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High School Cheerleaders Round 3 of 3

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  • lilybell

    1. Mercury Beatrice {Stone} Dennings (39)
    –DEXH: Xavier John Driver (37)
    —-DSS: Sayer John Driver (19)
    –DEXH: Jim Matthew Tic (45)
    —-DSD: Reagan Era Tic (13)
    –DLH: Demien George Dennings (38) –died at 35–
    —-DSD: Sophia Karen Dennings (16)
    –DF: Morgan Emma Vermilion (36)
    —-DSS: Kaleb Wilbur Vermilion (8)
    —-DSD: Martha Louise Vermilion (5)
    Mercury doesn’t have any kids of her own but each of her exes and her current fiancee have kids of their own. She is Sophia’s guardian since Demien died.

    2. Jemima Kym Hassan (38)
    –DF: Kitaka Melanie Quiver (35)
    —-DD: Jennifer Violet Hassan (12)
    —-DS: James Sherman Hassan (11)
    —-DD: Belle Alyssa Hassan (9)
    —-DD: Adeline Delia Hassan (9)
    —-DAS: Colt Chris Hassan (9)
    —-DS: Eric Henry Hassan (6)
    —-DS: Toby Jude Hassan (6)
    —-DD: Sara Molly Hassan (6)
    —-DAS: Ronan Zane Hassan (5)
    —-DAD: Paula Dorothea Hassan (1)
    —-DAS: Aloysius Bryant Hassan (1)
    Jemima had a friend that gave her Jennifer and James. She used IVF to have the twins who are now 9. She and Kitaka also adopted Colt the same time. 3 years later Kitaka had IVF and gave the couple the triplets. A year after that they adopted Ronan and they have also adopted twins who are now 1.

    3. Bijou Wilmarie Hardy (39)
    —-DAD: Sabrina Venetia Hardy (17)
    —-DAS: Leo Martin Hardy (15)
    —-DAD: Alexis Sylvia Hardy (9)
    —-DD: Jessie Sophie Hardy (7)
    —-DAD: Lissa Maia Hardy (3)
    —-DAS: Ralph Richard Hardy (1)
    —-DAS: Andrew Harold Hardy (1)
    Bijou had one accidental pregnancy and is a single mother to Jessie. She has also adopted 6 kids. Sabrina and Leo are siblings. Alexis is on her own and Lissa, Ralph and Andrew are siblings.

    4. Rashida Melissa {Williams} Patina (35)
    –DH: Trevin Malachi Patina (33)
    —-DSD: Dorothy Paloma Patina (20)
    —-DSD: Penelope Eloise Patina (18)
    —-DSD: Julie Carrie Patina (18)
    —-DSD: Emilie Sprauge Patina (16)
    —-DSD: Melissa Millie Patina (14)
    —-DSD: Una Amadea Patina (14)
    —-DAS: Rodney David Patina (14)
    —-DD: Jolie Virginia Patina (12)
    —-DAD: Louise Mary-Elizabeth Patina (11)
    —-DD: Isabella Rutina Patina (8)
    —-DAS: Charles Bruce Patina (8)
    —-DS: Henry Addison Patina (4)
    —-DD: Kelly Alana Patina (3)
    —-DD: Roselyn Adelaide Patina (3)
    —-DS: Ron El-Hadji Patina (3)
    —-DD: Tara Violet Patina (2)
    —-DS: Alexander Nicholas Patina (1)
    When Rashida met Trevin he already had 6 kids. They’ve had 8 kids together and adopted a sib-set 6 years ago at the time Charles was 2, Louise was 5 and Rodney was 8. They have 17!!! kids total and they think they’re done but they love them all and love having a big family.

    5. Krystal Dae {Eldora} Hesselberg (35)
    –DH: Quincy Winter Hesselberg (41)
    —-DSS: Michael Gregory Hesselberg (20)
    —-DSD: Laura Erin Hesselberg (20)
    —-DSS: Zayden Kagiso Hesselberg (19)
    —-DSS: Forrest Enrique Hesselberg (18)
    —-DAD: Katelyn Karoline Eldora (10)
    —-DSS: Ivan Cyril Hesselberg (7)
    —-DSD: Diana Theodora Hesselberg (5)
    —-DS: Jason Randall Hesselberg (4)
    —-DS: Steven Christopher Hesselberg (1)
    When Krystal met Quincy he had 6 kids with 3 different women Michael and Laura with one, Zayden and Forrest with the second and Ivan and Diana with the third. Krystal had also adopted a daughter Katelyn on her own. They got married a year to the day after they met and now they have two beautiful boys together.

    6. Aleckzandruh Nora Rebel (35) “Ali”
    –DEXH: Segenam Soren Kingfisher (36) “Seg”
    —-DD: Gloria Meadow Kingfisher (18)
    —-DS: Conrad Marcos Kingfisher (17)
    —-DS: Alfred Talbet Kingfisher (15)
    —-DD: Piper Remy Kingfisher (12)
    —-DS: Barry Bonds Kingfisher (11)
    —-DD: Isadora Capri Kingfisher (10)
    –DBF: Edward Mekhi Claret (40) “Eddie”
    —-DD: Hope Gabrielle Claret (7)
    —-DAS: Clancey Jeffrey Claret (5)
    —-DS: Phil Harold Claret (3)
    —-DS: Robert Billy Claret (1)
    —-DAD: Julia Sandra Claret (2 months)
    —-DAS: Chris Holden Claret (2 months)
    Ali had 6 kids with her high school sweetheart Seg. She also has 3 kids and has adopted 3 more kids with her boyfriend Eddie.

    7. Glory Elberte {Brockert} Zebra-Criquett (35)
    –DEXH: Pat James Zebra (40)
    —-DD: Donna Anna Zebra (17)
    —-DD: Hope Alexandra Zebra (15)
    —-DS: Andrew Rider Zebra (12)
    –DH: Cyrus Moulton Criquett (36)
    —-DS: Craig Franklin Criquett (4)
    Glory had three kids with her ex Pat and her and her current husband Cyrus have Craig.

    8. Martha Stella Gonca (38)
    –DBF: John Willow Chin (42)
    —-DS: Chico Kenneth Gonca (18)
    —-DD: Isis Gladys Gonca (18)
    —-DS: Webber Theodore Gonca (17)
    —-DS: Felix Vince Gonca (16)
    —-DS: River Thurston Gonca (14)
    —-DS: Edgar Luke Gonca (14)
    —-DSD: Alexandra Zarah Chin (11)
    —-DS: Tyson Hartley Gonca (9)
    —-DSD: Talia Daphne Chin (5)
    —-DD: Traviata Yolanda Chin (3)
    —-DS: Curt Kobe Chin (3 months)
    Martha had 7 kids on her own and John had two daughters. Together they have a 3 year old girl and a 3 month old boy.

    9. Merle Nightingale Afton (39)
    —-DD: Indra Natalya Williams (14) “Indi”
    —-DD: Penelope Dorothea Afton-Morris (5) “Penni”
    Merle has two beautiful girls with two different mans.

    10. Domminique Angela {McGee} Hartford-Zox (38)
    –DEXW: Hananiah Maggie Hartford (38) “Niah”
    —-DD: Juliet Deborah Hartford (13)
    —-DS: Tyrone Konnor Hartford (12)
    —-DD: Becky Carol Hartford (12)
    —-DS: Alexander Rodney Hartford (9)
    –DEXW: Yocheved Carla Zox (43) “Yoyo”
    —-DSD: Hadley Maureen Zox (9)
    —-DAS: Felix Milton Zox (7)
    —-DAD: Karen Violet Zox (6)
    —-DD: Stephanie Eliza Zox (4)
    –DGF: Aviva Elise Thompkins (44)
    —-DSS: Ben Isaac Thompkins (13)
    —-DSD: Jacquelyn Calla Thompkins (12)
    —-DSD: Penny Petunia Thompkins (9)
    —-DSD: Johanna Henrietta Thompkins (9)
    —-DSS: Ron Adolf Thompkins (3)
    —-DD: Joann Katherine Thompkins (3 months)
    Domminique and her first wife Niah had 3 kids through IVF. Yoyo had Hadley when her and Domminique met together they adopted siblings Felix and Karen and together used a sperm donor to have Stephanie. Aviva had 4 kids when she met Yoyo and together they used a sperm donor and Domminique jut gave birth to their daughter Joann.


    1. Madelyn Michelle Gray Davis (38)
    DH: Connor Michael Davis (41)
    - DS: Chase Warren (14)
    - DD: Harper Jocelyn (11)
    - DD: Reagan Penelope (9)

    2. Rachel Maria Williams Cosgrove (36)
    DH: Nathan George Cosgrove (39)
    - DS: Henry George (6)
    - DS: Elliot James (4)

    3. Taylor Kimberley McCullough Quinn (35)
    DH: Matthew William Quinn (37)
    - DD: Lily Georgina (12)
    - DD: Arabella Rose (8)

    4. Lauren Charlotte Drew Zimmerman (37)
    DH: John David Zimmerman (40)
    - DS: Logan Dominic (7)
    - DD: Julia Catherine (5)

    5. Hannah Claire Johnson Buckley (37)
    DH: Liam Daniel Buckley (38)
    - DD: Arden Meredith (16)
    - DD: Norah Elizabeth (13)
    - DS: Wyatt Jackson (10)

    6. Meghan Jessica Anderson Ashton (36)
    DH: Benjamin Peter Ashton (37)
    - DS: Cohen Bradley (2)
    - DD: Avery Eleanor (nb)

    7. Alexandra Lee Hall Flynn (35)
    DH: Nicholas Henry Flynn (36)
    - DD/DD: Ella Alexandra & Eva Nichole (3)

    8. Kate Mackenzie Chambers O’Reilly (37)
    DH: Aaron Patrick O’Reilly (39)
    - DS: Jack Robert (13)
    - DS: Luke Nicholas (11)

    9. Emma Nicole Rickman Kendall (38)
    DH: Robert Anthony Kendall (41)
    - DS: Weston Peter (15)
    - DS/DD: Thomas Philip & Violet Paige (9)

    10. Olivia Danielle Palin McKay (38)
    DH: Spencer Philip McKay (40)
    - DD: Lucy Adelaide (7)
    - DS: Jude Francis (5)
    - DD: Anna Louise (3)
    - DS: Finn Jeremy (nb)


    1. Najlaa Deyaneira Jamison (36)
    -Bank Manager
    –DEXW: Willow Bonnie {Green} Jamison (42)
    —-DD: Oona Megan Jamison (11)
    —-DAD: Lola Moira Jamison (11)
    —-DD: Marlene Virginia Jamison (9)
    —-DAD: Theresa Chloe Jamison (9)
    –DF: Rene Ever Ing (36)
    -MMA Fighter
    —-DAD: Paula Morgan Jamison (5)
    —-DAS: Colin Xander Jamison (4)
    —-DS: Adam Gregory Jamison (4)
    —-DAS: Alvin Jerome Jamison (2)
    Najlaa had Oona and Marlene and adopted sisters Lola and Theresa with her first wife Willow. With her current fiancee Rene they have a son Adam and adopted siblings Paula, Colin and Alvin last year.

