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Girls names

  • smilealldaylong

    I’m just curious if we could get your opinion on which name would you use, we have a top 3 and top 5. The top 3 we really love and the too 5 still can’t axe them.
    Isobel Barbara
    Zoey Barbara
    Sierra Barbara

    Jade Barbara
    Sakura Barbara

    Our elder daughters name is Emilia louise and if our bubs is a boy he will be Xavier Benjamin or Xavier lee
    Thanks in advance

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  • TwoSapphires

    You have some great options! I think Isobel is my favorite of your options and goes really well with Emilia. Zoey would be my second pick (though I think the Zoe spelling looks much nicer) and Jade would be my third pick.


    I like Jade and Zoey the best! I think both sound really nice with Barbara, and would be cute with Emilia.
    Isobel and it’s variant spellings are so popular these days that I personally wouldn’t go there, even though it’s a lovely name, and Sierra’s really nice too, just wouldn’t be my top choice. I’m a fan of Japanese culture and names, and Sakura is possibly one of the only Japanese names that Americans stand a chance of pronouncing, but it’s still pretty unusual and sort of culturally bizarre if your family doesn’t have a Japanese ancestry. I like the name, but it feels very out of place with your other choices.

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