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Friends Round 3

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  • lilybell

    Friend 1: Reneer Orlando Fifi (49) –Aerodynamics Engineer
    –DGF: Julia Gabrielle Willoughby (48) –Cement Mason
    —-DAS: David Halifax Fifi (19)
    —-DAD: Jessemy Ophelia Fifi (15)
    —-DAD: Pumpkin Nausicaa Fifi (14)
    —-DAD: Trevan Marsha Fifi (9)
    —-DSD: Joani Whitney Willoughby (8)
    Reener adopted siblings David, Jess and Pumpkin on his own and 5 years later when Trevan was 1 adopted Trevan 4 years ago he met Julia who he believes in the love of his life and she had a daughter Joani. All of the kids get along amazingly well Joani and Trevan are best friends

    Friend 2: Laura Holiday Back (48) –Bar Hostess
    –DBF: Yannick Einar Itou (52) “Nick” –Boom Crane Operator
    —-DS: Queston Chester Back (18)
    —-DD: Roxanne Holiday Back (18)
    —-DS: Chico Padito Back (14)
    —-DD: Ellen Chanya Back (6)
    —-DSD: Colleen Fiona Itou (2)
    Laura had her 4 children Queston, Roxanne, Chico and Ellen with her ex on-again-off-again boyfriend. They have since cut it off and just co-parent. 2 1/2 years ago she met Nick who was about to be a father (from a one night stand) the mother wasn’t ready to be a mother and Laura and Nick are raising Colleen as their own

    Friend 3: Harrison Husayn Oakes (48) –Ballet Dancer
    –DF: Valentin Jefferson Youngnovich (48) “VJ” –Fryline Attendant
    —-DAD: Roven Heather Oakes (19)
    —-DS: Jesus Dan Oakes (18) “JD”
    —-DAD: Giuseppina Stevie Oakes (17) “Pina”
    —-DS: Skylar Terry Youngovich (14)
    —-DS: Addison Trenton Youngovich-Oakes (11)
    —-DAD: Laura Farmer Youngovich-Oakes (9)
    —-DD: Tadya Suri Youngovich-Oakes (8)
    —-DS: Flynn Paisley Youngovich-Oakes (7)
    —-DD: Evan Hazell Youngovich-Oakes (7)
    —-DD: Frederica Hamara Youngovich-Oakes (4) “Rica”
    Harrison had Jesus and adopted sisters Roven and Pina with an ex-girlfriend and VJ had Skylar with an ex-girlfriend and then when they met each other VJ’s sister offered to be their surrogate and had 5 kids for them Addison, Tadya, Flynn, Evan and Rica. They also decided to adopt another little girl Laura. For 10 kids total

    Friend 4: Jazzlyn Lydia Stockwell (46) –Tea Bag Packer
    —-DS: Anton Wilson Stockwell-Garcia (19)
    —-DD: Medora Laura Stockwell-Garcia (19)
    —-DD: Destiny Padme Stockwell-Garcia (16)
    —-DD: Violet Tina Stockwell-Perez (8)
    —-DD: Emily Geneva Stockwell-Perez (7)
    —-DD: Alexandra Edith Sadler (3)
    —-DS: Bill Dayton Sadler (2)
    —-DAS: Tony Lucas Stockwell (2)
    —-DAS: Felipe Ryan Stockwell (4 months)
    Jazzlyn has 7 kids with 3 fathers and has just adopted brothers Tony and Felipe on her own

    Friend 5: Duke Clay Farrow (46) –Petroleum Plant Operator
    –DexW: Iscah Heart {Ballencheze} Farrow (48) –Social Work Professor
    –DF: Deborah Storm Orinthia (44) –Over-the-Road Trucker
    —-DS: Clarimond Alexander Farrow (18) {Iscah’s}
    —-DSS: Forrest August Orinthia-Rivera (18)
    —-DD: Shelby Agatha Farrow (16) {Iscah’s}
    —-DSD: Reilly Ellen Orinthia-Rivera (16)
    —-DSS: Franklin Marquise Orinthia-Rivera (15)
    —-DS: Mark Wesley Farrow (13) {Iscah’s}
    —-DSD: Jennifer Mya Orinthia-Rivera (8)
    —-DAD: Annalise Charlotte Orinthia-Farrow (8)
    —-DSS: Judah Vladamir Orinthia-Fuller (1)
    —-DAS: Domenico Terrance Orinthia-Farrow (7 months)
    Duke had 3 kids with his ex-wife Iscah and during that time Deborah had 4 kids with her ex-husband. When Duke met Deborah she was pregnant with Judah. They don’t have any kids together but have adopted siblings Annalise and Domenico. They plan to get married next summer.

    Friend 6: Rachel Rafa Zuzu (48) –Special Technical Operations Officer
    –DBF: Obadiah Kendrew Morales (43) “Obi” –Orthotist

    Friend 7: Erica Nicholana {Koivisto} Ducote (47) –Mapping Technician
    –DexH: Harry Peter Ducote (47) –Newstand Vendor
    —-DSD: Mauve Louise Ducote (13)
    —-DSS: George Paulo Ducote (11)
    —-DSD: Viola Priya Ducote (9)
    —-DD: Tradiva Maisie Ducote (8)
    —-DS: Addison Nelson Ducote (7)
    —-DD: Cymbeline Ida Ducote (7)
    Erica and Harry met 10 years ago. He and his ex-wife had just broken up. She discovered she was pregnant with Viola after they split. Erica and Harry weren’t trying but they got pregnant super fast and had a quicky wedding. They had twins the next year and only were married 3 years before they realized it couldn’t last. They work as great co-parents and Erica still keeps in touch with Mauve, George and Viola

    Friend 8: Janie Unique {Edie} Itou (48) –Headend Technician
    –DexH: Alfred Alex Itou (55) –Two-Way Radio Technician
    –DF: February Edd Okafor (49) “Oka” –Oil Painter
    —-DS: Perry Curtis Itou (17)
    —-DD: Agatha Kerby Itou (15)
    —-DS: Devin Ceallachan Itou (15)
    —-DD: Apple Tedi Itou (13)
    —-DS: Zuriel Stoddard Itou (12)
    —-DS: Emanuel Edgette Okafor (2)
    Janie had 5 kids with her first husband and has one little boy with her fiance Oka

    Friend 9: Vivian Michelle Colledge-Kilgore (49) –Applied Anthropologist
    –DW: Tulip Chlodwiga Colledge-Kilgore (47) –Upholstery Cutter
    —-DSD: Tilda Chloe Coleman (19)
    —-DD: Jennifer Jaguar Kilgore (18)
    —-DSD: Avalon Dolores Coleman (17)
    —-DD: Jessamine James Kilgore (16)
    —-DS: Matt Amigo Kilgore (16)
    —-DD: Dina Misja Colledge-Kilgore (1)
    Vivian had Jennifer, Jessamine and Matt with her ex. And Tulip had Tilda and Avalon before they met. Now that they’re together they found a donor and Vivian gave birth to Dina.

    Friend 10: Geraldine Nala Lindquist (48) –Corrugator Machine Operator
    –DF: Alan Ben Okajewanski (44) –Watercolor Artist
    —-DS: Franklin Rick Okajewanski (14)
    —-DD: Spencer Emrys Okajewanski (3)
    —-DD: Ebony Cecelia Okajewanski (1)
    Geraldine and Alan have three children together and plan on getting married in the next 5 years.


