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Girls Senior Dance Squad Round 2 of 5

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  • JViti

    Dancer1(24): Rhiannon Layla Cyrano
    -DF(24): Macgregor Ryan Wilde-”Greg”

    Dancer2(23): Faith Imogen (Guin) Veitch
    -DSTBF(23): Jack Louis Vasquez
    -DH(25): Farley Omar Veitch

    –>DD(1): Nevaeh Gwendolyn Veitch
    –>DS(6 months): Sean Byron Veitch

    Dancer3(21): Bella Kathleen Hart
    -DSTBF(22): Randall Kenton Pickens (Rebekah’s cousin)-”Randy”
    -DSTBF(23): Scott Edgar Smith

    –>DD(3): Chelsea Grace Smith

    Dancer4(23): Carson Hadley Ridder (Morgan’s sister)-”Carrie”
    -DBF(25): Malcolm Jet Long
    –>DD(3): Aurora Autumn Long
    –>DD(2): America Summer Long

    Dancer5(23): Georgina Hazel (Morales) Crow-”Gina”
    -DH(23): Benjamin Johnny Crow
    –>DD(2): Hannah Daisy Crow
    –>DD(1): Scarlett Kenley Crow
    –>DD(6 months): Lacey Ryan Crow

    Dancer6(24): Alexia Mirabelle (Riggs) Jacks-”Lexi”
    -BD(23): Andrew Adam Price-”Drew”
    –>DS(5): Cedar Alexander Price
    –>DS(4): Spencer Lucas Price
    -DH(25): Titus Robert Jacks-”TJ”
    –>DD(1): Serenity Kasen Jacks
    –>DD(2 months): Jaiden Rea Jacks

    Dancer7(22): Kayleigh Isabella Briscoe
    -DLTBF(23): Damien Paul Manley
    -DF(21): Kayden Edmund Bertone

    Dancer8(24): Rebekah Jolie Pickens-”Beki”

    Dancer9(24): Sophia Gracie (Jackson) Flores
    -BD(25): Shawn Norman Maglio
    –>DD(5): Selena Sophie Maglio
    -DLH(25): Jason Henry Flores (died at age 24 in combat)
    –>DD(2): Alia Lainey Flores
    –>DS(11 months): Duncan Leo Flores
    -DBF(26): Matthew Ryan Stacey

    Dancer10(22): Morgan Taya Ridder (Carson’s sister)
    -DSTBF(22): Harley James McCulloch
    -DF(26): Gregory Alexander Luther

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    1. Juliette Gabrielle {Johnson} White (23)
    –DH: Julian Gabriel White (22)
    —-DD: Lucy Minerva White (1)
    —-DS: James Xavier White (10 months)

    2. Eudora Skyley Gonzalez (21)
    –DEXBF: McDougal Julian Gilbert (21)
    —-DS: Sid Elijah Gilbert (2)
    –DBF: Malcolm Shawn Clayton (20) {short term}

    3. Anaya Venus Layne (23)
    –DF: Paul Andrew Dole (22)
    —-DD: Daisy Beach Dole (3)
    —-DS: Weston Gonzalo Dole (4 months)

    4. Brooklyn Malia Dole (23) {bi}
    –DGF: Birch Hannah Peebles (23) {long term}
    —-DD: Zen Reese Dole (6 months)
    —-DS: Jason Abraham Peebles (5 months)
    Brooklyn and Birch did IVF at the same time and both got pregnant Zen was born a month early though. They are both very healthy and happy now though.

    5. Lexlynn Serena Rees (21)
    –DEXBF: Brandon Septimus Chavis (21)
    —-DS: Answer Elias Rees (4)
    –DBF: Canyon Valentine Mitchell (20) {short term}
    —-DD: Marisol Delilah Rees-Mitchell (2)

    6. Harriet Josephine Gonzalez (22)
    —-DD: Nevaeh Kasen Gonzalez-Chaisson (2)

    7. Kylie Allison Dole (21) {bi}
    –DEXGF: Mackenzie Rogue Camarillo (21)
    —-DS: Hunter Oswald Camarillo (3)
    –DF: Tammy Rachel Wendel (20)
    —-DS: Justin Bennett Wendel (9 months)

    8. Alice Eulalia Dole (22)
    –DF: Albert Laurence Layne (23)

    9. Ilee Helen Dole (23)
    –DEXBF: Pine William Johns (24)

    10. Geralyn Mirabella Woods-Scheer (22) {bi}
    –DW: Geraldine Stellan Woods-Scheer (19)


    Dancer1 (23): Margaret Josephine Sharp “Maggie”
    DF (24): Miles Matthew Wilson
    DS (1): Ezra Murphy Wilson
    DD (2mo): Violet Emelyn Wilson

    Dancer2 (21): Shaina Kiley Malvolio

    Dancer3 (24): Morgan Claire *McLaughlin* Morrison
    DD (7): Marcy Meredith Burke
    DD (5): Calla Paisley Burke
    -baby daddy (27): James Coleman Burke “Jimmy”
    DH (25): Glen Stone Morrison

