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Name Combinations

  • MomofD27

    Basically we are looking for a combination of names that match our heritages and also honor our families. I would love any thoughts on what we have come up with so far or any suggestions.

    Cael Duane
    John Reyes
    Britton Rhys
    Eoin Rafael
    Elias Currie
    Declan Cruz

    Yoli Sioban
    Ceara Maribel
    Aurelia Eowyn
    Lucia Elaine
    Teagan Sue
    Alma Kennedy

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  • TheWishingStar

    Cael Duane – I really like Cael, not a fan of Duane, though if it’s a family name or something I guess it works as a middle name. Together they seem very vowel-heavy.
    John Reyes – Kinda looks more like a first and last name combo than a first and middle one. Can’t really go wrong with John. Reyes is just super surname-y to me. What about John Rhys instead??
    Britton Rhys – Honestly, I think Britton sounds like a girls name and Rhys ALWAYS makes me think of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…. I dunno, it could work, but both names are pretty gender-neutral and neither is really anything special in my mind…
    Eoin Rafael – Love Rafael, Eion is not my style, but I think the combo works really well.
    Elias Currie – Love Elias! Currie is again, super surname-y, which some people like, but I personally don’t. It also is too similar to like, curry. Or Carrie. I really like Elias, though, maybe Elias John? Elias Cruz?
    Declan Cruz – Declan is pretty cool, and pretty consistent with naming trends these days. I would like Declan Raphael or Declan Rhys better, though.

    Elias is my favorite of your boys names. I think they all work. I’m just not really cray about any of them…

    Yoli Sioban – I have never heard Yoli, but it looks like YOLO to me. Sioban/Siobhan is one of those names I just can’t stand. The complete disconnect between spelling and pronunciation just angers me. I know it’s Irish, but most other Irish names make more sense to me.
    Ceara Maribel – Love Ceara, it’s so pretty! And I really like it with Maribel!!
    Aurelia Eowyn – Both names are so pretty, I love Eowyn. I think they sound a little funny together, though, maybe too vowel-heavy. Eowyn Aurelia sounds better, or maybe Aurelia Kennedy or Aurelia Elaine?
    Lucia Elaine – I like Lucia, and Elaine’s okay. They work together, not my favorite, though. Maybe Lucia Teagan, or Ceara Elaine?
    Teagan Sue – I like Teagan. Sue is really plain to me, though. It’s probably a family name, right? What about the longer Susan or Susanna?
    Alma Kennedy – I have a great aunt named Alma, so I’ve always thought of it as horribly out-dated. Kennedy is okay, I’m not really a huge fan of it, but I like it with some of your other names.

    Ceara Maribel is easily my favorite for the girls, but I really like Aurelia and Eowyn, too, if you could work out a combo that flows a little better for those two.

    Hope that’s helpful!!


    For you boy names, I like Declan Cruz best. If we can mix up names, I’d like Declan Rhys or Elias Rafael better. For girls, I like Ceara Maribel best as a combination and Lucia Elaine next best. I like Aurelia and Alma as individual names. Aurelia Teagan is pretty. Aurelia would go well with a name that has two syllables, accent on the second like Aurelia Nicole or Corrine.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2)

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