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Help! Can't Get It Right

  • JayJay

    So I’m trying to decide what to name my first born, and I’m really having a tough time trying to get the names to work together; My name is Jayme Alexzander Lee Colton and I would like to some how name him after me but still give him his own identity and yet be different but not to far out of the world, some of the names I’ve been tossing around are

    Dominic Lee
    Kyler James
    Patrik James

    but they just don’t sit right, I’d also like to keep this family tradition of having two middle names.

    Any help at all would be nice

    Thank you

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  • lovenames

    What about Zander Dominic James Colton?

    Zander is from your middle name, your suggestion of Dominic is lovely, James as a derivative of Jayme.

    Plus Zander is kind of funky but obviously connected to family.

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