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High School Football Team Round 3 of 3

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  • lilybell

    All kids gender is Even-Girl Odd-Boy


    1. Alvin Vada Ducruet (37)
    –Surgical Physician Assistant
    -DEXW: Lyric Pallaton {Powell} Ducruet (37)
    –Carpet Sewing Machine Operator
    -DLW: Sevad Rosa {Pfieffer} Ducruet (43)
    –Fretted String Instrument Repairer
    -DEXH: Presley Johan Ferguson (39)
    –LAN Administrator
    -DEXH: Quinn Ravi Amyot (44)
    –Ballet Professor
    -DH: William Joel Cates (32)
    –Criminology Professor
    Will all those relationships Alvin has no children.

    2. Nico Harry Griffin (38)
    –Environmental Epidemiologist
    -DGF: Elaine Cymbeline Detrim (38)
    –Job Placement Officer
    —-DS: Porter Xizor Detrim (11)
    Nico and Elaine have one son Porter. They don’t have plans to get married or have any more kids.

    3. Aaron Gustavo Tavi (36)
    –Traffic Signal Technician
    -DGF: Lyric Arabella Norina (36)
    –Certified Nursing Assistant
    —-DD: Ella Kasienka Tavi (19)
    —-DS: Spencer Uriah Tavi (18)
    —-DS: Nestor Xizor Tavi (14)
    —-DD: Nicolett Jadwiga Tavi (12)
    —-DS: Shad Omar Tavi (12)
    —-DS: Lawrence Shiloh Tavi (11)
    —-DD: Fleur Elne Tavi (8)
    —-DS: Ozzik Uno Tavi (8)
    —-DD: Thalia Freya Tavi (2)
    Aaron and Lyric were high school sweethearts. They have a total of 9 kids ranging in age from 19-2.

    4. Archer Logan Bates (34)
    –Building Code Inspector
    -DH: Jett Frederico Drive-Bates (34)
    –High School Librarian
    —-DSS: Deverell Dalton Drive (18)
    —-DD: Quinn Ermintrude Bates (14)
    —-DS: Harry Daniel Bates (12)
    —-DSD: Trish Ann Drive (12)
    —-DS: Calloway Brody Bates (9)
    —-DD: Alexandra Iphigenia Bates (9)
    —-DD: Vanessa Akia Bates (6)
    —-DD: Marge Egglentine Bates (6)
    —-DD: Felisha Wanda Bates (6)
    —-DD: Azure Catant Bates (1)
    —-DD: Tatyana Flynn Bates (11 months)
    Archer had Quinn and Harry with an ex-girlfriend and Jett had Dev and Trish with his ex-wife. Together they have 7 kids through surrogate, one boy and six girls, three of the girls are triplets.

    5. Tom Kristopher Goodwin (34)
    –Gas Distribution and Emergency Clerk
    -DW: Johna Kaidance {Pitt} Goodwin (30)
    –Wholesale Diamond Broker
    —-DS: Chris Denis Goodwin (18)
    —-DD: Andrea Ellen Goodwin (17)
    —-DD: Hannah Lucille Goodwin (15)
    —-DS: Asa Frank Goodwin (15)
    —-DAS: Vic Lawrence Goodwin (15)
    —-DAS: Norman Ward Goodwin (15)
    —-DD: Hailey Briann Goodwin (12)
    —-DAD: Maggie Miranda Goodwin (4)
    —-DS: Bandon Todd Goodwin (3)
    Tom had Chris, Andrea, Hannah, Asa ad Hailey with his high school girlfriend. After they broke up Tom also adopted another set of twins the same age as Hannah and Asa, Vic and Norman. He met Johna just 2 years after adopting them which was 8 years ago. They adopted Maggie together as an infant and had Bandon together.

    6. Joshua Emmitt Long (39)
    –Nursing Service Director
    -DW: Quintessa Virginia {Yazid} Long (32) “Tessa”
    –Kitchen Designer
    —-DD: Eugena Grozdana Long (3)
    Joshua and Tessa were married five years ago after they had both established themselves in their careers. They now have a beautiful little girl Gena. They aren’t sure if they want more kids or not. All they know is they’ve never been happier.

    7. Wallace Nick Suburban (39) “Burbs”
    –Brick Layer
    -DW: Angela Gay {Peck} Suburban (40)
    –Certified Recreational Therapist
    —-DSD: Sierra Kellie Peck (20)
    —-DD: Ariana Justine Suburban (19)
    —-DSD: Isabel Kasin Peck (18)
    —-DAS: Charles Filip Suburban (4 months)
    —-DAS: Jack Anatole Suburban (4 months)
    —-DD: Taylor Kristin Suburban (newborn)
    Wallace had Ariana just out of high school and Angela had Sierra and Isabel around the same time. They didn’t meet til the girls were in high school. They’ve been married now for 5 years. Ariana was told after Isabel that she couldn’t have any more kids so they started proceedings to adopt. They wanted the next baby boy that came in. They found out that there were twin boys that would be coming in in three months and they immediately said yes. Just 2 weeks after they found out about the twins Angela went into the doctor thinking she was starting menopause and found out she was 3 1/2 months pregnant. After a long discussion with Wallace they decided it was fate. They have a beautiful little girl Taylor and twin boys Charlie and Jack.

    8. Harrison Trevor Tally (37)
    –Animal Groomer
    —-DD: Katka Wolfe Tally (17) “Kat”
    —-DAD: Addison Merete Tally (8)
    —-DAS: Mac Urle Tally (5)
    —-DAS: Leonard Boyne Tally (2)
    Harrison has one biological daughter and 3 adopted children. Kat’s middle name is her mother’s maiden name. All three of the adopted kids’ middle names are their given last name from birth. They were all adopted as toddlers just as they got to the age that they usually won’t get adopted.

    9. Walter Winter Ivy (34)
    –Public Speaking Professor
    -DGF: Judith Ysabella Ambretta (23)
    –Cancer Researcher
    —-DD: Odette Freida Ivy (19)
    —-DS: Ellison Wine Ivy (19)
    —-DD: Priscilla Kimberley Ivy (18)
    —-DS: Corin Morgan Ivy (14)
    —-DS: Christopher Lewis Ivy (14)
    —-DD: Librada Mildred Ivy (13)
    —-DD: Karness Thadea Ivy (3)
    —-DS: Logan Sasha Ivy (1)
    Walter had 6 kids with his high school sweetheart starting with twins at 15. He has now met Judith and fallin in love. They have 2 kids Karness and Logan. There is a large age difference that everyone had a problem with at first. But once you meet her you totally forget how young she is. Even his older kids like her.

    10. Walter Wesley {Ducruet} Curry (39)
    –Auto Damage Insurance Appraiser
    -DEXW: Meriel Daniela Cassara (38)
    –Medical Esthetician
    -DH: Britannicus Ernie Curry (48) “Brit”
    –School Cook
    —-DAD: Katrina Drea Curry (1)
    Walter and Brit have adopted a little girl Katrina. They are thinking about adopting more but for now they just love being dads.

    11. Buster Calder Amyot (37)
    –German Professor
    -DGF: Guinevere Poppy Liviana (37)
    –Information Systems Professor
    —-DD: Zoey Katherine Amyot (9)
    —-DAS: Morton Lester Amyot (9)
    —-DS: Christopher Guillaume Amyot (7)
    —-DAS: Harley Hutt Amyot (4)
    —-DAD: Karen Katine Amyot (3)
    Buster and Guinevere met about 12 years ago. They had a son and daughter two years apart. When Christopher was 4 they decided to adopt they found a sibset with 6 and 1 year old boys and a newborn girl. Their family is now complete.

    12. Duane Cole Elif (39)
    –Psychosocial Rehabilitation Counselor
    -DGF: Katy Wynn Seberg (51)
    –Statement Processor
    —-DSS: Elijah Stewart Seberg (15)
    —-DSD: Eleanor LeAnn Seberg (13)
    —-DSS: Ted Fergus Seberg (13)
    —-DS: Tyler Seneca Elif (12)
    —-DSS: Norman Luka Seberg (11)
    —-DS: Simon Kelton Elif (7)
    —-DD: Leah Diane Elif (1)
    —-DD: London Anna Elif (4 months)
    Katy had 4 kids 3 boys and a girl when she met Duane and he had two boys. They met about 4 years ago and surprisingly considering Katy’s age they’ve had two little girls in the last year and a half.

    13. Christian Deion Esther (38)
    –Licensed Private Investigator
    -DBF: Eleodoro Alan Long (42) “El”
    –Legal Administrative Assistant
    —-DSS: Russell Ellis Long (22)
    —-DSS: Donte Isaiah Long (21)
    —-DD: Arlana Sage Esther (19)
    —-DSD: Ronda Sunnery Long (18)
    —-DSS: Agememnon Jamaane Long (16) “AJ”
    —-DD: Katya Izabella Esther (14)
    —-DS: Coleman Jack Esther (14)
    —-DS: Ryan Simon Esther (13)
    —-DS: Hadwin Maurice Esther (13)
    —-DD: Oralie Sophie Esther (6)
    —-DAS: Indiana Paxton Esther (5 months)
    Christian had Arlana and El had Russell, Donte, Ronda and AJ when they met. When they met Christian was working with a surrogate to have more kids and she had just become pregnant with Katya and Coleman. The next year Christian and El were in a relationship and decided to try another surrogate and they got Ryan and Hadwin, they are each the father of one and even though they have their suspicions they don’t know who’s is whose. Oralie was born via the same surrogate 7 years later and she is Christian’s. They just adopted Indy who is their last.

    14. Harrison Cheif Ira (34)
    –Government Professor
    -DLW: Anka Britney {Knife} Ira (35) –died at 23–
    –Registered Dental Assistant
    —-DD: Yasmin Twanna Ira (16)
    —-DD: Buffy Jay Ira (14)
    —-DS: Zeno Luka Ira (14)
    -DEXW: Willa Brett {Woodward} Ira (34)
    –Fight Manager
    —-DD: Frances Suzanna Ira (3)
    —-DD: Elna Katryn Ira (11 months)
    Harrison’s first wife Anka died in a horrible car crash when the twins were 2. 8 years later he met Willa and they got married. They had two little girls but separated just after Elna was 3 months.

    15. Gareth Kline Essence (35)
    –Animal Warden
    -DW: Megan Mabel {Brando} Essence (33)
    –Broadway Actress Understudy
    —-DD: Ursula Zavia Essence (19)
    —-DS: Edmund Javier Essence (12)
    —-DS: Louie Caspian Essence (12)
    —-DS: Owen Dashiell Essence (11)
    —-DD: Jane Blake Essence (9)
    —-DS: Stuart David Essence (8)
    —-DS: Paul Antoni Essence (4)
    Gareth and Megan have been together since high school and have 7 kids. They broke up for about 3 years between Ursula and the twins and obviously got back together.

    16. Ezra Carver Garth (36)
    –Engine Lathe Operator
    -DW: River Aryn {Stella} Garth (35)
    –Horse Racer
    —-DSS: Ferguson Tony Stella (21)
    —-DS: Daniel Queston Garth (19)
    —-DSS: Harlan Joseph Stella (19)
    —-DSS: Odin Charles Stella (18)
    —-DSS: Grant Owen Stella (16)
    —-DS: Stanley Pavlov Garth (8)
    —-DD: Julianne Violet Garth (8)
    —-DS: Zachariah Alexander Garth (1)
    River had 4 sons and Ezra had 1 when they met. They got married 10 years ago and have twin 8 year olds and a 1 year old son.