    Dancer4 (22): Lucia Naomi Lopez
    DF (23): Jack William Richardson
    DD/DD (1mo): Mackenzie River Richardson/Madison Daisy Richardson

    Dancer5 (21): Aria Juliette *Lopez* Nash
    ExBF (22): Henry Louis Sharp
    DS (7): Forest Archer Sharp
    DS (5): Grayson Alexander Sharp
    DH (24): Parker Derek Nash

    Dancer6 (22): Jenna Phoebe Barber
    DF (23): Sebastian Hayden James

    Dancer7 (22): Matilda Gretchen Kay “Mattie”
    BF (24): Damien Coltrane Miller
    DS (4): Noah Logan Miller
    DS (7mo): Wes Alden Miller

    Dancer8 (24): Rachel Ashlyn Sharp
    ExBF (25): Jarrett Andrew Turner

    Dancer9 (24): Hayley Maria Bayard
    ExBF (26): Maclean Oliver Reed “Mac”
    DS (5): Bentley Hayden Reed

    Dancer10 (23): Leah Brooklyn Cabot
    BF (24): Nathan Radley Frazer
    DS (6): Rylan Chace Frazer
    DS (3): John Adam Frazer
    DS (1): Brett Wyatt Frazer
    DD (4mo): Jaylee Carina Frazer


    Dancer1: (24) Adele Georgina Ellington *Roberts*
    DH: (25) Harley Jarrett Ellington
    DD: (6) Flora Aviana Ellington
    DD: (4) Lyra Genesis Ellington
    DS: (1) Maxwell Ever Ellington “Max”
    Adele and Harley are now happily married and have added 2 more children to their brood, Lyra and Max. Adele thinks 3 is enough but Harley would like another boy just to even it out.

    Dancer2: (23) Bella Evangeline Cruz
    DF: (23) Regan Celia Abbott
    Bella and Regan are now engaged and plan to start a family as soon as they are married. They both of busy jobs so they haven’t set a date yet but Bella is eager to marry the love of her life.

    Dancer3: (24) Frances Claire Morgan “Frankie”
    ExBF: (28) Bruno William Barrett
    DF: (25) Lorenzo August Henley
    DS: (6) Flynn Grayson Barrett
    DD: (6 months) Marisol Celeste Henley
    Frankie and Bruno are no longer together. After moving in together their relationship fell apart and they realised they were only together because of Flynn. They decided to part amicably and are still friends for their sons sake. A couple of years ago Frankie got serious with an old school friend, Lorenzo and they have just had a baby together, Marisol. Frankie hopes this relationship will last.

    Dancer 4: (22) Joanna Scarlett Booth “Jojo”
    DF: (23) Mateo James Henrick “Matt”
    Jojo and Matt are now engaged and getting married in the summer. They share a flat together. No children on the horizon, they both like just being together.

    Dancer5: (23) Kaylah Rosalind Jarrod
    DBF: (29) Toby River Hawkins
    DS: (9 months) Bobby Nathaniel Hawkins
    Kaylah never really wanted to get into a relationship as she wanted to be a career woman but after a one night stand with her best friend Toby she ended up pregnant. Toby admitted he had always liked Kaylah and said he would always be there for her during the pregnancy and bringing the baby up. They decided to give a relationship a try and so far so good. Kaylah didn’t realise what she was missing, she was falling in love with Toby and her son Bobby.

    Dancer6: (24) Imogen Seraphina McKay *Rouge*
    DH: (27) Remy Forrest McKay
    DS: (7) Rylan Chase McKay
    DD: (5) Macy Meadow McKay
    DS/DS: (1) Jasper Miles McKay & Ezra Elias McKay
    Imogen and Remy started to plan their wedding after the birth of their daughter Macy, 5 months before the wedding though they got the shock of their lives and found out they were expecting twins! They decided to bring the wedding forward and Imogen had to get her dress altered to accommodate her rapidly increasing twin bump, a week after the wedding the twins arrived, Jasper and Ezra.

    Dancer7: (19) Freya Naomi Wright
    DGF: (19) Evelyn Jayne Bishop “Evie”
    Freya was always the quiet and shy one who didn’t really feel like she fitted in with anyone and anything, she never knew who she really was until she met Evie. She fell for her instantly and her relationship with Evie has really bought Freya out of her shell, her friends and family have been really supportive and love Evie.

    Dancer8: (23) Elsie Rose Harrington-James
    ExBF: (23) Ethan Alexander Boss
    DH: (27) Orlando Cassius James “Orly”
    DD: (4 months) Grace Arabella Harrington-James
    Elsie and Ethan didn’t last very long, Ethan ended up cheating on Elsie on a lads holiday and Elsie couldn’t forgive him, they haven’t spoken since. Elsie though has had a whirlwind romance with Orly, an artist she met through her parents. He is the love of her life and they married in a small wedding with only family present when Elsie was 6 months pregnant with their daughter Grace.

