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Need your opinions!

  • kcuss

    So my husband and I are currently trying for a baby, so we’re putting together a list of names that we like. My husband insists that we have to have formal names, regardless of Nicknames, so I have what I would call the child in parenthesis. What do you think of these combos? BTW, our last name starts with a C and is two syllables.

    For the Girls:
    Emilia Faye (Emma)
    Alexandra Finley (Al, Allie)
    Kathryn Elizabeth (Kate)
    Audrey Kathryn
    Lindy Dianne – This would be in honoring both of our mothers.
    Lillian Elizabeth (Lily)

    We also like Riley, Faren, Brielle (Bree), and Laura.

    For the Boys:
    Jonathan Asa (Jack, or Jonny)
    Clark Alexander

    After that we’re at a loss for boy names. My husband is a HUGE superman fan, which is where Jonathan (Superman’s father) and Clark (Clark Kent) came from. He loves the name Kal, from Kal-el. But I am NOT a fan. We came up with Kalvin…but it’s really not my favorite. I love the names Ben and Danny, but he doesn’t like the formal versions of them. I want to have all “A” middle names, if we can, for the boys. Anders, Adam, and Asa are all family names I would be willing to use.
    Opinions? Suggestions?

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  • lcd1912

    I like all of your girl choices except Lindy Dianne & Laura. Emilia is my favorite! I like both Jonathan and Clark for the boys. Would you use Kent? Or how about Kale, Kaleb, Kallen, Kallen? I like Kal names for girls too but not as much as your current list. A boy names.. Alexander is my favorite but also Ambrose, Andrew, Aiden, Austin, August, Auden?


    Ahh, so that’s why you’re spelling it Kalvin. I still like Calvin a lot more. I’d say try to work with Jonathan, Clark, or Kent over Kal- though, if you REALLY want something Superman. Or maybe the names of whoever created the comics?

    For girls, I think both Kathryn Elizabeth (I love Kate) and Lillian Elizabeth are absolutely lovely. I really like Audrey, too, though Audrey Kathryn doesn’t quite flow for me. Maybe Audrey Faye, Audrey Laura, or Audrey Dianne?

    For boys, I still really like Calvin, but Clark Alexander would be really nice too.


    I have an Allie and an Emma (and a Lucy) and I think those both can be stand alone names themselves. I also love Kate as a stand alone name. Try and talk your husband into them. ;)

    Kathryn Elizabeth is pretty but I would prefer Catherine Elizabeth. Clark Alexander is cool for a boy!


    I kind of like the name Brendan for a boy and if he likes to play castle Brendan means “prince”, if he doesn’t but really likes animals Brendan also means “little raven”. I really like Emilia for a girl! Another name for a boy would be Patrick but he might be teased about it because of the Sponge-bob character. I don’t know if you’d like it but something I like is Jay. Hope you like them! ~ SkyDoesBNW


    I really only like Emilia Faye from your girl’s list. I don’t really understand Emma as a nickname for Emilia. This could create some confusion and hassle for the child as Emma is a very popular first name in its own right. Emma Faye would also be a lovely addition to your list.

    I would avoid using Lillian and Elizabeth together, as Lillian is a form of Elizabeth. It’s like naming her the same name twice: Elizabeth Elizabeth.

    Clark Alexander is too handsome to pass on. It’s really quite lovely.

    The only other issue I see is nicknaming a Jonathan “Jack.” Jack is a VERY common and established nickname for John. This can create a LOT of confusion that your child will have to deal with. John and Jonathan are two unrelated names. John Alexander nicknamed Jack would be an alternative to consider.

    If I could mix and match from your girl’s list:

    Alexandra Elizabeth
    Audrey Elizabeth

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