    17. Angel Theodore Worth (39)
    –Clay Mixer
    —-DS: David Juan Worth (19)
    —-DAS: Victor Ara Worth (11)
    —-DD: Zoe Olesia Worth (10)
    —-DS: William Omar Worth (6)
    —-DAD: Caroline Aliza Worth (5)
    —-DS: Albert Tycho Worth (3)
    —-DS: Glenn Mark Worth (4 months)
    Angel had David in college and with his last girlfriend he had 4 kids and adopted a pair of siblings.

    18. Addison Julian Neeson (38)
    –Construction Health and Safety Technician
    -DLW: Rae Princess {Ingrid} Neeson (45) –died at 31–
    –Social Service Director
    —-DSD: Riya Yolanda Ingrid (22)
    —-DSD: Iva Zoey Ingrid (20)
    —-DS: Olivier Charles Neeson (18)
    -DEXW: Sharik Patricia {Delyed} Neeson (36)
    –Historical Interpreter
    —-DS: Harper Francis Neeson (11)
    —-DD: Genesis Flora Neeson (10)
    -DEXW: Ileen Virgen {Aletris} Neeson (44)
    –Medical Director
    —-DSD: Obrina Ottilie Aletris (20)
    —-DSD: Priya Morlish Aletris (15)
    -DW: Luna Litzy {Parker} Neeson (44)
    –High School English Teacher
    —-DD: Sarah Vigdis Neeson (2)
    Addison has 4 kids and 4 step kids. He raised Riya and Iva as his own after Rae died. He now admits that he mostly married Ileen because of the girls, so he’s still very close to them and he and Luna currently have one little girl.

    19. Joseph Anthony Bopp (38) “Joe”
    –Cryptographic Vulnerability Analyst
    -DW: Britney Eleanor {Axel} Bopp (46)
    –Assistant Store Manager
    —-DSS: Adriano Theodor Axel (15)
    —-DD: Kaitlyn Esmeralda Bopp (13)
    —-DAD: Sandy Ashley Bopp (13)
    —-DS: August Brayden Bopp (12)
    —-DSS: Ajax James Axel (12)
    —-DS: Anthony Roy Bopp (10)
    —-DD: Kim Seraphina Bopp (5)
    —-DD: Katica Una Bopp (1)
    Joseph had Kaitlyn and August and adopted Sandy with his ex and Britney had Adriano and Ajax with her ex. They met shortly after August and Ajax were born and were a couple very quickly they now have 3 kids together.

    20. Solder Ewan Swanson-Peck (34)
    –Tarp Repairer
    -DLW: Angelique Valentina {Yazid} Swanson (34)
    –Warp Knitting Machine Operator
    -DH: Samson Scrydan Swanson-Peck (27)
    –Docket Clerk
    —-DS: Arthur Skywalker Swanson (11)
    —-DS: Jimmy Freddie Swanson (11)
    —-DS: Jeremiah Adan Swanson (9)
    —-DD: Brenna Kelly Swanson-Peck (2)
    —-DD: Penelope Giselle Swanson-Peck (10 months)
    —-DS: Preston Indiana Swanson-Peck (10 months)
    Solder had three sons with his late wife Angelique and he and his husband Samson have used a surrogate to have Brenna and twins Penelope and Preston.

    21. Val Rusty Iordanou (38)
    –Electronic Instrument Testing Technician
    —-DAD: Kinzie Catherine Iordanou (18)
    -DEXW: Esme Azalea Marcella (30)
    –Interior Designer
    —-DAS: Fred Quinton Iordanou (8)
    —-DAS: Finnian Isaac Iordanou (8)
    -DGF: Eva Eppie Zip (29)
    –Cardroom Manager
    —-DD: Kolina Kasia Iordanou (3)
    —-DAS: Roman Sinclair Iordanou (3)
    Val adopted Kinzie on his own when he was 21. After he and Esme got married they found out she couldn’t have children and adopted twin boys. He is now with Eva and they have a beautiful little girl and adopted a little boy.

    22. Leo Barrett Frejya (36)
    –Physical Scientist
    -DW: Turquoise Lila {Dillon} Frejya (35)
    —-DD: Grace Kelly Freyja (17)
    —-DS: Sherman Even Freyja (16)
    —-DD: Reina Shiloh Freyja (13)
    —-DD: Sarah Sherill Freyja (13)
    —-DD: Flora Hannah Freyja (10)
    —-DS: Desmond Yehoshua Freyja (8)
    —-DD: Guinevere Una Freyja (8)
    —-DD: Janiya Tess Freyja (5)
    Leo and Turquoise have 8 kids 6 girls and 2 boys.


    1. Leonard Shemar Alvarado (36) “Leo”
    –EMS Helicopter Pilot
    -DGF: Elliott Britannia Lazaro (33)
    –Metal Numerical Control Programmer
    —-DS: George Presley Alvarado (18)
    —-DSS: Zebediah Arminius Lazaro (17) “Zeb”
    —-DSD: Nancee Kate Lazaro (12)
    —-DSS: Samuel Septimus Lazaro (12)
    —-DAS: Kang-ho Moses Alvarado (11) “Kang”
    —-DSS: Paul Caratacus Lazaro (11)
    —-DS: Jerry Lincoln Alvarado (6)
    —-DAD: Virginia Sabine Alvarado (1)
    Leonard had George just after high school. Ten years ago he met Elliott who had 4 kids. After two years they decided to adopt and they adopted a 3 year old boy from South Korea named Kang-ho. They also have a six year old boy together and just adopted an 8 month old girl Virginia.

    2. Mark Edward Vanesh (36)
    –Plant Etiologist
    -DLW: Phoenix Monique {York} Vanesh (36) –died at 23–
    –Printing Supervisor
    —-DAD: Joan Anna Vanesh (18)
    -DEXW: Elliott Whitney {Zany} Vanesh (39)
    –Dance Director
    —-DSS: Denis Lamberto Zany (22)
    —-DAS: Juan Javier Vanesh (13) “JJ”
    —-DD: Ness Mina Vanesh (12)
    —-DAD: Daisy Aaliyah Vanesh (9)
    —-DAD: Jamey Tina Vanesh (6)
    -DGF: Iamarion Gwen Amanda (34) “Minnie”
    –Acquisitions Librarian
    —-DD: Stephanie Kaska Vanesh (1)
    —-DS: Brandon William Vanesh (9 months)
    Mark and his high school girlfriend Phoenix adopted a little girl just after high school. Phoenix was told at 14 that she could never have children. When Joan was 3 Phoenix found out that she had uterine cancer. She lived two more years. Just after that Mark took comfort in her best friend Elliott. Before they realized it they had completely fallen for each other. She already had Denis and just after they got married she had their daughter Ness. Six years later they adopted a sib set of JJ who was 7, Daisy who was 3 and newborn Jamey. Three years later it just wasn’t working and they got divorced. He is now with Minnie and they’ve had two kids in two years.

    3. Calder Joshua Kannika (38) “CJ”
    –Waste Minimization Technician
    -DW: Alice Jordan {Lyzor} Kannika (42)
    –Plastic Die Maker Apprentice
    —-DAD: Lily Sidney Kannika (16)
    Calder and Alice have one adopted daughter Lily from Mexico. They love their family although they aren’t crazy about the teenage years.

    4. Tom Mankins Martin (39)
    –Special Education Teacher
    -DW: Jasmine Faye {Wilder} Martin (39)
    –License Clerk
    —-DSS: Vic Oliver Wilder (18)
    —-DSS: Duncan Adolph Wilder (18)
    —-DSS: David Frederick Wilder (16)
    —-DSS: Jax Christian Wilder (15)
    —-DS: Spencer Trip Martin (13)
    —-DS: Kyle Alasdair Martin (13)
    —-DS: Ulysses Bernie Martin (9)
    —-DD: Selena Simonne Martin (7)
    —-DD: Katryn Dru Martin (6)
    —-DD: Anna Izabella Martin (4)
    Jasmine had 4 kids before she met Tom. They got married a year to the day after they met and 2 days after their one year anniversary she gave birth to Spencer and Kyle. They’ve had 4 kids since then they think at 10 total they’re done, but who knows.

    5. Lance Theodore Bonamy (39)
    –Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist
    -DW: Chris Katniss {Vezny} Bonamy (39)
    –Airborne Mine Countermeasures Aircrewman
    —-DD: Lauren Elektra Bonamy (17)
    Lance and Chris have been together since they both joined the Armed Forces right after high school. They were married 2 years later and pregnant a year later. They only have Lauren and that’s all they wanted.

    6. Lance Judge Rich (37)
    –Braille Transcriber
    -DW: Edda Annie {Miles} Rich (30)
    —-DAS: Harrison Leonidas Rich (19)
    —-DD: Alicia Sydney Rich (17)
    —-DD: Brynn Catherine Rich (13)
    —-DD: Leah Cosmo Rich (11)
    —-DD: Kata Aphrodite Rich (8)
    —-DS: Karl Eugene Rich (7)
    —-DAS: Ryan Ray Rich (7)
    —-DS: Louis Ulysses Rich (3)
    —-DD: Mandy Finnola Rich (3)
    —-DS: Nicholas Gopala Rich (2)
    —-DAD: Suzanna Ariana Rich (2)
    —-DAD: Olyvia Kolina Rich (1)
    —-DD: Zarah Ina Rich (7 months)
    Lance and his high school girlfriend adopted Harrison and had Aaliyah, Brynn and Leah. Then he met Edda and they’ve had 6 kids and adopted 3 other kids.

    7. Tom Kayden Hensworth (35)
    –Airborne Battle Management Supervisor
    -DW: Eleanor Jaime {Tyrell} Hensworth (32)
    –Welfare Interviewer
    —-DSS: Denis Harlan Tyrell (17)
    —-DS: Hardeen Mason Hensworth (15)
    —-DSS: Yvain Eisley Tyrell (15)
    —-DSS: Omarion Deverell Tyrell (15)
    —-DD: Katrine Undine Hensworth (13)
    —-DSD: Linda Kristina Tyrell (12)
    —-DAS: Sergei Vic Hensworth (11)
    —-DS: Luka Connor Hensworth (10)
    —-DD: Salley Priscilla Hensworth (7)
    Eleanor had 4 kids when she met Tom. Tom also had 3 kids and one adopted. Together they have Salley.

    8. Edgar Brynn Ivanka (39)
    –Parts Counter Clerk
    -DW: Ljubica Garlyn {Lily} Ivanka (37) “LuLu”
    –Circuit Court Judge
    —-DSS: Erich Quinton Lily (13)
    Lulu and Edgar have been together about 10 years and married about 5. Lulu had Erich before they got married and they aren’t interested in having anymore but Edgar treats Erich like his own child in every way.

    9. Shelby Lawrence Greg (37) “Greg”
    –Meat Counter Worker
    -DW: Genevieve Paige {Nathaniel} Greg (34)
    —-DAD: Jan Arlana Greg (19)
    —-DD: Laila Lea Greg (18)
    —-DAS: Sebastian William Greg (16)
    —-DAD: Shiloh Anatolia Greg (16)
    Shelby had Laila in high school and he and his high school girlfriend adopted a sibset so that Laila wouldn’t be an only child. They then broke up and he’s been with Genevieve for about 6 years now and they’ve been married for four.

