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Extended Family Congrats Round 4

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  • gabym

    LN: Huertas
    DH: Jason Konrad (60)
    DW: Anastasie Olivia (58)
    DS: Samuel Erik (37)
    DW: Ira Sidney Huertas (37)
    ds: Charlie Paris (nb)
    DD: Samantha Alison Huertas Reed (36)
    DH: Ted Jon Reed (36)
    DD: Amanda Jessica Huertas-Johnson (35)
    DW: Jenny Beth Huertas-Johnson (35)
    DS: Vega Guinn (34)
    DW: Alesha Marleigh (34)

    Jay & Ana Huertas
    Sam & Ira Huertas
    Sam & Ted Reed
    AJ & Jenny Huertas-Johnson
    Vega & Alesha Huertas


    DH (64): Arthur Michael Gannon
    DW (62): Marcella Rhea *Romano* Gannon

    DS1 (36): Macklin Seth Gannon “Mack”
    DW (35): Rebecca Carlyn *Miles* Gannon
    DS (7): Maximilian Rutherford Gannon “Max”
    DS (1): Forrest Alexander Gannon

    DS2 (36): Cliffton Sean Gannon “Cliff”
    GF (37): Alyson Sloane Harper (never marry)
    DSS (16): Leo Vincent Stewart
    -Ddad (39): Neil Taylor Stewart
    DS/DD (12): Jude Lawrence Gannon-Harper/Bryn Annabeth Gannon-Harper
    DD (10): Rosie Ellen Gannon-Harper
    DD (9): Devyn Meredith Gannon-Harper
    DD (5): Kate Dakota Gannon-Harper
    DS (3): Reed Michael Gannon-Harper
    DD (1): Luna Kerrigan Gannon-Harper

    DS3 (34): Brandon Walter Gannon
    GF (32): Caroline Robin Alexander (never marry)
    DS (13): Archer Milo Gannon
    DD (10): Delilah Hadley Gannon “Lila”
    -Dmom (33): Mariana Jules Hamilton
    DD (4): Karrigan Naomi Gannon-Alexander “Karrie”
    DS (nb): Evan James Gannon-Alexander

    DD1 (34): Audrey Milena *Gannon* Gates
    DH (36): Lyle Warren Gates
    DS (5): Spencer Harrison Gates
    DD/DS (4): Alison Rachel Gates/Connor Belton Gates
    DD (2): Holland Emily Gates
    DS (nb): Christian Montgomery Gates

    DD2 (32): Marla Rosalyn *Gannon* Connelly
    DH (33): Zachary Gordon Connelly “Zach”
    DD (8): Isabella Diane Connelly “Bella”
    DS/DD (5): Topher Grayson Connelly/Maura Londyn Connelly
    DD (4): Ava Rhea Connelly
    DS (1): Myles Pritchard Connelly

    DD3 (30): Harper Brook Gannon
    DF (31): Bradley Rex Hayes “Brad”
    DD (12): Juliet Reese Lee
    DS (10): Jack Howard Lee
    -Ddad (35): Jay Benjamin Lee
    DD (8): Sophia Marie Hayes
    DD (6): Murphy Arianna Hayes
    DS (4): Asher Marlin Hayes
    DS/DD (2): Noah Harrison Hayes/Cate Elisabeth Hayes

    DD4 (29): Cecilia Kailey *Gannon* Johnson
    DH (30): Emmett Brycen Johnson
    DS/DD (11): Levi Rhett Johnson/Isla Penny Johnson
    DS (9): Abel Henry Johnson
    DD (7): Makena Eileen Johnson
    DS (3): Ryan Peter Johnson
    DD (1): Brooke Laurel Johnson
    DS (nb): Tobey Colin Johnson


    DH: Bryant Kevin Draft (60)
    -Lighthouse Keeper
    DW: Lilian Selaza {Hannah} Draft (58)
    -Air Traffic Control Specialist

    DD: Abigail Ariel Draft (37) (homosexual)
    —-DS: Rhett Lime Draft (14)
    —-DD: Delilah Pamela Draft (9)
    —-DAD: Lindsay Tamar Draft (9) –Christine’s bio Sister
    —-DAD: Christine Elsbeth Draft (8) –Lindsay’s bio Sister
    —-DD: Frankie Helena Draft (7)
    –DGF: Joan Margaret Pike (34)
    -Arson Investigator

    DS: Rickey James Draft (36) (bi)
    –DF: Kristina O’Lyveah Pendragon (34)
    -Clerical Supervisor
    —-DD: Lark Tigress Draft (3)
    —-DS: Orpheus Walking Draft (2)
    —-DS: Achilles Kidling Draft (2)
    —-DS: Leto Gustavo Draft (2)