    Dancer9: (24) Renee Louise Gregory
    DF: (25) Jack Michael Summers
    DS: (5) Blakely Zion Summers
    DD: (4) Coral July Summers
    DS: (2) Kai Spencer Summers
    DD: (1) Ruby Leonie Summers
    DS: (2 months) Dylan Jac Summers
    Ever since Renee and Jack started having children they haven’t stopped, they have 5 children under the age of 5, Blakely, Coral, Kai, Ruby and Dylan. They are now engaged but have no plans to marry just yet as they have their hands full with their children.

    Dancer10: (23) Ophelia Jayde Braxton “Fifi”
    DBF: (30) Noah William Isaacs
    DD: (7) Tayla Skye Braxton
    Fifi has had a busy few years being a single parent to her daughter Tayla. She works full time as well as looks after Tayla and for so long has been okay. That was until she met Noah. She was besotted with him instantly even though their is a slight age gap and Noah loves her daughter. They are now living together and Fifi couldn’t be happier that she is finally getting the proper family she and Tayla deserve.


    1) Olive Marilyn Malvolio (22)
    BF: Roan Carter Wendler (23)
    (long term)
    Ex-BF: Andrew Poe Morrow (22)

    2) Delilah Parker Valdez (22)
    BF: Henry Forest Meyers
    (will get married)

    3) Arabella Perla Springer (24)
    BF: Simon Flynn Reynolds (24)
    (long term)

    4) Eva Scarlett Peredur (23)
    BF: Benjamin Ryan Werner (23)
    (short term)
    DD: Genevieve Celestine Werner (3)

    5) Claire Regina Ratliff (21)
    Ex-BF: Jack Wilson Hogg (21)
    (short term)

    6) Leah Rosalind Hall Hargreves (21)
    DH: Jude Russell Hargreves (22)

    Ex-BF: Finian Jett Wright (21)
    (short term)

    7) Maisie Gabriella Lines (22)

    8) Cecily Iris James (23)
    DFiance: Nicholas Clark Whaley (23)
    (will get married)
    DS: Harrison Isaiah Whaley (3)
    DS: Ambrose Pax Whaley (2)

    9) Margaret Jolie Olson “Maggie” (22)
    DFiance: Alden Macgregor Karr (22)
    (will get married)

    10) Annalise Ainsley Hummel Stevenson (22)
    DH: Nathan Alexander Stevenson (23)
    DD: Clementine Kira Stevenson (1)


    1. Nolynn Pralin {Clark} Alexander (24)
    –DLH: Nolan Porter Menniti (24) –died 3 years ago–
    –DH: Vale Ross Alexander (23)
    —-DS: Bodhi Sebastian Alexander (2)
    —-DD: Alice Lake Alexander (9 months)

    2. Shaina Aaliyah Pacheco (23)

    3. Adele Ingrid Kaplan (24)

    4. Aislin Zara {Wadsworth} Behrens (21) [Harriet and Ilona's Sister]
    –DH: Adrian Zachariah Behrens (24)
    —-DD: Lindy Makenna Behrens (3)
    —-DD: Joelle Tess Behrens (11 months)
    —-DS: Byron Nash Behrens (1 month)

    5. Mirabelle Esther {Carriero} Durrett (24)
    –DEXBF: Louis Alexander Zuleika (25) {short term} [Bailey's Brother]
    –DEXH: Henry Christopher Durrett (23)
    —-DS: Leroy Jameson Durrett (3)
    –DBF: Vladimir Viggo Earley (29) {long term}

    6. Marilyn Rosalind {Keane} Negron (22)
    –DH: Zephyr Laird Negron (27)

    7. Carissa Natalia Glover (22)
    –DBF: George Leonard Larkin (18) {will get married}

    8. Esther Desirae Bernauer (23)
    –DBF: Titus Laurent Lord (31) {will get married}
    —-DS: Jules Martin Lord (3)
    —-DD: Deryn Ruth Lord (1)

    9. Amara Augusta Paskin (22)
    —-DS: Kasen Kenley Paskin-Dembroski (4)
    —-DD: Violetta Mab Paskin-Dembroski (2)

    10. Harriet Quinlynn Wadsworth (22) [Aislin and Ilona's Sister]
    –DBF: Macarthur Harris Ford (22) {long term}
    —-DD: Kayli Jessamine Wadsworth (6 months)
    —-DD: Cleora Genevieve Ford (6 months)
    —-DS: Emerson James Wadsworth-Ford (6 months)
    They gave the triplets different last names so they wouldn’t always be seated next to each other in school or grouped together doing things alphabetically.

    11. Bailey Emmalee Zuleika (24) [Louis's Sister]
    –DF: Francis Erik Bourneuf (24)
    —-DD: Karly Christine Bourneuf (4)

    12. Ilona Alin {Wadsworth} Thomas (24) [Aislin and Harriet's Sister]
    –DEXBF: James Mason De Marchis (24) {short term}
    –DH: Brendan Vale Thomas (29)


    1. Arabella Carlee Judd (23)
    -ExDBF: William Evan Wells (24)
    -DBF: Jude Kayden Green (23)
    –DD: Genevieve Ceceila Green (3)
    –DD: Loren Casey Green (3)
    –DD: Sunny Evangelene Green (2)
    5 years later, Arabella and William have broken things off and she’s now dating Jude Green. Since meeting Jude, they’ve had three beautiful girls. Genevieve and Loren are three year old twins, and Sunny is two.