    Friend 1: Scott Joseph McDonald (48)
    - DF: Kayla Paige Thornhill (31)
    – DD: Olivia Faith McDonald (3)

    Friend 2: Miles Leonard Bennett (48)
    - DW: Ashley Karen Kennedy Bennett (42)
    – DD: Lauren Elizabeth (18)
    – DS: Lucas William (15)
    – DS: Brendan Garrett & Benjamin Daniel (12)
    – DD: Charlotte Ann (9)
    – DD: Madeline Kate (7)
    – DS: Cohen Michael (5)

    Friend 3: Casey Rose Lincoln Grant (47)
    - DH: Jackson Michael Grant (49)
    – DD: Emma Ashlynn (20)
    – DS: Ronan Zachary (17)
    – DD: Callie Eleanor (13)

    Friend 4: Erica Madeline Hart (46)
    - DF: James William Dalton (47)
    – DD: Lexi Jennifer (16)
    – DS: Jake Spencer (12)
    – DS: Tanner Matthew (8)

    Friend 5: Emily Morgan Hart Carr (46)
    - DH: Thomas Patrick Carr (48)
    – DD: Violet Claire (14)
    – DD: Grace Margaret (11)
    – DS: Samuel Ethan (9)
    – DS: Henry Christopher (5)

    Friend 6: Joshua Isaac Howard (47)
    - DGF: Anna Caroline Wilson (40)
    – DD: Georgia Beatrice (6)
    – DS: Sawyer Charles (4)


    I’m doing it again because I’ve been going through withdrawls. I’m also going to do 20 years instead of 30.

    Friend1: Jiovannie Keaton Zacharriah (37) -Labor Relations Representative
    —-DD: Jezreel Lara Campbell (16) “Jezzie”
    —-DAD: Strada Lexi Campbell (15) “Ada”
    —-DAD: Sarah Reese Campbell (15)
    —-DD: Jedita Evan Campbell (14) “Dita”
    —-DS: Jeremiah George Zacharriah (7)
    —-DAS: Jackxsonn Birch Zacharriah (6) “Jax”
    —-DS: Jude Carlson Dean (1)

    Friend2: Hardy Kevin Rivord (39) -Statistical Typist
    –DF: Amore Oleander O’Donoghue (41) -Space and Missile Operations, Missile Combat Crew
    —-DAD: Reese Darlene Ortega (19)
    —-DSS: Omar Chard Ortega (9)
    —-DSD: Queen Rolanda Ortega (7)
    —-DSD: Sawyer Ryland Ortega (4)
    —-DAS: Finn Tom Rivord (3 months)

    Friend3: Callum Rocky Quickened (36) -Muralist
    –DF: Clarimonda Jerrie Kobayashi (33) -Pastoral Worker
    —-DS: Maverick Josh Quickened (19)
    —-DD: Cindie Riley Quickened (18)
    —-DAD: Ivy Leaf Quickened (11)
    —-DAS: Tom Kory Quickened (10)
    —-DAS: Benjamin Charles Quickened (9)
    —-DAS: Patrick Micheal Quickened (4)
    —-DAS: Edward Ivor Quickened (7 months)

    Friend4: MaddieLynn Veronica {Chasin} Rucker (36) -Title Officer
    –DexH: Charles Nelson Rucker (38) -Department Store Salesperson
    –DBF: Neill Andrew Takahashi (36) -Calciner Operator
    —-DD: Kale Madeleine Rucker (10)
    —-DD: Laura Hunter Rucker (9)
    —-DSD: Chloe Nina Takahashi (8)
    —-DD: Dorothy Alexandra Takahashi (5 months)

    Friend5: Alexandra Reiley Harlan (38) -Automatic Door Attendant
    –DBF: Daniel Benjamin Palmer (39) -Aerial Crop Duster

    Friend6: Greta Willa {Hunter} McMahon-Suzuki (39) -Corral Boss
    –DLH: Brent Warner McMahon (46) -Fiberglass Roller
    –DH: Andrew Jewel Suzuki (35) -Harvester Mechanic
    —-DSD: Althea Azalea Suzuki (18)
    —-DSD: Theda Cathryn Suzuki (17)
    —-DSS: Frost Quinton Suzuki (12)
    —-DSS: Michael Light Suzuki (9)
    —-DSD: Angela Billy Suzuki (8)
    —-DAS: Icarus Gabriel Suzuki (1 month)

    Friend7: Hank Marlon Demeter (37) -Space and Missile Operations, Satellite Command and Control
    –DLW: Hannah Catherine {Mackall} Demeter (41) -Auto Service Station Technician
    –DLW: Catherine Patricia {Linnea} Demeter (42) -Community Association Manager
    –DBF: Matt Gideon Levi (35) -Taproom Attendant
    —-DSS: Orion Dana King-Levi (18)
    —-DSS: Laird Jadan King-Levi (17)
    —-DSS: Thomas Tyler King-Levi (16)
    —-DSD: Eva Sonnet King-Levi (16)
    —-DD: Unah North Demeter (13) –Hannah’s–
    —-DSS: Hadley William King-Levi (13)
    —-DD: Kerby Lucille Demeter (11) –Hannah’s–
    —-DSS: Ailesh Dennis King-Levi (10)
    —-DS: Hick Zephyr Demeter (4) –Catherine’s–
    —-DS: Ever Brock Demeter (2) –Catherine’s–
    —-DD: Emma Rhythm Demeter (1) –Catherine’s–

    Friend8: Kristie Jeriel Lindley (37) -Manufacturing Millwright
    –DF: Diamond Samuel Strand (40) -Budget Analyst
    —-DS: Karvern Maverick Lindley-Moore (17)
    —-DSS: Milo Finnegan Strand (15)
    —-DD: Dina Michal Lindley-Moore (14)
    —-DSD: Ernestine Bobae Strand (10)
    —-DSD: Theodora Xylia Strand (10)
    —-DS: Donovan Cyrus Lindley-Moore (8)
    —-DS: Karigan August Lindley-Moore (8)
    —-DSS: Jason Garnet Strand (8)
    —-DSS: Calvin Bill Strand (8)
    —-DD: Kaleigh Phoenix Strand (2)
    —-DD: Selena Macy Strand (2)


    Friend1: Selena Lil Cleveland (38) -Malariologist
    –DF: Kole Titus Holm (39) -Climatory Professor
    —-DD: Adelaide Terry Holm (13)

    Friend2: North Conchata Goodall (37) “Nora” -Area Intelligence Technician
    –DexH: Alvar Denzel Shaughnessy (44) -AOC Operations- Naval and Amphibious Liason Element Member
    –DexH: Gregory Wilson Wollie (39) -Yard Hostler
    –DexH: Adrian Owen Ellington (43) -Fare Collector
    –DBF: Taylor Gunther Ginger (36) -City Assessor
    —-DD: Ignacia Wyck Shaughnessy (19) “Iggy”
    —-DS: Frank Orion Shaughnessy (19)
    —-DS: Wesley Rhythm Shaughnessy (19)
    —-DD: Alissa Heather Ellington (9)
    —-DSS: Domenico Wendell Ginger (9) “Nico”
    —-DS: Thomas York Ellington (7) “Tommy”
    —-DD: Eleonora Hazel Ginger (4)
    —-DS: Jericho Abogado Ginger (3) “Jagger”

    Friend3: Kaddish Justin Aala (38) “Kad” -Laminate Floor Installer
    –DF: Carman Cobie Cellen (33) -Nurse Practitioner
    —-DAS: Brian Brown Aala (18) –Mairead and Sailor’s sibling
    —-DAD: Mairead Brown Aala (18) –Brian and Sailor’s sibling
    —-DAS: Sailor Light Aala (17) –Brian and Mairead’s sibling
    —-DS: Egon Dan Aala (14)
    —-DAS: Preston Justin Aala (11)
    —-DD: Apple Zaria Aala (6)
    —-DAD: Diana Agatha Aala (5)
    —-DS: Elijah Colin Aala (4)
    —-DD: Tristan Marlys Aala (3)

    Friend4: Reuel Larson Smith (36) -Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
    –DH: Casey Wil Patteronius (37) -Tissue Technologist