    2. Angel Molly Kelamis (38)
    –DF: Boden Hurst Bendview (44)
    -Computer Programmer
    —-DS: Kobe Michael Bendview (18)
    —-DS: Geoff Ronald Bendview (12)
    —-DD: Abigail Cara Bendview (9)
    —-DS: Bill Anthony Bendview (3)
    Angel and Boden have been together for 19 years. They’ve had 4 kids very spread out. They’ve been engaged for about 10 years and have made no moves to solidify their relationship. They’re very happy with where they are and see no reason to change it.

    3. Rashida Katherine {Manheim} Ugger (37)
    -Stay at Home Mom
    –DH: Jafar Wylie Ugger (37)
    -Barber (Shop Owner)
    —-DS: Billy Wylie Ugger (15)
    —-DAS: Axel Zoban Ugger (15)
    —-DD: Claire Laura Ugger (14)
    —-DAS: Ronald Kenneth Ugger (13)
    —-DD: Penelope Opal Ugger (12)
    —-DAS: Emmett Chad Ugger (10)
    —-DS: Rodolfo Sean Ugger (10 months)
    Rashida and Jafar had three kids and adopted three more and were sure they were done. Almost two years ago Rashida surprisingly got pregnant. She decided with encouragement from Jafar to stay home with this child. So she’s been a stay-at-home mom with Rodolfo which she always wanted to with the older kids.

    4. Natasha Adriana Phelps (34)
    -Retail Cashier
    –DF: Burt Coburn Ruby (33)
    -Astronomy Professor
    —-DD: Katey Nannie Ruby (17)
    —-DD: Karen Piccola Ruby (15)
    —-DS: Kaleb Toby Ruby (13)
    —-DS: Rowan Wilder Ruby (12)
    —-DS: Ronan Ion Ruby (4)
    —-DS: Colin Maximilian Ruby (3)
    Natasha and Burt have 6 kids together. They plan to get married next year.

    5. Opalescent Sara Pooky (36) “Opal”
    -Stay at Home Mom
    –DF: Everett Rexman Babin (40)
    -Chauffeur (Limo Driver)
    —-DS: James Jeremy Babin (16)
    —-DAS: Aspen War Babin (15)
    —-DD: Reese Julia Babin (12)
    —-DAS: Scott Timmy Babin (9)
    —-DAS: Lenin Kobe Babin (9)
    —-DS: Casey Zachary Babin (8)
    —-DD: Briar Jacinta Babin (7)
    —-DAS: Oscar Joe Babin (4)
    —-DS: Nicky Rozello Babin (3)
    —-DD: Paula Nadia Babin (1)
    —-DAD: Helen Belinda Babin (4 months)
    —-DAS: Jesus Sheldon Babin (4 months)
    Opal is a stay-at-home mom for their 12 kids. 6 biological and 6 adopted.

    6. Theodora Madeleine {Zamora} Mauve (38) “Dora”
    –DH: Purtty Dallas Mauve (35)
    -Professional Baseball Player (Third Baseman)
    —-DS: Preston Wyandanch Mauve (8)
    —-DD: Evelin Mary Mauve (7)
    Dora and Purtty were married 10 years ago and have 2 kids. All they wanted was a boy and girl and that’s what they got. They are both happy in their careers and personal life.

    7. Lyllee Madeleine Burns (38)
    –DEXW: Chiuta Aroha Dragon (42)
    -School Bus Driver
    —-DD: Ruby Jordan Burns (14)
    —-DD: Bonnie Shaina Burns (13)
    –DEXW: Eden Rifka Deryn (35)
    —-DD: Emilie Christina Burns (9)
    —-DAS: Ty Gregory Burns (9)
    —-DAD: Vicki Lucia Burns (8)
    —-DAD: Imogen Quintess Burns (8)
    –DEXW: Deanna Gershom Underling (39)
    -Company President (Restaurant Chain)
    —-DSD: Carly Tress Underling (9)
    —-DSD: Odetta Claudia Underling (7)
    –DW: Annora Israella {Hubbard} Burns (41)
    —-DSS: Delius Lyle Hubbard (19)
    —-DSS: Damian Colton Hubbard (4)
    —-DS: Henry Basil Burns (8 months)
    Lyllee and her first wife Chiuta used a sperm donor to have Ruby and Bonnie. Lylle and her second wife Eden used a donor to have Emilie and adopted a sib-set of three, Ty, Vicki and Imogen. Her third wife Deanna had Carly and Odetta when they met and they didn’t have any together. Annora had two sons when they met Del and Damian and Annora just gave birth to their son Henry.

    8. Georgia Vanessa Floss (38)
    —-DAD: Julie Kullen Floss (19)
    —-DD: Oona Natalie Floss (18)
    —-DAD: Kallie Laurene Floss (16)
    —-DAS: Captain Nicholas Floss (16) “Cap”
    —-DAD: Greta Bonita Floss (11)
    —-DAS: Basil Kit Floss (7)
    —-DS: Pavel Henry Floss (5)
    —-DAS: Jimi Peregrine Floss (5)
    –DH: Jean-Claude Heddwyn Pratt (39)
    —-DSS: Peyton Reggie Pratt (11)
    —-DSD: Judi Rebecca Pratt (10)
    —-DSD: Nellie Cristina Pratt (9)
    —-DSS: Klayton Colty Pratt (8)
    —-DSS: Leighton Cody Pratt (4)
    Georgia had Oona in high school. The relationship with her father didn’t work so she adopted Julie so she’d have a sibling. After that she’s adopted 5 more kids and had a boy with a one night stand. She met Jean-Claude three years ago. He had 5 kids and they got married a year and a half ago. So far so good all the kids seem to get along well.

    9. Fredderique Rachael Nathair (36) “Freddi”
    -Kindergarten Teacher
    –DEXH: Luke Ian Westwick (36)
    —-DD: Audrey Lola Westwick (19)
    —-DS: Max Nestor Westwick (17)
    —-DD: Juliana Elizabeth Westwick (15)
    —-DAS: Buddha Dwight Westwick (9)
    —-DAD: Mary Jill Westwick (3)
    —-DAD: Katherine Barbara Westwick (2)
    —-DS: William Isaac Westwick (1) “Will”
    —-DD: Emilie Brooke Westwick (1)
    —-DAS: Herbert Samuel Westwick (1)
    Freddi and Luke have been off and on for the past 20 years. They got pregnant with Audrey in high school and got married then. After they had Juliana they got divorced. They got back together 3 years later and adopted Buddha. They broke up after a year and got back together 5 years ago they adopted Mary and Katherine and she surprisingly got pregnant with the twins. Also adopted Herbert. They broke up only 3 months after the twins were born and just a month after Herbert. They’re happily divorced now.

    10. Eldride Nessa Hart (39) “Elle”
    -Bank President
    –DEXH: Sagbata Wolf Utah (42)
    -Car Salesman
    —-DSD: Isla Heather Utah (17)
    —-DSS: Reginald Mahavira Utah (17)
    —-DSS: Sampson Voltaire Utah (15)
    –DF: Arsenio Blair Quizno (38)
    —-DSD: Reagan Grace Quizno (7)
    —-DSD: Adeline Joy Quizno (4)
    —-DSD: Christopher Beau Quizno (1)
    Elle doesn’t have any kids of her own but she loves being a step-mom even to Sagbata’s kids since they broke up. She met Arsenio when his ex was still pregnant with Christopher and he actually proposed to her just 2 months after he was born. They plan to get married next summer.


    1. Jeanie Merrie Ace (38)
    –DF: Sebastian Daniel Goldstein (40)
    —-DS: Ichabod Maurice Ace-Figueroa (19)
    —-DD: Annabelle Christine Ace-Figueroa (18)
    —-DS: Isaac Murray Ace-Figueroa (17)
    —-DS: Mark George Ace-Figueroa (16)
    —-DAD: Mary Marissa Ace (9)
    —-DSD: Jennifer Marie Goldstein (7)
    —-DSD: Carol Reagan Goldstein (4)
    Jeanie had 4 kids with her high school sweetheart. She also decided to adopt Mary 8 years ago. Her current fiance Sebastian has Jennifer and Carol with his ex-wife. Sebastian and Jeanie are awesome together and she feels like she’s finally at the right place.

    2. Elethea Wisnu Esequiel (34) “Ela”
    –DBF: Alabama Yagi Reynolds (35) “Al”
    —-DSD: Jennifer Vashti Reynolds (19) “Jennie”
    —-DSS: Alabama Talbet Reynolds (18) “Bam Bam”
    —-DSS: Kellan Luc Reynolds (9)
    —-DSD: Janet Diane Reynolds (8)
    —-DSD: Marisol Gloria Reynolds (7)
    —-DSS: Dwight Owen Reynolds (2)
    Al has 6 kids. Ela doesn’t have any of her own but she treats all Al’s kids especially Dwight like her own.

    3. Melbyrne Imogen {Johnson} Kappelhoff (35) “Mel”
    –DLH: Tommy Miles Kappelhoff (35) –died 12 years ago–
    —-DD: Isis Trinidad Kappelhoff (14)
    —-DS: Ever Daniel Kappelhoff (9)
    –DF: Jeff Gurzil Stack (33)
    —-DSS: Felix Jeffrey Stack (19)
    —-DSD: Jolene Mischa Stack (11)
    —-DSD: Emma Callista Stack (4)
    —-DSS: Johnny Davion Stack (2)
    —-DSS: Michael Jorge Stack (1)
    Jeff and Mel have been together about 6 months and want to get married in 4 months. Mel also has Isis and Ever with Tommy. Ever was born after Tommy died through frozen sperm. She just didn’t want Isis to be an only child.

    4. Wyllough Isabel {Johnson} Xiu (34)
    –DEXH Venique Zanahary Rosenthal (34)
    —-DS: Donner Josiah Rosenthal (19) “DJ”
    —-DS: Ken Zanahary Rosenthal (18)
    —-DD: Alia Elizabeth Rosenthal (16)
    —-DD: Clover Estelle Rosenthal (14)
    –DH: Kyle Jude Xiu (32)
    —-DSS: Porter Chester Xiu (16)
    —-DSS: Lester Damien Xiu (12)
    —-DSS: Asher Drake Xiu (6)
    —-DS: Jackson Jeffrey Xiu (4)
    —-DS: Michael Sawyer Xiu (3)
    —-DD: Vanessa Bridget Xiu (11 months)
    Wyllough and her ex-husband Venique have 4 kids together. Her new husband Kyle had 3 kids before they got married and together they have 3.

