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Football Team Build-On CAF Round 1

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  • lilybell

    DH: Basil Trennen Metcalf (72)
    DW: Birdie Harper {Gruffudd} Metcalf (69)

    DS: Chris Ward Metcalf (50)
    DS: Wingman Nicholas Metcalf (50)
    DS: Houston Zachariah Metcalf (47)
    DS: Gallow Grayson Metcalf (43)
    DS: Bradley Tyler Metcalf (41)
    DS: Harry Buford Metcalf (38)
    DS: Chas Ivan Metcalf (35)
    DS: George Pierce Metcalf (34)
    DS: Iwan Felix Metcalf (32)
    DS: Noah Jason Metcalf (32)
    DS: John Sam Metcalf (31)


    DW: Clementine Birdie Harris “Clem” (70)
    DH: Ankur Basil Foster (70)

    DS: Liam Ronan/Connor William/John Wesley (48)
    DS: Caleb Diego (47)
    DS: Asher Noah (46)
    DS: Archer Davis “Archie” (45)
    DS: Benjamin Roger “Ben” (42)
    DS: Finn Alexander (38)
    DS: Owen Giovanni (36)
    DS: Rory Harrison (34)
    DS: Charlie Beckett (31)


    DH: Carlos Edgar Jimenez (74)
    DW: Anna Natalie {Watson} Jimenez (70)

    DS: Alejandro Eric (50)
    DS/DS: Noah Felix/Jonathan Aviel (46)
    DS: Pedro Christian (39)
    DS: Joseph Anthony (37)
    DS: Christopher Glen (35)
    DS: Ivan Jeremiah (34)
    DS/DS: Will Raymond/Sam Giovanni (33)
    DS: Brian Isaiah (32)
    DS: Miguel Javier (31)


    DH: James Arthur White (74)
    DW: Katherine Anne Evans White (72)

    DS: Daniel Charles (50)
    DS: Alexander John (48)
    DS: Spencer Edward (46)
    DS: Brandon Maxwell (44)
    DS: Nicholas Warren (42)
    DS: Stephen William (39)
    DS: Benjamin Scott (37)
    DS: Andrew Malcolm (35)
    DS: Jonathan Robert (33)
    DS: Matthew Joseph (31)


    DH: Tristen Sly Walker (75)
    DW: Blake Amanda Thomas-Walker (74)
    DS: Robert Wolfgang Walker (50)
    DS: Pauley Sylvester Walker (47)
    DS: Wesley Gabe Walker (45)
    DS: Andrew Robbie Walker (42, twin to Des)
    DS: Des Charles Walker (42, twin to Andrew)
    DS: Dean Jensen Walker (41)
    DS: Timothy Maxwell Walker (39)
    DS: Brandon Alexander Walker (38, twin to William)
    DS: William Vincent Walker (38, twin to Brandon)
    DS: Farley Adrian Walker (36)
    DS: Nathan Ricky Walker (31)


    LN: Clark
    Maiden Name: Smith
    DH: Miller Tristan Clark (74) “Mills”
    DW: Kristen Rani (Smith) Clark (72)
    DS: Miles Sloane Clark (50)
    DS: Wesley George Clark (46) “Wes”
    DS: Jensen Aurelio Clark (45)
    DS/DS: Russell Michael Clark and Archer John Clark (44)
    DS: Noah Patrick Clark (42)
    DS: Ezra Max Clark (41)
    DS: Leo Gower Clark (38)
    DS: Grayson Edward Clark (37) “Gray”
    DS: Christopher Jude Clark (33) “Topher”
    DS: Shepherd Nicholas Clark (32) “Shep”


    The Nichols Family
    DH: Nikhil “Nik” Theodore Nichols
    DW: Elizabeth Wren (Metcalf) Nichols
    DS[48]: Riley Milo Nichols
    DS[48]: Ryan Maxwell Nichols
    DS[46]: Caleb Hunter Nichols
    DS[44]: Austin William Nichols
    DS[40]: Jesse Nathan Nichols
    DS[39]: Lucas Bradley Nichols
    DS[36]: Dallas Aleksander Nichols
    DS[36]: Damian Antonio Nichols
    DS[36]: Dylan Albert Nichols
    DS[34]: Henry Edward Nichols
    DS[32]: Mason Charles Nichols

    Nik & Elizabeth: Riley, Ryan, Caleb, Austin, Jesse, Lucas, Dallas, Damian, Dylan, Henry, and Mason


    DH: Christopher George Freeman
    DW: Olivia Rachelle (Murray) Freeman
    DS(50): Alexsander Glen
    DS(49): Charles Andrew
    DS/DS(45): Ryan Edward & Nathaniel Weldgon
    DS(43): Matthew Jensen
    DS/DS/DS(41): Eric Welling, John Emile, Noah Giovani, & Tyler Dean
    DS(36): Bailey Javier
    DS(34): Brad Russell
    DS(32): Nicolas Owen


    DH: Miller Otto Olsen
    DW: Chelsey Hannah (Chester) Olsen

    DS(50): Charles “Charlie” Taylor Olsen
    DS(42): Jonathan Henry Olsen & Max Andrew Olsen
    DS(39): Lucas John Olsen
    DS(38): Benjamin “Ben” Chase Olsen
    DS(35): Scott Michael Olsen
    DS(34): Mason Chandler Olsen
    DS(32): Ryan Matthew Olsen & Logan Jude Olsen & Toby Anthony Olsen
    DS(31): Dylan Cameron Olsen


    The Metcalf Family

    DH: (72) Jasper Miller Metcalf
    DW: (69) Norah Wren Metcalf *Hackman*

    DS1: (48) Henry Walter Metcalf
    DS2: (46) Zack Malcom Metcalf
    DS3: (42) George Caleb Metcalf
    DS4: (40) Alexander Gene Metcalf “Lex”
    DS5/DS6: (38) Nathan Stewart Metcalf “Nate” & Leon Emmet Metcalf
    DS7: (35) Edward Claude Metcalf “Teddy”
    DS8: (33) Toby Nicholas Metcalf
    DS9: (32) Noah Charles Metcalf
    DS10/DS11: (31) William Farley Metcalf “Will” & Joe Carroll Mefcalf

    Jasper and Norah Metcalf with their sons, Henry, Zack, George, Lex, Nate, Leon, Teddy, Tobby, Noah, Will and Joe


    DH (74): Donald Louis Murray “Don”
    DW (70): Joanie Eileen *Smith* Murray
    DS1 (50): Patrick Montgomery Murray
    DS2 (48): Vincent Alexander Murray “Vince”
    DS3 (43): Jonathan Fitzgerald Murray “Jon”
    DS4 (44): Michael Dean Murray
    DS5/DS6 (42): David Malcolm Murray/Daniel Russell Murray “Dave & Dan”
    DS7 (41): Morgan Walter Murray
    DS8/DS9 (37): Scott William Murray/Jared Emmett Murray
    DS10 (32): Edward Anthony Murray “Eddie”
    DS11 (31): Stephen Wesley Murray

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11)

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