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Help With our Name List

  • MomE2B

    My Husband and I have been TTC for quite sometime now. And our list of names is getting Longer. We’ve had our boys names picked out forever. And have always had a hard time coming up with girls names. But latey my girls list is getting longer and longer.

    Heres our list.

    Boys- Middle name will be Larry after my Dad. For some reason we seem to be drawn to J names for boys.
    Jack Larry
    Jameson Larry
    Joseph Larry

    Girls- Middle name will be Sandra after my grandmother, We like the name Ellie but want a full name but we will still call her Ellie
    Elizabeth Sandra- Ellie
    Eloise Sandra- Ellie
    Elise Sandra-Ellie
    Noelle Sandra
    Natalie Sandra
    Reese Sandra
    Giuliana Sandra ( I prefer this spelling even though we are not italian)

    We are set on our boys names, but what are your thoughts on our girls names? We need a little help with them.


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  • embra

    Of your boy names, I like Jameson best. Jack is cute, but sounds a bit choppy with Larry. Of your girl names, I like Natalie or Noelle with Sandra. I think Eloise, Elise, and Reese have too much s sound at the end to flow well with Sandra as a middle, and although I love the name Elizabeth, I don’t think it goes as well with Sandra as some of the others.


    I also love Jameson and think it sounds best with Larry. And, I think Noelle is a beautiful name anyway, but it sounds the prettiest with Sandra from your choices. Good luck!


    Jack Larry- i like jack. classic yet i only have met two jacks
    Jameson Larry- i like this name. its more modern sounding but i think its nice
    Joseph Larry- i really dont want to meet another joe..

    Elizabeth Sandra- this is a great combo
    Eloise Sandra- this sounds very sophisticated but i dont really like the weeze sound
    Elise Sandra- there is a clash with the s sound. the names kind of run into each other
    Noelle Sandra good combo. not a huge fan of noelle
    Natalie Sandra- i like this. but i wouldnt get the name ellie from it. dont know if thats what you were going for with this one
    Reese Sandra- i dont like reese for a girl.
    Giuliana Sandra- i prefer julianna spelling. it sounds ok.

    i definately vote for elizabeth sandra and i think jameson larry. i think i like jack better than jameson but jameson sounds better with larry. less old manish.


    Jameson Larry sounds the best to me out of your boys’ names. Jameson is SUCH a cool name :D

    And out of your girls’ names I like Elizabeth Sandra the best. Very pretty :)


    I really like Jack Larry!
    Of your girls’ names, I like Elise the best but it runs into Sandra with the “s” sounds. I think Natalie Sandra flows the best.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5)

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