    Friend5: Zoe Willamina {Carys} Stanley (36) -High School Language Arts Teacher
    –DLH: Solomon Nat Stanley (35) -Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
    –DF: Will Victor Leach (38) -Theology Professor
    —-DD: Mildred Willamina Stanley (19)
    —-DS: Finn Hardrict Stanley (19)
    —-DS: Kory Shawn Stanley (14)
    —-DSD: Endellion Aster Anderson (14)
    —-DD: Amarissa Diana Stanley (13)
    —-DD: Alissa Greta Stanley (13)
    —-DD: Aaricia Winifred Stanley (13)
    —-DD: Petunia Macy Stanley (12)
    —-DSD: Cory Skyler Sullivan-Leach (10)
    —-DSD: Juanita Catherine Sullivan-Leach (9)
    —-DSD: Novella Vivian Sullivan-Leach (7)
    —-DSS: Khanh Frankie Sullivan-Leach (4 months)

    Friend6: Amy Mitzu {Thea} Jacobian (37) -Policyholder Information Clerk
    –DexH: George Vance Jacobian (39) -Orchard Manager
    –DBF: Pierce Joseph Carys (34) -Air Pollution Compliance Inspector
    —-DD: Zedita Nina Jacobian (11) “Zedi”
    —-DD: Isabeau Yolanda Jacobian (10) “Bo”
    —-DS: Spencer Bronson Jacobian (8) “Spence”
    —-DD: Priyah Breanna Carys (2)

    Friend7: Blaze Remington Danni (37) -Adviser to Command in Combat
    –DW: Delilah Piper {Violet} Danni (41) -Youth Program Director
    —-DS: Joash Michael Danni (16)
    —-DD: Jahzara Molly Danni (16)
    —-DD: Joe Maple Danni (10)
    —-DD: Jardin Remington Danni (2)

    Friend8: Kafka Smith Coltrane (36) -Bulk Cooler Installer
    –DGF: Perryn Charleston Smith (36) -Security Officer
    —-DD: Kaila Caroline Turner (17)
    —-DS: Frey Aaron Turner (17)
    —-DSD: Vivienne Forest Smith-Owens (15)
    —-DD: Lynette Violet Smith-Coltrane (14)
    —-DAD: Rolanda Brown Smith-Coltrane (10)
    —-DS: Drayton Lorenzo Smith-Coltrane (8)
    —-DS: Tyler Charleston Smith-Coltrane (8)

    Friend9: Fay Theodora {Dalpiaz} Williams (36) -Marine Engineering Professor
    –DexH: Donovan Gabriel Williams (36) -Playground Monitor
    –DF: Clinton Andrew Shaughnessy (35) -Author

    Friend10: Adelaide Abby Annamarie (36) -Metal Stamper
    –DLH: Darrow Ariel Linda (38) -Emergency Medical Technician
    –DH: Morgan Gunther Ginger (35) -AOC Operations: Air Mobility/Logistics Officer
    —-DSS: Halifax Emmett Ginger (18)
    —-DSD: Charlie Demetria Ginger (15)
    —-DS: Chris Prince Linda (12)
    —-DD: Amelia Lorraine Linda (11)
    —-DD: Galilea Pumpkin Ginger (1)


    Friend1: Iris Aqua {Fuschia} Ford (39) –Child Welfare Social Worker
    –DLH: Benjamin Moose Ford (42) “Ben” –AOC Director: Intelligence Officer
    –DBF: Josiah Diamond Tanaka (39) –Tool Engineer
    —-DSS: Paxton Dobbson Wiggins (18)
    —-DSS: Wallace Maize Wiggins (17)
    —-DSD: Flora Amarissa Wiggins (15)
    —-DAS: Marshall Woods Ford (13)
    —-DSS: Ash Diamond Wiggins (12)
    —-DAS: Irva Trevan Tanaka (5)
    —-DAS: Henry Detton Tanaka (5)
    —-DAS: Neptune Dripton Tanaka (4)

    Friend2: Rose Michelle {McFadden} Helland (36) –Ice Skating Coach
    –DH: Henry Christian Helland (40) –Joy Loader
    —-DS: Emir Atticus Helland (14)
    —-DD: Anne Trinidy Helland (5)
    —-DD: Dita Taddy Helland (4)

    Friend3: Jada Marie McPeter (36) –Enviromental Communications Specialist
    —-DS: Rochester Vladimir McPeter-Salazar (19)
    —-DS: Tyler Dragomir McPeter-Salazar (15)
    —-DFS: Reese Jeremy Williams (9)
    —-DFS: Ricardo Fire Williams (4)
    —-DD: Delilah Waterford McPeter (1)

    Friend4: Jordan Jeremiah Zora (39) –Middle School Science Teacher
    –DF: Cardyn Katharine Jullie (36) –Convention Planner
    —-DAD: Lana Arlene Zora (15)
    —-DAS: Tree Winslet Zora (11)
    —-DD: Juniper Catherine Zora (8)
    —-DD: Melanie Tressida Zora (8)
    —-DAD: Susana Arabella Zora (7)
    —-DD: Aria Trinidad Zora (6)
    —-DD: Evangeline Raziah Zora (1)
    —-DAS: Joe Martin Zora (1)

    Friend5: Laurennce Vespasianus McFadden (38) –Gas Main Fitter Helper
    –DF: Jessica Court Abby (40) –Basic Skills Improvement Program Instructional Aide
    —-DS: Sawyer D’Artagan McFadden (17)
    —-DD: Tracy Meara McFadden (15)
    —-DS: Uriel Tad McFadden (15)
    —-DS: Jeremie Tom McFadden (14)
    —-DD: Burdette Susan McFadden (12)
    —-DD: Silyen Vanniquanna McFadden (12)


    Friend1: Alexander Kaven David (47) ‘Alex’
    Friend2: Jaynie Cordelia Howard (48)
    Friend3: Lydia Ayva Donald (47)
    Friend4: Tara Angela Greer (49)
    Friend5: Malachi Ronan James (46)
    Friend6: Andrea Skye James(46) ‘AJ’

    LN: David
    Alexander Kaven ‘Alex’ (47) -Certified Personal Chef-
    DW: Sarah Kaylee [Suzuki] (45) -Pediatrist-
    DAD: Elizabeth Angelina (9)

    LN: Bay
    Jaynie Cordelia [Howard] (48) -Mechanical Engineering Director-
    DH: Liam Roman (48) -Car Body Designer-
    DS: Joel Aiden (17)
    DD: Rhine Allison (16)
    DD: Jocelyn Caroline (15)
    DS: Jeremy Luca (7)
    DD: Sage Emily (3)
    DD: Sawyer Madeleine (2)

    LN: Donald
    Lydia Ayva (47) -Naval Aircrewman Helicopter-
    DBF: Jackson Tyler Garcia (48) -Electronic Warfare Operational Intelligence Crewman-
    DAS: Lucas Reed (16)
    DAS: Jace Thomas (3)

    LN: Greer
    Tara Angela (49) -Magazine Designer-
    DBF: Mitchel Kyle Brooks (48) -Electrician Supervisor-
    DAD: Alissa Grace (18)
    DAS/DAS: Leroy Matthew/Jonas Michael (7 months)

    LN: James
    Malachi Ronan (46) -Special Forces Senior Sergent-
    DFiance: Roxanne Paisley Tanaka (43) -Deputy U.S. Marshal-
    DS: Garrett Collin (13)
    DD: Lucia Joy (10)
    DD:Kendall Aurora (9)
    DD: Ella Sienna (5)

    LN: James
    Andrea Skye ‘AJ’ (46) -Trial Attorney-
    DBF: Patrick Anthony Winston (44) -County Attorney-
    DS: Bradley Malcolm (10)
    DD: Georgiana Harlow ‘Gigi’ (6)
    DS: Jesse Phillip (3)
    DAS: Jericho Emmet (2)


    Friend #1: Kora Beth Lacostel (38)
    -family sociologist
    DBF: Mitchel Jack Munro
    DS: Cody Asher (5)
    DD: Katharine Emily “Kate” (3)

    Kora was married young, and then divorced a few years later. She then started dating Mitch, and they’ve been together for almost eight years and have two children, Cody and Kate.