    2. Venus Alana Ryszard (22)
    -DF: Rory Parker Edwards (22)
    Venus and Rory are engaged now. They want to wait till they’re married before adopting children.

    3. Elizabeth Juliette Vasiliki (22)
    -DF: Ella Mabel Hammer (22)
    Elizabeth and Ella are also engaged now. They have decided to wait to adopt, too.

    4. Olive Sophia Judd (22)
    -DF: Kevin Jared Rona (23)
    Since we last saw Olive, she’s gotten engaged to Kevin Rona. They don’t want to have children right now.

    5. Isabella Cecily Jarrett (22)
    -ExDH: Springer Radley Eiden (23)
    -DF: Taylor Lennox Warwick
    –DS: Maxwell “Max” Sebastian Warwick (1)
    –DS: Koda Alec Warwick (3m)
    Isabella married her sweetheart Springer, and soon realized she didn’t love him like she wanted to. After her divorce, she met Taylor. They fell in love and are now engaged. They have two boys together, Max and Koda.

    6. Kimberly Pearl Caspar (22)
    -ExDBF: Adam Breaker Jarrett (24)
    -DH: Edmund Kenneth Ericson (21)
    Kimberly and her boyfriend Adam have broken up and she is now married to Edmund. They’re not ready for kids right now, but soon.

    7. Lydia Christine Gerry (22)
    -ExDBF: Andrew Linden Butler (22)
    Lydia has broken up with beau Andrew and is taking some time off from dating.

    8. Eleonora Adele Daniil (22)
    -DH: Brock Ethan Burgess (22)
    Eleonora’s search for the right man ended with Brock Burgess, her husband. Since marrying, they’ve been trying for children and have had no luck so far.

    9. Miranda Alexia Gerry (21)
    -ExDBF: Ash Mason Clark (21)
    -DH: Valentine Jet Fairweather (24)
    Miranda broke up with Ash not long after they started dating. She is now married to Valentine Fairweather

    10. Clementine Aylin Simmons (21)
    -ExDBF: Evan Oliver Skone (22)
    -DBF: Dakota Lor Alexander (22)
    Clementine is just having fun with new boyfriend Dakota.


    Dancer1 (22): Lydia Claire King
    BF (24): Logan Austin Coulter
    DD (4):Grace Harper Coulter
    DD/DS (7mo): Marley Alexis Coutler/Taylor Corbin Coulter

    Dancer2 (22): Rhiannon Maria Watson
    DF (24): Oliver Miles Parker

    Dancer3 (24): Olivia Belle Caspian “Livy”
    BF (26): Hunter Lennox Grant short term
    DD/DD (2): Laney Nicole Gran/Libby Jayden Grant
    DS (4mo): Ryan Andrew Grant

    Dancer4 (24): Shaina Margaret Bowen
    DF (25): Lucas Edmund Bateman “Luke”
    DS (4): Dylan Lee Bateman
    DS (8mo): Braxton Ray Bateman

    Dancer5 (23): Sydney Layla Parker
    ExBF (25): Samuel Mateo Weber “Sam”

    Dancer6 (22): Rachel Elizabeth Bowen
    DD (5): Bryleigh Reagan McGee
    -Ddad (24): William Nathan McGee “Will”
    BF (24): Ryan Sebastian Cain short term

    Dancer7 (23): Sarah Vivian Hinsey
    DF (24): Alan Parker Rhodes
    DD (3): Lakyn Sky Rhodes
    DD (1): Payton Lucy Rhodes

    Dancer8 (21): Savannah Ruth Collins
    DS (5): Spencer Andrew Cook
    -Ddad (23): Andrew James Cook “Drew”
    BF (23): Brendan Arthur Thorne short term

    Dancer9 (21): Jocelyn Rebekah Collins
    DF (23): Rex Maclean Whitte

    Dancer10 (24): Madelynn Sophia Coleman “Mady”
    ExBF (26): Nolan Jarrett Haynes
    DS (3): Adam Thomas Haynes


    Dancer1 (21): Marleigh Savannah Wescott
    DF (23): Derek Todd Bateman
    DS (3): Grant Bodhi Bateman
    DS (2): Seth Pax Bateman

    Dancer2 (24): Isabel Kaitlyn Fuller
    BF (25): Dashiell Rex Cook “Dash”
    DS (5): Stone Isaac Cook
    DD (1): Naomi Faith Cook

    Dancer3 (22): Arianna Rachel McLaine
    BF (23): Radley Nolan Wescott

    Dancer4 (22): Sarah Madelyn Conners
    ExBF (24): Oliver James Price
    DF (23): Ryan Malcolm Hughes
    DD/DD (2): Amelia Kaylee Hughes/Olivia Addison Hughes

    Dancer5 (21): Bailey Katherine Elmore
    ExBF (22): Nicholas Matthew Forbes “Nick”
    BF (22): Benjamin Hunter Moore “Ben” get married

