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Help, Rosetta

  • emhatch

    I would LOVE to name a little girl after my Grandmother who is named Rosetta. The problem is I am having a hard time thinking of first names that I like. I want to have 2-3 options so when we get to the hospital I can decide what I like best and what suits her. My problem is that I want it to end in a consonant because I think that sounds best and most girl names end in vowels.

    My husband also creates a problem, his rules are as follows:
    It must be spelled easily and automatically, no funny spellings.
    It can’t be popular or trendy but must be heard of/familiar.
    It can’t be after a place. That took Eden off my list :(
    It must be a name the English speakers can easily pronounce.

    Right now the only name on my list is Tess. Side note, my son is names Seth.

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  • embra

    Rosetta is a pretty mn. It is simple but feminine and unexpected as a mn. How about one of these as possibilities?

    I think Caroline sounds particularly pretty with Rosetta. Good luck!


    Abigail Rosetta
    Addison Rosetta
    Alison Rosetta
    Amber Rosetta
    Arden Rosetta
    Ashley Rosetta
    Audrey Rosetta
    Beatrix Rosetta
    Beverly Rosetta
    Beth Rosetta
    Blair Rosetta
    Brandy Rosetta
    Bridget Rosetta
    Britney Rosetta
    Caitlin Rosetta
    Cher Rosetta
    Chrissy Rosetta
    Colleen Rosetta
    Courtney Rosetta
    Daisy Rosetta
    Dawn Rosetta
    Delilah Rosetta
    Delores Rosetta
    Dorothy Rosetta
    Edith Rosetta
    Eleanor Rosetta
    Elizabeth Rosetta
    Ellen Rosetta
    Emily Rosetta
    Evelyn Rosetta
    Faith Rosetta
    Farrah Rosetta
    Felicity Rosetta
    Ginger Rosetta
    Gretchen Rosetta
    Gwendolyn Rosetta
    Hailey Rosetta
    Hannah Rosetta
    Harmony Rosetta
    Heather Rosetta
    Helen Rosetta
    Hillary Rosetta
    Holly Rosetta
    Janis Rosetta
    Jennifer Rosetta
    Judith Rosetta
    Kimberly Rosetta
    Laurel Rosetta
    Lauren Rosetta
    Lilith Rosetta
    Lillian Rosetta
    Madison Rosetta
    Margaret Rosetta
    Mary Rosetta
    Meredith Rosetta
    Morgan Rosetta
    Nancy Rosetta
    Pearl Rosetta
    Quinn Rosetta
    Rachel Rosetta
    Robyn Rosetta
    Taylor Rosetta
    Tiffany Rosetta
    Violet Rosetta
    Vivian Rosetta
    Wendy Rosetta
    Whitney Rosetta

    (Not sure where/how to check if a name is trendy/popular.)
    Do you not want the vowel sound at all? (such as Ashley and Delilah)


    i love rosetta as a middle name. its so much nicer than boring rose. and if it has honorary meaning, even better.

    i love seth and i love eden rosetta. i think

    violet rosetta
    willow rosetta
    liv rosetta
    jocelyn rosetta

    sound ok and go with seth.


    Now that I look at your post again, it looks like you favor kind of spunky girl names like Tess and Eden. Some other options might be Jade, Quinn, or Paige.


    Maren Rosetta
    Josie Rosetta
    Vivian Rosetta
    Jessamine Rosetta
    Laurel Rosetta
    Suzanne Rosetta

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