    Friend #2: George Gray Bridges (38)
    -widowed, divorced twice
    DFiance: Benjamyn Adam River
    -preschool teacher
    DD: Sadie Luna (6)
    DD: Natalie Charlotte (3)
    DD: Margot Jennifer (2)

    George married just out of high school, but his wife died in a car accident. He then married again, just a few months later, but that marriage only lasted a few months itself. When he was 28, he married a third time, but they broke up two years later when he met Ben, fell in love and proposed. They have three daughters born via surrogate, Sadie, Nat and Margot.

    Friend #3: Owen Bruno Montel (37)
    -widowed, divorced
    DGF: Meredith Maela Markson
    DSD: Lorilee Selena “Rory” (11)
    DSS: Henry Will (10)
    DD: Penny Laurel (8)
    DS: Theodore Abel “Ted” (2)

    Owen married at 23, but his wife died just a few days after their wedding, in a boating accident. He then married again at 27, but their marriage didn’t last long. Then he met Meredith, who had two children, Rory and Henry, from a previou smarriage. They married and had two children, Penny and Ted.

    Friend #4: Hollis Adelaide Dede (37)
    -photo journalist
    DBF: Alexander Max Beckett
    1 kid, 2 steps
    DSS: Finn Aidan (9)
    DSD: Theodora Charlotte “Thea” (8)
    DD: Maeve Sailor (5)

    Hollis met Alex at work. He had two kids, Finn and Thea with an ex-girlfriend. They married and had a daughter, Maeve.

    Friend #5: Billie Margot Bridges (37)
    -parol officer
    DFiance: Sadie Dawn Guzman
    6 kids, 3 adopts
    DAD: Angelina Sofie “Lina” (13)
    DS: Charles Lennon “Charlie” (12)
    DAD: Meredith Olive (10)
    DD: Anna Juniper (9)
    DD/DS: Imogen Rhea/Benjamin Elliott “Ben” (5)
    DAD: Natalia Ellen “Nat” (2)
    DD/DD: Hazel Madeline/Willow Sage (1)

    Billie and Sadie were together since their first year of college. They adopted three children, Lina, Meredith and Nat as babies. They also had six children via surrogate, like George and Ben, Charlie, Anna, Imogen, Ben, Hazel and Willow.


    Dfriend1 (47): Lydia Fay *Edson* Grey
    DH (50): Harrison Neil Grey (Henry’s brother)
    DS (16): Tristan Oliver Grey
    DS (15): Leonard Anton Grey “Leo”
    DS (11): Paxton Samuel Grey
    DD (7): Jocelyn Hadley Grey
    DS (6): Brendan Phillip Grey
    DD (5): Ariela McKinlee Grey
    DD (1): Abbey Natalia Gray

    Dfriend2 (47): Sadie Victoria Goodman
    DW (45): Eva Brooke Douglas
    DS (18): Jackson Gunner Goodman-Douglas “Jack”
    DD (17): Annie Dorothea Goodman-Douglas
    DSD/DSD (17): Miles Johnathan Goodman-Douglas/Shawn Harold Goodman-Douglas
    DS (16): Elliot Ryan Goodman-Douglas “Eli”
    DS (14): Zachary Dakota Goodman-Douglas “Zach”
    DD (13): Ella Halle Goodman-Douglas
    DS (10): Trevan Phoenix Goodman-Douglas “Tre”
    DSD (6): Alice Penelope Goodman-Douglas “Ali”
    DSD (4): Fiona Louise Goodman-Douglas
    ADS (nb): Emmett Byron Goodman-Douglas

    Dfriend3 (48): Henry Nathaniel Grey
    DW (46): Catherine Elizabeth *Dansby* Grey “Cate”
    ADS (18): Jared Brandon Grey
    DS (16): Caleb Malcolm Grey
    DSD (16): Lorraine Scarlet Grey “Raine”
    DD (15): Amaris Holly Grey “Mari”
    DD (14): Charlotte Ashlynn Grey “Charley”
    DS (13): Brock Douglas Grey
    DSD (11): Paisley Emma Grey
    DS/DD (11): Ryland Jude Grey/Merryn Zoe Grey
    DD (9): Hazel Ellen Grey
    DSS (6): Christian Blaise Grey
    DSD (4): Skyler Catherine Grey
    ADD (3): Lucille Kaleigh Grey “Lucy”
    ADS (nb): Denton George Grey

    Dfriend4 (46): Cecelia Kendall *McCarthy* Morgan “Cece”
    DH (49): Bradford Mitchel Morgan “Brad”
    DS/DS (17): Reed Dallas Morgan/Ryan Jasper Morgan
    ADS/ADS (17): Everett Tyler Morgan/Forrest Logan Morgan
    DS (16): William Hunter Morgan “Will”
    DD/DD (14): Sadie Madeline Morgan/Grace Evangeline Morgan
    DD (13): Emmalyn Anita Morgan “Emma”
    DS (11): Scott Brandon Morgan
    DS (10): Alexander Mark Morgan “Alex”
    ADD (5): Sailor Arabella Morgan
    ADS/ADD (3): Milo Benjamin Morgan/Nova Penelope Morgan

    Dfriend5 (47): James Zachary Wayson “Jimmy”
    DW (44): Clarissa Arden *Williamson* Wayson “Clair”
    DSD (15): Annie Kate Wayson
    DD (13): Elizabeth Tatum Wayson “Lizzie”
    ADD (8): Bayleigh Eleanor Wayson
    DSD (6): Ellie Coral Wayson
    DS (4): Cormac Felix Wayson

    Dfriend6 (49): Todd Maverick Chasin
    DGF (45): Amy Jessica Stanton
    DS (18): Kale Anthony Chasin
    DS (8): Hunter Charles Chasin

    Dfriend7 (47): Gregg Barker Lavine
    DGF (41): Shannon Julie McIntyre
    DS (13): Colby Garrett Lavine
    DD (9): Lola Maelle Lavine
    DS (4): Jaxon Brody Lavine “Jax”

    Dfriend8 (46): Marnie Kendall *Davis* Christensen
    DH (48): Donovan Isaac Christensen
    DS (19): Carter James Christensen
    DSS (19): Wesley Thoreau Christensen “Wes”
    DD (18): Rory Sophia Christensen
    DD (17): Madelynn Brylee Christensen “Mady”
    DS (14): Logan Walter Christensen
    DD (13): Nora Katie Christensen
    DSS (7): Miles Andrew Christensen
    DSS (6): Ryder Daniel Christensen
    DSS (4): Max Anderson Christensen
    ADD (3): Margaret Ellen Christensen “Maggie”
    ADD (2): Adelaide Finley Christensen “Addie”
    ADD (1): Della Reese Christensen


    Friend 1: Eli Joseph Scarborough (48)
    Earth Science Professor
    DFiance: Hayes Philip Knight (47)
    County Court Judge
    DD: Laurel Alexandra Scarborough-Knight (12)
    DD: Daisy Marian Scarborough-Knight (9)
    DS: Elliot Rhys Scarborough-Knight (3)

    Laurel & Daisy were adopted as infants.

    Friend 2: Benjamin Fergus Chasin (48)
    Information Technology Professor
    DFiance: Juliette Allyn Johnson (46)
    Actuarial Mathematician
    DD: Aurora Quinn Johnson (15)
    DS: Kai Hunter Chasin (10)
    DD: Eva Amaris Chasin (9)
    DS: Reed Jonathan Chasin (7)
    DD: Julia Dorothy Chasin (5)
    DD: Halle May Chasin (4)
    DS: Tristan Benedict Chasin (3)

    Aurora is Juliette’s daughter from a previous relationship.

    Friend 3: Hannah Vivian Greer Williams (47)
    Braille Transcriber
    DH: Jack Lawrence Williams (47)
    Naturopathic Physician
    DS: Asher Martin Williams (17)
    DD: Claire Angelina Williams (14)
    DD: Evelyn Mary Williams (11)
    DD: Rose Helene Williams (10)
    DS: Dominic Leif Williams (7)
    DD: Anna Theresa Williams (6)

    Friend 4: Lila June Byrne (47)
    Clinical Audiologist
    DFiance: Leonard Alfred Mackall (46)
    Personal Chef
    DS: Jude Wesley Mackall (18)
    DD: Kira Ariela Mackall (15)
    DD: Sasha Maple Mackall (13)
    DD: Hadley Brianne Mackall (10)
    DD: Posey Gwyneth Mackall (9)

    Sasha, Hadley, and Posey were adopted as infants.