    5. Alexandra Keeva Marmaduke (36) “Lexa”
    –DEXH: Henry David Sturgess (37)
    –DLH: Everett Boyd White (35) –died 11 years ago–
    —-DSD: Katherine Doris White (19)
    —-DD: Kenna Sally White (11)
    —-DD: Helen Asley White (10)
    –DEXH: Finn Zanahary Violet (35)
    –DEXW: Sawyer James Franco (40)
    —-DSS: Fredrick Cal Franco (7)
    –DEXW: Sienna Elaine Stevenns (36)
    —-DSS: Harding Ken Stevenns (14)
    –DW: Felicity Kuno Radomil (43)
    —-DSS: Thomas Cadfan Radomil (13)
    —-DSS: Floyd Gabriel Radomil (7)
    —-DSD: Phoebe Maria Radomil (newborn)
    Lexa still feels like Everett was/is her soulmate. He had a daughter before they met and had a 6 month old daughter and didn’t realize she was pregnant with Helen when Everett died in a car accident. She’s been married 4 times since then, once to a man and three times to women. She’s currently with Felicity who has 3 kids of her own. She still misses Everett more than anything though.

    6. Katherine Daisy McCormack (36) “Kath”
    –DF: Jessie Marquink Akane (38)
    —-DAD: Marlene Dee Akane (19)
    —-DAS: Kohltan Sterling Akane (12)
    —-DAS: Phillip Noble Akane (9)
    —-DAS: Adeline Jay Akane (4)
    —-DAS: Nelson Terry Akane (2)
    Kath and Jessie don’t have any biological children but have adopted 5 kids into their family.

    7. Jennifer Jemima {Palmer} Hesselberg (39) “Jenn”
    –DLH: Mike Tore Hesselberg (39) –died 7 years ago–
    —-DS: Hank Dylan Hesselberg (19)
    —-DS: Christian Drew Hesselberg (17)
    —-DS: Phillip Patrick Hesselberg (10)
    —-DS: Owen Kyle Hesselberg (10)
    –DF: Wempi Edbur Zackman (44)
    —-DAS: Timothy Alexander Zackman (6)
    —-DAS: Joshua Stefan Zackman (6)
    —-DD: Renee Xenia Zackman (5)
    —-DD: Chase Lauren Zackman (4)
    Jenn had 4 boys with her late husband Mike. Her and her fiance Wempi have adopted twin boys Timothy and Joshua. They also have two daughters together.

    8. Adriana Kimberly Safiya (38)
    —-DAD: Seraphina Kathlenn Safiya (19)
    —-DAS: Gerald Calvin Safiya (14)
    —-DAS: Arnold Lucifer Safiya (14)
    —-DAD: Brooke Francesca Safiya (9)
    —-DAS: Jon Philip Safiya (8 months)
    Adriana has never really wanted to get married or be in relationships with men or women. But she did want to be a mother more than anything. She has adopted 5 kids though and is an awesome mom.

    9. Maeve McMurphy Seung (38)
    –DF: Emery Adox Elmerman (39)
    —-DSS: Finn Milton Elmerman (17)
    —-DSS: William Joseph Elmerman (10)
    —-DSS: Keith Clarence Elmerman (9)
    —-DSS: Ruben Washington Elmerman (6)
    Maeve doesn’t have any kids of her own but she loves being almost step-mom to Emery’s four boys.

    10. Eiric Egbertina Viber-Rosette (36) “Vi”
    –DH: Ed Mark Rosette (40)
    —-DSD: Verna Sara Rosette (20)
    —-DSS: Thomas Kenneth Rosette (15)
    —-DSD: Allison Alexandria Rosette (14)
    —-DD: Tress Kate Rosette (13)
    —-DS: Rory Peregrine Rosette (3)
    Ed had 3 kids before he met Vi. Vi and Ed got pregnant with Tress pretty much right away. 5 years later they got married and a year and a half after that they had a beautiful little boy Rory.


    1. Kamila Raven Alvarez (38)
    -DH: Markham Lewis Alba (42)
    -DD: Zarah Daphne Alvarez (12)
    -DD: Geneva Deirdre Alvarez (10)
    -DD: Casia Violet Alba (2)

    2. Jasmine Sun Waldo (36)
    -ExDH: Parker Thaddeus Paz (41)
    -DW: Amma Blair Phransis (33)
    -DD: Minty Diora Waldo (19)
    -DS: Tenor Wythe Paz (11)
    -DS: Kismet Ollo Paz (8)
    -DS: Accoy Rook Phransis-Waldo (3)

    3. Nettie Isabella Malik-Johannesson (37)
    -ExDH: Tarn Bemba Kombo (39)
    -DH: Finn Nile Johannesson (40)
    -DD: Rosemary Amelia Kombo (13)
    -DS: Calvin Clifton Johannesson (11)
    -DS: Patrick Kent Johannesson (1)

    4. Nanci Claire Titian (34)
    -DW: Willow Sofia Claret (32)
    -DD: Winona Trinity Titian-Claret (3)
    -DS: Damien Jasper Titian-Claret (1)

    5. Merrie Wren (Charmaine) Braun (34)
    -DH: Leonardo Elijah Braun (37) “Leo”
    -DS: Oliver Lyon Charmaine (18)
    -DS: Knight Alonzo Braun (8)
    -DD: Giselle Dorothea Braun (3)

    6. Bijou Clyrees Karmen (34)
    -DGF: Petal Naomi Daniels (29)
    -DS: Henry Beau Lasker (18)
    -DD: Augusta Reagan Karmen (14)
    -DD: Elodie Ramona Karmen-Daniels (2)
    -DS: Philip Marco Karmen-Daniels (NB)

    7. Mahnikka Eleena Naughton-Gray (38)
    -ExDH: Grant Mario Westwick (35)
    -DW: Evangeline Kate Naughton-Gray (43) “Evie”
    -DD: Alessandra Chantal Naughton-Gray (9)
    -DD: Valentine Cynthia Naughton-Gray (NB)

    8. Seraphina Natalia Ronita (35) “Phina”
    -LDW: Raquel Ivory Ulysse (36) passed away at 22
    -ExDW: Carol Anna Butler (38) “Carrie”
    -ExDW: Canta Giovanna Barone (34)
    -ExDW: Isadora Moon Roby (27)
    -DF: Cassidy Donna Heill (25)

    9. Sabrina Jemima (Carole) Taylor (38)
    -DH: Cyrus Godad Taylor (40) “Cy”
    -DS: Benjamin Ezra Taylor (13) “Benji”
    -DS: Gabriel Seth Taylor (1) “Gabe”

    10. Phoebe Cordelia (Keynes) Benedikt (38)
    -ExDH: Tore Wolf Blue (39)
    -DH: Emery Burns Benedikt (37)
    -DS: Timothy Jagger Blue (17) “TJ”
    -DD: Brenda Laurel Benedikt (13) “Laurel”
    -DD: Julianne Ida Benedikt (5) “Jules”


    Wow, this one took me 4 hours to do lol it was fun tho!!

    1. Angelique Rihanna Hernandez (39)
    -DEXW: Christiana Melanie Underwood (38)
    —DS: Michael Nicolaus Hernandez-Underwood (17)
    —DSD: Anna Rosalia Hernandez-Underwood (15)
    —DS: Anthony Richard Hernandez-Underwood (13)
    —DD: Kaylah Helen Hernandez-Underwood (12)
    —DSD/DSS: Lauren Nancy Hernandez-Underwood/Matthew Caleb Hernandez-Underwood (12)
    —DD: Jessica Alice Hernandez-Underwood (11)
    —DSD: Galilea Serafina Hernandez-Underwood (11)
    -DW: June Mary Ward (36)
    —DAD: Casey Amy Hernandez (17)
    —DAS: Stefan Dwight Hernandez(12)
    —DAS: Harrison Alex Hernandez(10)
    —DAD: Pamela Tiffany Hernandez(9)
    —DS: Sawyer Jagger Hernandez-Ward (6)
    —DS: David Michael Hernandez-Ward (5)
    —DSD: Delilah Matilda Hernandez-Ward(2)
    Angelique and Christiana started dating when they were only 20. Unable to afford IVF at the time, Angelique had a friend impregnate her to get her son. They wanted to expand their family, so Christiana had a friend impregnate her, to get her daughter. Since it took over a year for Christiana to get pregnant, they had Angelique get pregnant the next time. Finally being able to afford IVF, they both decided to get it done together in the hopes that they would be pregnant together. It succeeded. Angelique had a girl, and Christiana had B/G twins. Deciding that they wanted a large family, and they enjoyed being pregnant together, they did one more IVF cycle together, and they both succeeded. They both gave birth to daughters. 2 years later, they divorced. Angelique wanted more children, Christiana did not. Angelique then met June who also wanted a large family. Using IVF, Angelique gave birth to 2 boys within 2 years. June wanted a biological child of her own, so she used IVF and gave birth to her daughter. Tragically, Angelique’s sister in law and brother were killed in car accident, so she and June adopted her sisters 4 children.

    2. Nora Coco Fields (35)
    —DS: Thomas Christopher Hunter (18)
    —DS: Trevor Roman Hunter (17)
    —DS: Theodore Phillip Hunter (16)
    -DBF: Finbar Chase Vladimir (35)
    —DS: Mark Robert Vladimir (9)
    —DD: Courteney Joelle Vladimir(8)
    —DD/DS: Eleanor Allison Vladimir/Paul Jackson Vladimir (7)
    —DD: Marcia Elizabeth Vladimir (4)
    —DD: Alexandria Dee Vladimir (2)
    When Nora was 15, she was dating a football player for whom she was a cheerleader for. They were only together for a couple months when she got pregnant with her first son. After her first son was 3 months old, she got pregnant again with her second son. When he was 5 months old, she got pregnant with her third son. The two of them finally broke up, and he went away to college out of state, and she has not heard from him since. She lived her life with 3 boys, being a single mother, and she met Finbar. The two dated for a few years, then decided to bring in a child together. As history often repeats itself, she gave birth to her first 2 kids in 2 years. She then gave birth to twins the year after that. Thinking they were done, they started to settle down until an “oops” happened with their next daughter. Finbar then got a vasectomy, but it proved to be a failure as Nora got pregnant again with their youngest daughter. Nora then got her tubes tied. Finbar does not believe in marriage, so they are still technically “boyfriend/girlfriend.”

    3. Deyaneira Nicole Burke (34)
    -DEXH: William Sagbata Broadus (33)
    —DS: Josiah Talbet Broadus(19)
    —DD: Marlene Julia Broadus(15)
    -DF: Romeo Wylie Darcey (33)
    —DD: Janiyah Kenna Darcey (9)
    —DS: Laura Kate Darcey (8)
    When Deyaneira was 14 and a high school freshman, she was a cheerleader. That was her last cheering season, because shortly after the season ended, she became pregnant at 15 with her first son with her boyfriend William. She dropped out of High School at 16, and began working to support her son. She and William stayed together. When she was 18, she got pregnant again, and her and William decided to get married. She had her daughter at 19. Her and William got divorced after just 2 years of marriage. Deyaneira went back to school where she met Romeo. The two quickly kindled a relationship. Because of her first marriage, she was hesitant to marry again. Romeo accepted this, and helped her raise her 2 kids. After her first 2 children were 10 and 6, Romeo and Deyaneira decided to have kids of their own. They quickly had 2 children. After their kids were 4 and 5, Romeo proposed to Deyaneira, hoping that since they had been living together and acting like a married couple, she would be OK with actually being married. She accepted. They are saving for an extravagant wedding.

