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General impressions on these 10 boys' names?

  • ashthedreamer

    I’ve been thinking about picking up a new story (to write), and these are my final (I think!) top 10 for my main character (who is a German footballer/soccer player). His middle name is Andreas for certain, and he’ll probably have a long and complicated German surname, like Ammerschuber, Bachofen, Ebensbacher, or something like that. :) Anyway. So I’m wondering how you’d say these, what your general impression of the name is, would you think “oh, yeah, that’s a German name”, would you expect him to be a likeable guy?

    1. Benedikt
    2. Bjorn
    3. Dominik
    4. Josef
    5. Kaspar
    6. Matthias
    7. Pascal
    8. Samuel
    9. Thomas
    10. Tobias

    I have a character description, too, that I can provide, if you’re curious to see if the names match up with what my guy’s like. I figured the OP was getting lengthy enough, though, haha.

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  • PokeyNinja

    1. Benedikt ~ Whenever I here/see this name I think Arnold. I don’t really care for the name; I’d wanna call him Ben or Benny.

    2. Bjorn ~ If it wasn’t for Bjork, I wouldn’t know how to pronounce this. (And I still may be getting it wrong. Haha.) I don’t care for this name.

    3. Dominik ~ I like this. Could call him Dom or Nik for short, but I like Dominik.

    4. Josef ~ I don’t care for this spelling. I like that people would know how to pronounce it, but it’s a common name and I prefer more unique/uncommon names. I’d wanna call him Joe or Joey.

    5. Kaspar ~ Makes me think of the ghost, and the character in KIDS, but not sure it’s the same pronunciation. I’d probably call him Kas.

    6. Matthias ~ Meh. Don’t care for this. Even if calling him Matt, I don’t care for Matthias.

    7. Pascal ~ Makes me think of the chameleon in Tangled. Think that’s why I don’t dislike it, but also see it more as a name for a pet.

    8. Samuel ~ I like the name, but too common for my taste, even if calling him Sam or Sammy.

    9. Thomas ~ Same as Samuel; I like the name, but too common for my taste, even if calling him Tom or Tommy.

    10. Tobias ~ I’ve LOVED this name for years. Could call him Toby for short, but would mostly call him Tobias b/c, again, I love the name.

    I’d rank them in this order, favorite to least:

    Maybe it’s b/c I am American, and they are very common names here, but I more consider Samuel, Thomas, and Joseph more English than German. (Even though Josef is German.)

    If the character is suppose to be mostly German, I’d go with Kaspar or Josef since those two are German origin. But if name origin doesn’t matter, I’d go with Tobias b/c I love the name. Lol.


    1. Benedikt–This always makes me think of Benedict Arnold, too. I really don’t like it.
    2. Bjorn–This is the one that most makes me think “German.” This is my top pick for your character.
    3. Dominik–I’ve never seen this name with a “k.” I usually think of it as an Italian name. I like it but not this spelling. (And I’m 100% German and know a lot of German names … but I’m a little picky about German names. There are some I love and a lot that I’m not wild about. ;))
    4. Josef–This would be my #2 pick for you.
    5. Kaspar–”The friendly ghost.” I wouldn’t do this one.
    6. Matthias–My #3 pick for you. :) Also a good one.
    7. Pascal–I always think of this as more French.
    8. Samuel–Samuel and Thomas aren’t strikingly German IMO.
    9. Thomas
    10. Tobias–Mmm, this might be my #4 pick for you.


    Kasper I like (not really the K,,but I understand). It and Bjorn strike me as the most German but Bjorn feels cold and unfriendly to me.

    Kasper gets my vote! My second favorite would be Dominik, then Samuel.

    Can I suggest Jakob? It’s was the name of the German foreign exchange student we had in HS. I also thought of Erik when I read your character description on NB.


    Benedikt – the k make it look like a trendy spelling, even if it’s not. Benedict’s one of those weirdly trendy and fangirly names right now, too (Benedict Cumberbatch), so I think it might come off as trying to use that name but make it unique.
    Bjorn – I think of it as more Scandanavian/Norse than German. Also makes me think of Beorn from The Hobbit.
    Dominik – I think this would be my top choice from your list.
    Josef – very German spelling, but I feel like the name doesn’t really stand out.
    Kaspar – the friendly ghost? It could be okay, but it’s another where I feel like an English-speaking audience may not appreciate that the spelling isn’t just a “trendy” version of a more common name…
    Matthias – I like the name a lot. Does not sound German to me at all.
    Pascal – all I can think of is the chameleon from Tangled. And it seems more French than German.
    Samuel – does not sound German, though I love the name.
    Thomas – does not sound German
    Tobias – does sound German, and yet not quite. Not as much as some of your others. I think it could work, though.


    im really not familiar with german names or how to say them.

    1. Benedikt- id say BEN-eh-dict. looks like it should be spelled benedict. reminds me of a pope
    2. Bjorn- id pronounce the j like a y. like bee-yorn but smooshed to one syllable. this sounds really foreign. dont picture it on a guy.
    3. Dominik- like benedict, im used to the dominic spelling. i say it DOM-inn-ick. but perhaps its more like dom-ee-NEEK. cute boys name
    4. Josef- id say joseph. it may be more like YO-seff. idk. sounds classic
    5. Kaspar- like casper? reminds me of the cute ghost
    6. Matthias. i think this is a strong handsome name. not sure how id say it. ma-THEE-us, ma-TEE-us? ma-THIGH-us?
    7. Pascal pas-KAL. it reminds me of easter. isnt easter in spanish pascua or something like that. i thnk its a usable name
    8. Samuel- nice classic name. i like it. i prefer the sam-WELL pronunciation
    9. Thomas- another nice classic. i pronounce it the normal american way
    10. Tobias- to-BYE-us. dont like this on a human. i picture it on a dog

    cool names


    Thanks, ladies! I have actually eliminated most of these–some of which will be used for his friends/teammates–but when I posted this I hadn’t narrowed it down any yet. I think I’m pretty much between Benedikt and Tobias at this point (with Benjamin as a last minute substitution). I think Thomas will end up being his best friend, and Kaspar and Matthias (pronounced mah-TEE-uhs in German) as other teammembers (probably Peter and Philipp, too). And Samuel will probably be my footballer’s love interest’s brother.

    I am just a little torn, because I had gotten to about a top 4 (Benedikt, Tobias, Thomas, and Samuel) and together, they just all seemed like him, but I never really separated them and looked at them as individual names, so I think it’s sort of like the whole “I like the combo, but I don’t really like the names individually” thing (does that make any sense?). I let Thomas go because of Thomas Muller, and I let go of Samuel because it seemed to suit him the least well of the remaining three, but then when I tried to see him as a Benedikt or as a Tobias, Benedikt almost seemed too harsh for his kind nature, and Tobias almost seemed to haughty. I don’t know. Maybe I just need to give it another rest. Anyway. Thanks for all your opinions, though. I can’t seem to do a whirlwind story brainstorming session anymore, I don’t think. My OCD just goes on overload way too fast.

    @rylane – thanks for that suggestion! Erik, really? I’ve never really liked Eric in any form, really, but I can’t really see him as an Erik at all. If Benedikt or Tobias don’t end up working out, though, I may come back round to it. :)


    Lol, I think I thought of Erik because I know an Erik of German ancestry that’s a super nice guy.

    For what it’s worth…I would not use Benedikt (I feel like that name is forever associated with Benedict Arnold). Unless you plan on calling him Ben..Ben is a sweet, nice guy name (IMO).

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