    Dancer6 (22): Lydia Skyler Carlton
    ExBF (24): Julian Christopher Bates
    DF (23): Henry Logan Cramer
    DS (4): Jude Miles Cramer
    DD (3): Delilah Kenley Cramer “Lila”

    Dancer7 (23): Paige Elizabeth Conners
    ExBF (24): Adam Nathan Weston
    BF (23): James Flynn Carter get married

    Dancer8 (21): Carlie Josephine Young
    DF (22): Chase Barron Hardison
    DD (3): Juliet Marin Hardison

    Dancer9 (24): Margaret Jolie Hagen “Maggie”
    DS (6): Mason Mateo McDonald
    DD (5): Bryleigh Hayden McDonald
    ~Ddad (26): Andrew Mateo McDonald “Drew”
    BF (25): Ethan George McDaniel short term
    DD (4): Lacey Emelyn McDaniel

    Dancer10 (24): Isabella Harriet Hamilton “Bella”
    DF (25): Rex Maguire Dawson


    D1(21): Kayleigh Scarlett Geraint
    bDEXBF(22): Ranger Henry Snyder

    D2(23): Charlotte Mirabelle (Samy) Borth
    DEXBF(23): Jason Kian Wofford (Jolie’s brother)
    –>DS(6): Charles Cayden Wofford
    –>DD(5): Christine Nevaeh Wofford
    DH(24): Benjamin Christopher Borth
    –>DS(2): Dylan Franklin Borth
    –>DS/DS(1): Landon Julius Borth/Byron Cyrus Borth

    D3(23): Hannah Bailey Pippin
    DEXBF(23): Harley Forrest Abbott
    DSTBF(24): Mark Flynn Wright

    D4(23): Alexia Olivia Pickens-”Lexi”

    D5(24): Jolie Hadley Wofford-”Jo-Jo”

    D6(23): Tyra Belle (Leslie) Hulme
    DEXBF(22): Andrew Miles Yates
    DLH(24): Thomas Phillip Hulme
    DBF+(25): Jackson Arthur Dover

    D7(23): Kiera Mei Castellano
    DEXBF(25): Alexander Macauley Pickens (Alexia’s brother)

    D8(24): Kaylyn Sophie Deperalta
    DLTBF(25): Malcolm Dune Szobar

    D9(21): Cassandra Julia Stidham-”Cassie”
    DEXBF(20): Damien Rogue Rosario

    D10(22): Chloe Layla (Galahad) Mennenga
    DH(24): Clyde Camden Mennenga
    –>DS(2): Spenser Dennis Mennenga
    –>DD(1): Brienna Alice Mennenga
    –>DD(6 months): Tina Moriah Mennenga


    Dancer1 (24): Margaret Lydia Dillon “Maggie”
    BF (25): Ryan Titus Abernathy (short term)
    DD (3): Sophie Lorraine Abernathy
    DD (4mo): Lily Morgan Abernathy

    Dancer2 (24): Catherine Thalia Hodge “Catie”
    BF (25): Ezra Max Bateman (short term)
    DS (2): Ryan Wes Bateman
    DS (1): Spenser Logan Bateman
    DS (nb): Milo Lee Bateman

    Dancer3 (23): Vivian Bryony Saylor
    ExBF (23): Nicholas Vaughn Harris “Nick”
    BF (25): Justin Vincent Matthews
    DS (3): Julian Ray Matthews “JR”

    Dancer4 (23): Shayla Claire Myers “Shay”
    BF (25): Henry Miles Stafford

    Dancer5 (22): Sarah Jolie Hodge
    ExBF (22): Jack Andrew Woods
    DS (2): Pax Hurley Woods
    DD (9mo): Ruby Paityn Woods

    Dancer6 (22): Rachel Morgan Levine
    ExBF (23): Jarrett Ryan Myers
    DF (24): Jude Parker Holloway
    DD (3): Clara Penelope Holloway
    DS (2): Gabriel Leo Holloway “Gabe”

    Dancer7 (23): Rylee Isabel *Vega* Truitt
    ExBF (23): Cormac Reid Turner
    DD (7): Rhiannon Willow Turner
    DS (6): Reid Stone Turner
    DH (25): Robert Ryan Truitt “Robbie”
    DD (4): Audrey Deryn Truitt
    DD (2): Nora Madison Truitt
    DS (8mo): Tanner Langdon Truitt

    Dancer8 (21): Isabella Juliette *Knight* Wesley “Bella”
    DH (22): Connor Flynn Wesley
    DS (3mo): Dylan Lee Wesley

    Dancer9 (23): Grace Annette Maguire “Gracie”
    DD (5): Greer Tinsley Walker
    -Ddad (28): Garrett James Walker
    BF (24): Sawyer Griffin Moore

    Dancer10 (22): Avery Elizabeth Mancini
    DF (23): Mateo William Holland
    DS (1): Maxwell Dune Holland “Max”


    D1: Makenzie Eleonora Stevens [24]
    -DSTBF: Bruce Elijah Emanuel [27]