    Friend 5: Dillon Ryan Lambert (46)
    Junior High School Principal
    DW: Serafina Shelby Tanaka Lambert (46)
    Events Manager
    DS: Alden Angelo Lambert (9)
    DD: Nora Jade Lambert (6)
    DS: Charles Daniel Lambert “Charlie” (4)
    DD: Wren Heaven Lambert (3)

    Friend 6: Honora Kalynn Haslett (46)
    Research Geologist
    GF: Elaina Felicia Graham (44)
    Medical Librarian
    DD: Audrey Violet Graham (15)
    DD: Sylvie Harriet Graham (12)
    DS: Oliver Hugh Graham (9)
    DS: Henry Anton Graham (8)
    DD: Adeline Winter Haslett-Graham (6)
    DD/DD: Maeve Florence Haslett-Graham/Esther Madeleine Haslett-Graham (5)
    DD: Margot Louise Haslett-Graham (4)

    Sylvie, Audrey, Oliver, and Henry are Elaina’s children from a previous relationship.


    5 girls
    5 boys

    In the year 2013, there were a group of friends,
    1) Dan Caleb Harris (19)
    2) Stella Lucia Trovatelli (19)
    3) Jocelyn Frederica Vivi (18) (Josie)
    4) Reece Callum Goode (18)
    5) Tia Kennedy Angel (18)
    6) Alexander Sabastian Jaylend (17) (Alex)
    7) Miles Bruno Junior (17)
    8) Joey Cris Barker (17)
    9) Addalyn Grace Downey (16) (Addy)
    10) Charlotta Gabriella Green (16) (Charli)

    30 years later, 2043, they all meet up again and catch up with each other’s lives.
    Dan was happily married for 20 years to his beautiful wife Chloe nee Garcia who was a show floor decorator. However, unfortunately she was involved in a car accident and was killed. Now Dan is single, happily, and is working as a radiology transcriptionist and is not actively looking for a new partner. Before Chloe died, she and Dan had 7 children.
    Stella unfortunately lost her husband, Mitchell Neil Winston in a fire (he was a ‘fire protection engineer’). She quickly married his best friend, Isaac Ethan Stevenson-Brown as she knew he didn’t want her to be alone, however the marriage only lasted 3 years and then the couple were divorced. She now works as a public speaking professor and looks after her 4 kids; 3 of which from Mitchell and one from Isaac.
    Josie, being the independent, career woman that she is is currently single but happy to be so, enjoying her job as a research physicist.
    Reece had some happy news in that he and his girlfriend, well, fiancé, Abigail Esther Tanaka will be married next year. He works as a golf course labourer where she works as a restaurant manager and that is how they met. They have one daughter.
    Tia, a podiatic physician, is also engaged now, to a man named Robert Adam Hazel, whom she met when he fixed her guitar. They now have 7 kids!
    Alex, now a graphic designer, married his wife, Bailey Sharon Dougie, knowing that he would be nursing her through the last years of her life. He lost her after only 4 years and has only recently been able to date other women. However, he has found another wonderful woman, who will never replace but he will marry Pennie Ophelia Geneva, an obstetrical anestheologist in a few years time once they’ve decided which third world country they want to move to with Pennie’s 4 kids to volunteer.
    Miles’ relationship with girlfriend Lydia Faythe Barker is as happy as ever, as is her brother Joey’s with Susannah Mae Moore. Miles and Joey, as best friends work hand in hand as a dairy bar manager and a cattle examiner. Miles now has 7 kids and Joey 1. Lydia is a herbalist and Susie works as a governess
    Addy is married to husband of 20 years Christian Rubyn Karlsen and they have 4 kids.
    Charli is engaged to be married to childhood sweetheart, Benjamin Aiden Cason. Charli is now working as a science nurse, while Ben is a credit counsellor.

    DH: Dan Caleb Harris (49)
    DW: Chloe Harris nee Garcia (died)
    DD/DD: Merryn Louisa Harris/ Izabella Darcie Harris(18) (Izzy)
    DS: Benjamin Tom Harris (17) (Ben)
    DD: Katie Morgan Harris (13)
    DD: Adelaide Elmira Harris (11) (Addy)
    DS: Samuel Joseph Harris (7) (Sammy)
    DD: Rebecca Jane Harris (1) (Becky)
    Dan Harris with Merryn, Izzy, Ben, Katie, Addy, Sammy & Becky.

    DH1: Mitchell Neil Winston (died)
    DH2: Isaac Ethan Stevenson-Brown (div’d)
    DW: Stella Lucia Travotelli (49)
    DS: Zachary Alexander Winston( 17) (Zack)
    DS: George Calvin Winston (9)
    DS: Dominic Elias Winston (6) (Dom)
    DD: Sunniva Cecilia Stevenson-Brown (2) (Sunny)
    Stella with Zack, George, Dom & Sunny.

    DF: Reece Callum Goode (48)
    DF: Abigail Esther Tanaka (38) Abi)
    DD: Rowan Sophia Goode (4)
    Reece & Abi with Rowan.

    DF: Tia Kennedy Angel (48)
    DF: Robert Adam Hazel (50)
    DS: Tom Kenneth Hazel (19)
    DD: Arwen Cyra Hazel (12)
    DS: Zebulon George Hazel (11) (Zeb)
    DD: Amelia Alexandra Hazel (6) (Mia)
    DS: Cormac Emmett Hazel (5) (Cory)
    DS: Jordan Todd Hazel (3)
    DD: Saffron Amber Hazel (1) (Saffy)
    Tia & Robert with Tom, Arwen, Zeb, Mia, Cory, Jordan & Saffy.

    DH: Alexander Savastian Jaylend (47) (Alex)
    DW: Bailey Sharon Dougie (died)
    DF: Pennie Opehlia Geneva (40)
    DSD: Kira Joy Geneva (17)
    DSD: Natalia Halle Geneva (10) (Tali)
    DSS: Joe Benjamin Geneva (2) (Joey)
    DSD: Cameron Madelene Geneva (1)
    Alex & Pennie with Kira, Tali, Joey & Cameron.

    DBF: Miles Bruno Junior (47)
    DGF: Lydia Fayth Barker (45)
    DS: James Robert Junior (16) (Jamie)
    DS: William Joseph Junior (12) (Will)
    DS: Jake Anthony Junior (11)
    DD: Olivia Georgina Junior (10) (Libby)
    DD: Frankie Selena Junior (9)
    DD: Leanna Nisa Junior (5) (Leigh)
    DS: Daniel Scott Junior (1) (Danny)
    Miles & Lydia with Jamie, Will, Jake, Libby, Frankie, Leigh & Danny.

    DBF: Joey Cris Barker (47)
    DGF: Susannah Mae Moore (43) (Susie)
    DD: Abbey Lynette Barker (1)
    Joey & Susie with Abbey.

    DW: Addalyn Grace Karlsen nee Downey (46) (Addy)
    DH: Christian Rubyn Karlsen (50) (Chris)
    DS: Jesse Elliot Karlsen (10)
    DS: Joel Lloyd Karlsen (7)
    DD: Lora Fay Karlsen (4)
    DS: Lewis Robb Karlsen (1)
    Addy & Chris with Jesse, Joel, Lora & Lewis.

    DF: Charlotta Gabriella Green (46) (Charli)
    DF: Benjamin Aiden Cason (47) (Ben)
    DD/ DS: Sophia Maeve Cason/ Harry Richard Cason (6)
    DS: Theodore Josiah Cason (3) (Theo)
    DS: Johnathan Patrick Cason (1) (Jo)
    Charli & Ben with Sophia, Harry, Theo & Jo.


