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looking for mn

  • charlismi

    we’ve come across a fn we really like, but when it comes to a mn we don’t know where to start, i’ve had 2 boys and now we’re expecting a little girl. The name we came across that we both love (which could change) but are very open to ideas/suggestions to a mn…

    Sariah ______ Quinn

    even your opinions on the name would be nice to hear. Thanks!

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  • embra

    Does Sariah rhyme with Mariah? Also, I am assuming Quinn is her last name, right? Not a second middle?


    yes it rhymes with Mariah, and yes quinn is the last name


    I think something two syllables or less would go well, particularly a 2 syllable with the accent on the second like Lisette or Nicole. Something like Charlotte would be pretty too. As for Sariah, I think it is a pretty name, but has kind of high teasing potential. I thought of psoriasis right away, and it rhymes with Pariah as well. I’d like it better if it were spelled Saria and pronounced SAR-i-ah.



    Sariah Amelie
    Sariah Madeline
    Sariah Annette
    Sariah Piper
    Sariah Ivy


    Sariah Meredith Quinn
    Sariah Adelaide Quinn
    Sariah Ainsley Quinn
    Sariah Natalie Quinn
    Sariah Lexi Quinn
    Sariah Emily Quinn
    Sariah Hilary Quinn
    Sariah Bailey Quinn
    Sariah Macey Quinn
    Sariah Eloise Quinn
    Sariah Julie Quinn
    Sariah Noelle Quinn

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