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Favorite name for each letter!

  • yellowwatts

    I’m curious! What’s your favorite name for each letter of the alphabet for both genders? I realize some like X may be hard or you may not have a favorite but try your best or leave some blank. :)

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  • Myosotis

    I had to put runners up/names I love just as much in brackets. I’m very indecisive :)

    Arabella (Arietta) & Artemus (August)
    Beatrix & Barnaby (Bartholomew/Bronwyn/Bravery)
    Cypress & Caspian
    Deirdre & Dorian
    Evanthe (Elaphia) & Ephraim (Evander)
    Frances & Fabian (Francis)
    Georgiana & Gideon
    Hermione & Horatio
    Illyria & Indigo (Isidore)
    Jessamine & Julian
    Kyra & Kai
    Lyra (Linnaea) & Lorenzo
    Morgana (Mairead, Matilda) & Malik
    Nyla & Nikolai
    Olympia & Orion
    Pandora (Phaedra) & Phoenix (Ptolemy)
    Querida & Quentin
    Rowenna & Remus
    Saffron (Skylark) & Sherlock (Silas)
    Thessaly (Tabitha) & Timothy
    Urania & Ulysses
    Valencia & Valour
    Wren & Wolfgang
    Xanthe & Xanthus (Xavier, Xavian)
    Yvette & ——–
    Zia & Zephyr


    Andrew and Anneliese
    Benjamin and Bethany
    Charles and Cora
    Desmond and Daria
    Elijah and Evangeline
    Frederick and Francesca
    Gavin and Genevieve
    Henry and Hannah
    Isaac and Isla
    Josiah and Julia
    Kieran and Kaia
    Leo and Lucia
    Matthew and Malia
    Noah and Nora
    Oliver and Olivia
    Paul and Polly
    Quinn and Qadira
    Ross and Rebecca
    Samuel and Susanna
    Thomas and Talia
    Uriah and Udiya
    Vincent and Vivian
    William and Willow
    Xavier and Xylia
    Yuri and Yvonnne
    Zane and Zola


    Austin & Autumn
    Blake & Brooke
    Cade & Clementine
    Declan & Daisy
    Ezekiel & Eliana
    Flynn & Freya
    Gabriel & Georgia
    Hunter & Harper
    Israel & Indiana
    Jake & Juliet
    Koby & Kailey
    Luca & Lila
    Matteo & Mila
    Noah & Noelle
    Orlando & Opal
    Peyton & Penelope
    Quade & Quinn
    Rory & Rose
    Seth & Summer
    Tyler & Trinity
    Ulrick & Ulima
    Vincent & Violet
    Willis & Willow
    Xavier & Xanthe
    Yael & Yasmine
    Zachary & Zarina


    Girls and Boys:

    Arianne and Avery
    Bethany and Brody
    Charlotte and Caleb
    Daphne and Daniel
    Emmeline and Everett
    Felicity and Finnian/Finley
    Grace and Grant
    Helena and Hugo
    Isabelle and Isaac
    Julia and Jack
    Kaia and Killian
    Lillian and Linus
    Madelief and Micah
    Nadia and Noah
    Olivia and Owen
    Poppy and Patrick
    Quinn and Quincy
    Rachel and Rory
    Sybilla and Samuel
    Tess and Tiernan
    Unity and Ulysses
    Violet and Vaughn
    Winter and Winston
    Xanthe and Xavier
    Yasmina and Yates
    Zoe and Zane

    Today, anyway. :)


    this is fun. at this very moment

    A althea and asa
    B bria and brandon
    C cassidy and caleb
    D daphne and damian
    E evie and emmett
    F felicity and finn
    G gemma and gavin
    H holly and harrison
    I isabelle and isaac
    J jasmine and jett
    K kira and kai
    L liliana and lucian
    M mia and max
    N nora and nathaniel
    O olivia and owen
    P priscilla and parker
    Q Q’orianka and Quinn
    R rowan and reeve
    S sophia and seth
    T tatiana and tristan
    U umika and uriel
    V vivian and vincent
    W willa and william
    X xiomara and xavier
    Y yvette and yusef
    Z zara and zachary


    Amelia & August
    Brenna & Benjamin
    Charlotte & Camden
    Delilah & Deacon
    Everleigh & Ethan
    Francesca & Finn
    Georgia & Gavin
    Harper & Holden
    Isla & Isaac
    Julia & Jonah
    Kendra & Kade
    Lauren & Liam
    Maren & Mason
    Norah & Noah
    Olivia & Owen
    Penelope & Parker
    Quinn for both
    Rachel & Rowan
    Scarlett & Samuel
    Taylor & Thomas
    Ulyssa & Urban
    Violet & Van
    Willa & Weston
    Xyla & Xander
    Ysabel & Yates
    Zara & Zane


    Ah man, that’s an excellent challenge….

