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Game: The Person Below Me

  • TwoSapphires

    I think we may have played this game on PC but it’s been a long time so I thought it would be fun to play again, and it’s a good way to learn some things about each other.

    Here’s how it works: I make a statement starting with, “The person below me …” The next person responds with either True or False (and you can expand on that answer if you want) and then makes up their own statement starting with “The person below me …” for the next poster.

    1st person:
    The person below me drank coffee this morning.

    2nd person:
    False. I hate coffee!
    The person below me lives in Canada.

    3rd person:
    False. I live in the UK.
    The person below me plays a sport.

    4th person:
    True! I’m on a softball team.
    The person below me loves country music.

    And so on!

    I’ll start:
    The person below me stayed up way too late last night.

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Viewing 20 replies - 121 through 140 (of 816)

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