    Dfriend1 (47): Tristan Walter Goodman
    -environmental attorney
    DGF (46): Lacey Robin Waite
    DSD/DSD (20): Kaleigh Tatiana Goodman/Alissa Tiffany Goodman
    DSD (13): Lucille Madeleine Goodman “Lucy”
    -Dmom (47): Lisa Anne Beckett
    DS (12): Jack Warren Goodman
    DD (10): Meredith Ava Goodman
    DD (10): Devynn Caroline Goodman
    ADS (4): Trenton Phillip Goodman “Trent”
    ADD (3): Halle Millicent Goodman
    ADD (1): Kira Hadley Goodman

    Dfriend2 (48): Warner Gilford Sheridan
    -mechanical engineer
    DF (47): Caroline Mae Harper
    -dietary technician
    DSD (20): Dina Laurel Anderson
    DSS (13): Tucker Denton Anderson
    DSD (10): Margot Skyler Anderson
    DSD (9): Kiley Rowan Anderson
    -Ddad (49): Michael Peter Anderson “Mike”
    DD (7): Grace Audrey Sheridan
    DS (6): Mitchell Emmett Sheridan
    DS (5): Lucas Ryan Sheridan”Luke”
    DS (4): Jay Luther Sheridan

    Dfriend3 (47): Archer Zachary Bridges
    -high school principal
    DW (45): Mary Scarlett *Gibson* Bridges
    -hospice plan administator
    DS (19): Wilson Rylan Bridges
    DD/DS (11): Eden Charlotte Bridges/Beau Theodore Bridges
    ADS (9): Matthew Anton Bridges “Matt”
    DS (9): Brendan Philip Bridges
    DD (7): Angelina Merryn Bridges “Lina”
    ADS (5): Wesley Tristan Bridges “Wes”
    ADS (4): Kenton Douglas Bridges “Kent”
    ADD (1): Siena Harlow Bridges

    Dfriend4 (46): Colin Andrew Goodman
    -computer systems software engineer
    DGF (41): Mia Aubrey Carr
    -voice coach
    DS (17): Channing Walter Goodman
    DS/DD (16): Miles Logan Goodman/Ellen Olivia Goodman
    DD (14): Emily Gretchen Goodman

    Dfriend5 (48): Julie Christina *Sutton* Macclelland
    -real estate broker
    DH (50): Mitchel William Macclelland
    -eastern philosophy professor
    DSD (15): Hazel Madeline Macclelland
    DSS (13): Joseph Merritt Macclelland “Joey”
    DSD/DSD (11): Isabelle Whitney Macclelland/Everleigh Rachael Macclelland
    -Dmom (46): Lydia Catherine Robertson
    DD (10): Cacey Amber Macslelland
    DD (9): Aria Scarlet Macclelland
    DD (8): Rosie Natalia Macclelland
    DD (5): Thalia Paisley Macclelland
    DD (3): Amarissa Destry Macclelland “Mari”

    Dfriend6 (49): Emmett Murdoc Hart
    -licensed optician
    ExDW (48): Shauna Julie Bridges
    -kindergarten teacher
    DF (43): Alyson Cathleen *Waverlie* Hart
    -veterinary lab tech
    DSS (20): Evan Carter Jonas
    DSD (19): Stella Kate Jonas
    DSD (17): Fiona Audrey Jonas
    DSD (14): Isla Hadley Jonas
    -Ddad (45): Robert Clinton Jonas “Rob”
    DD (11): Robin Charlotte Hart
    DD (10): Georgia Elaine Hart
    DD (9): Avalon Rose Hart “Ava”
    DS/DD (7): Dexter Garrett Hart/Heidi Kaleigh Hart
    DD (6): Eleanor Bailey Hart
    DD (3): Emmeline Reese Hart “Emmy”
    DS (1): Levi Benjamin Hart

    Dfriend7 (46): Libby Anne *McNeil* Miller
    -court stenographer
    DH (48): Stephan Brock Miller (deceased)
    -environmental geologist
    DBF (49): Jason Miles Thomas “Jay”
    -pediatric orthodontist
    DD (18): Alexandra Caroline Miller “Lexie”
    ADD (17): Henry Thomas Miller
    DD (16): Roxanne Alison Miller “Roxie”
    ADD (14): Emma Sinclair Miller
    ADD (12): Sarah Katie Miller
    DD (11): Cecily Eleanor Miller
    ADS (10): Brandon Phillip Miller
    ADD (8): Madeleine Charlotte Miller “Maddie”
    ADS (2): Spencer Wesley Miller

    Dfriend8 (47): Emily Elizabeth *Chasin* Ritchie
    -fundraising director
    DH (49): Darren Peter Ritchie (deceased)
    -surgical oncologist
    DF (50): Alan Marshall Winston
    -electrical engineer
    DSS (20): Deacon Zachary Winston
    DSD (16): Jane Claire Winston
    DSD (15): Cecilia Eloise Winston
    DSD (13): Sage Ashlynn Winston
    DSS (7): Paxton Maverick Winston “Pax”
    -Dmom (49): Elizabeth Diane Morgan “Liz”
    DD (6): Bridget Kathleen Winston
    ADS (6): Henry George Winston
    ADS (5): Felix Anthony Winston
    ADS (4): Noah Philip Winston
    ADS (3): Oliver Cade Winston
    ADD (1): Anna Tatum Winston

    Dfriend9 (48): Jon Henderson Moore
    -state trooper
    DF (47): Bridget Clair Aspen
    -clinical psychiatrist
    DSD (20): Ann Leslie Hastings
    DSD (19): Maisie Brinley Hastings
    DSS (16): Zachary Michael Hastings “Zach”
    -Ddad (48): Andrew Peter Hastings “Andy”
    ADD (15): Angelina Deborah Hastings “Angie”
    ADS (14): Braiden Hunter Hastings
    DD (10): Katie Scarlet Hastings
    ADD (9): Azalea Jocelyn Hastings
    ADD (8): Braelyn Lila Hastings
    DS (4): Holden Emmett Hastings

    Dfriend10 (49): Janie Isabel Goodman
    -7th grade social studies teacher
    DF (51): George Anthony Everett
    -graduate school dean
    DSS (18): Shawn Denton Everett
    DSS (17): Jasper Andrew Everett
    DSS (16): Conrad Isaiah Everett
    -Dmom (49): Rebekah Elaine Cooper “Becky”
    DS (12): Mason William Everett
    DD/DS (11): Anna Charlotte Everett/Ian Patrick Everett
    DD (9): Ellen Isabelle Everett
    DS/DD (8): Cory Adelaide Everett/Sara Marcus Everett
    DS (3): Anthony Byron Everett “Tony”


    Friend 1: Isabel Fay Malet *Howard* “Izzy” – 46 – Hotel Front Desk Clerk
    ExDH: Alan Samuel Carr – 48 – Business Analyst
    ExDH: Craig Roman Williamson – 45 – Sailboat Captain
    DH: Rory James Malet – 40 – Medical Director
    DS: Corey Jaxon Carr – 19
    DD: Jennifer North Carr “Jenny” – 16
    DD/DD: Lacey Lynn Williamson & Lexi Leonie Williamson – 10
    DS: Benjamin Tanner Malet “Benji” – 4
    DS: Rhys Elliot Malet – 2
    Izzy has had her fair share of heartbreak, is on husband number 3 and has 6 children from those 3 different men. She met all of her husbands in her line of work, working front desk of her family hotel. Her first husband, Alan Carr was crazy about Izzy. At first Izzy was attracted to him, they married quickly and Izzy fell pregnant with her first, a son they named Corey. Slowly though the marriage turned stale, Alan was always working and Izzy was bored. She thought another baby would make her happy so they had Jenny but Izzy knew their marriage was over. Six months after the divorce Izzy met husband number 2, a sail boat captain named Craig. He promised exotic holidays and a luxury lifestyle but it wasn’t always possible with 2 children, and then along came the twins Lacey and Lexi. So instead Izzy was stuck at home while Craig did the jet-setting. After that marriage ended Izzy swore off men, but a few years later Rory entered her life. Their attraction was instant and Rory adored her children. They married a year later and Izzy was sure he was the one this time. They now have 2 boys of their own, Benji and Rhys and are still happily married.