    10. Marion George Simonides (35)
    –Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant
    -DW: Maisie Rositsa {DeFiro} Simonides (28)
    –Communications Operator
    —-DSS: Patrick Samuel DeFiro (14)
    —-DS: Benjamin Alexander Simonides (6)
    Maisie had Patrick in high school. Marion and Maisie have been together for 8 years now and married for 7. They got pregnant with Ben right after they got married. They’re happy with the two boys.

    11. Wilfork Kendrick Fabrizia (39)
    –Professional Bass Fisherman
    -DLW: Lex Olivia {Yeltzkov} Fabrizia (39) –died at 25–
    –Residential Mortgage Manager
    —-DD: Suzanna Isabelle Fabrizia (16)
    —-DS: Thomas Lloyd Fabrizia (12)
    -DEXH: Chadwick Olive Aletris (30)
    —-DD: Katia Maria Fabrizia (7)
    -DH: Wellington Cyrus Redgrave (29)
    Wilfork had Suzanna with his late wife. After she died he adopted Thomas because he didn’t want Suzanna to be an only child. He met Chadwick two years later and they got married a year later. They also used a surrogate to have Katia. Their relationship didn’t last and Wilfork is now married again to Wellington they’ve talked about having more kids but aren’t sure yet.

    12. Xander Daniel Focus (37)
    –Assembly Instructions Writer
    -DGF: Jacqueline Penelope Madman (31)
    —-DD: Kylie Harper Focus (19)
    —-DAS: Zachary Watts Focus (18)
    —-DD: Anatolia Essence Focus (14)
    —-DS: Josh Oliver Focus (12)
    —-DD: Alexis Rosana Focus (12)
    —-DSS: Brice Dennis Focus (12)
    —-DD: Willow Celsa Focus (9)
    —-DAD: Kiska Brooklyn Focus (9)
    —-DS: Lars Vincent Focus (1)
    —-DAS: Arc Christopher Focus (1)
    Jacqueline had Brice and Xander had 7 kids between biological and adopted when they met. Together they have Lars and have adopted Arc.

    13. Carmine Tank {Price} Romina (39)
    –Home Maker
    -DH: Cristiano Bristol Romina (37)
    –Retail District Manager
    —-DSD: Esme Doutzen Romina (22)
    —-DD: Oralee Cosmo Price (19)
    —-DD: Zsa Zsa Odette Price (18)
    —-DSD: Neveah Keyser Romina (17)
    —-DSS: David Vaughn Romina (13)
    —-DAS: Louis Christian Romina (10)
    —-DD: Lisandra Isla Romina (8)
    —-DD: Kaylah Panaka Romina (7)
    Cristiano had three and Carmine had two kids when they got together. Together they have adopted one boy and used a surrogate to have two little girls. Carmine is thrilled to be a stay at home dad while Cristiano works.

    14. Matt D.J. Campbell (39)
    –Registered Nurse
    -DW: Carmelita Ray {Boardman} Campbell (37)
    –Theatrical Agent
    —-DSS: Edge Dermot Boardman (21)
    —-DSS: Ben Alexander Boardman (21)
    —-DD: Marcella Kelly Campbell (18)
    —-DD: Stana Ashgad Campbell (18)
    —-DSD: Paula Dorinda Campbell (15)
    —-DSD: Brittney Sydney Boardman (12)
    —-DAD: Ursula Jacquelyn Campbell (10)
    —-DS: Zachary Omar Campbell (5)
    —-DS: Kasey Quest Campbell (4)
    —-DS: Brandon Bae Campbell (4)
    Carmelita had Edge and Ben in high school and then Paula and Brittney with a later boyfriend. Matt had Marcella and Stana just after high school and adopted Ursula on his own. Once Carmelita and Matt got together they had Zachary and Kasey and Brandon.

    15. Mark Gizmo Hunter (34)
    –Meter Reader
    -DEXW: Elvira Normandie {Lee} Hunter (45)
    –Family Service Case Worker
    —-DS: Pete Delmar Hunter (19)
    —-DS: Benjamin Fabian Hunter (18)
    —-DD: Sherri Wolfe Hunter (18)
    —-DD: Elisabeth Felicity Hunter (16)
    —-DS: Ambrose Andrew Hunter (15)
    —-DD: Catherine Karina Hunter (14)
    -DGF: Sue Ellen Wylie (34)
    –Defense Attorney
    —-DSD: Violet Shiloh Wylie (14)
    —-DSD: Penelope Olivia Wylie (13)
    —-DSS: Isaac Merten Wylie (10)
    —-DS: Thomas Demetrius Hunter (3)
    —-DS: James Orestes Hunter (2)
    —-DD: Patti Genesis Hunter (7 months)
    Mark had six kids with his ex-wife Elvira. His girlfriend Sue had 3 kids with her ex-husband and they have three kids together.

    16. Alan Chandler Lowry (38)
    -DEXW: Machlah Eliza {Gilliam} Lowry (31)
    –Vocational Adviser
    —-DD: Jettie Katrine Lowry (18)
    —-DAD: Susanne Rebecca Lowry (17)
    —-DS: Ike Nathan Lowry (14)
    —-DS: Deacon Imanuelle Lowry (14)
    -DW: Liliana Gardiner {Goveniayle} Lowry (36)
    –Biology Teacher
    —-DD: Una Tess Lowry (8)
    —-DS: Archer Adair Lowry (5)
    —-DAD: Nicole Ela Lowry (3)
    Alan had 3 kids and adopted a fourth with his first wife. And he and Liliana have two kids and adopted another daughter.

    17. Wendell David Petrovich (38)
    –Vacuum Cleaner Assembler
    -DEXW: Stellaluna Eva {Decker} Petrovich (43)
    –Hospice Registered Nurse
    —-DAD: Audrey Sonia Petrovich (16)
    —-DAD: Melissa Lyn Petrovich (16)
    -DEXW: Katniss Patricia {Welch} Petrovich (33)
    —-DS: Peter Felix Petrovich (12)
    -DEXW: Minna Tempura {Yeltzkov} Petrovich (35)
    –Funeral Home Make Up Artist
    —-DD: Jessica Sawyer Petrovich (10)
    —-DS: Daniel Fox Petrovich (9)
    —-DAS: James Rudolf Petrovich (8)
    —-DS: Spencer Kobus Petrovich (7)
    -DGF: Lora Geneva Leigh (28)
    –Fire Hazard Inspector
    —-DAD: Mina Nyx Petrovich (1)
    Wendell adopted twin daughters with his first wife. He had one son with his second wife and the relationship only lasted about 6 months after that. He had 3 kids and adopted a 4th with his third wife. And he and his girlfriend Lora have adopted a little girl.

    18. Elrond George Agathias (34)
    –Middle School PE Teacher
    -DLW: Rei Mila {Thomas} Agathias (34) –died at 31–
    –Discotheque Dancer
    —-DS: Fillip Werther Agathias (18)
    —-DD: Wyetta Daniella Agathias (17)
    —-DS: Gaston Corin Agathias (16)
    —-DS: Elliot Carson Agathias (16)
    -DGF: Abigail Annabel Hensworth (34)
    –Alterations Tailor
    —-DSS: Zebediah Isaac Hensworth (9)
    —-DSS: Camden Jimmy Hensworth (7)
    —-DD: Carrie Eris Hensworth-Agathias (11 months)
    Elrond had 4 kids with his high school sweethearts all before they graduated high school. They married and had an amazing life for 10 years until Rei was diagnosed with breast cancer. She died three and a half years ago. It took a year and a half for Elrond to start dating again and they have a beautiful little girl who’s almost one. Plus she had two sons from a previous relationship.

    19. Lance Sawyer Bonin (37)
    –Health Care Manager
    -DGF: Siria Daiva Lyzor (24)
    –Correctional Sergeant
    —-DD: Alexa Vigdis Bonin (19)
    —-DD: Elizabeth Yesenia Bonin (15)
    —-DS: Fitzgerald Ike Bonin (14)
    —-DAD: Kathryn Niko Bonin (14)
    —-DSS: Jace Aze Lyzor (9)
    —-DAD: Zelda Patti Bonin (8)
    —-DAS: Jerry Claude Bonin (8)
    —-DAS: Brett Charles Bonin (8)
    —-DSS: Bjorn Jamal Lyzor (7)
    —-DSD: Alicia Dassyne Lyzor (4)
    —-DSS: Reggie Honorius Lyzor (3)
    —-DD: Jessica Suzanna Bonin (2)
    Lance had 4 kids with his ex and adopted triplets by himself. Siria had 4 kids when she met Lance and they have one little girl together.

    20. Fighter Hugh Welch (39)
    –Estate Planner
    -DLW: Thea Quinn {Lyzor} Welch (39) –died at 30–
    –Newspaper Delivery Driver
    —-DS: Hogan Jay Welch (17)
    —-DS: Anthony Ebeneser Welch (15)
    —-DS: Luke Ventress Welch (14)
    —-DD: Ophelia Katica Welch (12)
    —-DS: Orval Hancock Welch (11)
    —-DD: Evelyn Vered Welch (10)
    —-DS: Jackzin Tacitus Welch (10)
    —-DS: Nathan Zachariah Welch (10)
    -DW: Val Coquette {Glover} Welch (32)
    –Cosmetology Professor
    —-DS: Winston Mace Welch (8)
    Fighter has 8 kids with his first wife and he and Val have one son.

    21. Jamie Seth Finnegan (39)
    –Title Searcher
    -DLW: Elliott Addison {Dewayne} Finnegan (36) –died at 30–
    –Forest Pathology Professor
    —-DD: Encarna Zoe Finnegan (17)
    —-DS: Erwin Sebastian Finnegan (13)
    —-DD: Emily Teagan Finnegan (12)
    -DW: Claire Mariya {Holden} Finnegan (26)
    —-DD: Lila Rose Finnegan (4)
    —-DS: Corran Joe Finnegan (11 months)
    Jamie had three kids with Elliott and has two with Claire.

    22. Calvin Frederick Nadia (38)
    –Safe and Vault Mechanic
    -DF: Jone Aemilia Ambretta (42)
    –Stay at Home Mom
    —-DSS: Mitchell Eduardo Ambretta (22)
    —-DS: Adir Martin Nadia (10)
    —-DAD: Paula Isabel Nadia (8)
    —-DAD: Priscilla Eudora Nadia (7)
    —-DS: Henry Gerald Nadia (7)
    —-DD: Kaylee Petya Nadia (6)
    —-DS: Urban Isaia Nadia (6)
    —-DAS: Ethan Zephyr Nadia (5)
    —-DD: Yesenia Lauren Nadia (4)
    —-DS: Kyler James Nadia (3)
    —-DAS: Ellis Ron Nadia (2)
    —-DD: Morgana Frances Nadia (1)
    —-DD: Razita Dorinda Nadia (1)
    Jone had a son when they met and together they’ve had 8 and adopted 4 for 13 total.


