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Name Combo Opinions Wanted!

  • MissFreckles

    My husband and I aren’t planning on children for a little while, but we always talk about names. We have only one girls name that we LOVE and that’s Olivia. We have a few boy’s names that we go back and forth on. All middle names are family names. I’m curious to which of our name combo’s is liked the most by others!

    Benson Alexander
    Carson Alexander
    Nolan Alexander

    Olivia Kay
    Olivia Rene

    Also we like the middle name Aaron, but can’t seem to find ANY names we like that sound good as a first name with it. Any suggestions? Thanks! (Can’t be the first name as I already have 2 Aaron brother-in-laws.)

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  • jllowe

    Benson Alexander and Olivia Renee are both very nice!

    What about Michael Aaron, Nicholas Aaron, Finley Aaron?

    Will post more if I think of anything?

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