it for one reason or another.

    For example, I love the names Astrid and Astor. But I would never name my child that due to all the inappropriate nick names (“Assy” or “Ass” is not something I want to associate with my daughter).

    Another reason is that they don’t flow correctly with the middle name I have chosen for them. If it is a girl, her middle name will be Mae, after my grandmother and great-great aunt and myself. If it is a boy, Adam, after my husband, Wesley Adam. Although I was pushing for the first born son to be a Jr., he argues otherwise. The middle name will have to do. Both names I thought would be so easy to flow with almost any name until my cousin suggested the name Aaron Adam and something about it didn’t sit well to me. And then, suddenly, a lot of names felt like they didn’t match up. also, the last name is Emmerson, and as much as I like names that end in “son,” I do not like combinations like Jackson Emmerson.

    Also, I have a big thing for nick-names and I would like the name to be multi-syllable (ex. not Rose but Roslyn, not Ben but Bennett).

    Another thing I find important is individuality. The middle names are already so normal and common, I want his or her first name to uncommon so when they go to school they will not have to be labeled “Insert-common-name-here E.” Still, I want the name to be practical and sound “noraml.” Something people can say easily and something about it seems common even though it is not.

    With that in mind, any suggestions?

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  • TwoSapphires

    Congratulations!! :) And I understand; I did a lot of fiction writing for years (though I haven’t found time for it in a long time) and I have always loved names, but they are hard for me, too! Especially finding ones that my husband and I both like.

    A few suggestions:

    Calvin (or Callum; either way, I love the nn Cal)


    ok well for girls, it seems like almost any name goes with mae. mae is pretty. im going to think of names along the same style as astrid. astrid i think is a nice name that fits your criteria. uncommon but familiar and easy to spell and say. i dont think the ass will be a problem but i understand the concern. astrid mae emmerson is an awesome combo too. anywho off the top of my head,
    talia mae emmerson
    daphne mae emmerson
    kendra mae emmerson
    nikita mae emmerson
    laurel mae emmerson
    serena mae emmerson

    for boys, i love adam. i think these go with adam.

    jett adam emmerson
    tristan adam emmerson
    declan adam emmerson
    bryce adam emmerson
    jared adam emmerson
    garrett adam emmerson

    i know some of those are one syllable but i think they still sound cool.


    I love Kimiha’s suggestions of Talia, Laurel, Tristan and Jared!


    For girls, some unusual names that might work are Reesa, Caitriona, Auralie, Nyssa, Nanthia, Nyla, Nia, Geneva, or Zola (are these too out there?).

    For boys, I like Phineas, Gideon, Levi and Ezekiel. It is definitely hard to match a first name with Adam Emmerson since so many boy names have ms and ns at the end. The suggestion of Garrett works well.


    Thank you all! I like so many of them, but I picked out some of my favorites and so did my husband. We Finally have some names on the list!

    So for girls the list is currently:
    -Laurel Mae Emmerson
    one of my picks, I thought it sounded pretty and I was thinking of nicknames and “Lore” came to mind and I thought it sounded so cool and cute because Lore=tale=story. The story part is cute because I’m a writer, but the tale I find cool because my nickname is Taylz or Tails.

    - Arden Mae Emmerson
    Both of us picked this out and liked it, but each of us said there is just something not quite right about the name. but we kept it on the list just in case we figure it out.

    -Delilah Mae Emmerson
    Wes’s choice. I love the nn Del and was thinking of Adeline but Wes convinced me her nn would be Adell and there was alot of singing invovled.

    And the boys names:
    -Phineas Adam Emmerson
    I love it. Phin is a cute nickname and the entire name has this regal, elegant sound to it so Phin can be the cute young boys name but he can grow into it and be Phineas at work. Wes likes the sound of Phin but has the issue with me not being able to spell the name properly considering I spelled it wrong five times before showing him.

    -Barrett Adam Emmerson
    Wes’s pick was Garret, but I did not the nick name Gary. So, he switched the G to a B and asked me if I liked Barry. And I did.

    -Jett Adam Emmerson
    You’re right Kimiha. It does sound cool. Jett Emmerson just sounds like a rock star.

    Again, thank you guys for the suggestions! I can’t wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl!


    Nice choices! Rhett/Rett could also be a cool nn for either Barrett or Garrett.


    I am not too sure about a boys name…but my favorite girls name is one I made up, but still sounds like something normal..


    I love the nn Lexi, and I love names that end with Ana. So I combined it.

    It goes good with Mae.
    Alexiana Mae Emerson.

    Her nn could be Ally, Alex, Lexi, Lex, Ana, Al.


    I love Laurel Mae!

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