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Getting close and the list keeps growing

  • SarahJane

    I haven’t been on in a couple of weeks(A lot of hectic craziness going on) and we are getting close to having this little girl, 19 days IF she comes on time(My babies like to come early.) We have found some more names we like, but have not settled on any yet.

    Amiyah/Amaya (Not sure which SP I like)
    Amaranda (A character in a book I have read)
    Annasophia/Sophieanne (Two names or one?)
    Beatrix/Bellatrix (I’m not a fan of Bella as a NN)
    Catherine/Katherine (Other sp?)
    Dakota (My mother says this is a dogs name)
    Destiny (Not my favorite)
    Eveline (I really don’t know if I like this or not)
    Felicity (I knew a girl with this name and she was so sweet and lovely.)
    Fallon (I don’t love it nor do I hate it. I’m a bit neutral on this)
    Gwendolyn (I’ve been liking Gwen lately)
    Guinevere (Perhaps I should stop reading medieval books?)
    Hadleigh (I don’t know how I feel)
    Ireland (In honor of my Irish roots?)
    Isabeau (The same book as Amaranda)
    Jezebel (No one seems to like this very much)
    Journey (Because “finding a name has been a long hard journey.” LOL.)
    Kelsey (Is this too close to cousin Chelsea?)
    Liberty (Could be NN Libby?)
    Linnea (Lyn-Nay-Ah or Li-Nay-Ah. I have heard La-Nay. How would you say this?)
    Matilda (I loved this book growing up but DH is not sold)
    Morgana (I horrible book character, but a nice name)
    Quintessa (Would this be weird because one of the boys MN is Quinn?)
    Roxanne (Nik is loving Roxy as a NN)
    Reign (Yeah no more medieval books I promise)
    Scarlett (Or Charlotte is still on our list but Nik likes this better)
    Sunniva (Soon-ee-va NN Sunny?)
    Winter (Nik thinks a Christmas baby named Winter Snow would be fantastic)
    Ziva (Too much like Diva for me)

    The other names we like:
    Alayna, Amelia, Anastasia, Rebekah, Charlotte, Davina, Juliana, Caroline, Juliette, Penelope

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  • TwoSapphires

    I love Amaya, Linnea (which I would say lin-NAY-uh), Charlotte and Juliana.


    My absolute favorite on your list is Catherine! I have a little Emma Catherine. :)

    Gwendolyn and Scarlett are also super cute. From your short list, I like Rebekah, Caroline, Charlotte and Juliette though I prefer Juliet. I also prefer Carolina since I have a Lucy Carolina.


    i like catherine, linnea, juliana, caroline, juliette, and penelope.

    when i was a teenager, jezabel was my top baby name until i found its meaning.


    I like Amaya, Guinevere, Roxanne (if you can get beyond the song), Juliana, Caroline, Scarlett, and Juliette best.


    anything you wrote a question mark behind on this post, strike it from the list. if you’re unsure how you feel, or how it is pronounced or spelled it’s probably not the name for your daughter. i can not stress enough how aggrivating it is for kids to have to correct pronounciation and spelling of their names. my SDs complain about it all the time, at least twice a week.

    considering your list i think Scarlett would be a really great choice, it’s well known so people will be able to spell and pronounce it most of the time but it’s certainly not common, your daughter isnt likely to come across another Scarlett in kindergarten. also the best known Scarlett is Scarlett O’Hara, she’s flawed but fiesty and determined.