    What comes to mind right now:
    Ariel and Acheron
    Belle and Brendan
    Charlotte and Caelan
    Delilah and Donovan
    Eleanor and Elias
    Freyja and Frey
    Gloria and Gabriel
    Hazel and Harrison
    Iris and Indiana
    Juliet and James
    Katriona and Kelvin
    Lily and Louis
    Madeline and Montgomery
    Nova and Nicolas
    Olivia and Oberon
    Phoebe and Patrick
    Quinn and Quinton
    Rosette and Rylan
    Selena and Samuel
    Theresa and Todd
    I actually don’t think I like any U names…
    Vivian and Vincent
    Wren and William
    Xena and Xavier
    Yasmin and —
    Zoey and Zephyr


    Anna and Alexander
    Bridget and Beckett
    Caroline and Cameron (or Connor)
    Delaney and Dominick(or Dimitri)
    Emily and Elliot
    Fiona and Finnegan
    Giovanna and Gabriel
    Hayley and Hayden
    Isabel and Isaiah
    Juliana and John (or Joshua..or James…love boy Js)
    Kiersten (or Kaia) and Keegan
    Leilani and Luke (or Landon)
    Michaela and Macauley
    Nadia and Nicholas
    Olivia and Oliver
    Piper and Patrick
    Quinn and Quinten
    Ryley and Robert
    Shay and Samuel
    Tiana and Thomas
    U–not a letter I’d ever use
    Valentina and Vincent
    Willow and William
    _______ and Xander
    Yasmine and ______
    Zoe and Zachary


    This was hard for me because I don’t like many boy names! I just looked at a list of names for each letter and picked the name that was the least bad.

    Anaïs & Alejandro
    Briana & Bryan
    Cassandra & Carlos
    Diana & David
    Esperanza & Enrique
    Fernanda & Frank
    Gabriella & Giovanni
    Hannah & Harvey
    Ivana & Isaiah
    Josephine & Javier
    Kiana & Kevin
    Leilani & Luis
    Mariana & Miguel
    Noemi (my daughter) & Nicholas
    Olivia & Octavio
    Priscila & Preston
    Quinn & Quinton
    Rosalie & Ricardo
    Selena & Sean
    Tatiana & Travis
    Usana & Uriah
    Valeria & Victor
    Willow & Will
    Ximena & Xavier
    Yasmin & Yandel
    Zinnia & Zenon (pronounced Say-NON)


    Anneliese and Alec
    Britta and Brennan
    Caroline and Calvin
    Demi and Dawson
    Elise and Emmett
    Finley and Finn
    Georgia and Gavin
    Hazel and Hudson
    Iris and Isaac
    Jessa and Jameson
    Kami and Killian
    Lucy and Lincoln
    Macy and Miles
    Naomi and Nolan
    Olive and Owen
    Piper and Porter
    Quinn and Quinten
    Rosalie and Rowan
    Scarlett and Samson
    Tessa and Thomas
    Uriana and Uriah
    Vashti and Vance
    Willow and Wilson
    Xara and Xavier
    Yelena and Yates
    Zola and Zion


    Off the top of my head:

    Antonia / Arthur (or Atticus)
    Bethia / Benjamin
    Calliope / Cedric
    Delilah / Dashiell
    Eva / Elliot
    Freya / Frederick
    Grace / Gabriel
    Hermione / Hamish
    Isidora / Isaiah
    Juliet / Jasper
    Kaia / Keegan
    Lucinda / Lukas
    Mina / Maximilian
    Nola / Nathaniel
    Olive / Oscar
    Persephone / Patrick
    Quintessa / Quentin
    Rosalba / Rupert
    Seraphina / Stellan
    Tullia / Timothy
    Una / Ulrik
    Viviana / Victor
    Willow / William
    Xanthe / Xavier
    Ysabel / York
    Ziva / Zachary


    Anneliese & August
    Brielle & Bentley
    Camryn & Colin
    Delaney & Donovan
    Emerson & Elijah/Everett/Emmett/Elliott
    Francesca & Forde
    Grace & Gentry
    Hazel & Henry
    Isla & Ian
    Josephine (Josie) & James
    Kiera & Kieran/Kevin
    Lilah/Lucy & Liam
    Maeve & Miles
    Noemi & Niall
    Olivia & Owen
    Penelope & Pierce
    Quinn & Quade
    Roisin & Ronan
    Savannah & Seamus
    Taryn & Trevor
    U – none
    Violet & Vince/Vance/Vaughn
    Wren & William
    Y -none
    Zoey & Zachary

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