    D2: Ashlynn Callista Soden [24]
    –DS: Levi Atticus Zeller [6mos]
    —ExBF/BD: Paul Kenton Zeller [25]

    D3: Caralyn Aria Pershan [23]
    -DF: Nathan Damien Hill [23]
    –DS: Matthew Silas Hill [4]
    –DD: Kenley Delilah Hill [1]

    D4: Amelie Jocelynn Blout [23]
    -DF: Gerard River Gray
    –DD: Audrina Jacqueline Robson-Blout [7]
    —-Baby-Daddy: Shane Nolan Robson [27]
    –DS/DS: Zion Spenser/Garrett Samuel Gray [2]

    D5: Shaina Rhylin Bridges [23]
    -DLTBF: Shay Ryan Henry [24]

    D6: Noleigh Cambria Cascini [22]

    D7: Cheyanne Honora Kiebuzinski [22]
    -DF: Forrest Mateo Watson [23]
    –DD: Briar Magnolia Watson [6]

    D8: Dinah Naava Koplowitz [21]

    D9: Kailia Victoria Manganiello [21]
    -DLTBF: Kyle Ranger Cascini [21] *cousin to Noleigh*
    –DD: Willow Veronica Cascini [5]
    –DS: Liam Thomas Cascini [4]
    –DD: Summer Oceane Cascini [1]

    D10: Melanie Violetta Baker [21]
    -DSTBF: Tanner Theodore DiBiaso [24]


    Dancer 1: Rebekah Elizabeth Arnold (24) *Bekah*
    DBF: Hunter Owen Lee (25)
    DS: Spenser Landon Lee (4 months)

    Bekah has been in a relationship with Hunter for a year and a half and together they have a 4 moth old son named Spenser. They are trying to stay together for Spenser’s sake, but they fight a lot and Bekah doesn’t know how long they’re going to last.

    Dancer 2: Brooklyn Alexandria Cyrano (23)
    DF: Celia Leighton Hill (23)

    Brooklyn and Celia have been together for 6 years and are now engaged. They still do not have any children.

    Dancer 3: Alana Frances Tyler (24)
    DF: August Jarrett Forbes (25)
    DD: Lila Grace Forbes (4)
    DD/DS: Bella Rose Forbes/Noah Reid Forbes (6 months)

    Alana and August have known each other since kindergarten and have been
    dating for 7 and a half years. They recently got engaged. They have 3 beautiful children that keep them on their toes.

    Dancer 4: Arabella Juliette Cyrano (21) *Ari*
    DF: Derek Brian Schroeder (23)

    Ari is engaged to Derek. They have been together for a year and have no children.

    Dancer 5: Chaislyn Everleigh Forbes (23) *Chase*
    DBF: Ryder Chase Forsyth (24)
    ExBF: Finian Christopher McCormick (24)
    DD: Ember Journey Forbes (7)

    Chase and Ryder have been together for 4 years and he has been an excellent father figure in Ember’s life. Fin has played no part in her life and has still never met her. She is currently in second grade and her favorite thing to do is dance.

    Dancer 6: Tabitha Claire Rowland (23) *Tabi*
    DH: Timothy Fox Williams (21) *Deceased*
    DBF: Alan Richard Kersey (25)

    Tabi married Tim when they were both 20. He enlisted in the Army and was killed in battle just 2 weeks shy of coming home. It’s been 2 years and Tabi just recently got up the courage to start dating again. She has only been with Alan for 2 months. They have no children.

    Dancer 7: Cambria Makayla Jamison (22)
    DF: Damien Macauley Adamson (23)
    DS/DS: River Camdyn Adamson/Sage Chandler Adamson (5)
    DS: Emerson Justice Adamson (4)
    DS: Tristan Stone Adamson (2)

    Cambria and Damien have been engaged for a year but with 4 boys, planning a wedding is no easy task and therefore the planning process is slow going.

    Dancer 8: Devon Scarlett Wilson (21)
    DF: Julian Slade Walker (21)
    DS: Asher Jeremiah Walker (4)
    DS: Rhys Jonah Walker (3)

    Devon and Julian have been together for 5 years and got engaged just last year.

    Dancer 9: Josephine Haylee Royce (24) *JoJo*
    DF: Keagan Jett Blanchard (24)
    DD/DS: Cadence Rain Blanchard/Bentley River Blanchard (5)
    DS: Cyrus Sheldon Blanchard (3)
    DD/DS: Kyra Adriana Blanchard/Colby Mason Blanchard (1)

    JoJo and Keagan were recently able to move out of his grandparent’s house after saving up money for a few years. Keagan graduated from an engineering program at the local university 2 years ago and secured an excellent position with the firm he had interned for.

    Dancer 10: Charlotte Juliana Aramis (23) *Charli*
    DF: Fabian Lennox Hartley (25)
    DD: Liberty Paityn Hartley (2)

    Charli and Fabian have been together for 4 years and engaged for 6 months. Liberty
    takes after her mother and loves dancing.


