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I need help! Please

  • JaneD

    What is the best name for a girl?

    Emily Aleen
    Jodie Aleen
    Katríel Aleen
    Frayne Aleen
    Melodie Aleen
    Frey Aleen
    Gudrun Aleen
    Katriel Aleen

    Any suggestions?

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  • Myosotis

    My favourites are Melodie (one of my favourites), and Katriel, which I’ve never heard before, but looks like a beautiful name, and is really intriguing me.


    As I teacher I like to tell anyone who asks about names to consider the fact that kids can be mean. Teenagers can be even worse. When picking a name, make sure your child isn’t going to be teased or judged by their name. You also want your child to be proud of their name so making sure it has meaning is a great idea. My sister is named Camree and HATES that she is named after, as she says, a car. If you choose Emily you are safe (it’s my name and I’ve never been teased) but there is nothing to make your child’s name stand out. If you choose Gudrun, kids will probably call her Good-Run Gudrun. Frey could have some sewing jokes attached to it and Jodie might be the name of several of her friends grandmothers. All your names are pretty but I always think of the worst. Sadly, It’s knocked quite a few favorites off of my own list (Adair and Isolde for instance).

    I think my favorite from your list is Katriel. Its easy to pronounce and spell, is unique but not weird, and stands out in a good way.


    I like Katriel best as well. You must too since you listed it twice :-) First runner up is Emily, but I like Katriel better since Emily has been so popular for the past several years.


    Emily or Melodie!


    I really like Katriel! Cute and unique (plus I love the nickname Kat).
    Emily and Melodie are nice too. Jodie I find really outdated, and Gudrun and Frayne seem really obscure to english-speakers. Frey I think of as a boy’s name (because of the Norse god), and honestly I love it for a boy but not a girl – the female version is Freya or Freyja (also a Norse goddess), which I also think is really pretty.


    Emily is sooooo boring.

    Frayne is a modern version of the beautiful 19th Century name Phryne, which I prefer.

    Similarly, I prefer the original Freya to Frey. With the middle name “Aleen”, her name will seem as if it is “Freya Leen” which might become frustrating.

    I quite like Katriel.

    My favourite of your list would be Gudrun or Katriel. I wouldn’t worry about teasing… unless the name actually sounds like something gross or rude, the name will be fine. Trust me – Kids will find a way of teasing other kids, whether it is the name or something else. Besides, kids get over it (I have a pretty unusual name that got a bit of teasing at school …. but I have a beautiful name while all those Toms and Emmas and Kates blend into all the other people call Tom, Emma and Kate.)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6)

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