    4. Malina Brandi (Nasira) Massagli (35)
    -DEXH: Leonardo Ryan Green (39)
    —DD: Bonnie Rachael Green(19)
    —DS: Napoleon Sicily Green (14)
    —DS: Woodrow James Green (10)
    -DH: Mulungu Seabrook Massagli (42)
    —DAS: Zander Michael Massagli (12)
    —DAS: Antony Phillip Massagli (11)
    —DAD: Kaelyn Angelina Massagli(10)
    —DAD: Vasilisa Caitlin Massagli(7)
    —DS: Mason Herman Massagli (4)
    —DAD: Mariah Alice Massagli(2)
    —DAS: Matthew Rodney Massagli (1)
    —DS: Connor Melvin Massagli (9 months)

    This was some cheerleading squad. Malina got pregnant with her first daughter at age 16. Her parents made her and Leonardo get married before she gave birth. They then had 2 more children during their 10 year marriage. They divorced and she met Mulungu at a party. Mulungu and his ex-wife were unable to have children (his ex-wife was infertile) so they became foster parents. Mulungu had a passion for foster parenting, so he and Malina continued to foster parent. In the meantime, they got married and had 2 kids of their own. One family had lost their 5 kids due to neglect and were placed in foster care with Malina and Mulungu. They went on to adopt these 5 children and gave them a beautiful home and family.

    5. Melusina Tiffany (Marmaduke) Udderman (37)
    -DW: Elaine Erin Udderman (43)
    —DD: Ingrid Hattie Udderman (17)
    —DS/DS: Lance Eric Udderman/Robert Herbert Udderman (15)
    —DS: Brody David Udderman(13)
    —DS: Paul Evan Udderman (11)
    —DD: Frances Lauren Udderman(4)
    —DS: Miles Landon Udderman(2)

    Melusina and Elaine met in High School. They were married on graduation day in a beautiful ceremony in front of their High School peers. After 2 years of marriage, they decided they wanted children. Elaine had Type 1 diabetes, and pregnancy would be a risk, so they decided that Melusina would carry their children. With their Health Insurance refusing IVF/Sperm donor coverage for Melusina, they decided to ask a personal friend for his donation. He accepted under the terms that he be involved in the child’s life. They accepted, and she gave birth to their daughter. They named him the Godfather. They went on to use his donation for their next 4 children. He was Godfather of all those children as well. After several years, and raising 5 children, Melusina and Elaine decided that they wanted another child. Their “sperm donor” had since gotten married, and was unable to continue helping them. They then decided to give IVF another shot. Insurance covered it this time, and they had their daughter. Feeling that their daughter needed a playmate, the decided to do IVF one last time, and had another son.

    6. Brogan Cristiane (Josalind) Moniz (37)
    -DLH: Alistair Romelio Moniz (37-died at 31)
    —DD: Lindsey Julissa Moniz(12)
    —DD: Lara Weili Moniz(10)
    —DS: Logan Asher Moniz (9)
    —DS: Silas Jerome Moniz (8)
    —DS: Alexander Randall Moniz(7)
    -DF: Gannon Luca Adams (42)
    —DS: George Declan Adams(3)
    —DD: Bella Mikki Adams(2)
    —DS/DD: Laurent Will Adams/Janet Hermosa Adams (1)
    Brogan and her late husband Alistair met while she was studying abroad in Spain. Alistair had always wanted to live in America, so when she was done with school, he moved out to America with her. At this time they were together for 2 years. They got engaged and became married. They had 5 beautiful children together. While flying out to Spain to visit his family, his plane crashed and he was killed. One year later, she met a man in a support group for widows/widowers named Gannon. Gannon had lost his wife to breast cancer 4 years earlier. Since she had breast cancer during the entirety of their marriage, they did not have children. They began spending a lot of time together and eventually Brogan and her children moved in with Gannon. The two had 4 children together and Gannon proposed to Brogan the day after she gave birth to their twins. They are set to marry this summer.

    7. Heather Riley Joseph (37)
    —DS/DD: Johnny Hockney Norris/ Catherine Ngozi Norris(16)
    —DD: Chaelyn Malia Norris(15)
    -DBF: Radbert Israel Devin (39)
    —DS: Ellen Adelaide Devin(10)
    —DS: Henry Asher Devin(9)
    —DD: Belinda Margaret Devin(8)
    —DS: Landon Andrew Devin(11 months)
    Heather had her first 3 children with her boyfriend from college. They were engaged and set to be married, but broke off the engagement when he cheated on her right after their youngest was born. Heather raised her children and stayed single for a while, until she met Radbert. They had 3 children together and decided that their family was big enough. She was hesitant to get engaged because of her previous relationship. They decided to wait to get married until they were both ready. Heather is taking her time to walk down the aisle. Last year, they had an “oops” moment and got pregnant with their youngest son. They are now a happy family of 9, and they are talking about marriage as Heather believes she is ready. Radbert is proposing this Valentines Day.

    8. Marsha Joelys (McKenzee) Kan (34)
    -DEXH: Welborne Aviv Cad (38)
    —DSD: Traviata Emilie Cad (19)
    —DSS: Wilson Marco Cad (18)
    —DSD: Halleli Mariella Cad (17)
    —DSS: Paul Arnold Cad(15)
    -DH: Bodhi Dylan Kan (33)
    —DSS: Desmond Dexter Kan(4)

    Marsha is unable to have children, so when she met Welborne, who already had 4 children, she thought he was perfect. Welborne was a troubled teen and his troubles lasted well into his early twenties. He fathered 4 children with 4 different women. After his 4th child was born, he cleaned up his act completely, went to college, and became a Substance Abuse Counselor. He met Marsha in college and they got married after 2 years of dating. They were married for 5 years. They divorced because Welborne wanted another child, and after 4 failed IVF attempts, the pressure of it all caused friction in their marriage. She met Bodhi online and their relationship quickly kindled. He had a child on the way with his ex-girlfriend, but she did not want the child, so she agreed to sign her rights over to Bodhi. When the child was born, Bodhi had full custody of him, and Marsha took on the role of mom. They were married 1 year later.

    9. Orlagh Wisnu (Matuschanskayasky) Cory (36)
    -DH: Noel Moshe Cory (39)
    —DD: Alia Emilie Cory(12)
    —DAD: Ashley Penelope Cory(10)
    —DD: Makayla Krista Cory(8)
    —DAS/DAS: Broderick Quincy Cory/Gabriel Abel Cory (8)
    —DD/DS: Mckenna Jocelyn Cory/ Demetrius Dwayne Cory(7)
    —DD: Summer Essence Cory (6)
    —DAS: Malcolm Ezekiel Cory (5)
    —DAD: Sadie Robin Cory(4)
    —DAS: Emmett Evan Cory (2)
    —DD: Claire Zariah Cory(2)

    Orlagh met Noel when she was in college. They became friends, and it soon turned romantic. Noel had rich parents who had left him the entire estate worth $6 million when they died. They decided to keep the mansion that his parents had left them and decided to get married and start a family. They had their first daughter very quickly. Orlagh’s sister had drug/alcohol problems and was unable to care for a child. When her sister became pregnant, she and Noel agreed to adopt her child. Orlagh and Noel then had another child and just a few short months later, her sister had given birth to twins and gave them to Orlagh and Noel. She found out a month later that she herself was pregnant with twins. Since their house still had some empty bedrooms and her sister had sworn she would have no more children, they decided to have another. A few months later, her sister announced she was pregnant again, and was going to give that child to them as well. Knowing that she couldn’t be trusted to not have any more kids, they decided to stop in the event they would be adopting more kids. After not hearing from her sister for 3 years, they decided it was safe to have another. Two weeks before her due date, her sister arrived with a 2 yr old and a newborn. She had tried to parent them, but decided against it, and so Orlagh and Noel adopted those 2 kids, in addition to giving birth to their last child. Orlagh’s sister then was sent to jail for 20 years on drug charges. They felt satisfied that she could no longer hurt herself with drugs, and more importantly, not bring any more children into the world. They are now one BIG happy family of 14.

    10. Cristina Mia (Mortega) Qualls (39)
    -DH: Omar Theodore Qualls (46)
    —DD: Janice Melanie Qualls(18)
    —DS: Kennedy Ethan Qualls(11)
    —DS: Ralph Felix Qualls(2)
    —DD: Marissa Eden Qualls(3 months)

    Cristina and Omar started dating while Cristina was in college. They met at a party thrown by a mutual friend. They got married after Cristina got pregnant with their first daughter. When their daughter was 2, they decided to have another child. However, Cristina struggled with secondary infertility. They tried for 5 years before finally getting pregnant with their first son. Knowing that is took them several years to get pregnant again; they decided to try again a year later, in the hopes that they would get pregnant within a couple years. Sadly, it took them 8 years to get pregnant again. They had their second son. They decided to stop due to a scare they had with their second son possibly having down syndrome. Thankfully he did not have it, but because of Cristina’s age, they didn’t want to take the risk. Knowing that getting pregnant is close to impossible for them, they didn’t bother to use protection. To their surprise, they got pregnant 1 year later without trying. Thankfully again, this child also did not have down syndrome. Cristina then got her tubes tied.


    1. Kacey Meghan Clark (38) – Baker
    – DF: James Nathaniel Collins (40) – Computer Programmer
    – DSD: Lola Joann Collins (15)
    – DS: Dylan Joseph Collins (4)
    Kacey was never lucky in love. She was always waiting for the right one, always kissing many frogs but then she met James who came to her bakery looking for the perfect cake for his daughters birthday. They started dating and quickly fell pregnant. Kacey never really wanted to get married but when Dylan was born, James popped the question and Kacey couldn’t help but say yes. Dylan is now 4 and still no wedding, James’ daughter, Lola really wants to be a bridesmaid but Kacey keeps putting it off!

    2. Eliza Michelle Pascal (36) *Williams* – Artist
    – DH: Drew Frances Pascal (36) – Basketball Player
    – DD/DD: Florence Jade Pascal & Harlow Elizabeth Pascal (10)
    – DD: Alice Imogen Pascal (7)
    – DD: Violet Tara Pascal (5)
    Eliza met Drew at college. He wanted to be a professional basketball player and she wanted to support him. They married as soon as they graduated, and pretty much fell pregnant straight away. They had to move around while the twins were little as Drew was training so this mixed with being a full time mum didn’t really leave much of a career for Eliza but she loved to paint. More children, more girls and more painting! Eliza now sells her paintings for hundreds of pounds as well as juggle her four daughters.

