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Make me some combos!

  • lcd1912

    I’m interested to see how others would pair up my favorites. The first names are names we like, the middle names are all after family members. Please help me find a fresh combo I love!!

    Girl First Names:

    Middle Name options:

    Boy First Names:

    Boy Middle Name options:

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  • lcd1912

    How could I forget Lilah ?! It definitely belongs in my top 5, but unfortunately I think there is only room for one seeing as they’re all so similar:
    Violet, Isla or Lilah :/



    For each first name, I have bolded the combo I like best and then given a few others if I think they work nicely.

    Violet Marie
    Violet Josephine

    Maeve Josephine
    Maeve Marie (love the alliteration here!)

    Isla Mairead (this is really cool and unexpected, I think)
    Isla Mary
    Isla Josephine

    Lucy Josephine
    Lucy Mairead
    Lucy Jane

    Remy Jane
    Remy Josephine
    I’m not a fan of Remy really though. It seems a bit nicknamey and can actually be used as an insult here in the UK

    Lilah Jane (I love the sweet yet cool, no-nonsense vibe I get from this)
    Lilah Mary
    Lilah Josephine

    Of Violet, Isla and Lilah, I think Isla is my favourite…just. Lilah is so cool but sometimes feels like a nickname to me. Violet tends to sound choppy with some surnames/middle names due to the abrupt T ending. For the record, though, I don’t see why Violet wouldn’t work with one of these. Violet and Isla sound quite sweet together to me. Of course, repeated sounds may be something you personally dislike. If so, ignore me! Lol.

    Donovan Forde
    Donovan John (a bit rhymey, yes, but I think it works!)

    Ronan August
    Ronan William

    James August
    James William
    James Forde (two one-syllables, yes, but somehow I like it)

    Archer William
    Archer Forde
    Archer Kevin

    Pierce William
    Pierce John (again, I think 2 one-syllables can work here)
    Pierce Kevin

    Would you be open to two middle names? If so, I’ll come back and make more suggestions. I think your girls names, especially, would work nicely as 3-namers. :-)

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    Thanks esmeralda! Violet Marie, Maeve Josephine & Lilah Jane are my top combos at the moment! I hadn’t thought to put Isla Mairead together and I must say… I love it!! Thanks! That’s good to know about Remy, what is the context of the insult? Just curious. I would probably only use Remy if we got up to girl #5 anyway lol
    I agree Violet can make a combo choppy. my husband likes it the best of the three and since I love them all I am keeping it as my #1 (for now).
    I hadn’t put Donovan Forde together yet either and like that a lot, I’ll have to run it by the hubs.. Glad you think Donovan John works though because I wasn’t sure. Since John would honor someone on both sides of our families we’d really like to use that one. I find it hard to give James a MN for some reason and James August has been the combo I like best for it.
    I would certainly welcome more suggestions including 3 names or even names not included in my list that you think fit my style. Thanks so much!!


    No problem at all! I’m glad you like Isla Mairead, I think it makes such a beautiful, strong pairing. :-)

    Remy as an insult stems from ‘remedial’ and ‘retard’ (I have heard ‘remtard’ used as an insult). It is basically a derogatory term for someone who has learning difficulties and growing up I heard it most often in the context of calling someone ‘stupid’. This obviously may have no baring on you and where you live, but it is worth knowing. A real shame actually, as sound-wise it is lovely.

    Now onto some 3-name suggestions!!
    Violet Mary Jane
    Maeve Isla Marie
    Isla Mary Maeve
    Isla Maeve Marie
    Isla Remy Josephine
    Lucy Jane Marie
    Lucy Maeve Marie (Lucy Maeve would be adorable!!)
    Lilah Mary Jane
    Lilah Jane Marie
    Lilah Remy Josephine
    Lilah Remy Jane

    Other girls names you may like:

    Daphne (Daphne Mairead, Isla Daphne Josephine)
    Phoebe (Isla Phoebe Maeve, Phoebe Josephine)
    Sarah (Sarah Josephine)
    Georgia (Lucy Georgia Maeve, Lucy Georgia Marie, Georgia Mary, Georgia Mairead)
    Faith (Isla Faith Marie, Isla Mary Faith, Lilah Faith Marie, Lilah Mary Faith)
    Anne / Anna (Violet Anne, Violet Anna, Violet Anna Jane, Violet Anna Josephine, Violet Anne Mairead, Violet Anna Mairead)
    Eve/Eva (Violet Eva Josephine, Violet Eva Mairead, Eva Remy Josephine, Eva Marie, Violet Eva Marie)

    Donovan Kevin James
    Donovan August Forde
    Ronan Pierce William / William Pierce
    James Archer Forde
    James Archer William / William Archer
    James William August
    Archer William Forde
    Archer John William
    Archer Kevin James
    Pierce Donovan Forde

    Other boys names you may like:

    Frederick (Pierce Frederick, Archer John Frederick, Frederick Archer William)
    Benjamin (Benjamin August, Pierce Benjamin Forde)
    Luke/Lukas (Ronan Lukas Forde, Luke William August, Donovan Lukas John)
    Caleb (Archer Caleb, Caleb August)
    Noah (Noah James August, Noah Forde William)

    Hope I could help! And still gunning for Isla Mairead!


    Maeve Josephine! <3
    Lucy Marie

    Donovan Forde
    Archer John


    i think thats the best way to name a child. first name is name you like and second name is after family

    i vote for
    isla josephine and ronan august


    Thanks for the info on Remy, it’s enough to make me look for a replacement! Thanks for the suggestions too, of those I like Lucy Maeve, Lilah Jane Marie, Lilah Remy Jane, Donovan August Forde. It also got me thinking of using 3 names with Archer being the 3rd one since my husband is so obsessed with it and I… Am not lol. I also like the idea of using both John and William in the middle to honor both fathers in one shot. Donovan William John? It looks long but Donovan and John would be separated this way… Hmm.
    Thanks for your input yellowwatts I’m loving Maeve Josephine more and more. It would easily be my first choice if our last name didn’t start with an F. I feel Maeve runs into our last name and the f sound in Josephine doesn’t help :/ but I’ve met maeves with last names starting in F and never noticed until recently so maybe I’m just over thinking it??
    Kimiha: I agree :) i really like Isla Josephine. I’m kind of surprised Isla is getting more votes than Violet! Ronan August or Ronan John would be my top pick without my husband’s input. He’s not sold on Ronan :(


    Without reading pp’s first, my thoughts are …
    Violet Mairead
    Isla Josephine
    Lucy Josephine
    Violet Jane

    (I LOVE both Isla and Lucy, and I really love Josephine as a middle. I would also love Violet as a middle. Lucy Violet?)

    For boys:
    Donovan William
    Archer Forde


    Thanks twosapphires! I go back and forth between Violet Marie and Violet Mairead.. I really like Isla Josephine too. If we decide to honor a family member in the fn spot (or not at all) I would love Violet in the middle!
    DH reminded me of Trevor.. One of the few we agree on but neither of us love 100% either :/


    I love Violet Mairead <3 So great! Also, Archer Kevin & James August. I quite like Ronan Forde as well.


    Thanks! I love Violet Mairead, James August and Ronan Forde too!

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