    Dancer 1 (23): Janiya Josephine Miro
    fiancée (23): Jason Spencer Moran
    Dear son (3): Dominic Ayden Moran
    **six weeks after the last get together Janiya met Jason in a college class. Two years later they welcomed Dominic Ayden. He just turned three and is the sweetest boy. Janiya and Jason are plan to get married after her college graduation this winter.

    Dancer 2 (22): Amelia Ruby “Mia”
    Husband (23): Derek Ryan Underwood
    Daughter (4): Delaney Grace Underwood
    **Mia and Derek have known each other since grade school. They got together right after the last meeting. Mia quickly found herself pregnant with Delaney Grace. The Underwoods got married last year after Derek finished college. Laney is a vibrant four year old that seems to share her mothers love of dance.

    Dancer 3 (21): Charlotte Olivia “Carly”
    Husband (23): Parker Keith Donnelly
    **Carly met Parker through her brother-in-law Derek. They have been together for three years and tied the knot six months ago. They do not have any children yet. They are waiting until after Carly graduates college.

    Dancer 4 (21): Liliana Katherine Regis
    Fiancée (23): Keagan Andrew Carter
    Daughter (8mo): Madeline Serenity Carter
    **Keagan and Lily are still together. They have not yet married as planned because they chose to go to different colleges. Keagan graduated a year and a half ago and they got an apartment together near Lilys school. Within two months Lily found herself expecting. Madi is now 8months old and cute as ever. They are now planning there wedding for after Lilys graduation next summer.

    Dancer 5 (23): Callista Caitlyn Carter “Callie”
    Short term bf (22): Callum Justin Atwell
    Daughter (3): Aurora Leilani Watts ‘Rori’
    daughter (1): Gabriella Jade Watts ‘Brie”
    Baby Daddy : Kevin Jordan Watts
    **a year after the last reunion Callie met Kevin. She quickly found herself pregnant and welcomed baby Aurora. A year and a half later she found herself expecting again…baby Gabriella just celebrated her first birthday. Good ole Kevin bailed on Callie when she was six months pregnant with Brie. He has no interest in being a father to these beautiful girls. Callie recently began seeing Callum but is not really looking for a long term relationship at the moment.

    Dancer6 (23): Ashlyn Jamilla Miro
    Serious Bf: Alexander David Skinner “Xander”
    Daughter (4): Alexia Jane Skinner”Lexi”
    Daughter (1): Jassamine Greta Skinner “Jessi”
    **Ashlyn and Xander have been together since a month after the last dancer gathering. A year later they welcomed Lexi. Three years later they were blessed with Jessi also. They are planning to get married within the next year.

    Dancer 7 (22): Alana Gwendolyn Stafford
    Lt Boyfriend (22): Nicholas Alexander Olson
    Dear Son (2): Brennan Maxwell Olson
    Twins G/B (6mo): Marissa Clementine/Sheldon Justice

    *Lani and Nico are still together. Two and a half years ago they welcomed baby Brennan and then 18months later were STUNNED to learn they were expecting twins. Following a difficult pregnancy the twins were delivered at 34 weeks. They spent three weeks in the hospital before they were able to come home. They are now six months old and still small but otherwise perfectly healthy.

    Dancer 8(21): Kailyn Matilda Weatherly
    Serious BF (24): Sean Peter McCann
    **kailyn and Sean have been dating seriously for over a year and are planning a wedding for next winter. They do not have any children.

    Dancer 9 (23): Anastasia Kimberley Loft ‘Staci’
    Fiancée (21): Oliver Michael Kees
    Daughter (6): Annabella Iris Kees “Anna”
    **Staci and Oliver are still together. They did not elope after Oliver’s 18 birthday as planned because they made a deal with his parents. When they realized the couple was serious about marrying and staying together…they agreed to give their full support if they wait until after Oliver finishes college. They happy couple agreed and will marry this summer, two weeks after his commencement.

    Dancer 10(24): Hayley Cordelia Sage (bi)
    Daughter (1): Ivy Juliet Sage Dixon
    Baby Daddy (26): Cameron Hayes Dixon
    **Open-minded Hayley is currently single, raising her one year old daughter Ivy. Hayley and CJ split up after six months of dating. Hayley then focused on school and work. She had a casual fling with a friend she’s known since high school that resulted in beautiful baby Ivy. Hayley and Cameron are not a couple but remain good friends. He is a devoted dad and a large part of Ivys life.


    Dancer 1 (21): Olivia Adeline Bennett
    -DFiance (22): Julian Christopher Bryant

    Dancer 2 (21): Aria Callista Rivera
    -DBF (21): James Adam Conley *Long-Term*
    –ExBF (23): Calloway Maclean Parker “Cal”

    Dancer 3 (21): Cassandra Henley Barton “Cassie”
    -DS (5): Charlie Zander McGee
    -ExBF (21): Marc Finian McGee

    Dancer 4 (23): Annaleigh Isadora Wood *Anna*
    -DBF (25): Jordan Stone Pepper *Will get married*

    Dancer 5 (24): Magdalen Ruby Ashmore *Bi*
    -DGF (23): Autumn Violet Bailey *Long-Term*

    Dancer 6 (23): Jolie Anya (Umstad) Meredith
    -DH (28): Finn Homer Meredith
    -DD (1): Penelope Lauren Meredith “Penny”