    3. Alanis Nicole Alfredo-Cusack (39) “Ali” – Auditor
    – DH: Charlie Miles Cusack (35) – Car Salesman
    – DS: Felix Asher Alfredo-Cusack (17)
    – DD: Lily Georgina Alfredo-Cusack (15)
    Ali knew she was going to marry Charlie from a young age but Charlie was always dating younger girls. Ali moved away and went through a couple of serious relationships until she realised she wanted Charlie Cusack. She moved back home getting a job as an auditor and chased Charlie Cusack who was now the owner of his fathers car sales shop. They married a year later and Ali’s wish came true. They have two teenage children, Felix and Lily who attend boarding school.

    4. Tiffany Angel Armstrong (35) *Bowie* – Advertising Executive
    – ExDH: Jack Oliver Armstrong (38) – Attorney
    – DBF: George Henry White (30) – Barber
    – DS: Kaleb William Armstrong (13)
    – DS: Alex Harrison Armstrong (9)
    – DSD: Elodie Alessandra White (6)
    Tiffany and Jack married young, too young. They had their boys and quickly pulled apart. Their busy careers and their time with their children meant they didn’t have much time for each other and they decided to divorce amicably. They are still very close for their sons. Recently Tiffany met George White who she was entirely in lust with and they started seeing each other. Tiffany always wanted a daughter but had two boys but George has a six year old, Elodie that Tiffany has really taken a shine too, she hopes their relationship continues to grow.

    5. Madeline Loretta Finkley (38) “Maddy” *Anderson* – Cake Decorator
    – DH: Cyrus Edward Finkley (42) “Cy” – Airline Pilot
    – DAD: Evelin Mary Finkley (3)
    – DAS: Drake Ashley Finkley (1)
    Maddy and Cy met through a mutual friend and hit it off right from the start. They had a big white wedding, glorious honeymoon and nice little cottage with a white picket fence. All that was missing was children. Maddy and Cy tried for ten years going through multiple miscarriages and stillbirths until they decided to adopt. They adopted Evelin when she was just six months old and have recently adopted a son, Drake who was born with downs syndrome and unwanted by his biological parents. Maddy knows they will struggle but she feels so blessed with her small family.

    6. Effie Susannah Cosgrove (37) *Isaacs* – Chef
    – ExDH: Mitchell Finbar Fawkes (36) – Ambulance Driver
    – ExDH: William Taylor Burns (40) “Billy” – Carpenter
    – DH: Jasper Mark Cosgrove (37) – Correctional Officer
    – DD: Jolie Louise Fawkes (19)
    – DSD: Kaylah Sabrina Cosgrove (16)
    – DS: Sebastian Phillip Burns (10) “Seb”
    – DD: Hope Dylan Burns (8)
    – DS/DS: Cael Avery Cosgrove & Leo Martin Cosgrove (3)
    Effie has had her fair share of marriages. On husband number three she is sure she has it right this time. She married husband number 1 at the tender age of 18, the only reason was because she was pregnant with her first daughter Jolie and their parents expected them to marry especially seeing as it ruined Effie’s cheerleading career. The marriage only last a few years though as they knew they were very different people. Mitchell had custody of Jolie at the time as Effie was completely career driven being the head chef at her own restaurant but since Jolie turned 16 she wanted to live with Effie. Effie then met and married William Burns and had two children, Seb and Hope. Effie thought she was in love with William until she met Jasper. She ended her marriage after having an affair with Jasper and they quickly married as Effie fell pregnant with twin boys. Jasper also had a 16 year old daughter from his previous marriage and had full custody. So happily married now and with 6 kids under their roof Effie finally feels settled!

    7. Grace Maycee Alton (38) – Actress
    – DW: Amaya Elise Alton (33) *Black* – Actress
    – DAD: Idella Rose Alton (7)
    – DAD: Sienna Elaine Alton (4)
    – DAS: Ronan Wilbur Alton (nb)
    Grace always knew she was gay but she didn’t come out properly until she was well into her twenties and she had already fallen for her co-star Amaya. Her agent thought it would be great publicity to get married publicly but Grace and Amaya married intimately in Grace’s parents backyard. Their lives were pretty busy but Grace knew Amaya wanted children. They decided to adopt sib-set Idella and Sienna when they were just 4 and 1. Amaya took a break from her career to be a stay at home mum while Grace carried on working but she was missing her family so they decided to adopt a son, Ronan and focus on bringing up their three children.

    8. Leona Claire Novak (35) – Chiropractor
    – DH: Maxwell Omar Johnson (37) “Max” – Architect
    – DSS: Toby Isaac Johnson (20)
    – DSD: Courtney Joelle Johnson (16)
    Leona didn’t have time for love as she was always looking after her sick mother, but then her mother passed away and Leona started thinking about settling down. Leona and Max met when Max walked into Leona’s office having hurt his back on a building site. He had just gone through a divorce and wasn’t looking for anything serious but low and behold just under a year later they were married! It has taken a while for Leona to settle into married life having got used to being on her own for so long. Not only that Max had two teenage children, Toby and Courtney from his previous marriage and they made Leona’s life a little hard at first but she was slowly gaining their trust. She wasn’t sure how they were going to take the fact that she had just found out she was pregnant though!

    9. Matilda Marisol Stone (37) “Tilly” – Author
    – DH (deceased): Theodore Bates (36) – Bank President
    – DBF: Spencer Finn Hesselburg (29) – Auto Mechanic
    – DAS: Evan Herbert Bates (14)
    – DD: Darcy Laura Hesselburg (2)
    – DD: Sara Alexandria Hesselburg (nb)
    Tilly married Theodore after meeting online and dating for a couple of years. He was the love of her love and she also adored his son Evan who he had full custody of. They had a really happy marriage and they were planning on having children of their own when Theodore was diagnosed with a brain tumour that was cancerous and inoperable. He died within six months which left Tilly devastated and only guardian of Evan. Five years later Tilly met Spencer when he fixed her car, although he was way younger than her he was fun and charming. She fell in love again and she never believed she would. Soon they were living together and Tilly had one daughter after the next, two little princesses Darcy and Sara. Evan was always number 1 though and she never treated him any different, and Evan dotted on his sisters. Tilly hoped Spencer would pop the question soon.

    10. Aurora Dawn Daye (39) “Rory” – College Professor
    – DF: Jayden Benedict Jones (39) “Jay” – Auctioneer
    – DS: Logan Dominic Daye (10)
    Rory had been hurt in the past, left at the alter, five months pregnant with Logan, her groom disappearing completely from her life. She thought she would never let herself fall in love again and she just focused on her son and her career but then she met Jayden who was gorgeous and wonderful and treated Logan like he was his own. Rory couldn’t help it, she was hook line and sinker. She said she didn’t want to get married but she couldn’t hold it in anymore and asked Jayden herself! He said yes of course and its only a few months till they tie the knot. Rory hopes for more children so Logan can have siblings too.


    4. Morgan Najlaa Ajacks (34)
    -Post Woman
    —-DAD: Zida Rosemarie Ajacks (9)
    —-DAD: Arianna Oma Ajacks (8)
    —-DAS: Newport Maxy Ajacks (7)
    —-DAD: Marlene Beatrice Ajacks (5)
    –DBF: Rene Semadar Keller (36)
    -Sociology Professor
    —-DSS: Rover Marius Keller (16)
    —-DSD: Natalya Stella Keller (7)
    —-DSS: Vasco Leo Keller (4)
    —-DSD: Helen Jill Keller (4)
    —-DSD: Berenice Ryan Keller (2)
    —-DSD: Cheryl Paola Keller (1)
    Morgan adopted her brother’s kids after her brother and his wife died in a plane crash 3 years ago. Rene had Rover with his high school sweetheart and his other five kids with his last girlfriend. Morgan and Rene have been together for about a year now. So far so good.

    8. Molly Eleanor Daye (37)
    -Mortgage Loan Processor
    —-DS: Sawyer Sherman Daye (14)
    —-DD: Venetia Queeny Daye (4)
    –DF: Theodore Kenneth Turquoise (40)
    -Radiology Practitioner
    —-DSS: Kevin Tyler Turquoise (14)
    —-DSS: Michael Arthur Turquoise (13)
    —-DSD: Mary Penelope Turquoise (7)
    —-DSS: Daniel Charles Turquoise (5)
    —-DSD: Violet Kim Turquoise (3)
    —-DSS: Thomas Wayne Turquoise (2)
    Molly had Sawyer and Venetia with two different ex-boyfriends. Theodore had his six kids with his late wife who died during child-birth with Thomas. They’ve been together about 18 months and Theo proposed about 3 months ago and they plan to get married next new years day.

    7. Frances Edrea Duffield (36)
    -Youth Development Specialist
    –DBF: Dallas Arsenio Tydenn (32)
    -Warehouse Supervisor
    —-DS: Hank Henry Tydenn (15)
    Frances and Dallas have been together forever. They had Hank when they were very young. Frances didn’t realize how young Dallas was because he was in college at 17 and graduated at 16. He lied about his age and she looked past it because they truly do love each other.

    10. Skylar Avery MacAllister (35)
    –DH: Mark Gurzil Quail (36)
    -Drag Car Racer
    —-DSS: Kenneth Lux Quail (20)
    —-DSS: Joe Kyle Quail (19)
    —-DSS: Matthew Xavier Quail (19)
    —-DSS: James Genghis Quail (12)
    —-DSS: Logan Robert Quail (12)
    —-DS: Terry Dexter Quail (1)
    Mark had 3 kids with his high school girlfriend and another set of twins with an ex. Skylar and Mark have been together for 5 years and have been married 3 years. They have one beautiful little boy Terry and would like to have a girl at some point in the not to distance future.

    2. Rebecca Minka {Marlon} Iguana (39) “Becky”
    -Environmental Professor
    –DEXH: Blanco Cole Hunt (42)
    -Hearse Driver
    —-DS: Hernando Harlow Hunt (15)
    –DEXH: Goatin Daniel Mosaic (45)
    -Television News Producer
    —-DS: Kagiso Coogan Mosaic (11)
    –DEXW: Oya Israella Ugi (36)
    -Food Counter Worker
    –DLW: Juliet Chloe Jakub (37) –died 9 years ago–
    -Corn Picker
    –DEXW: Jasmine Crysteen Castillo (42)
    -College Librarian
    —-DSD: Krista Roxanne Castillo (18)
    –DEXW: Anna Miriam Amy (41)
    -Music Producer
    –DEXH: Perry Adil Mack (41)
    -Ice Skating Coach
    —-DD: Drea Qia Mack (7)
    —-DD: Emilie Aria Mack (7)
    –DEXH: Jafar Nicholas Iguana (35)
    —-DSS: Sutherland Nicholas Iguana (11)
    –DBF: Ryan Colin Emmett (41)
    —-DAD: Gracie Naomi Emmett (11)
    Rebecca has been married and divorced a lot. In total she has 4 biological kids and her and her current boyfriend Ryan are raising his sister’s daughter Gracie.