    DH: Bennett Ryan Irwin (38)
    Business Process Consultant
    DW: Arabella Cecilia Wetherly Irwin (37)
    Curriculum and Assessment Director
    DSD: Isla Andrea Wetherly (13)
    DD/DS: Agnes Hilma Irwin/Otto Cam Irwin(10)
    DS: Harrison Eugenio Irwin (5)
    DD: Flora Nadine Irwin (4)
    DD: Bridget Eve Irwin (3)
    DS: Sebastian Louis Irwin (nb)

    DH: Micah George Parrish (38)
    College Librarian
    DW: Violet Susannah Morales Parrish (38)
    Fundraising Officer
    DSS: Ethan Aeolus Morales (17)
    DD/DD: Mina Trinity Parrish/Ellen Kaitlin Parrish (14)
    DD: Scarlett Jaina Parrish (8)
    DD: Tamsin Vivienne Parrish (7)
    DD: Margaret Neida Parrish (6)
    DS: Grayson Yakim Parrish (2)

    Mina, Ellen, & Scarlett were adopted at birth.

    SO: Dexter Charles Wylie (38)
    Professor of Communication and Writing
    DFiance: Genevieve Agnes Beauregard (39)
    Marketing Consultant
    DD: Penelope Trina Wylie (12)
    DS: Luka Garland Wylie (11)
    DS: Julian Camden Wylie (8)
    DD: Rose Arlene Wylie (7)
    DD: Corinne Faith Wylie (3)

    DH: Toby Allen Forester (38)
    Leasing Property Manager
    DW: Pearl Soleil Roulette Forester (44)
    Medical Anthropologist
    DS: Charlie Jackson Forester (13)
    DD: Halle Noelle Forester (11)
    DD: Zoe Sage Forester (10)
    DD: Audrey Malin Forester (9)
    DS: Wyatt Dax Forester (4)

    BF: Samuel Reed Almarine (38)
    Relationship Counselor
    GF: Cora Beatrice Reeves (36)
    Audio Recording Engineer
    DS: Jude Connor Almarine (9)
    DS: Linus Philander Almarine (8)
    DS: Dashiell Iachim Almarine (7)
    DD: Caroline Rachel Almarine (3)
    DD: Philippa Marita Almarine “Pippa” (4)
    DD/DD: Stella Harper Almarine/Beatrix Shiloh Almarine (1)

    BF: Henry Cooper Lewis (37)
    Executive Assistant
    GF: Carys Olivia Fields (32)
    Obstetrics-Gynecology Nurse Practitioner
    DD: Iris Evelina Lewis-Fields (11)
    DS: Jasper Blake Lewis-Fields (8)
    DS: Calum Francois Lewis-Fields (7)
    DS: Harry Clement Lewis-Fields (5)
    DD: Amelia Kassia Lewis-Fields (4)

    BF: Elijah Ray Sparks (37)
    Clinic Director
    GF: Lauren Agnes Fen (37)
    Job Recruiter
    DS: Soren Maitland Sparks (13)
    DS: Roman Philippe Sparks (11)
    DD/DS: Annika Megan Sparks/Gideon Barney Sparks (5)

    DH: Fletcher Stephen Bates (37)
    Employee Development Director
    DW: Lila June Theron Bates (35)
    Financial Counselor
    DS: Alden Henrik Bates (13)
    DS: Brennan Elias Bates (11)
    DS: Heath Marlon Bates (9)
    DD: Magda Jeanie Bates “Maggie” (3)
    DD: Tess Ivy Bates (1)

    BF: Liam Carter Patterson (37)
    GF: Greta Frances McNeill (36)
    Ceramics Instructor
    DS: Adrian Roy Patterson (12)
    DS: Elliott Truman Patterson (10)
    DD: Sylvie Marina Patterson (8)
    DD: Margot Alexandra Patterson (6)
    DS/DS/DD: Casper Sid Patterson/Ambrose Ike Patterson/Nina Simone Patterson (4)
    DD: Esther Evonne Patterson (3)

    DH: Andrew Joseph Kennedy (37)
    Registered Pharmacist
    DW: Noa Boyana Howell Kennedy (38)
    Visual Merchandiser
    DD: Elsa Fern Kennedy (15)
    DD: Lydia Monet Kennedy (11)
    DS: Oliver Aaron Kennedy (10)

    DH: Gabriel Quentin Highlander (36)
    Air Traffic Controller
    DW: Abigail Evangeline Decker Highlander (36)
    Set Designer
    DS: Duncan Zane Highlander (9)
    DD: Reese Evelyn Highlander (7)
    DS: Landon Blaise Highlander (5)
    DD: Sydney Charlette Highlander (4)
    DD: Rory Helen Highlander (2)

    BF: Dylan Patrick Davenport (36)
    Income Tax Preparer
    GF: Eliza Bethany Bahar (36)
    Educational Psychology Professor
    DS: Oscar Emile Davenport (10)
    DS: Felix Lawrence Davenport (3)

    DH: Jonah David Raptis (36)
    Police Lieutenant
    DH: Lennon Arthur Johansson (33)
    DD/DS: Hazel Ethna Raptis-Johansson/Ralph Marcus Raptis-Johansson (13)
    DD: Estelle Veronica Raptis-Johansson (8)
    DD: Ophelia Rebecca Raptis-Johansson (3)

    DH: Russell Cole Kendricks (36)
    Campaign Fundraiser
    DH: Alexander Brett Ilaria (36)
    Medical Stenographer
    DD/DS: Maeve Marisol Ilaria-Kendricks/Remy Kevin Ilaria-Kendricks (11)
    DS/DS: Atticus Jonathan Ilaria-Kendricks/August Bruce Ilaria-Kendricks (10)
    DD: Camila Juno Ilaria-Kendricks (9)
    DS: Grady Keith Ilaria-Kendricks (6)
    DD: Drea Maryetta Ilaria-Kendricks (2)

    BF: Emmett Isaac Gibson (36)
    Electronic Engineer
    GF: Mabel Celesta Wilkins (35)
    Orthopedic Physician Assistant
    DD: Olive Aurelia Gibson (10)
    DS: Hayes Edward Gibson (3)

    DH: Colin Michael Gardener (35)
    Estate Planning Counselor
    DW: Poppy Quinn Guinness Gardener (35)
    County Court Judge
    DD/DS: Felicity Louise Gardener/Arlo Bram Gardener (15)
    DD/DS: Eloise Gwen Gardener/Mathias Mason Gardener (13)
    DD: Angelina Collette Gardener “Lina” (11)
    DD: Lux Arielle Gardener (7)
    DD: Zara Lisbeth Gardener (5)
    DD: Tova Amada Gardener (2)
    DS: Piers Cristiano Gardener (1)

    DH: Daniel Blaze Harvey (35)
    DW: Isadora Grace Clemons Harvey (40)
    Medical Illustrator
    DSD: Mira Willow Clemons (17)
    DSS: Harris Martin Clemons (12)
    DD: Juniper Roseanne Harvey (8)
    DD/DS: Delphine Victoria Harvey/Logan Benito Harvey (7)

    DH: Max Hunter Pennington (35)
    Community Health Worker
    DW: Emily Kim Roberts Pennington (35)
    Publicity Director
    DD: Amara Edie Pennington (7)
    DS: Tobias Clarence Pennington (6)
    DS: Silas Mauricio Pennington (2)
    DD: Greta Savannah Pennington (nb)

    DH: Theodore Benjamin Bellamy (34)
    Private Investigator
    DW: Elena Mariya Vega Bellamy (32)
    Interior Decorator
    DSS: Otto Morgan Bellamy (13)
    DS/DD: Ezekiel Klaus Bellamy “Zeke”/Addison Nikolina Bellamy “Addie” (4)

    DH: Nathan Roger Tennyson (34)
    Credit Risk Analyst
    DW: Julia Marjorie Grant Tennyson (29)
    Costume Designer
    DD: Athena Charlize Tennyson (9)
    DD: Delilah Grace Tennyson (7)
    DS: Thaddeus Jacob Tennyson (3)

    BF: Seth Peter Boyd (34)
    Certified Genetic Counselor
    GF: Clara Joy Degas (33)
    Human Resources Generalist
    DD: Lara Leone Boyd (10)
    DD: Emma Wilhelmina Boyd (8)
    DS/DD: Gavin Matthew Boyd/Maria Diane Boyd (2)

    DH: Declan Paul Hensworth (34)
    Middle School PE Teacher
    DW: Lorelei Garnet Weisz-Hensworth (33)
    Applied Statistician
    DSS/DSS: Griffin Vince Weisz/Linus Archer Weisz (13)
    DSD: Piper Gisele Weisz (11)
    DS: Giles Cedric Hensworth (10)
    DD/DS: Adina Corinne Hensworth/Broderick Chase Hensworth (8)
    DS: Richard Anacleto Hensworth (7)
    DS: Shepherd Penn Hensworth (5)
    DD: Teagan Sue Hensworth (3)


    Player1 (45): Theodore Riley Cash “Theo”
    ~orthopedic podiatrist
    DW (44): Lindsey Alice *Gilmore* Cash (passed away at age 32)
    ~ultrasound technician
    DW (43): Jennifer Grace *Monroe* Cash “Jenny”
    ~family practice physician
    DS (19): Jackson Blake Cash “Jack”
    DD (18): Henley Elisabeth Cash
    DD (14): Leighton Madison Cash
    -kids with Lindsey
    DS (9): Matthew Edward Cash “Matt”
    DS (7): Grayson Michael Cash
    DS (5): Hudson Peter Cash
    -kids with Jenny

    Player2 (48): Brett Gabriel Hensworth
    ~general internal medicine physician
    ExDW (47): Karina Elisabeth Dean
    ~preK special education teacher
    DW (45): Sutton Claire *Wetherly* Hensworth
    ~pediatric physician assistant
    DSS (22): Dean Phillip Wetherly
    -Ddad (44): David Michael Wetherly
    DS (19): Miles Lawrence Hensworth
    DS (18): Spencer Robert Hensworth
    DS (17): Dexter Rylan Hensworth “Dex”
    -kids with Karina
    DD (8): Robin Catherine Hensworth
    DD (4): Sadie Bridget Hensworth
    -kids with Sutton

    Player3 (47): Charles William Taylor “Charlie”
    ~county commisioner
    DW (45): Georgia Ashleigh *Hayes* Taylor (passed away at age 40)
    ~real estate broker
    DS (18): Clayton Zackary Taylor “Clay”
    DS (17): Brayden Daniel Taylor “Brady”
    DS (15): Ethan Charles Taylor
    DS (10): Samuel Ezra Taylor “Sam”
    DS (7): Easton Lane Taylor
    DD (6): Delilah Hannah Taylor “Lila”
    DD (5): Rachel Shay Taylor

    Player4 (46): Brandon Joseph Stavros
    ~agricultural engineer
    DW (46): Bethany Rose *Moore* Stavros “Beth”
    ~family therapist
    ADS (14): Luka Brant Stavros
    DD (13): Evelyn Rosie Stavros
    DD (9): Alexandria Meredith Stavros “Lexie”
    ADS (7): Neil Harlan Stavros
    DS (6): Darren Brady Stavros
    DS (2): Ayden George Stavros
    DD (1): Anna Vivian Stavros

    Player5 (49): Morgan Paul Berkeley
    DW (44): Nora Jolee *Deacon* Berkeley
    ~health services administrator
    DD (9): Catherine Reese Berkeley “Cate”
    ADD (8): Bella Augustine Berkeley
    DS (7): Brett Mason Berkeley
    DD (4): Caroline Mackenzie Berkeley
    DS (2): Rhett Spencer Berkeley
    DS (1): Dax Lyle Berkeley
    ADD (nb): Ellen Savannah Berkeley