    Amiyah/Amaya – pretty, a bit unusual, but neat. I like it. And I’d go with Amaya, it’s more intuitive.
    Amaranda – I really like it! Though I think it could get confused for Amanda a LOT.
    Annasophia/Sophieanne – I like Anna-Sophia, but it’s so unnecessarily long… I think you have better options.
    Beatrix/Bellatrix – Bellatrix is very Harry Potter still, might carry a lot of negative connotations. Beatrix is pretty, though!
    Catherine/Katherine – I prefer Katherine. And I think the name is lovely, though a little less unique than the rest of your list. Not that that’s bad. I personally still like it lots.
    Dakota – I agree with your mom. It does seem like a dogs name.
    Destiny – Not your favorite? Just strike it off the list. I agree, I’m not a huge fan. A lot of people associate it with being a stripper/prostitute name, too..
    Eveline – I’m not a huge fan, it’s pretty, ut it’s also kinda close to Evil-ine….
    Felicity – I think it’s pretty, though I’m not crazy about virtue names. They draw a lot of teasing…
    Fallon – I like the name, but also, it’s “fall on.” I don’t really like that…
    Gwendolyn – Love it! And Gwen is so cute!!
    Guinevere – Nah, medieval books are the best. And they have great inspiration!
    Hadleigh – If you don’t love it, at this point, scratch it! I’m not a fan, it’s so harsh-sounding to me…
    Ireland – kind of a cheesy way to honor your roots, to me. Like, I’m part Italian, but I wouldn’t name my child Italy. Just because Ireland happens to be a name doesn’t make it any less cheesy, to me…
    Isabeau – I like the way it sounds, but given how popular Isabelle/a is, it might be too similar. And I don’t really get why it’s -beau, the masculine version of -belle?? Was Isabeau a boys name originally? Anyone know??
    Jezebel – Honestly, I don’t like it much. It just seems harsh to me, I like just Jessie better.
    Journey – Clever, but cheesy. Would you really want to call your daughter Journey forever, or is it just an idea you had?
    Kelsey – My name is Kelsey, and let me just say, EVERYONE thinks my name is Chelsea when they hear it said aloud. So yes, I think it’s too similar. And I wouldn’t really recommend the name anyway, because it’s so commonly confused for Chelsea…
    Liberty – I like Libby, but Liberty, like Felicity, seems like it’s too much to live up to, and it just begs for teasing.
    Linnea – I’d say Lih-NAH-uh or Lin-NEE-uh. Not really a fan, it’s pretty, but something about it just doesn’t appeal to me…
    Matilda – I really like it! A great, well-known literary meaning, and such a pretty name.
    Morgana – I like it! I like just Morgan, too. Though it does sort of scream evil witch-type character….
    Quintessa – I think it’s too close to Quinn, yes. Also, it’s a bit over the top for a kid.
    Roxanne – I like it!! Simple, classic, not very common, and it’s fun.
    Reign – hah, yeah, this one screams medieval books a bit too much.
    Scarlett – I like Charlotte better, personally. in Scarlett I always just see “scar.” It’s pretty, though.
    Sunniva – Maybe a bit too exotic? I like Sunny, but I think Sunniva might seem too weird.
    Winter – I think time names are really cheesy. Winter Snow for a Christmas baby is like a terrible celeb name that people will make fun of forever. Like North West. It’s the type of thing people would put on that “What’s the worst name you’ve heard” thread we have going on this forum. Just no….
    Ziva – I agree, too much like Diva.

    I also really, really like Penelope, Juliet, Amelia, and Anastasia.

    You seem to have hesitations about plenty of these names. I agree with gaamy, go through and cross off everything you or your husband don’t actually LOVE, and work from what you have left. You’re overwhelming yourself by keeping every single possibility.


    From your list I like:
    Hadleigh (I don’t know how I feel)- Although I prefer Hadley or even better, Henley
    Ireland (In honor of my Irish roots?)- I love the place & honoring your roots but using an Irish/Gaelic/Celtic name would do the same and you don’t seem to have many on your list.
    Reign- I actually really like this. Way better than “Rain”

    Scarlett (Or Charlotte is still on our list but Nik likes this better)- Scarlett (or Charlotte) along with Amelia, Penelope & Juliana/Juliette are my favorites from your list.

    Please, anything but:
    Jezebel (No one seems to like this very much)


    Like gaamy, I think you should lose any names that you’re uncertain about. Going through the comments on your list, I think that leaves you with:
    Amiyah/Amaya – Amaya is the more regular spelling, Amiyah has too many letters for the middle i sound for me. The different spellings could bring difficulties in later life.
    Amaranda – this is probably an unknown name to most people, you might come across trouble with people knowing how to spell it or confusing it with Amanda or Miranda.
    Annasophia/Sophieanne – Two names, please. Both are beautiful separately (Anna Sophia in particular) but an ugly smoosh together.
    Beatrix – lovely, has the right mix of familiarity vs popularity (known to most people, but not borne by many children)
    Catherine/Katherine – also lovely, with lots of nickname possibilities. Might be better as a middle name to avoid daily confusion about spelling.
    Felicity – great name with a great meaning – happy :)
    Gwendolyn (I’ve been liking Gwen lately) – Gwen is great, you might get blank looks or confused spellings with the full name.
    Isabeau – Lovely if a bit unusable. Isabel(la) is very popular at the moment, you may get a lot of confusion, and the ‘eau’ ending is unintuitive for English speakers who don’t know French.
    Liberty- I prefer Libby as a nickname for Elizabeth. Liberty is better as a word than a name.
    Linnea -Lyn-nay-ah. Sweet, but does have difficult/unintuitive pronunciation.
    Roxanne – very spunky, possibly a little dated – I guess most people associate it with The Police song that came out 35 years ago.
    Reign – a word, not a name. And a word with several possible spellings (Rain, Rein) which could cause confusion.
    Scarlett – I prefer Charlotte as I see scar in Scarlett.
    Sunniva – another name with difficult pronunciation.

    From this list, I’d go with Felicity, Beatrix or Anna Sophia.

    The other names we like:
    Alayna, Amelia, Anastasia, Rebekah, Charlotte, Davina, Juliana, Caroline, Juliette, Penelope
    All the names in this list would be great, though an Alayna might face spelling difficulties (Elena, Elaina, Alaina etc.). Allie is also a nickname for a multitude of names (Alexandra, Alice, Alyssa etc.).

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