    9. Frances Jay Morales (34) “Frannie”
    -Post Woman
    –DLH: Fred Joseph Ulrich (36) –died 12 years ago–
    -Soldering Machine Tender
    –DEXH: Liam Elijah Rogers (34)
    -Air Force
    —-DSD: Angelina Callista Rogers (19)
    –DEXH: Magnus Mark Wire (32)
    -Paver Installer
    —-DSS: David Mark Wire (20)
    —-DSD: Jean Emilie Wire (19)
    –DW: Remy Kate Wainwright (36)
    -Highway Maintainer
    —-DSD: Kathryn Julia Wainwright (13)
    —-DSS: Joseph Misha Wainwright (7)
    —-DSS: Aaron Phoenix Wainwright (1)
    Frannie can’t have kids of her own but she is step-mother to Angie, David and Jean. Her current wife Remy used IVF to have Kathryn and Joseph and had just attempted a third time when they met. She found out it was successful 2 months later and they were married a week before she gave birth.

    5. Ketifa Vikthoria {Patch} Badgley (34)
    -Traffic Court Judge
    –DEXH: Omer Neil Eddie (35)
    -Arcade Games Mechanic
    —-DAD: Kate Christina Eddie (18)
    —-DAS: Roger Zane Eddie (16)
    –DEXH: Mario Alistair Makenzie (41)
    -City Attorney
    —-DSD: Eden Paula Makenzie (18)
    —-DSS: Olivier Esa Makenzie (17) “Ollie”
    —-DSS: Filip Darnell Makenzie (14)
    –DEXH: Tommy Tobias Underwood (36)
    —-DSS: Aristotle Cecil Underwood (17) “A.C”
    —-DSD: Mikki Kelly Underwood (15)
    –DH: Yadden Nyame Badgley (35)
    —-DAD: Everly Alia Badgely (4)
    —-DAS: Quintessa Allison Badgely (1)
    —-DAS: Pascal Asher Badgely (4 months)
    Ketifa wasn’t able to have kids of her own so as soon as they could her and her first husband Omer adopted siblings Kate and Roger. Her second husband Mario had three kids when they met and her third husband Tommy had two kids when they met. Her and her current husband Yadden of 7 years have adopted 3 kids together so far. They love being parents.

    6. Bryony Hallelujah {Silvanus} Twofur (38)
    -Fire Fighter
    –DH: Angel Porter Twofur (39)
    -Human Resources Clerk
    —-DD: Penelope Carol Twofur (17)
    —-DS: Ellis Forrest Twofur (16)
    —-DD: Imogen Bristol Twofur (15)
    —-DS: Clayton Preston Twofur (13)
    —-DD: Lauren Antonia Twofur (12)
    —-DS: Karl Olivier Twofur (11)
    —-DD: Pamela Doris Twofur (10)
    —-DAD: Belle Delia Twofur (10)
    —-DD: Cindy Juliet Twofur (3)
    —-DD: Mattie Kathryn Twofur (3)
    Bryony and Angel have nine kids and have adopted a tenth. They have been together since middle school and are more in love each day.

    3. Tarhysuh Sauville Silvanus (37) “Tari”
    -Electrolysis Needle Operator
    –DF: Landon Ben Larrique (34)
    -Personnel Coordinator
    —-DD: Alia Georgina Larrique (16)
    —-DD: Lisa Lillie Larrique (14)
    —-DD: Mary Beatrix Larrique (12)
    —-DS: Lyle Eaton Larrique (9)
    —-DD: Beth Imogen Larrique (8)
    —-DD: Rose Maxine Larrique (7)
    —-DS: Leon Benedict Larrique (1)
    Tari and Landon have an amazing relationship and 7 wonderful kids. They thought they were done after 6 but were surprised two years ago to discover she was pregnant with Leon.

    1. Bok Goldie Vanna (35) “Goldie”
    -Police Dispatcher
    –DBF: Moses Sederick Maroon (40)
    —-DD: Hermosa Trilby Maroon (16)
    —-DAS: Ivor Patrick Maroon (15)
    —-DAS: Matthias Sergio Maroon (14)
    —-DS: Zayden Kenneth Maroon (10)
    —-DD: Robin Jessica Maroon (10)
    —-DD: Day Melissa Maroon (9)
    —-DAD: Vida Debra Maroon (8)
    —-DD: Kitty Kinzie Maroon (4)
    —-DD: Vivian Phoebe Maroon (3)
    —-DS: Isaac Harold Maroon (1)
    Goldie and Moses have 7 biological children and 3 adopted children for a grand total of 10. They have no plans to ever get married because they can’t imagine life being any better than it already is.


    CL1 (37): Emmalee Kate *Alton* Reynolds “Emma”
    ExDH1 (38): Collin Vaughn McKay
    ExDH2 (41): Everett Tore Cohen
    DH (37): George Landon Reynolds
    ~computer repairman
    DD/DD (18): Bryna Reagan McKay/Lissa Audrey McKay
    DD (14): Annie Payson McKay
    DS (10): Emmett Charles Cohen
    DS (7): Henry Robert Cohen
    DD (5): Emilie Catherine Reynolds
    DS (4): Gage Lee Reynolds
    DS (2): Jude Grant Reynolds

    CL2 (35): Kendall Mikaela *McFarland* Brandt
    DH (36): Alexander Duane Brandt “Alex”
    DD/DD (14): Hadley Kendall Brandt/Georgia Carleigh Brandt
    DS (13): Isaac Shawn Brandt
    ADD (9): Gracie Margot Brandt
    ADD (8): Avery Piper Brandt
    ADS (8): Beau Dominic Brandt
    DS (6): Sebastian Louis Brandt
    DS (4): Lucas Brice Brandt “Luke”
    DS (2): Jack Charles Brandt
    DD (nb): Vivian Anniston Brandt
    ADD (nb): Morgan Reese Brandt

    CL3 (38): Isabel Lucy Charmain
    DF (39): Nicholas Ryan Miller “Nick”
    ~baseball player
    ADS (19): Kyle Ramsay Miller
    DS (18): James Calum Miller “Jamie”
    ADS (11): Max Benjamin Miller
    DS/DS (10): Cole Easton Miller/Noah Holmes Miller
    DS (8): Matthew Garrett Miller “Matt”
    DD (6): Rachel Morgan Miller
    ADD (3): Adelaide Jo Miller “Addie”
    DS (3): Brett Thomas Miller
    ADS (1): William Ryder Miller “Liam”

    CL4 (36): Whitney Rachel Hassan
    DH (37): Calvin Derek Swan “Cal” (passed away at age 36):
    ~airplane test pilot
    DD (18): Lydia Genevieve Swan
    DS (9): Toby Miller Swan
    DS (5): Henry Elliot Swan
    DS (nb): Christian Carter Swan

    CL5 (34): Morgan Finley Ramsey
    ~athlete: cheerleader
    BF (37): Joshua Thomas Anderson “Josh”
    DS (18): Dylan Joseph Ramsey
    DS (15): Hudson Thomas Ramsey
    DSD (14): Emma Rose Anderson
    DSS (11): William David Anderson “Will”
    DSS (10): Anthony Robert Anderson “Tony”
    DS (7): Garrett Michael Ramsey
    DSD (6): Abigail Diane Anderson “Abby”
    DD (3): Karly Stella Anderson
    DSS (3): Derek James Anderson

    CL6 (39): Olivia Maycee *Norman* Slade “Livy”
    ~company president
    DH (41): Henry Alexander Slade
    ~advertising executive
    DSS (17): Connor Nolan Slade
    DS (13): Carter David Slade

    CL7 (35): Ryleigh Madeleine Fields
    ~cake decorator
    BF (36): Shane Miles Grey
    ~auto mechanic
    DS (18): Kenneth Brendan Grey “Kent”
    DS (16): Sean Gabriel Grey
    DD (15): Jorie Belle Grey
    DS (9): Bennett Stephen Grey
    ADS (3): Kylan Jonah Grey
    DD (1): Georgina Harper Grey

    CL8 (37): Charlotte Aileen Thompson “Charley”
    ExDH (38): Maxwell Richard Butler “Max”
    ~computer repairman
    ExDH (39): Elijah Phillip Clark “Eli”
    ~airline pilot
    DF (37): Gannon Thaddeus Donovan
    DD (19): Margaret Lillian Butler “Maggie”
    DS (14): Mason Robert Butler
    DD/DD (7): Kasey Taylor Clark/Karly Summer Clark
    DD (5): Olivia Devon Clark “Livy”
    DS (3): Gavin Jacob Donovan
    DD (1): Meredith Catherine Donovan

    CL9 (36): Mairin Hazel Anderson
    ExDH (37): Flint William Roberts
    ~car salesman
    BF (39): Nathaniel Banning Nicholls “Nate”
    DS (16): Joseph Anthony Roberts “Joey”
    DS (10): John Patrick Roberts
    DS (8): Jasper Cormac Nicholls

    CL10 (38): Mia Elizabeth Salford
    BF (39): Thatcher Joseph Strickland
    DD (12): Harper Tess Strickland


    Cheerleader1 (36): Melaina Desirae *Taggart* Donovan
    DH (38): Julian Kyle Donovan
    DD (13): Harper Margaret Donovan

    Cheerleader2 (38): Kendall Madeleine Hayes
    ~advertising executive
    BF (39): Alexander Graham Wilson “Alex”
    DD (17): Shaina Caroline Wilson
    DS (16): Wyatt Dominic Wilson

    Cheerleader3 (34): Alanna Caroline *McFarland* Daniel
    DH (35): Michael David Cohen (died)
    ~bank president
    DH (37): Trevin Gunnar Daniel “Trey”
    ADS (19): Brett Theodore Cohen
    DD (17): Juliet Faith Cohen
    DS/DS (16): Oliver Michael Cohen/Elliot Matthew Cohen
    DS (12): Sean Rhys Cohen
    ADS (12): Sebastian Tucker Cohen
    DS (11): Dylan Caleb Cohen
    ADS (9): Jude Henry Daniel
    DS (6): Pierce Michael Daniel
    ADS (3): Thomas Craig Daniel “Tommy”
    ADS (nb): Beau Gabriel Daniel
    DD (nb): Carlie Virginia Daniel

    Cheerleader4 (37): Grace Eileen Howell
    ExDH (39): Mark Oliver Roman
    ExDH (37): Kyle George Butler
    DF (40): Jude Philip Brandt
    ~college professor
    DD (17): Caroline Alice Roman
    DS/DD (14): Bryce Philip Butler/Grace Alison Butler
    DD (10): Sophia Kennedy Butler
    DS (1): Carson Jasper Brandt

    Cheerleader5 (39): Eleanor Courtney Thane
    ExDH (42): Henry Thaddeus Milan
    ~car salesman
    BF (40): Fred Peter McKinney
    DS (17): Damien Gregory Milan
    ADS (17): Lyle Xavier McKinney
    ADD (15): Braelyn Alana McKinney
    ADS (14): Sawyer Isaac McKinney
    ADD (13): Madalynn Rebekah McKinney “Mady”
    ADS (12): Garrett David McKinney
    ADD (5): Emilie Claire McKinney