    Player6 (44): Davis Mason Graham
    ~clinical psychologist
    DW (43): Ren Huxley *Decaro* Graham
    DD (19): Aubrey Madeline Graham
    DD (17): Penelope Ashlyn Graham “Penny”
    ADD (16): Savanna Lucy Graham
    ADS (10): Vincent Parker Graham “Vince”
    ADD (8): Rose Gail Graham
    DD (7): Ansley Caroline Graham
    DS (6): Toby Ezra Graham
    DD (4): Charlotte Anabel Graham “Charley”
    DD/DD/DD (nb): Kara Ellen Graham/Ally Nadine Graham/Mary Arlene Graham

    Player7 (48): Greyson Clark Goodman
    ~private investigator
    ExDW (48): Penelope Ann *Dillon* “Penny”
    ~CCU nurse
    DS (13): Carson Dashiell Goodman
    DD (10): Layla Sophie Goodman
    ADD (9): Marley Jasmin Goodman
    DD (6): Karina Ruthanne Goodman
    DD (4): Carolyn Delilah Goodman “Carly”
    DS (2): Gabriel Arthur Goodman “Gabe”

    Player8 (49): William Carter Gentry “Will”
    DW (46): Britney Jane *Beaumont* Gentry
    ~veterinary technician
    DSS (21): Miles Christopher Beaumont, Jr.
    DSD (20): Sophie Brooklyn Beaumont
    DSS (17): Todd Marshall Beaumont
    DSS (13): Ryan Hayes Beaumont
    -Ddad (47): Miles Christopher Beaumont
    DD (12): Ailyn Margaret Gentry
    DS (11): Stephen Patrick Gentry
    DD (4): Annie Carroll Gentry
    DS (nb): Liam Daniel Gentry

    Player9 (47): Tucker Davis McDonald
    DW (45): Sydney Alexandra *Watkins* McDonald
    ~au pair
    DD (14): Catherine Alice McDonald “Cate”
    DD (12): Amelia Claire McDonald
    DD (8): Kailey Elisabeth McDonald
    DD (1): Emilee Sarah McDonald

    Player10 (45): Tobias Calder Robinson “Toby”
    ~personal financial planner
    DW (42): Lora Cate *Woodley* Robinson
    ~medical record transcriber
    DS (18): Mason Sandler Robinson
    ADD (18): Suzanna Jacqueline Robinson “Suzy”
    ADS (17): Robert Baron Robinson
    ADS (16): Christopher Bentley Robinson “Chris”
    -Dmom (44): Melanie Jane Lawrence
    DSD/DSS (13): Taylor Alysa Woodley/Hunter Lyman Woodley
    -Ddad (45): Dean Abbott Woodley

    Player11 (46): Brady Christian Watkins
    ~middle school science teacher
    DS (18): Max Hayes Watkins
    DD (17): Fiona Robyn Watkins
    DS (9): Roscoe Aiden Watkins
    ADS (4): Calum Easton Watkins

    Player12 (44): Dominic Miller Arnold
    ~corporate attorney
    DW (43): Riley Mae *Addax* Arnold
    ~educational psychologist
    DD (16): Olivia Harper Arnold “Livy”
    DD (13): Shiloh Helen Arnold
    DD (10): Sydney Ellen Arnold
    ADD (9): Leah Catrin Arnold
    DD (8): Marley Sarah Arnold
    DS (7): Ace Oliver Arnold
    DS/DD (5): Beatrix Madison Arnold/Byron Matthew Arnold

    Player13 (49): Jon Russell McGee “JR”
    ~orthopedic physician assistant
    DW (48): Sadie Catheryn *Burns* McGee
    ~religious studies professor
    DS (17): Gage James McGee
    ADD (14): Kasin Alena McGee
    DS (10): Elliot Thomas McGee “Eli”
    DS (8): Isaiah Peter McGee
    DD (6): Rachel Sadie McGee
    DS (3): Austin Jude McGee

    Player14 (47): Deacon Charles Donovan
    ~theology professor
    DW (45): Adelina Quinn *Debroux* Donovan
    ~ER nurse
    DSD/DSD (22): Emma Addison Debroux/Ella Mallory Debroux
    DSD (13): Kya Bailey Debroux
    DSS (12): Rylan Patrick Debroux
    -Ddad (48): Mark Paul Debroux
    DD (8): Marcia Harper Donovan
    DD (7): Michaela Drew Donovan

    Player15 (48): Jack Bradley Evans
    ~university administrator
    DS/DS (19): Lyle Blake Evans/Remy Peter Evans
    DD (17): Sophie Aisling Evans
    DS/DS (16): Milo Shawn Evans/Luka Daniel Evans
    DS/DS (15): David Allen Evans/Tyler Byron Evans
    DD (13): McKenzie Morrgan Evans “Kenzie”
    ADD (13): Savannah Catherine Evans

    Player16 (45): Duke Wilson Stavros (Brandon’s brother)
    DS/DD (9): Jonah Connor Stavros/Kaley Arianna Stavros
    DS (5): Joel Easton Stavros
    ADD (4): Lacy Rebecca Stavros
    DD (2): Annie Janelle Stavros

    Player17 (44): Dylan Patrick Sutter
    ~state trooper
    ExDW (43): Whitney Julia Zyegler
    ~wedding planner
    DW (41): Elissa Maisie *Viero* Sutter
    ~early childhood special education professor
    DS (19): Harris Julian Sutter
    ADD (17): Ava Charlotte Sutter
    DD (16): Stephanie Morgan Sutter
    ADS (12): Frank Dashiell Sutter
    DD (10): Melody Sarah Sutter
    DS (9): Felix Brett Sutter
    DD (7): Annabelle Tegan Sutter
    DS (5): Ezekiel Roman Sutter “Zeke”
    ADS (4): Finnegan Otto Sutter “Finn”
    DD (1): Zoe Marcella Sutter
    ADS (1): Harrison Troy Sutter

    Player18 (49): Austin Ray Gardener
    ~district attorney
    ADS (19): August Galen Gardener “Gus”
    DD (19): Rena Sadie Gardener
    DS (16): Joshua Tyler Gardener “JT”
    ADS (11): Julian Blaise Gardener
    DD (6): Zooey Vivian Gardener
    ADS (6): Simon Alexander Gardener
    DS (4): Blake Samuel Gardener
    ADS (3): Carson Archie Gardener

    Player19 (47): Tyson Andre Ingram
    ~certified optician
    DD (19): Melissa Laura Ingram “Missy”
    DD (17): Taylor Ella Ingram
    DD (14): Ashley Isabella Ingram
    DS (10): Dean Spencer Ingram
    DD/DD (nb): Alice Nadine Ingram/Julie Ellen Ingram

    Player20 (46): Christian Michael Marinos
    ~physical therapist
    DW (46): Ellie Isabelle *Hall* Marinos
    ~dance teacher
    DD (17): Christina Noelle Marinos
    DD (16): Aliyah Stephanie Marinos
    DD (14): Suzanna Addison Marinos

    Player21 (48): Scott Alexander Stone
    DW (46): Amanda Mabel *McDowell* Stone “Mandy”
    ~software developer
    DS (1): Levi James Stone
    DD (3): Rowan Kathleen Stone

    Player22 (45): Zachary Matthew Jones “Zach”
    ~government program manager
    ExDW (44): Leigh Karlene Azema
    DW (40): Sarah Rayna *Mill* Jones
    ~clinical research associate
    DS (14): Rex Tycho Jones
    DD (9): Jordana Skye Jones
    -kids with Leigh
    DS (7): Eli Braxton Jones
    DS (5): Samuel Robert Jones “Sam”
    DD (4): Leah Taylor Jones
    DS (3): Spencer Isaiah Jones
    -kids with Sarah


    P1 (35): Joseph David Clarkson “JD”
    ~architectural engineer
    DW (34): Claire Shannon *Winters* Clarkson
    ~pharmaceutical salesperson
    DS (18): Reed Alexander Clarkson
    DS/DD (8): Brighton Elliot Clarkson/Paisley Isabel Clarkson
    ADS (7): Spencer Michael Clarkson
    ADS/ADS (6): Wyatt Benjamin Clarkson/Jonah Matthew Clarkson

    P2 (38): Tucker Johnathan Blake
    ~pediatric dentist
    DW (38): Stacy Elisabeth *Beaumont* Blake (died)
    ~real estate appraiser
    DS (15): Miles David Blake
    DD/DS (9): Dalia Rosalee Blake/Allan Benedict Blake
    ExDW (37): Lora Evangeline Daniel
    ~optometry assistant
    DSS (22): Stephen Gabriel Daniel
    DS (7): Easton King Blake
    DS (5): Ryan Gage Blake

    P3 (39): Logan Wheeler Tennyson
    ~student admissions clerk
    DW (39): Rebecca Jennifer *Fenner* Tennyson “Becca”
    ~student advisor
    DS (11): Cooper James Tennyson
    DS (9): Matthew Garrett Tennyson “Matt”
    DD (6): Corinne Margaret Tennyson

    P4 (36): Isaac Riley Irving
    ~social services director
    GF (33): Helen Emilie Addax
    ~real estate agent
    DD (16): Marleigh Stella Irving
    DD (13): Helen Autumn Irving
    DS (10): Dashiell Robert Irving “Dash”
    DD (6): Kenzie Anne Irving

    P5 (37): Bryce Calder Cortland
    ~anatomy professor
    DH (38): Gideon James Stewart
    ~pediatric orthodontist
    DS (18): Jonathan Gunnar Cortland-Stewart “Jon”
    DD (14): Emma Rhea Cortland-Stewart
    DD (11): Amelia Katherine Cortland-Stewart
    DD (9): Madelyn Bren Cortland-Stewart “Mady”
    ADD (8): Jaimie Lillian Cortland-Stewart
    DD (6): Rosie Emerson Cortland-Stewart
    ADD (4): Ally Violet Cortland-Stewart
    ADD/ADS (nb): Halle Morgan Cortland-Stewart/Scott Josiah Cortland-Stewart
    DD (nb): Lucy Regan Cortland-Stewart

    P6 (36): Davis Logan Bronx
    ~airport security screener
    GF (35): Britney Abigail Miles “Brit”
    ~fashion desinger
    DD/DD (16): Kailyn Faith Bronx/Ariana Claire Bronx
    DD (11): Kylie Shea Bronx
    DS (10): Ace Nicholas Bronx
    DD (8): Caroline Bridget Bronx
    DS (7): Peter Joseph Bronx
    DD (3): Annie Justine Bronx
    DD (nb): Robyn Shiloh Bronx

    P7 (39): Elijah William Berkeley “Eli”
    DW (38): Lucy Caryn *Young* Berkeley
    ~political consultant
    DSS/DSD (12): Jack David Young/Emma Vivian Young
    DD (3): Stella Marcia Young

    P8 (35): Hunter Brady Neeson
    ~cardiopulmonary physical therapist
    DW (35): Kalina Jane *Denton* Neeson “Lina” (died)
    ~office secretary
    DS/DS (17): Elijah Landon Neeson/Everett Martin Neeson
    DD/DD (15): Reina Christine Neeson/Kasia Denise Neeson
    DD (11): Annabelle Marcella Neeson
    GF (33): Katheryn Elaine Roman “Katey”
    ~preschool teacher
    ADS (7): Hayes Gunner Neeson
    DD/DD (6): Mackenzie Josephine Neeson/Alexandra Charlotte Neeson “Kenzie & Lexie”
    DD (5): Emily Nicole Neeson
    ADS (4): Niklaus Miller Neeson “Klaus”
    DD (3): Piper Sophie Neeson