    Friend 2: Rafferty Isaac Lyman “Rafe” – 48 – Electronic Engineer
    DW: Luna Grace Lyman *Glasser* – 45 – Certified Midwife
    DD: Sara Madeline Lyman – 15
    DS: Charles Daniel Lyman “Charlie” – 13
    Rafe and Luna met at the hospital when Rafe’s sister was giving birth, Luna was her midwife and Rafe was in love! Luna played hard to get at first having been hurt in the past plus Rafe had a bit of repuation as a ladies’ man but Rafe felt differently about Luna, he wanted to marry her! Eventually she gave in and they started dating. He asked her to marry him only 4 months after and surprisingly she said yes. They married and their two children Sara and Charlie who are currently in boarding school. They both have busy jobs but they always find time for each other and they go on 2 family holidays a year to spend time with their kids.

    Friend 3: Caleb Scott Griffiths – 47 – Radio Host
    ExDW: Nora Denise Griffiths *Richards* – 43 – Television Producer
    DGF: Aubrey Elise Farrell – 27 – Wardrobe Assistant
    DD: Emily Natalia Griffiths – 2
    DS: Thomas Omar Griffiths – nb
    Caleb and Nora were childhood sweethearts and everyone thought they were perfect for each other and for the first few years they were but then they started trying for a baby and it just never happened. Years went by and still nothing, on a visit to the doctors they found out the problem lay with Nora and she was devastated. Their marriage really suffered, Nora distanced herself and went into herself. In the end there was no way back and they ended up divorcing. Caleb was pretty low for a while and his friends got a little worried about him. But then he met Aubrey and things just clicked into place. They are living together and have two beautiful children, Emily and Thomas. Nora said some pretty horrible things when she found out that Caleb was having a baby but Caleb had moved on that he didn’t let it get to him.

    Friend 4: Danny Joseph Downey – 49 – Head Chef
    DF: Susannah Paris Macy “Susie” – 42 – Apparel Designer
    DSS: Rowan Patrick Macy – 9
    DSS: Hal Titus Macy – 7
    Danny was never interested in settling down until he met Susie. He suddenly went from casually dating, his friends thinking he would never marry, to being engaged and playing step dad to Susie’s 2 boys Rowan and Hal. They plan to marry in the Spring and Danny wants to have a child of his own before he gets too old.

    Friend 5: Maisy Charlotte Ducote *Saunders* – 48 – Journalist
    ExDH: Jack Donovan Ducote – 50 – Deceased
    DSD: Jasmine Wren Ducote – 25
    DD: Eleanor Faith Ducote “Ella” – 14
    DS/DS: Evan Michael Ducote & Miles Jeremy Ducote – 11
    DD: Kiley Selena Ducote – 9
    DD: Aria Violet Ducote – 6
    Maisy and Jack hated each other when they first met, Jack’s brother was married to Maisy’s sister so they had no choice but to try and get on. One family holiday though they got a little too drunk and ended up kissing. They suddenly realised they had feelings for each and they were just trying to hide them. At first they kept their relationship a secret but they couldn’t hide it anymore, they wanted to get married! They move in together, Jack’s daughter from a previous relationship coming with them. Years later they had had five children and were still crazy about each other. six months ago though Jack came down with what seemed like the flu but then he was rushed into hospital not breathing and he never came back around. Maisy is still in a bit of a haze and her friends are trying to help her through as well as help with the kids. Jasmine is helping as much as she can too.

    Friend 6: Tallulah Carol Bridges “Tully” – 49 – Magazine Editor
    DBF: Gabriel Bennett – 38 – Translator
    DD: Lana Ashlynn Bennett – 7
    DS: Eddie Spencer Bennett – 4
    DD: Britney Agatha Bennett – 2
    Tully and Gabriel have been together for seems like forever but they have no plans to marry. They are completely happy they way they are living in a gorgeous house with their gorgeous children and many pets.

    Friend 7: Archer Leonard Radcliffe – 47 – Neonatal Doctor
    ExDW: Elizabeth Dawn Martin “Beth” – 47 – High School Teacher
    DF: Anna Mae Kaufman – 42 – Violinist
    DD: Sophia Ethelyn Radcliffe – 16
    DSS: Sawyer Robert Martin – 10
    DSD: Fiona Tori Martin “Fee” – 8
    DS: Matt Lucas Radcliffe – 1
    Archer and Beth married out of tradition really. Both their parents set them up and although they did get on Archer wasn’t really forseeing anything serious with Beth. She ended up pregnant and that was that, of course they had to get married. Their daughter Sophia arrived and they fell into a pretty simple routine, being more like friends than husband and wife. Then Archer met Anna and he suddenly knew what love was. They had an affair and Beth found out but she was pretty easy-going about it knowing that their relationship was forced. They got divorced amicably and share custody of Sophia. Anna moved in with Archer and her 2 children Sawyer and Fee from 2 different relationships. Archer popped the question just before the birth of their son Matt. They plan to get married soon, they are just saving money to have a really wonderful day.

    Friend 8: Lori Cordelia Patrow – 48 – Literary Agent
    ExDW: Kate Diana Patrow *Gale* – 44 – Jewellery Designer
    DBF: Noah Luca Marshall – 49 – Football Coach
    DAD: Talia Nicole Patrow – 17
    DAS/DAS: Frankie Marcus Patrow & Terry Garrett Patrow – 12
    DAD: Halle Marie Patrow – 10
    Lori always thought she was gay, right from high school. In uni she met and married Kate and thought she was completely happy. They adopted 4 wonderful children together and Lori was content. But then she met Noah and her whole world was catapulted into somewhere that was completely unknown to her. She was head over heels and she didn’t know how to tell Kate. They started fighting a lot and in a way Lori knew she was forcing her way out of the marriage. They divorced pretty bitterly and they hardly speak anymore especially since Lori started a relationship with Noah. Things are still complicated and they older children are a little unsure of why their mum was in a marriage with a woman but is now with a man but Lori knows it will all work out because Noah was the one.


    Friend1 (49): Benjamin Roscoe Grey “Ben”
    ~football coach
    DW (48): Lacey Aileen *Etherington* Grey
    DD (19): Andrea Hazel Grey
    ADS (18): Dominic Wesley Grey “Nico”
    DS (16): Elliot Dino Grey “Eli”
    DD (15): Lucille Charlotte Grey “Lucy”
    DD (13): Madeline Baylie Grey “Maddie”
    DD/DS (11): Sienna Jane Grey/Asher John Grey
    -Dmom (48): Anna Stephanie Morrison
    DSD (9): Angelina Elaine Harner “Lina”
    DSS (4): Ezra Brendan Harner
    -Ddad (51): Gregory Paul Harner “Greg”
    DS (2): Blane Wilson Grey

    Friend2 (48): Leslie Grace *Holder* Parker
    ~clinical dietician
    DH (50): Jason Ford Parker “Jay”
    ~architectural design professor
    DD/DS (15): Rose Colleen Parker/Jack William Parker
    DS (11): Charles Hayden Parker “Charlie”
    ADD (10): Tatum Jocelyn Parker
    ADD (1): Adelaide Caroline Parker “Addie”
    ADS (nb): Zachary Kale Parker “Zach”

    Friend3 (47): Elliot Nathaniel Chasin
    ~operations research analyst
    DW (45): Scarlett Philippa *Williamson* Chasin
    ~college librarian
    DS (18): Ryan Peter Chasin
    DD (17): Hadley Meredith Chasin
    DS (12): Emmett Thomas Chasin
    -Dmom (46): Marcy Elaine Thompson
    DSD (10): Lorraine Grace Abbott “Raine”
    -Ddad (48): Robert Lee Abbott “Rob”
    DS (1): Reed Henry Chasin