    Cheerleader6 (35): Rachel Cordelia Harrison
    ~cake decorator

    Cheerleader7 (36): Lucille Kathleen Maclean “Lucy”
    ~advertising execuive
    BF (37): Miles Robert Thompson
    ~correctional officer
    DSD (18): Margaret Eloise Thompson “Maggie”
    ADD (18): Adeline Marie Thompson “Adie”
    DS (16): Emmett Henry Thompson
    ADS (11): Griffin Rhodes Thompson “Griff”
    DD (7): Allison Hope Thompson “Allie”
    DS (4): Max Anthony Thompson
    DS (2): Austin Piece Thompson
    DD (1): Heidi Kate Thompson

    Cheerleader8 (37): Adelaide Ruth Klein “Addie”
    ~college professor
    DF (38): Elijah Bishop Underwood “Eli”
    ~bank president
    ADS (19): Leonardo Robert Underwood “Leo”
    ADS (16): Brian Everett Underwood
    DD/DS (13): Rhiannon Wylie Underwood/Augustus Jonah Underwood “Rhi & Gus”
    DS (12): Chase Philip Underwood
    DD/DS/DS (10): Gemma Catherine Underwood/Nolan William Underwood/David Alexander Underwood
    DS (8): Jude Matthew Underwood
    DD (5): Reagan Charlotte Underwood
    ADS (4): Jason Lawrence Underwood “Jay”
    ADD (3): Margaret Kaitlyn Underwood “Maggie”
    ADD (2): Arianna Rachael Underwood “Aria”
    ADD (nb): Alexis Cadence Underwood “Lexi”

    Cheerleader9 (35): Elaine Kaileigh *Carroll* Armstrong
    DH (38): Robert Pierce Armstrong
    DD/DS/DD (11): Laura Caley Armstrong/Shawn Caleb Armstrong/Kelly Candie Armstrong
    ADD (10): Keeley Savannah Armstrong
    DD (7): Tatiana Hattie Armstrong
    DD (6): Stella Jolie Armstrong
    DS (5): Dominic Parker Armstrong
    DD (4): Arabella Clare Armstrong “Bella”
    DS (3): Ryder Lyndon Armstrong
    DS (nb): Wyatt Holden Armstrong

    Cheerleader10 (38): Meagan Ashleigh *Rice* Macdonel
    DH (40): Rhett Michael Macdonel
    DD (18): Lindsey Roxanne Macdonel
    DS (1): Adam Lucas Macdonel
    ADS/ADD (nb): Cael Phillip Macdonel/Lola Valerie Macdonel


    1. Clarissa Opalina {Anderson} Walters (39)
    —Farm Equipment Mechanic
    –DH: Joshua Dubhain Walters (44)
    —Technical Assistant
    —-DD: Margaret Maxianna Walters (13)
    —-DD: Alexa Gail Walters (12)
    —-DS: Albert Nicholias Walters (12)
    —-DAD: Judi Velika Walters (8)
    —-DAD: Berenice Gwynne Walters (7)
    —-DD: Rachel Eleanor Walters (5)
    —-DD: Kristina Amy Walters (2)
    —-DAS: Joe Gilbert Walters (2)
    —-DS: Jaden Sean Walters (3 months)

    2. Nichole Julie {Rowes} Phransis-Yowler (36)
    —Orchard Manager
    –DEXH: Cromwell William Phransis (35)
    —Trash Collector
    —-DAS: Eugene Cromwell Phransis (11)
    —-DAD: Elizabeth Heather Phransis (9)
    –DH: Dallas Liam Yowler (42)
    —Electronics Repairer
    —-DAS: Theodore Terrell Yowler (5)
    —-DAS: Ramon Cal Yowler (2)

    3. Diane Troodee {Mimi} Unique (36)
    —Joint Tactical Ground Station Maintainer {Armed Services}
    –DH: Wynn River Unique (35)
    —Family Sociologist
    —-DSS: Kameron Simon Triplett (14)
    —-DSD: Luna Cate Triplett (14)
    —-DS: Kirkland Dominic Unique (11)
    —-DAD: Kimmy Joanna Unique (11) –Phillip’s Brother–
    —-DAS: Phillip Manny Unique (10) –Kimmy’s Sister–
    —-DD: Winnie Ursula Unique (10)
    —-DS: Jeffrey Pavel Unique (8)
    —-DD: Kyla Krisella Unique (6)
    —-DS: Cassidy Victor Unique (5)
    —-DS: Perry Evelyn Unique (2)
    —-DD: Sarah Robin Unique (1)
    —-DD: Reagan Zaina Unique (5 months)

    4. Jor’Juh Riley {Highmore} Young (37)
    —Tumbling Barrel Painter
    –DEXH: Ryker Alistair Driver (43)
    —Building Drafter
    —-DD: Amadea Brittania Driver (17)
    –DH: Nicholas Nathaniel Young (39) “Nick”
    —Airline Ticket Clerk
    —-DAD: Princess Rebecca Coffey (17)
    —-DAD: Luci Dorothea Young (12)
    —-DAS: Largo Talbet Manning-Young (7)
    —-DAD: Mirabella Sam Manning-Young (6)
    —-DS: Nathaniel Tony Young (5)

    5. Tiffany Orianna Moreno (34)
    —Medical Records Technician
    —-DS: Isaac Paulino Chavarria (19)
    —-DS: Anthony Stuart Chavarria (18)
    —-DS: Ivor Catalio Chavarria (17)
    —-DD: Dorothea Jolie Chavarria (15)
    —-DD: Mindy Traviata Chavarria (15)
    –DF: Veerman Sullivan Quaker (38)
    —Union Labor Relations Representative
    —-DSD: Rhonda Vashti Quaker (19)
    —-DSS: Xavier Bo Thompson-Quaker (17)
    —-DS: Charlie Earl Quaker (12)
    —-DS: Julian Bill Quaker (11)
    —-DAS: Blake Samson Quaker (2) –Cheryl’s Brother–
    —-DAD: Cheryl Adeline Quaker (2) –Blake’s Sister–

    6. Carolina Leonora Tran (37)
    —Medical Records Technician
    –DBF: Sudi Kaden Khabenskiy (42)
    —Broadcast Engineer
    —-DSD: Alice Brunhilda Howard (16)
    —-DSS: Sawyer Ernest Jackson (10)
    —-DSD: Trista Drew Jackson (6)
    —-DSD: Laila Ashley Jackson (6)
    —-DSD: Gisele Chelsea Jackson (4)

    7. Mia Rashida Bumpo (36)
    —Veteran’s Claim Specialist
    –DBF: Xavier Daniel Smith (36)
    —Eating Disorder Psychologist
    —-DD: Alice Donna Smith (19)
    —-DS: Christian William Smith (13)
    —-DS: Brett Ivan Smith (10)
    —-DS: Ernest Daniel Smith (3)

    8. Jacqueline Marian {Julyan} Pearlie (37) “Jackie”
    —Aircraft Pilot (Tricks and Shows)
    –DEXH: Johann Moses Frank (42)
    —Auto Damage Insurance Appraiser
    –DH: Usher Jesse Pearlie (41)
    —Claims Analyst

    9. Julie Kitty {Kelly} Badgley (34)
    —Medical Biller
    —-DS: Urban Dylan Kelly-Nelson (18)
    —-DD: Harper Scarlett Kelly-Nelson (17)
    —-DD: Martha Eloise Kelly-Nelson (16)
    —-DS: Desmond Daniel Kelly-Nelson (15)
    —-DD: Estelle Shakira Kelly-Nelson (13)
    –DH: Will Mars Badgley (35)
    —Bank Teller
    —-DSS: Maxwell Tarin Schneider-Badgley (15)
    —-DS: Korbin Patrick Badgley (9)
    —-DAD: Nadine Zooey Badgley (9)
    —-DS: Gavin Ramon Badgley (5)
    —-DAS: Wilmer Robert Badgley (5)
    —-DAD: Wendy Tia Badgley (4)
    —-DAS: Noah Henry Badgley (3)
    —-DAD: Eliza Makayla Badgley (2)
    —-DAS: Walden Reginald Badgley (5 months)

    10. Marina Nicole {Jonas} Afflerbach (36)
    –DH: Leo Bailey Afflerbach (41)
    —Logistics Specialist
    —-DSS: Dennis David Afflerbach (16)
    —-DSS: Isaiah Lawson Afflerbach (15)
    —-DD: Francesca Esther Afflerbach (14)
    —-DAD: Lindsey Eloise Afflerbach (13)
    —-DS: Lawrence Sean Afflerbach (10)
    —-DD: Emily Louise Afflerbach (9)
    —-DD: Holly Ryan Afflerbach (9)
    —-DD: Mary Tess Afflerbach (6)
    —-DD: Helen Venetia Afflerbach (1)


    Jasmine Madison Cain (34)
    - Barber
    DF: Oliver En-Kai Kestrel (38)
    - Ambassador
    DsD: Chelsea Olive Kestrel (16)
    DsD: Kallie Virginia Kestrel (15)
    DsD: Ingrid Adeline Kestrel (12)
    DsS: Raymond Beau Kestrel (11)
    DS: Cameron Oliver Kestrel (10)
    DS: Colt Emmett Kestrel (10)
    DD: Dylan Constance Kestrel (7)
    DS: Isaac Oscar Kestrel (5)
    DD: Maisie Ramona Kestrel (1)
    DS: Brendan Cooper Kestrel (0)
    DS: Damon Burney Kestrel (0)

    Genesis Madeleine Dillards-Malik (37)
    - Butcher
    DW: Delilah Jeona Dillards-Malik (36)
    - Chiropractor
    DaD: Elizabeth Magda Dillards-Malik (8)
    DaD: Adelaide Bella Dillards-Malik (4)

    Alexandria Brittney (Warner) (37)
    - Advertising executive
    DexH: Thomas Sederick Bull (42)
    - Bank president
    DD: Mattie Sofia Bull (17)
    DS: Axel Patrick Bull (15)
    DF: Jacob Finley Borehl(38)
    - Cake decorator
    DsD: Kelsey Callista Borehl(17)
    DsS: Cameron Drew Borehl (14)
    DD: Alison Melinda Borehl (11)
    DD: Astrid Serenity Borehl (10)
    DS: Aaron Michelangelo Borehl(7)
    DD: Abel Phyllis Borehl (5)
    DaD: Alisa River Borehl (4)

    Erykah Eleanora Yeter (37)
    - College professor
    DF: William Atticus Black (38)
    - Actuary
    DD: Krista Ryan Black (16)
    DD: Tessa Roxanne Black (12)
    DaD: Sheena Loris Black (6)

    Kacey Nicole Fields (36)
    - Athlete
    DF: Gavin Carwyn Quigg (38)
    - CEO
    DsD: Hadley Rebecca Quigg (14)
    DsS: Broderick Amari Quigg (13)
    DS: George James Quigg (9)
    DS: Jason Hunter Quigg (5)

