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Give me your international names!

  • ashthedreamer

    I’m starting a new story, and I’m a bit stuck on some names. It involves this family living in America, but the children are adopted (each from their own country). So far, I have Peter (Germany), Seamus (Ireland), Grace (Israel), Emilia (Italy), and Lilia (Russia).

    I’m tossing around Alexandru, Kasper, Klara, Hanne, Jozef, Madelief, Soren, Lisette, Eleni, Mariana, Gustav/Gustaaf, Magnus, Augusto/Agustin, Aaron, Laerke (LAIR-keh, sort of)… I know for sure that I want a girl from France, a girl from Greece, and at least one person from either Denmark or the Netherlands (hence, all the Danish and Dutch names!). I was thinking of maybe a guy from Brazil or Spain, as well? I’d like a fairly even distribution of boys and girls.

    Anyway. I just needed to bounce all of this off of somebody, and I thought you lovely ladies might be of some help. :) I sort of wanted them all to have a classic “English” name that correlates to their name from their original country, but I’m thinking of just going for something that has a nice blend of “Oh, that’s a French name!” and “Oh, I can say that!” I like the blend of super-familiar but not super dated and unusual, interesting international names I have going so far with Peter, Seamus, Grace, Emilia, and Lillian.

    Anyway, any international favorites? (If you even answer this, I’ll love you forever!)

    Thanks, ladies! You’re the bee’s knees. :)

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  • TwoSapphires

    Ooh, I like your ideas of Hanne, Soren, Lisette, Eleni, and Magnus.
    Some others I love are Lucia and Leonardo. :)


    Lucia! I had actually considered that for Emilia, but I didn’t want a Lucy. And Lulu only works for so long, haha. Besides, I have a Lucia in another story I’m writing (or want to get back to writing). So maybe it’s for the best. I do love Leo and Lucia, though!

    Urgh, I just wish I could figure out which names and cultures I wanted to use. All this being stumped by the characters is really bringing me down about the story itself. :/


    hmm some foreign names i like that have an english variant are



    other greek and french girl names i like that are easy to say are



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