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New and Need Help!

  • beccas5

    Our baby boy is due in March, and we still don’t have a name!

    We are a blended family, and my husband and I have children from previous marriages, and have slightly different naming styles, so we need your help!

    We want the name to go well with our older 5, which are:

    Samuel Edward
    Seth Matthew
    Hunter Christopher
    Jake Connor Bradley
    Layla Margaret Ann

    So far we kind of like Alexander and Lucas, but haven’t committed to anything.
    My step-kids, have two middle names, and we are wondering whether we should do the same for #6. What do you think?

    Thanks, Becca!

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  • TheWishingStar

    I really like both Alexander and Lucas – they both fit in well with the style of your other kids. I personally think Lucas is such a cool name that’s not as common as I’d think, so that would be one of my top choices.

    My suggestions:

    Something along the lines of traditional, but not out-dated or overly common…

    As for the middle names, personally, I’m not a fan of double middle names, so I would lean toward avoiding them. Because only some, not all or most, members of your blended family have two middle names, I would say sticking with only one middle name would be better because it’s considered more traditional. It’s a tricky situation, because it’s could potentially make either half of the kids feel excluded from their new combined family, but I would lean toward the more standard way, because at least that’s justifiable. Like, it’s easier to explain that you went with what is more culturally normal than to say you went with the less-common style in order to specifically match a few of the kids. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I think it has the same potential to cause problems wither way, but only using 1 middle name would be more justifiable, to me.
    Ultimately it’s up to you and your husband, though – it should be more a matter of what length you BOTH like than anything else…


    I agree with TheWishingStar. I also personally find that having two middles names is a bit of a pain. Most forms and things only have space for one MN or MI anyway so one of them never really gets used anyway.

    For your new baby, what about Lucas Alexander? I like that a lot and think it flows well and goes well with your other kids’ names.


    I really like both Lucas and Alexander, both would be great fits. I agree with the previous comments regarding two middle names and I liked a lot of the suggestions: Benjamin, Henry, James, Nicholas & Oliver especially. I’d also suggest Trevor, Owen, Quinn, Michael?

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