    Eilish Michelle Kaur-Wickham (39)
    - Beautician
    DW: Esther Rene Kaur-Wichham (34)
    - Clown
    DaD: Sara Frances Kaur-Wickham (4)

    Raven Ivy (Amena) Mitchell (38)
    - College professor
    DH: Luca Philip Mitchell (42)
    - Car salesman
    DsS: Casper Sawyer Mitchell (13)
    DsD: Claire Daisy Mitchell (13)
    DS: Harvey Ivan Mitchell (8)
    DS: Marty Edgar Mitchell (0)

    Charley Alexa (Jones) Donovan (36)
    - Barber
    DH: Derek Ryland Donovan (40)
    - Bus Driver
    DD: Jolie Amara Donovan (19)
    DS: Vince Gerald Donovan (12)
    DS: Jeremy Cael Donovan (10)
    DS: Rory Dalton Donovan (7)
    DD: Joselyn Morgan Donovan (6)
    DS: Darren Paul Donovan (4)
    DS: Quentin Lawrence Donovan(1)

    Melissa Marylyn Marx (39)
    - Circus performer
    DF: Stewart Ryan Hawk (39)
    - Ambassador
    DS: Montgomery Syrus Hawk (18)
    DD: Leona Mikkie Hawk (16)
    DD: Heather Lola Hawk (12)
    DD: Camilla Giselle Hawk (3)
    DS: Franklin Alexander Hawk (3)
    DD: Jewel Jane Hawk (2)

    Nakisha Alondra (Munez) Fletcher (36)
    - Attorney
    DH: Kyle Arthur Fletcher (40)
    - Basketball player
    DsS: Dwight Colton Fletcher (12)
    DsS: Brock Sheldon Fletcher (7)
    DaD: Lindsey Susan Fletcher (4)
    DD: Alisa Justice Fletcher (1)
    DD: Emilie Michelle Fletcher (1)
    DS: Gabriel Naveen Fletcher (1)


    1. Angela Vanessa Titian (39)
    —Bank Teller
    –DF: John Matt Driver (41)
    —Metal Alloy Scientist
    —-DSD: Dolores Roxanne Fortin (20) “Dori”
    —-DSS: Rudolph Francisco Fortin (20)
    —-DSD: Uma Katarina Fortin (18)
    —-DSD: Evelin Lou Fortin (16)
    —-DD: Geraldine Pixie Titian (13) “Gigi”
    —-DS: Stephen Steuben Robinson (10)
    —-DSS: Richard Manfred Jackson (4)
    —-DD: Estelle Christmas Driver (6 months) “Stella”

    Dori, Rudolph and Uma

    Evelin and Richard


    Stephen and Stella
    When Angela met John he had 4 kids with an ex-wife and a 2 year old boy with an ex-girlfriend. She also had a son and daughter from a previous relationship. They fell in love and within a year they were engaged. They were in the middle of planning the wedding when they found out Angela was pregnant. They postponed the wedding and now have a beautiful 6 month old girl. Their wedding is now scheduled for next year.

    2. Julie Minka Cage (39)
    —Retail Sales Floor Associate
    –DF: Aberewa Kayleigh Uluga (41) “Abee”
    —Machinist Supervisor
    —-DAS: Floyd Oliver Uluga (16)
    —-DAD: Varinka Mikki Uluga (16)
    —-DAD: Natalya Anna Cage (15)
    —-DS: Silas Maxwell Cage (13)
    —-DSD: Jessica Audrey Uluga-Walsh (13)
    —-DSD: Nellie Juliet Uluga-Walsh (13)
    —-DS: Daniel Lindsey Cage (8)
    —-DD: Holly Evelyn Cage (7)
    —-DAS: Barack Billy Cage (7)
    —-DSD: Alice Francesca Uluga (6)
    —-DAD: Opal Sarah Cage (6)

    From left to right (Floyd, Natalya, Varinka, Silas)

    Jessica and Nellie

    from left to right (Barack, Holly, Alice, Opal, Daniel)
    When Julie and Abee met they both had lots of kids from previous relationships and from adoption. Surprising all the kids get along pretty well. They have a wide variety of races represented as well. They are all so happy and they’re thinking of adopting a little boy together after the wedding next year.

    3. Angelique Jennifer Yildiz (39)
    —Restaurant Manager
    —-DD: Sri Hermosa Johnson (3)

    Angelique and Sri
    Angelique has devoted her life to her career. When she found out she was pregnant 4 years ago she was shocked. But decided it was meant to be. She and her then boyfriend tried to make it work and named her Sri after Jermaine’s godmother. Even though she and Jermaine didn’t work she couldn’t be happier to have Sri. Angelique and Jermaine do an amazing job co-parenting and get along incredibly well.

    4. Nikoal Arbor Tyler (35) “Niki”
    —Tire Mounter
    –DBF: Phil Frank Urlynn (37)
    —Customer Service Training Director
    —-DS: Dale John Tyler-Wright (19)
    —-DAS: John Oliver Urlynn (19)
    —-DS: Walter Virgil Tyler-Wright (18)
    —-DAS: Richard Leo Urlynn (16)
    —-DS: Peter Ennis Tyler (15)
    —-DS: Michael Edgar Tyler (13)
    —-DAS: George Neckarios Urlynn (13)
    —-DAD: Tiffany Erin Urlynn (13)
    —-DS: David Kyle Tyler (12)
    —-DAD: Mirabella Angelica Urlynn (7)
    —-DD: Greta Mary Tyler (6)
    —-DS: Harold Joe Tyler (1)
    —-DD: Augusta Andrea Tyler (1)

    Dale and Walter

    l to r (John, Richard, David)

    Peter and Michael

    George and Tiffany



    Augusta and Harold
    Niki had Dale and Walter with her high school boyfriend. When she met Phil in college they fell in love instantly within a year she was pregnant with Peter. They had 5 more kids after that. They also have custody of Phil’s brother’s kids, John, Richard, George, Tiffany and Mirabella after he and his wife died in a plane crash. It’s a full house for sure but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They also decided to use Niki’s last name because it was easier to spell the same reason they went with “older” sounding names for all of their children

    5. Lauren Mia {Flavia} Sanchez (35)
    —Concrete Pump Operator
    –DH: Fleetwood Wylie Sanchez (34) “Fleet”
    —Director of Entertainment at a Local Club
    —-DAD: Adria Cadie Sanchez (7)
    —-DD: Amanda Amy Sanchez (4)
    —-DAD: Lucille Thais Sanchez (2)

    l to r (Lucy, Judy (cousin), Amanda and Adria)
    Lauren and Fleet are doing great. They were married 10 years ago. When after trying two years they couldn’t get pregnant they adopted Adria. 2 years later they were pregnant with Amanda and after that they decided to adopt again, Lucy. They decided that their three little girls make their family complete and perfect.

    6. Jeanie Casey MacDowell (37)
    —Facilities Engineer
    –DEXH: Orlando Mason Davis (38)
    —Oyster Sorter
    —-DSS: Misha Luc Davis (19)
    —-DS: Felton Sawyer Davis (17)
    —-DD: Evie Audrey Davis (13)
    –DEXH: Demetrius Ibeji Descalaso (33)
    —Gambling Supervisor
    —-DSD: Valerie Deja Flores (13)
    —-DS: Ion Warren Descalaso (10)
    —-DD: Fatima Ursula Descalaso (8)
    –DF: Ben Banning Demsky (34)
    —Textile Knitting and Weaving Machine Operator
    —-DSD: Christine Rhonda Figueroa (11) “Chrissi”
    —-DSS: Ben John Figueroa (7) “BJ”
    —-DSS: Josh Michelangelo Figueroa (5)
    —-DD: Ava Ethel Demsky (5)
    —-DD: Josephine Rutina Demsky (3)
    —-DS: Tucker Matteo Demsky (11 months)


    Felton and Evie


    Ion and Fatima

    Josh, Chrissi and BJ (5 years ago)

    Ava and Jojo–vJG8w

    Jeanie and Orlando had Felton and Evie in high school. He already had Misha. When they broke up she met Demetrius and he had a little girl Valerie, Evie’s age they hit it off and before long she was pregnant with Ion. After Fatima was born they broke up. She later met Ben who had two kids and one on the way when they met. She still fell hard and was pregnant within two months

    7. Ethne Violet Moynahan (34) “Evie”
    —Car Rental Clerk
    —-DS: Abraham Maximus Moynahan-Smith (19)
    —-DS: Adam Menes Moynahan-Tilley (14)
    —-DD: Gwen Dai Tilley (13)
    —-DS: Isaiah Francisco Moynahan (13)
    —-DD: Harold Peregrine Moynahan-Tilley (12)
    —-DS: Billy Hume Moynahan-Rivera (2)
    —-DD: Virginia Hope Moynahan-Rivera (7 months)


    L to R (Granville -cousin, Harold, Mr. Spooner, Isaiah, Adam, Gwen)


    Evie is currently single again and is raising her 7 beautiful children.

    8. Scarlette Aisling Mackenzie (37)
    —Loan Processing Clerk
    –DBF: Mantro Harris May (34)
    —Shearing Machine Tender
    —-DD: Clara James May (13)
    —-DD: Joann Naava May (4)
    —-DD: Shirley Alice May (9 months)

    Clara and Shirley

    Scarlette and Mantro have no interest in getting married but love their three beautiful daughters. Clara was a whoops and is named after both of Mantro’s parents but Joann and Shirley were planned when Shirley is 4 they would like to have one more…hopefully a boy.

    9. Angel Francine {Yahia} Jaymz (38)
    —Amusement Park Entertainer
    –DEXH: Story Whitehead Neshek (37)
    —Trimming Operator
    —-DD: Kandi Jasmine Neshek (16)
    –DEXH: Bradburn George Vanda (43)
    —Gas Station Attendant
    —-DS: Delios Edmond Vanda (12) “Del”
    –DEXH: Sean Frank Black (42)
    —Clinical Microbiologist
    –DH: Jamie Sherborn Jaymz (37)
    —Educational Institution Curator</
    —-DS: Virgil Oliver Jaymz (3)



    Angel is currently working as Princess Tiana at Walt Disney World. She has 3 beautiful kids with three different dads. Her kids are absolutely awesome.

    10. Madeleine Mia {Pound} Quick (36) “Maddie”
    –DH: Bemba Joshua Quick (34)
    —Health Physicist
    —-DD: Hermosa Phillipa Quick (16)
    —-DS: Archer Win Quick (16)
    —-DS: Cifton Keith Quick (6)
    —-DD: Sam Evelin Quick (4)

    Clifton, Hermosa, Sam, Archer
    Maddie and Bemba are soooo smart they didn’t plan to get pregnant in college. They were shocked to have the twins. But they are amazing because even raising the twins they were both able to finish medical school. They now have another son and daughter as well.

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