    Dancer 7 (22): Jenna Carolyn (Hughes) Roller
    -DH (23): Cliff Thomas Roller
    –ExBF (22): Oliver Cormac Meszaros

    Dancer 8 (23): Abigail Evangeline Korman “Abby”
    -DBF (23): Russell Charles Brenner

    Dancer 9 (22): Bella Scarlett Perry
    -DBF (23): Jack Alexander Bohn *Long-Term*
    -DS (4): Leo Spencer Bohn
    -DD / DD(3): Daisy Genevieve Bohn / Lily Julia Bohn

    Dancer 10 (21): Allison Jemima Wood *Bi*
    -DGF (21): Gaia Parker Clements *Long-Term*


    DDancer1: Aurora Ruby Thompson (21)


    DDancer2: Abigail Lydia Spence (24)
    DFiance: McKenna Maren Thompson (23)


    DDancer3: Maylie Rhonwen Weaver (23)
    DBF: Marcus Leo Hanson (24)
    (Will get married)


    DDancer4: Haleigh Chloe Kay (24)
    DBF: Riley Tobin Rogan (26)


    Maria Mirabelle Lopez (24)
    DFiance: Kenton McCallum Torres (25)

    DD: Tinsley Willow Torres (7)


    DDancer5: Lauren Kaylee Kay (22)
    DBF: Miles Jack Weaver (22)

    DD: Leonora Pax Weaver (2) “Nora”


    DDancer6: Annabel Lilith (Schmidt) Dean (22)
    DH: Lucas Parker Dean (25)

    DS: Liam Dylan Dean (4)
    DD: Peyton Kathryn Dean (3)
    DS: Spencer Gabriel Dean (1)


    DDancer7: Ashley Rachel Turner (24)
    DBF: Brandon Ashton Hall (22)

    DD: Mia Isabel Hall (4)
    DS: Kai Turner Hall (nb)


    DDancer8: Alyssa Anna Kuhn (21)
    DGF: Lindsey Sienna Franklin (23)
    (Will get married)


    DDancer9: Esther Margaret (Shaw) Young (23)
    DH: Kellan Micah Young (24)


    DDancer10: Charlotte Lia Thomas (24)
    DBF: Jett Casper Ingram (23)

    DS: Sawyer River Ingram (5)


    1. Freya Alana Bowers (23)
    —Certified Marine Mechanic

    2. Eleonora Matilda Carey (23)
    —Process Capability Leader at a Local Mill
    –DF: Coral Marigold Fox (21)
    —Signals Intelligence Analyst {Armed Services}
    —-DS: Lofton Chris Carey (3)
    —-DS: Jayden Tarot Carey (1)

    3. Belinda Julia Barbosa (23)
    —Cable Line Installer
    –DBF: Brendan Sheldon Virgne (26) {wgm}
    —Signal Intelligence Officer {Armed Services}
    —-DD: Athena Sky Virgne (1)
    —-DD: Mariana Praise Virgne (9 months)

    4. Susannah Cerys {Mitchell} Bright (23)
    —Crane Operator
    –DEXH: Scorpio Coleman Bright (23)
    —Process Availability Clerk
    –DD: Asia Alice Bright (1)

    5. Alyssa Ilee Pereira (24)
    —County Attorney
    –DBF: Christopher Morrigan Barnett (24) {ltr}
    —Registered Nurse
    —-DS: Dennis Harold Barnett (2)
    —-DS: Nathaniel Maurice Barnett (1)
    —-DD: Lindsey Junia Barnett (11 months)

    6. Barlyn Kiya Clarke (21)
    —Cable Splicer
    –DBF: Blaze Samuel Bowers (21) {ltr}
    —Pharmacy Technician
    —-DS: Lawrence Logan Bowers (2)
    —-DS: Jonathan Wes Bowers (1 month)
    —-DD: Shea Emma Bowers (1 month)

    7. Evangeline Catriona Taylor (21)
    —Paper Baling Machine Operator
    –DEXBF: Ezekiel Yarren Ferguson (24)
    —Tile Finisher
    —-DD: Juliet River Taylor (4)
    —-DS: Socrates Bertram Taylor (3)
    —-DD: Easter Jocelyn Beauregard (9 months)

    8. Violetta Deasia Dulcinea (24) {bi}
    —Recruitment Manager
    —-DS: Alvin Weston Auvilla (6 months)

    9. Quinnlynn Tamsin Clarke (21)
    —UPS Driver
    –DF: Jupiter Myron Forde (25)
    —Cardio Vascular Doctor’s Appointment Secretary
    —-DS: Dominic Aiden Forde (1)
    —-DD: Daisy Eulalia Forde (1)

    10. Josephine Aryanna Rutter (22) {bi}
    —Agricultural Product Grader
    –DEXGF: Macrae McNeill Clarke (24)
    —Shipping Clerk
    —-DS: Cornelious Tavian Rutter (4)
    –DGF: Bernadette Penny Ferranti (29) {wgm}
    —Rent-A-Car Driver

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