    P9 (38): Aaron James Anderson “AJ”
    ~healthcare manager
    DW (36): Nora Leigh *Dearen* Anderson
    ~chiropractic physician
    ADD (19): Morgan Alexis Anderson
    DD (19): Elisabeth Kathleen Anderson “Elie”
    DD (18): Olivia Catrin Anderson
    DD (12): Jocelyn Sadie Anderson
    ADD (10): Rachel Hilary Anderson
    DS/DD (7): Brett Samuel Anderson/Katia Shelby Anderson
    DS (6): Rylan Vaughn Anderson
    ADS (5): Jeremy Bryce Anderson
    DD (1): Mila Averie Anderson

    P10 (36): Tobias Wilson Thompson “Toby”
    ~insurance analyst
    DW (36): Georgina Annabel *Wiley* Thompson “Gina”
    ~medical records administrator
    DD (17): Mallory Taylor Thompson
    DS (13): Brice Christian Thompson

    P11 (37): Pierce Benjamin Hensworth
    ~web developer
    GF (34): Emiliya Rose Balasko
    ~youth director
    DD (15): Josie Amelia Hensworth
    DS (14): Milo Dexter Hensworth
    DD (12): Jameson Rachel Hensworth “Jamie”
    DS (9): Indiana Garris Hensworth “Indy”
    ADD (1): Hayden Anya Hensworth

    P12 (35): Clark Evan Ford
    ~weather forecaster
    DF (33): Isla Bethany Williams
    ~tax consultant
    DD (15): Caitlin Sydney Ford
    DD (14): Brittney Cameron Ford
    DS (12): Benjamin James Ford “Ben”
    DD (10): Julianne Melissa Ford “Jules”
    DS (9): Henry Parker Ford
    DS (4): Sean Riley Ford
    DS (nb): Charles Ezra Ford “Charlie”

    P13 (39): Lance Edward Watkins
    ~microeconomics professor
    GF (38): Kiersten Amelia Wetherly
    ~french professor
    DD (18): Emerson Diana Watkins “Emmy”
    DD (9): Jane Abigail Watkins “Janie”
    DS (8): Gage Daniel Watkins
    DS/DS (5): Micah George Watkins/Jonah Peter Watkins
    DS (2): Mark Ellis Watkins

    P14 (38): Matthew Garrett Ingram “Matt”
    DW (37): Lila Ren *McDowell* Ingram
    ~occupational therapist
    DS/DS (13): Spencer Galen Ingram/Easton Morley Ingram
    DD (12): Marcy Isabella Ingram
    DD (6): Rebecca Lorraine Ingram “Becca”
    DS (4): Tyler Zachary Ingram
    DD (2): Wendy Leia Ingram

    P15 (36): Brandon Russell James
    ~police lieutenant
    DW (36): Thea Emeline *Douglas* James (died)
    ~hospice social worker
    DS (17): Max Vincent James
    DD (16): Lucy Krystina James
    ADD (14): Fiona Shiloh James
    DD (13): Emilie Olive James
    DD (11): Kaylee Madison James
    GF (35): Myra Alice Hughes
    ~legal assistant
    DS (6): Dax Ezra James
    DD (4): Liliana Beatrice James “Lily”
    DS (1): Ryan David James

    P16 (37): Jack Ryan Graham
    ~insurance broker
    DW (36): Maisie Elizabeth *Alan* Graham
    ~preschool teacher
    DS (18): Jace Robert Graham “JR”
    DS (13): Logan Maxwell Graham
    DS (10): Sebastian Peter Graham
    DD (5): Ellen Flannery Graham
    DS (3): Eli Daniel Graham

    P17 (35): Andrew Deacon Foster “Drew”
    ~chemical research engineer
    GF (35): Avery Ann Waldridge
    ~school secretary
    DS (8): Gabriel Samuel Foster “Gabe”
    DD (7): Joelle Elaine Foster
    ADD (3): Harriet Catherine Foster “Hattie”

    P18 (38): Robert Mason Murphy “Robbie”
    DW (38): Jacqueline Lora *Burch* Murphy “Jackie”
    ~hospital social worker
    DS (18): Alexander Joshua Murphy “Alex”
    DS (11): Parker Vincent Murphy
    DD (10): Lux Vivienne Murphy
    DS (9): Landon Spencer Murphy
    DD (6): Madalyn Ashley Murphy “Mady”
    ADD (1): Philippa Alice Murphy “Pippa”
    DS (nb): Dexter Owen Murphy “Dex”

    P19 (39): Landon Brice McBride
    ~marketing specialist
    BF (40): David Sterling Sawyer “Dave”
    ~genetic counselor
    DS (19): Davis Benjamin McBride-Sawyer
    DD (16): Nadine Margaret McBride-Sawyer
    DS (12): Anthony Justin McBride-Sawyer
    DD (1): Eliana Morley McBride-Sawyer “Elie”
    DS (nb): Jack Oliver McBride-Sawyer

    P20 (36): Tanner Bradley Stedman
    DW (35): Gwendolyn Annalise *Peck* Stedman “Gwen”
    ~physical therapy aide
    DD/DD (18): Naomi Elizabeth Stedman/Diana Charlotte Stedman
    DS (14): Daniel Peter Stedman “Danny”
    DD (8): Mackenzie Catherine Stedman “Kenzie”
    DS (6): Heath Clifford Stedman
    DD (3): Arianna Emilia Stedman “Aria”
    DD (1): Jordana Alexa Stedman

    P21 (35): Zachary Harrison Burns “Zach”
    ~physical science professor
    GF (33): Lauren Eva Dearman
    ~real estate broker
    DD (6): Leah Olivia Burns
    DD (1): Kate Reese Burns

    P22 (37): Samuel Bruce Weisman “Sam”
    ~medical billing supervisor
    DW (36): Ellie Clarisse *Davis* Weisman
    ~OBGYN nurse practitioner
    ADS (11): Sebastian Elijah Weisman
    DD (7): Rose Megan Weisman “Rosie”
    DD/DD (6): Kaley Shiloh Weisman/Sarah Helen Weisman


    1. Dallas Edward Silka (39)
    —Wholesale Ultrasonic Equipment Salesperson
    –DGF: Leopoldine Elissa Campbell (34) “LeeLee”
    —Store Gift Wrap Associate
    —-DS: William Faustus Silka (11)
    —-DS: Orval Lawrence Silka (9)
    —-DD: Marilou Ice Silka (8)

    2. Liam Russell Explorer (35)
    —Election Agent
    —-DAD: Kathleen Jocelyn Hughes-Explorer (8) “Kat”
    —-DAD: Vivienne Natalie Hughes-Explorer (7) “Viv”
    —-DAD: Julianna Matilde Hughes-Explorer (7)
    —-DD: Polly Deneen Hughes-Explorer (6)
    —-DAS: Jackson Cal Explorer (2) “Jack”

    3. Walker Shea Schlapman (38)
    —Restaurant General Manager
    –DEXH: August Basil Finn (35)
    —Systems Administrator
    –DEXH: Casey Rick Denmark (50)
    —Licensed Optical Dispenser
    —-DAD: Lorelai Nevaeh Schlapman (13)
    —-DAD: Marilyn Andrette Schlapman (11)
    —-DAD: Nina Iblis Schlapman (8)
    –DH: Oakley Sirvard Shatner (36)
    —Electronic Technician

    4. Judah Gino Adams (38)
    —Field Artillery Officer {Armed Services}
    –DGF: Katy Olivia Rosalia (41)
    —-DSD: Sara Camila Rosalia-Turner (22)
    —Insurance Claims Investigator
    —-DSD: Liza Katarzyna Rosalia-Turner (22)
    —Retail Sales Associate
    —-DD: Apolline Lalage Adams (17)
    —-DS: Ares Mads Adams (11)
    —-DAS: Grayson Napoleon Adams (11)
    —-DAD: Katherine Lois Adams (2)

    5. Judah Edwin Elif (34)
    —Registered Nurse Anesthetist
    —-DD: Madelyn Zia Kerns-Elif (16)
    —-DD: Agatha Omaria Kerns-Elif (14)
    —-DD: Paula Dooku Kerns-Elif (10)
    –DH: Ulysses Tedrick Oldman (34)

    6. Steve Frank Clarkson (34)
    —Human Resources Manager
    —-DS: Lucas West Fanning (17)
    —-DS: Orrin Gaston Butler-Clarkson (12)
    —-DAS: James Manasseh Clarkson (9)
    –DGF: Paula Katie Morales (34)
    —Community Support Manager
    —-DSD: Bertha Csilla Fay (17)
    —-DSD: Allison Louise Fay (16)
    —-DSD: Jennifer Orla Fay (12)
    —-DD: Madeline Vanessa Clarkson (4)

    7. Ulric Merlin Teresa (35)
    —Tattoo Artist
    –DW: Lora Adelaide {Gresham} Teresa (35)
    —Inventory Control Manager
    —-DSS: Wilfredo Gary Gresham (22)
    —Fiberglass Luggage Molder
    —-DSD: Thadea Felecity Gresham (19)
    —-DS: Austin Stewart Teresa (15)
    —-DAS: William Sterling Teresa (15)
    —-DAS: Lander Paisley Teresa (11)
    —-DAD: Katarine Beyonce Teresa (8)
    —-DS: Oswald Sherman Teresa (7)
    —-DD: Casimira Kakalina Teresa (5)
    —-DS: Endocott Samuel Teresa (1)
    —-DS: Alex Jarred Teresa (3 months)

    8. Vernon Frederick Heathcliff (34)
    –DW: Apathy Zelda {Neeson} Heathcliff (35)
    —Office Manager
    —-DSD: Nyssa Estelle Tyler (19)
    —Latent Print Examiner in Training
    —-DSD: Sheila Roseanne Tyler (16)
    —-DSS: Vladimir Jerry Tyler (16)
    —-DD: Porsha Nicole Heathcliff (11)

    9. Liam Derrick Davis (38)
    —Heat Treating Furnace Tender
    –DW: Terra Ilina {Orabela} Davis (34)
    —Theater Air Control System Operator {Armed Services}
    —-DSD: Marcia Clair Orabela (16)
    —-DD: Anja Padme Davis (14)
    —-DD: Ilee Alice Davis (11)
    —-DD: Eula Iphigenia Davis (4 months)

    10. Hendrix Anthony Morrell (34)
    —Call Center/Customer Service Representative
    —-DS: Melville Jerry Baker (14)
    –DGF: Bethany Dorothy Johnston (42)
    —Warehouse Unloading Associate
    —-DSS: Jeremiah Johann Johnston-Hogan (22)
    —Line Cook
    —-DSS: Kurt Danny Johnston-Hogan (17)
    —-DSD: Julianne Drew Hernandez (14)
    —-DSD: Louise Omi Hernandez (12)
    —-DAD: Olessa Elne Morrell (9)
    —-DAD: Lillian Ryan Morrell (9)

