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need some honest opinons

  • jenna_marie_rose

    What do you think?
    We’re pretty set for a boy: Silas Aloysius Jones

    Still torn if it’s a girl: Irene is a big family name on both sides so that’s that…

    Middle name:
    Evangeline, call her Eva, Evie, whatever works. love it! but does it work with Irene? too rhyme-y with the ee’s?
    Also thought about Hensley for the middle name (grandma’s maiden name) calling her Hennie. also pretty cute.

    We already have big brother Everett William and I thought Everett and Evie sounded cute together. i feel like i have weird taste and need some honest opinions not from friends and family just being nice. open to suggestions. Thanks!

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  • ashthedreamer

    LOVELOVELOVE Eva, and Evie, and I think Evangeline is lovely, but if you already have an Everett (och, LOVE his name, btw! Everett is one of my absolute favorites for a boy), I wouldn’t do it. Everett and Evie are just too close. TOO cutesy.

    Were you planning on using Irene as a first name, or a middle name? I think you could do something like Evangeline Irina (ih-ree-nah; it’s a Russian form of Irene, and appears very close. You could also do Irena? Or even the original Greek form of Irene, Eirene? It’s pronounced eye-ree-nee.). I’m all for Eva/Evie/Evangeline and love it, but I wouldn’t go near it if you have an Everett. Everett and Eva are both on my own list, but I don’t think I could ever use them together. What about:

    Emmeline (has a similar feel to Evangeline and I think Everett and Emmeline are lovely! Emmy or Emma are cute nns, or even Lina/Lena)
    Violet (still sort of matchy with the -et endings, but Violet is so sweet! And Everett and Violet. Och. Love them both.)

    I’m not really sure what your style is–I kind of tried to go off of Everett, Silas, and Evangeline, so hopefully that’ll give you some ideas. I think Irene/Irena/Irina/Eirene or Hensley would be great as middle names for any of these.

    Good luck!


    I really like the name Irene. I agree that Evangeline doesn’t sound right with it though. Irene Hensley flows well. Hennie is a cute nn as long as you are not concerned about the teasing possibility. Could she just go by Irene? Daphne, Cecily, and Zoe are cute options from the list above too, and I think they match well in style. I think Irene Naomi or Irene Jillian (nn Jill or Jilly) would go well too.


    I love Silas!
    I’m a little confused; are you planning to use Irene as a FN but call her by her middle name? I really encourage using the name you plan to call her as a first name to avoid confusion for others. I also agree that Irene Evangeline doesn’t flow well since it’s so rhymey. I think Irina would work well though.


    i like silas. and i think it works great with everett. i love everett by the way. what reactions do you get to it? i think aloysius with silas is wayy too much. i dont like irene but i think irina is a great way to honor the irenes of the family but with a more modern sounding variant. everett and irina is great. evangeline doesnt go with irina or irene. because they both end in the een sound. also everett and evie are wayy too similar. but i love the nn evie.


    It depends on how you are pronouncing Evangeline too. It can be uh-VAN-juh-leen, uh-VAN-juh-line, uh-VAN-juh-LEHN, and no doubt many other ways as well. I think uh-VAN-juh-LEHN (or something similar) is the French (and I think the prettiest) pn. However, I’d assume uh-VAN-juh-line looking at it, and I think many people on this site go with uh-VAN-juh-leen based on the comments. I went to three different sites where they pronounce it for you and each one pronounced it differently.

    Irini is a kind of cute option too. That was the name of the lead character in “Sweetheart Season”.


    Actually, -leen might be the French pn. My French is rusty :-)

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