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Middles names for Lilith and Ysabell

  • Sweekune

    Looking some middle names for Lilith and Ysabell, our two options for if bump turns out to be pink. So far we have these combos but would like more suggestions:

    Lilith Azalea
    Lilith Jaye
    Lilith Sarah

    Ysabell Maisie
    Ysabell Sarah
    Ysabell Jaye

    PS. We are aware of Lilith’s history and are okay with it.

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  • embra

    I lIke Lilith Jaye and Ysabell Sarah best of the ones you listed. I think Lilith would be good with another names with strong meanings like:
    Lilith Alexandra
    Lilith Nicole
    Lilith Nadia

    I like Ysabell with other names that are simple but elegant:
    Ysabell Jillian
    Ysabell Vivienne
    Ysabell Audrey


    I think my favorites of your combos are Lilith Azalea and Ysabell Sarah.
    I also like pp’s suggestions of Lilith Alexandra and Ysabell Vivienne!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2)

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