    11. Jessie Tyler Clarkson (39)
    —Multiple Machine Tool Setter
    –DW: Leal Lilliana {Carroll} Clarkson (39)
    —Dairy Farm Worker
    —-DSS: Ivo Ryder Carroll-Nichols (21)
    —Hair Dresser
    —-DD: Isla Elyse Clarkson (18)
    —Process Piping Drafter
    —-DS: Zion Estebe Clarkson (10)
    —-DD: Pearl Eva Clarkson (10)

    12. Deacon Shane Janssen (37)
    –DW: Bernadetta Indigo {Federkiewicz} Janssen (37)
    —Telecasting Engineer
    —-DSD: Izabelle Joleen Federkiewicz (22)
    —Brazing Machine Tender
    —-DSD: Ursula Bertha Federkiewicz (14)
    —-DD: Ivey Mariah Janssen (2)
    —-DS: Tyler Ulysses Janssen (8 months)

    13. Bennett Alexis Ila (36)
    —Medical Assistant
    —-DS: Sven Nicol Ila (17)
    —-DAS: Hewes Logan Ila (17)
    —-DD: Rene Clara Ila (15)
    —-DS: Denzel Sage Ila (13)
    —-DAD: Eva Rachel Tolbert-Ila (9)
    —-DD: Dru Derdriu Tolbert-Ila (8)
    —-DD: Uma Vernal Tolbert-Ila (7)
    —-DS: Eli Jamie Tolbert-Ila (6)
    —-DAS: Seb Frank Tolbert-Ila (5)
    —-DD: Ellen Karen McKinney (1)
    —-DD: Olive Catant McKinney (6 months)

    14. Cody Radivoje Hummer (35)
    —Hearing Aid Technician
    –DF: Hesperos Love Allison (44)
    —High Rigger
    —-DAD: Brazil Kate Allison (19)
    —Billing Clerk
    —-DAD: Zarah Stella Allison (18)
    —In School to be a City Planner
    —-DAS: Samuel Kang-ho Allison (12) –adopted from South Korea–
    —-DAS: Urbano Wendell Allison (9) –adopted from Mexico–

    15. Walter Jedidiah Hazel (34)
    —-DD: Roxanna Kelly Hubert (17)
    –DGF: Aimi McKinley Miles (47)
    —Slot Technician
    —-DAD: Annabel Vivienne Miles (3)
    —-DAD: Belinda Lizzy Miles (2)
    —-DD: Eliza Emilee Miles (3 months)

    16. Jim Flower Balder (37)
    —Concrete Batcher
    –DF: Jeanette Ashley Vaxil (35)
    —Construction Worker
    —-DS: Mason Zander Vaxil (17)
    —-DS: Truman Shiloh Vaxil (16)
    —-DS: Mark Ollie Balder (newborn)

    17. Jadiel Brodie Graces (35)
    —Elementary School Principal
    —-DD: Katya Katica Graces (19)
    —OSHA Inspector
    —-DAD: Zinnia Jazmine Graces (18)
    —Show Floor Decorator
    —-DS: Ray Tyler Graces (16)
    –DH: Galileo Israel Whitney (45)
    —-DS: Chris Rugor Whitney (12)
    —-DD: Georgia Jan Whitney (12)
    —-DD: Taylor Gert Whitney (9)

    18. Sebastian Josh Ivanka (36)
    —PSR Specialist
    –DGF: Leighann Avery Jazzy (43)
    —Hotel Desk Clerk
    —-DSS: Paul Pablo Jazzy (16)
    —-DSD: Marcella Felica Jazzy (13)
    —-DS: Abe William Jazzy-Ivanka (2)
    —-DD: Criza Julia Jazzy-Ivanka (1)

    19. Gerald Cordell Xanthopoulos (37)
    –DLH: Rhys Eliano Lamarr (40)
    —-DAS: Jordanes Adan Lamarr-Xanthopoulos (18)
    —Donation Attendant
    –DEXH: Olivier Alon Hayworth (47)
    —Assistant Store Manager
    —-DS: Michel Unduli Hayworth (13)
    —-DS: Philo Brody Hayworth (12)
    –DGF: Pearl Lyn DeFrappe (37)
    —Maintenance Technician
    —-DAS: Stephen John DeFrappe-Xanthopoulus (11)
    —-DAD: Gayle Ursa DeFrappe-Xanthopoulus (10)
    —-DD: Amelia Yesenia DeFrappe-Xanthopoulos (9)
    —-DS: Quentin Isaac DeFrappe-Xanthopoulos (8)
    —-DD: Deanna Katya DeFrappe-Xanthopoulos (8)
    —-DD: Idella Kay DeFrappe-Xanthopoulos (8)
    —-DD: Kimberly Cher DeFrappe-Xanthopoulos (4)
    —-DAD: Katuska Warok DeFrappe-Xanthopoulos (4)

    20. Mark Tyson Camry (39)
    —Housetrailer Servicer
    –DEXW: Brit Normandie {Winnie} Camry (39)
    —Construction Worker
    —-DS: Kayden Indiana Camry (16)
    —-DS: Kingston Isaac Camry (11)
    —-DD: Kenya Irina Camry (5)
    —-DD: Kaley Inga Camry (5)
    —-DD: Kaska Iona Camry (4)
    —-DS: Killian Ironside Camry (4)
    —-DD: Kimberly Isabella Camry (2)
    —-DS: Kevin Isaia Camry (4 months)

    21. Evelyn Host Mitzi (34)
    —Securities Teller
    —-DS: Barry Torsten Yarbrough-Mitzi (17)
    —-DD: Brooklyn Flora Yarbrough-Mitzi (17)
    —-DS: Porter Sidonio Yarbrough-Mitzi (15)
    —-DD: Juliet Diamond Yarbrough-Mitzi (15)
    –DW: Arlana Gemma {Scruggs} Mitzi (41)
    —Golf Course Architect
    —-DSD: Sheena Joselyn Scruggs (21)
    —Airline Pilot
    —-DSAS: Harold Ziggy Scruggs (18)
    —Automotive Brake Technician
    —-DSD: Caroline Pixie Emanuel (16)
    —-DSAS: Bernie Norman Emanuel (14)
    —-DSD: Piper Claire Emanuel (14)
    —-DS: Eddie Ira Mitzi (10)
    —-DS: Malachi Harrison Mitzi (8)
    —-DD: Emerson Eve Mitzi (1)

    22. Gordon Myron Ripp (39)
    —Integrated Automatic Detection and Tracking Systems Officer {Armed Services}
    —-DS: Jason Rochus Ripp (12)
    —-DAS: Charles Indiana Ripp (10)
    —-DD: Alice Grazyna Kelly-Ripp (8)
    —-DD: Wilhelmina Shayne Peltier-Ripp (4)
    —-DD: Elsa Apolline Peltier-Ripp (2)


    1. Arben Thomas Watkins (37)
    —Highway Patrol
    –DGF: Charmer Gwen Nascimento (42)
    —Front Office Supervisor for Resort
    —-DD: Katri Bar Rodriguez (15)
    —-DSD: Ellis Suzanna Gray (14)
    —-DSD: Lewis Brendon Gray (14)
    —-DS: Daryl Izaiah Rodriguez (13)
    —-DS: Soren Xenocrates Watkins (4)
    —-DD: Zaida Neely Watkins (2)
    Arben had two kids, Katri and Daryl and Charmer had twins Ellis and Lewis when they met 10 years ago. They moved in together after 3 years and now also have two kids together. They are doing great and have no interest in getting married.

    2. Fleming Shemar Bellamy (37)
    —Combat Search and Rescue Chief {armed services}
    –DGF: Jennifer Harding Zackary (47)
    —Pathology Laboratory Technologist
    —-DSS: Jared Sebastian Henderson (22)
    —-DD: Ashley Latrice Ramirez (17)
    —-DSS: Jason Karl Zackary (16)
    —-DS: Cooper Yaddle Bellamy (11)
    —-DS: Victor Killian Bellamy (7)
    Fleming had a daughter Ashley and Jennifer had two sons, Jared and Jason, from two previous relationships when they met 14 years ago. They boy fell hard and they moved in within a year and everything was going great when they got pregnant with Cooper. They have two little boys together.

    3. Frederick Jim Hughes (36) “Freddie”
    —Polygraph Examiner
    –DGF: Gabriella Tootsie Beatrix (31)
    —Sports Commentator
    —-DS: Paul Sean Hughes (17)
    —-DSS: Ben Clayton Beatrix-Flores (16)
    —-DSS: Noah August Beatrix-Flores (12)
    —-DD: Emily Ruth Beatrix-Hughes (7)
    —-DD: Loredana Poggle Beatrix-Hughes (4)
    —-DS: Herrick Hayes Beatrix-Hughes (4)
    Freddie had Paul when he met Gabriella. Gabriella also had two boys with her high school boyfriend Esteban Flores. They met 10 years ago and now have a wonderful daughter Emily and gorgeous twins Loredana and Herrick. They have no current plans for wedding bells but haven’t ruled it out.

    4. Kendrick Tyler Isabeau (35) “Ken”
    —Desktop Publisher
    —-DAS: Chase Jinn Isabeau (10)
    Kendrick is single and gay. He has adopted a son Chase by himself. At this point Ken just wants to be a good dad to Chase.

    5. Arben Denver Fabrizia (35) “Ben”
    —Trailer Park Manager
    –DF: Florence Dee Yvez (39)
    —Vault Teller
    —-DSS: Brett Eusebio Yvez-Watts (18)
    —-DSS: Casper Quinton Yvez-Watts (15)
    —-DD: Anatolia Selena Yvez-Fabrizia (9)
    Florence had two sons, Brett and Casper, eleven years ago when she met Ben. They had a casual relationship until they were shocked to find out Florence was pregnant. They have a daughter Anatolia. They’ve been doing very well and last year Ben proposed. The wedding is planned for next Christmas.

    6. Tom Gideon Esther (34)
    —Prepress Technician
    —-DAD: Serah Malin Esther (15)
    —-DAS: Louis Owen Esther (10)
    —-DAD: Tiana Liberty Esther (3)
    —-DS: Lyon Newt Esther (2)
    Tom adopted Serah his then girlfriend Megan’s daughter. Megan found out that she only had a few months to live after a heart defect was found when she gave birth to Serah. He parents has disowned her when she got pregnant in high school and she had no other family, she asked Tom to adopt Serah and raise her as his own since he was the only person she could trust. They had been dating since she was 5 months pregnant and Tom already thought of Serah as his own and accepted whole heartedly. When he felt he was financially stable he adopted Louis so Serah had a brother. Then later adopted Tiana. He was shocked to hear his casual girlfriend found out she was pregnant and was thinking of having an abortion. He begged her to keep the baby and after birth he would take full custody and not ask anything of her. She agreed reluctantly and he took custody of Lyon after he was born. He was thrilled to have a son of his own.

    7. Edison Grace Jenkins (36) “Eddie”
    —Pesticide Sprayer
    –DEXW: Brittania Kristiana {Atefeh} Jenkins (36)
    —Power Plant Mechanic
    —-DSS: Maximus Juan Atefeh (14)
    –DLW: Gloria Britney {Daisy} Jenkins (32)
    —Maintenance Repair Worker
    —-DD: Caroline Melynda Jenkins (6)
    –DGF: Tawnya Brett Dackel (33)
    —Security Officer
    —-DD: Katya Uma Dackel-Jenkins (1)
    Eddie married Brittania when she had a two year old son Maximus. Sadly after 3 years it just didn’t work out. A year later he met Gloria and fell hard. They got married when she got pregnant with Caroline. Sadly two weeks after Caroline was born Gloria hemorrhaged and sadly died. 4 years later he met Tawnya it started off as just fun until again she got pregnant. They now have one year old Katya and are doing great.

