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Naming my 5th child. . .


  • Katherine Wilson
    Katherine Wilson

    Hello all…

    I need a little help. Last year, I had my fourth child, and second daughter. I’m now pregnant, but I don’t know the gender. I really need help on choosing a name, I would like a name that could be for both genders. It might make it easier to choose. Thank you for the help.


    mother’s name: katherine maria wilson
    father’s name: matthew liam wilson
    brother’s names: luke & harry
    sister’s names: lux & lottie
    maternal grandmother’s name: charlotte daisy braxton
    paternal grandmother’s name: lydia jane wilson
    maternal grandfather’s name: michael james braxton
    paternal grandfather’s name: harry edward wilson

    also my sister has asked me if i would be able to incorporate her name into my fifth child’s name in anyway… her name is georgia. i’m not too sure on this idea, as i don’t really like my sister’s name, but i don’t want to upset her. how can i tell her?

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  • embra

    For a unisex first name, how about:
    Quinn (appropriate for a 5th baby anyway)

    If you aren’t set on having a unisex name, Daisy Marie and James Matthew would both go well with your other children’s names.

    If you don’t care for the name Georgia, would you consider Gia/Geo, George, Georgie or Georgiana as a mn to make sis happy? If not, I would just tell her that you love her, but prefer other names better. Maybe make her a godparent instead if you do that sort of thing? Unless she has a mn you are ok with using?


    I love Embra’s suggestions!
    I do really like Georgia. It would be easy enough to add as a MN; Quinn Georgia, Noelle Georgia, Reese Georgia or Avery Georgia could all work.

    Love Quinn Georgia!


    I love the name Quinn for a boy or girl!! Quinn Georgia is ok but the flow of Georgia Quinn is better. Maybe Quinn Georgette?

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