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Getting to Honoring Laney

  • ashthedreamer

    I don’t know if anyone can remember back this far :), but does anyone remember back to May, when I had posted about a special little girl I loved who had been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia? I had wanted to honor her because she had saved my life when she was only three, but she has since passed away (on Christmas morning, actually), and while I’ve been looking for a place to honor her the whole time, I’m a bit more adamant about it now.

    I’ve come across Eliane, which seems like a perfect way to honor her. It’s not really tied to her name at all, but it’s rumored to mean “sun” and “my God has answered”, and it’s full of spunk and elfish charm, which she definitely had! She was my little sunshine–she could walk into a room and make everyone smile. She was like a sunshiney force of nature, she was. :) And though thousands were praying for her and she didn’t make it, I don’t have a doubt that God heard every prayer that was uttered on her behalf, and He answered it the very best way He could. We may not understand it, but I think God’s working it all out for the best. And I praise God that she’s no longer suffering. :( I like that it sort of encapsulates her middle name, Ann, as well.

    My only problem is how to use Eliane! I want to keep it as a middle (as I’m not a fan of Ellie as a nn, which seems rather inevitable!), but what FN would you use? I’ve tossed around Olivia Wren Eliane, Rachel Eliane Clara, Catherine Eliane, Hannah Eliane Lenore, Charlotte Eliane/Eliana, Hazel Eliane, Madeleine Eliane, Verity Eliane… are any of those keepers? Any other ideas? Isabelle, Arianne, Olivia, Violet, Rachel, Lillian/Liliana, Charlotte, Eva, Hannah, Eleni, Catherine, Emmeline, and Tess are my short list–I’d love to pair Eliane with one of those, but if I can’t, I’m open to other options, as well.

    Thanks, ladies!

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  • TwoSapphires

    I’m so sorry to hear she passed; she sounds like an amazing little girl. I love Charlotte Eliana.

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