    8. Dan Martin Neeson (39)
    —Bank Teller
    –DW: Beatrice Istas {Pocket} Neeson (44)
    —Engineering Geologist
    —-DAS: Damien Samuel Neeson (18)
    —-DD: Samara Eulalia Neeson (15)
    —-DAS: Anthony Charles Neeson (10)
    —-DD: Niamh Princess Neeson (9)
    —-DS: Urbano Ismaren Neeson (7)
    —-DAD: Angela Aak Neeson (5)
    —-DAD: Lillian Sparrow Neeson (5)
    Dan and Beatrice have been together nearly 20 years. They had Samara and then heard about a little boy that was at the orphanage. They went to adopt him and found out he had an older brother. They adopted both. Just a few months later they found out that Beatrice was pregnant again and they welcomed Niamh to the family. 2 years later they had Urbano and decided to adopt again. They adopted twin girls Angela and Lillian from a couple states away.

    9. Emmett Victor Francesca (34)
    —Inventory Taker
    –DGF: Vera Itzcali Zackary (32)
    —-DD: Astrid Deborah Zackary (11)
    —-DD: Eliana Rose Zackary (6)
    Emmett and Vera are a match made in heaven. They have no plans to get married or have more kids. They are just thrilled about their lives right now. Emmett is working on a promotion but other than that they are all set.

    10. John Jones Colonomos (37) “JC”
    —Admissions Clerk
    –DW: Dana Whitney {DeWhit} Colonomos (37)
    —Debt Collector
    —-DS: Indiana Petre Goldstein (19)
    —-DSD: Kimberly Gwyneth DeWhit-Bass (17)
    —-DSD: Clara Lea DeWhit-Bass (14)
    —-DS: Ira Zeff Colonomos (13)
    —-DS: Kevin Sinclair Colonomos (7)
    —-DS: Stewart Lester Colonomos (6)
    —-DD: Rowan Avis Colonomos (4)
    JC had Indiana just after high school. And Dana had Kim and Clara with her college boyfriend. Just after her and Tuan broke up she sought comfort in her best friend JC. Before they knew she was pregnant with Ira. They now have three beautiful little boys and a little princess together and Rowan is every bit the little princess.

    11. Merry Roper Irwin (34)
    —Communication Signals Intelligence {armed services}
    –DGF: Sosie Emily Yazine (37)
    —Nursing Assistant
    —-DD: Elenora Jade Yazine-Irwin (16)
    —-DD: Rebekah Zola Yazine-Irwin (16)
    —-DD: James Wystan Yazine-Irwin (13) “Jaime”
    —-DS: Grayson Jett Yazine-Irwin (10)
    —-DS: Jasper Joel Yazine-Irwin (10)
    —-DS: Stein Lobot Yazine-Irwin (9)
    —-DAS: Frederick Jack Yazine-Irwin (4)
    Sosie and Merry met his freshman year in college and she was pregnant with twins within a month. Thankfully it seemed meant to be. They have one of the tightest relationships ever after 16 years, 6 biological kids and one adopted son later.

    12. John Rafael Daisy (38)
    —Advertising Coordinator
    –DLW: Fineen Aethelmaer {Jeep} Daisy (43)
    —Train Caller
    —-DAS: Anatole Van Daisy (12)
    —-DAD: Isabella Fett Daisy (7)
    –DGF: Katniss Grace Ethan (38)
    —Employment Programs Office Manager
    —-DSD: Dylan Leda Manning (22)
    —-DSS: Edwardo Choi Ethan (19)
    —-DSS: Aldo Dexter Ethan (18)
    —-DSS: Savoy Truman Ethan (16)
    —-DAD: Versie Catrin Ethan-Daisy (10 months)
    John and his first wife Fineen adopted Anatole and Isabella when they found out that John was sterile. Katniss had Dylan in high school and then had the three boys with another boyfriend. They’ve been together almost 3 years now. They met a year after Fineen died in a drive by shooting at a friends house. Katniss and John have adopted a little girl who is now almost one.

    13. Blaze Tobit Harkey (38)
    —Direct Support Staff
    –DLW: Reese Katniss {Nathaniel} Harkey (38)
    —Elementary School Activity Coordinator
    —-DAS: Paris Dashiell Nathaniel (19) –Reese’s nephew–
    —-DAD: Kenya Brenda Nathaniel (17) –Reese’s niece–
    —-DD: Julia Adriane Harkey (17)
    —-DD: Genevieve Kay Harkey (17)
    –DW: Gabrielle Kingsley {Tractor} Harkey (39)
    —-DD: Piper Nicole Harkey (10)
    —-DD: Isabel Daegan Harkey (9)
    —-DAS: Tofi Quinton Harkey (6)
    —-DS: Gabriel Sasha Harkey (3) “Gabe”
    Blaze had twin girls with his high school girlfriend Reese. They also got custody of Reese’s niece and nephew Paris and Kenya. 14 years ago Reese found out she had brain cancer. It was too late to stop and she succumb 6 months later. Blaze met Gabrielle 2 years later. They had two little girls right after the wedding. Then they thought they were done and adopted a little boy. They were shocked to find out that Gabrielle was pregnant with Gabriel.

    14. Jude Tyler Jameson (37)
    —Claims Examiner
    –DW: Mara Frances {Garbo} Jameson (36)
    —Shift Supervisor
    —-DD: Philipa Zesta Poore (19)
    —-DSS: Cal Grayson Garbo (19)
    —-DSD: Dreda Tiara Garbo (12)
    —-DD: Rose Vivienne Jameson (11)
    —-DS: Isaiah Jason Jameson (7)
    —-DD: Kakalina Calista Jameson (6)
    —-DD: Eloise Urma Jameson (1)
    —-DD: Avril Zelena Jameson (newborn)
    When Jude and Mara met he had a daughter Philipa and she was pregnant with her second child Dreda and had a son Cal that was Philipa’s age. They fell hard and had moved in together before Dreda was born. They have since had 5 more kids including Avril who was born earlier this month.

    15. Dariel Josh Bukvic (35)
    —Violin Repairer
    –DF: Lora Luna Winslet (31)
    —-DD: Jazmine Kate Bukvic (10)
    —-DD: Brianda Dana Bukvic (9)
    —-DS: Tristan Lott Bukvic (6)
    —-DS: Michael Levi Bukvic (6)
    —-DS: Malachi Hans Bukvic (2)
    —-DAS: Oma Finnian Bukvic (2)
    —-DAS: Cooper Renaldo Bukvic (2)
    Dariel and Lora have 5 kids together and adopted two year old twins that Lora was taking care of when both parents died in a plane accident and they didn’t have any other family.

    16. Chord Dallas Hardy-Jeep (35)
    —Wood Tile Installation Specialist
    –DEXH: Arthur Reese Caan-Jeep (35)
    —Metallurgical Engineer
    —-DD: Stacy Kay Jeep (18)
    —-DAS: Ulysses Duncan Caan-Jeep (14)
    –DH: Shannon Mateo Hardy-Jeep (39)
    —-DD: Katarzyna Clara Hardy-Jeep (12)
    —-DD: Brazil Ruth Hardy-Jeep (10)
    —-DD: Ronja Suzanna Hardy-Jeep (9)
    —-DS: Sache York Hardy-Jeep (7)
    Chord had Stacy in high school. He later came out to friends and family and started a relationship with Arthur. They adopted Ulysses together and soon after their relationship took a turn for the worse. After they broke up Chord then met Shannon and they used two different surrogates to have Katarzyna, Brazil, Ronja and Sache.

    17. Tank Wayne Boone (34)
    –DW: Widad Leona Mira (37)
    —Cable Splicer
    —-DD: Willow Drea Murphy (17)
    —-DS: Enzo McDormand Murphy (16)
    —-DS: Isaiah Erickson Boone (9)
    Tank had Willow and Enzo with his high school girlfriend Rosemary Murphy. They broke up not long after Enzo was born. He met Widad 15 years ago and were married two years later. They also had a son Isaiah.

    18. Arben Roger Lexus (38) “Arby”
    —Water Taxi Operator
    —-DS: Quinn Ephraim Lexus (12)
    —-DS: Richard Jarrett Lexus (8)
    —-DD: Isabella Frankie Lexus (2)
    —-DD: Zelda Blake Lexus (2)
    Arby and his ex had 4 kids before she decided it was too much for her and she never really wanted a family and left. She signed over all custody to Arby and thankfully his parents and hers are a huge help.

    19. Hugh Edward Jones (38)
    —Snowmobile Mechanic
    –DLW: Gemma Nena {Ziggy} Jones (40)
    —-DD: Mildred Pearl Jones (17) “Millie”
    –DW: Precious Widad {Vanna} Jones (35)
    —Delivery Driver
    Hugh met Gemma through friends they really hit it off and they were married 2 years later. They got pregnant almost immediately. They had Millie who is named after both of their Grandmothers. 5 years later Gemma was killed by one of her patients that went on a rampage.

    20. Jon Owen Collins (36)
    —Store Clerk
    –DW: Natalie Carolina {Escape} Collins (40)
    —Bowling Alley Attendant
    —-DD: Shelley Katrina Collins (14)
    —-DSS: Martin Buster Chaney (12)
    —-DSS: Leandro Jasper Chaney (11)
    —-DAS: Charles David Collins (11)
    —-DAD: Inga Kisa Collins (7)
    —-DS: James Keyser Collins (5)
    —-DAS: Elio Edwardo Collins (4)
    —-DAD: Andrea Suzette Collins (4)
    Jon had Shelley and Natalie had Martin and Leandro when they met. Since then they’ve had one little boy James and adopted two sets of siblings, Charles and Inga, and Elio and Andrea.

    21. Tavon Mankins Liberto (35)
    —YMCA Membership Coordinator
    –DW: Jennifer Georgianna {Okung} Liberto (35)
    —Computer Technician
    —-DS: Vincent Urlo Liberto (14)
    —-DS: Strider Dell Liberto (12)
    —-DAS: Hayes Noel Liberto (9)
    —-DAD: Bertha Leah Liberto (5)
    —-DS: Slayer Carl Liberto (3)
    —-DS: Simon Remy Liberto (3)
    —-DD: Buffy Rene Liberto (6 months)
    —-DAS: Charles Milo Liberto (2 months)
    Tavon and Jennifer are high school sweethearts. They were married a year after graduation and have had 5 kids and adopted 3.

    22. Bat Ozzie James (37)
    —Residential Director
    –DW: Stanislava Arnette {Ramsey} James (35)
    —Jingle Writer
    —-DSS: Royce Weston Ramsey-Bradshaw (16)
    —-DSS: Oscar Chris Ramsey-Bradshaw (13)
    —-DSS: Julian Bly Ramsey-Bradshaw (12)
    —-DSD: Madalyn Grisel Ramsey-Bradshaw (11)
    Bat met Stanislava 5 years and they fell in love immediately. She had just gotten a divorce from her abusive husband and had 4 children. Within 6 months they were all living with Bat. They were married 6 months ago and haven’t yet decided if they want any kids together.

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