    Friend4 (46): Eden Carol *Greer* Hammond
    ~travel agent
    ExDH (47): Erik Bishop Dalton
    ~personal trainer
    DH (48): Henry Wilson Hammond
    ~reconstructive dentist
    DD (15): Henley Caroline Dalton
    DS/DD (8): Miles Phillip Dalton/Maisie Kathryn Dalton
    -kids with Erik Dalton
    DS/DD (6): Ryland Zackery Hammond/Merryn Johanna Hammond
    DD (2): Millicent Rosemary Hammond “Millie”
    DD (nb): Catherine Madison Hammond “Catie”

    Friend5 (47): Abbott David Hammond
    ~web developer
    ExDW (46): Clarissa Mae Macguinness “Clair”
    ~industrial designer
    DW (44): Julie Hollis *Morgan* Hammond
    DS (18): Bryson Hunter Hammond
    DD (16): Emily Ashlynn Hammond
    DS (15): Chandler Dino Hammond
    DS (12): Aaron Forrest Hammond
    -kids with Clair Macguinness
    ADS (11): Dalton Michael Hammond
    DD (8): Eleanor Anniston Hammond
    DD (5): Abbey Colleen Hammond
    DS (4): Tyler Phillip Hammond

    Friend6 (48): Shane Rafferty Hartlyn
    DW (44): Roma Kennedy *Landon* Hartlyn
    -babydaddy (47): Christian Alexander Ramirez
    DSS (18): Anthony Blake Ramirez “Tony”
    DS (15): Ryder Dalton Hartlyn
    -Dmom (44): Lucy Cathryn Paul
    DSD (13): Marcy Diana Ramirez
    DSD (11): Kyra Eloise Ramirez
    DSD (8): Avalon Sophia Ramirez “Ava”
    DSS (5): Levi Andreo Ramirez
    DD (5): Reese Sloan Hartlyn

    Friend7 (46): Avery Cailyn *Lance* Campbell
    ~computer systems analyst
    ExDH (48): Philip James Everett “Phil”
    ~electrical engineer
    DH (50): Alan Hayes Campbell
    DD (18): Mollie Karla Everett
    DD (16): Halle Rowan Everett
    ADS/ADS (14): Jacob Benjamin Everett/Joseph Jeremy Everett “Jake & Joey”
    DSD (7): Destiny Jane Campbell
    DSD (5): Dakota Lucille Campbell
    -Dmom (46): Rachel Marie Harnett
    DS (5): Pierce Malcolm Campbell
    DD (4): Madeleine Kaleigh Campbell “Maddie”
    ADD (1): Josephine Lynn Campbell “Josie”

    Friend8 (49): Vivian Delta *Hart* Ducote
    ~fashion designer
    DH (51): Harrison Gregory Ducote
    ~web developer
    DS (16): Brayden Wade Ducote “Brady”


    Dfriend1 (46): Nathan Scott Goodman “Nate”
    ~tax clerk
    DW (44): Bailey Dawn *Santorelli* Goodman (died)
    ~orthopedic nurse practitioner
    DW (45): Sara Courtney *Glasser* Goodman
    DS (16): Trevan Dexter Goodman “Trey”
    DS (15): Peter Douglas Goodman
    ADS (11): William Dalton Goodman “Liam”
    DD (11): Lucille Avery Goodman “Lucy”
    DS (10): Hunter Daxton Goodman
    DD (9): Marley Kate Goodman
    DD (8): Hazel Audrey Goodman
    DS (7): Nash Dino Goodman
    -with Bailey
    ADS (5): Charles Sean Goodman “Charlie”
    DD (4): Emma Halle Goodman
    ADD/ADS (nb): Autumn Sienna Goodman/Warren Hawke Goodman
    -with Sara

    Dfriend2 (48): Luella Eden Washington “Ella”
    ~school librarian
    ExDH (50): Nickolas Jon Chasin “Nick”
    BF (53): Neill Dwayne Carr
    ~church organist
    DD (11): Rory Dakota Chasin
    DD/DD (10): Rachel Alissa Chasin/Audrey Ashlynn Chasin
    DS (9): Matthew Thomas Chasin “Matt”
    DS/DD (7): Lyndon Brock Carr/Lainey Jayne Carr
    DS (6): Dalton Jonas Carr
    ADS (nb): Reed Alexander Carr

    Dfriend3 (47): Sebastian Leonard Hammond
    ~pension agent
    GF (42): Lacey Margaret Thompson
    DSD (19): Dakota Libby Miles
    DSD/DSD (16): Merryn Hadley Miles/Margot Paisley Miles
    DSD (12): Madeleine Skyler Miles “Maddie”
    DS (12): Liam Thomas Hammond
    ADD (9): Jayla Christine Hammond
    ADS (8): Anthony Peter Hammond “Tony”
    ADD (2): Jocelyn May Hammond

    Dfriend4 (49): Keeley Harper Grey
    ~hospital pharmacist
    DF (51): Mitchel Craig Oliver
    ~pediatric dentist
    DSS (19): Isaac Tate Oliver
    DSS (18): Forrest Wesley Oliver
    DSD (15): Jane Laurel Oliver
    DSS/DSD (13): Haydin Theodore Oliver/Carlie Josephine Oliver
    DD/DD (13): Jaylee Meredith Oliver/Roxana Claribel Oliver
    DD (11): Rowan Dacey Oliver
    DD (10): Harlow Kaylee Oliver
    DD (6): Abbey Ellen Oliver
    ADS (4): Zachary Jay Oliver “Zach”
    ADD (1): Dakota Harper Oliver

    Dfriend5 (47): Waverly Adeline Edson
    ~preK teacher
    DF (49): Leo Alan Langston
    DS (19): Richard David Langston “Ricky”
    DS (18): Theodore Aidan Langston “Teddy”
    DD (17): Avalon Adiella Langston “Ava”
    DS (9): Ellis Benjamin Langston
    DD (6): Stella Hadley Langston
    DS (4): Joel Tate Langston

    Dfriend6 (46): Nora Lyndsey Chasin
    ~financial planner
    ExDH (48): Gavin Abraham Jenssen
    DS (10): Andrew Hunter Jenssen “Drew”
    ADS (10): Blake Peter Jenssen
    DS/DD (8): Isaac Grant Jenssen/Mollie Elisa Jenssen
    ADD (8): Kiley Sophia Jenssen
    ADD (5): Georgiana Faith Jenssen “Ana”
    ADD (4): Grace Amelia Jenssen

    Dfriend7 (49): Madeleine Kimberley Montel “Maddie”
    ~etymology professor
    ExDH (51): James Lewis Grey “Jim”
    ~health services director
    ExDH (49): Jason Hayes Thomas “Jay”
    ~state trooper
    DD (17): Ariela Caroline Grey
    DS (13): Isaiah Logan Grey
    DD (6): Emily Cathryn Thomas
    DD (2): Claire Angelina Thomas
    DS (nb): Charles Walter Thomas “Charlie”

    Dfriend8 (48): Warren Gabriel McNeil
    ~political cartoonist

    Dfriend9 (46): Tallulah Rhea Laurence “Lulu”
    ~high school French teacher
    BF (48): Jared Landon Stockard
    ~physical chemistry professor
    DS (18): Kale Joseph Stockard
    ADS (15): Denton Samuel Stockard
    DS/DS (13): Thane Jackson Stockard/Baron Russell Stockard
    ADD (11): Natalia Sailor Stockard
    DD/DD/DD (11): Daphne Autumn Stockard/Harper Jocelyn Stockard/Georgia Parker Stockard
    DS (10): Alexander Trevan Stockard “Alex”
    DS (8): Malcolm Josiah Stockard
    DD (4): Adiella Lillian Stockard “Ella”

    Dfriend10 (47): Archer William Berkeley
    ~dental assistant
    BF (48): Collin Howard Fraser
    ~high school math teacher
    DSD/DSD/DSD (15): Sophia Madeline Fraser/Olivia Harlow Fraser/Tania Imogen Fraser
    DD (8): Kyra Skyler Fraser
    DS (6): Dayton Robert Fraser

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