    DD: Evelyn Susie {Draft} Ojufemi (34)
    -Occupational Therapist
    –DH: Gabriel Willie Ojufemi (33)
    -A&P Mechanic
    —-DD: Tricia Flynn Ojufemi (13)
    —-DD: Beatrice Kiara Ojufemi (11)
    —-DD: Jessika Delah Ojufemi (11)
    —-DS: Rowan Isaac Ojufemi (10)
    —-DD: Vivien Hodge Ojufemi (9)
    —-DS: Joon Young Ojufemi (8)
    —-DD: Dove Mahla Ojufemi (7)
    —-DS: Donny James Ojufemi (5)
    —-DD: Cameron Aisha Ojufemi (3)

    DS: Edward Vidar Draft (32)
    -Blood Donor Recruiter Supervisor (Blood Mobile)
    —-DS: Praise Newt Brinkman (14)
    —-DD: Meredith Wren Brinkman (12)
    —-DD: Ruth Elsa Brinkman (12)
    —-DS: Horace Duke Brinkman (10)
    -DW: Lydia Bailey {Ezra} Draft (29)
    -Chemical Technician


    DH(60): Lance Byron Noble
    DW(58): Virginia Angel (Smith) Noble-A.K.A. “Ginny”

    DS(36): Anthony Madden Noble
    -DBM(35): Amanda Jess Shu
    –DS(13): Max David Noble
    –DS(11): Aaron Victor Noble
    –DS(10): Jack Tyler Noble
    -DF(35): Daisy Erica Kline
    –DFS(9): Harrison Luke Kline
    –DS(6): Caleb Olive Noble
    –DD(1):Sonia Eve Noble
    Anthony and Amanda dated for 5 years. They broke off their relationship after Jack was born because they didn’t love eachother anymore. It was completely mutual and they remain best friends for the sake of their boys. Anthony then met Daisy. She was recently divorced and had a son Harrison from her marriage. They began dating and then had a son, Caleb. They got engaged on Valentine’s Day 4 years ago. After having 5 boys between them, they decided they wanted to try one more time for a girl. Luckily for them, they had a baby girl who they named Sonia. They are getting married this spring.

    DS(36): Zachary Abram Noble
    -DW(34): Dianne Jordan (Rhea) Noble
    –DD(14): Isabella Aislynn Noble
    –DS(10): Alexander Hunter Noble
    –DD(1): Celeste Lindsay Noble
    –DS/DS(4 months): Finn Jacob Noble/Pierce Alec Noble
    Zachary and Dianne got together in college. They got married after they found out they were pregnant with Isabella. A few years later, they had their son Alexander. They decided that since they have a boy and a girl, they didn’t need to have any more children. However they had an oops and got pregnant with Celeste. A couple months later, Dianne was on birth control, but also on an antibiotic, The BC failed and she got pregnant with the twins. They are still happily married and are raising their 5 kids. Isabella and Alexander are great helps with the younger 3.

    DD(35): Alexis Larae Noble-A.K.A. “Lexi”
    -DBD(36): Andrew Paul Johnson
    –DD(13): Hadley Erin Johnson
    -DEXBF(37): Brennan Xavier Reed
    –DS(9): Jeffrey Young Reed
    –DD(5): Kamryn Elizabeth Reed
    -DF(38): Robert Ruben Channing
    –DD(1 month): Autumn Madison Channing
    Alexis and Andrew met online and went on a couple dates but they never had a relationship. They broke it off after the 5th date, and Lexi found out she was pregnant 2 weeks later. They remain civil for the sake of Hadley. She then met Brennan online. They got pregnant quickly with Jeffrey. A couple years later, they got pregnant with Kamryn. They broke up a few months after Kamryn was born. She then met Robert online and after several dates, decided to become a couple. They dated for a year and moved in together. A year later they got engaged. They got pregnant with Autumn almost a year ago and are happily planning their wedding for next summer.

    DS(34): Landon Nicholas Noble
    -DW(32): Ally Jay (Hao) Noble
    –DSD(15): Amber Roxy Hao Noble
    –DS(13): Colin Michael Noble
    –DD(12): Maisie Ariel Noble
    –DS(10): Andrew Sage Noble
    –DD(8): Alexandria Ki Noble
    –DS(5): Lucas Jack Noble
    –DD/DS(4): Avanna Victoria Noble/Clint Aeron Noble
    –DS(3): Jagger Leo Noble
    –DS(2 months): Bryan Mason Noble
    Ally and Landon have been best friends since middle school. When Ally was 16, she got pregnant with her daughter Amber. The father signed his rights over right away, and she became a single mom. Landon, as her best friend, always came over to help her care for her daughter. They finally got together a year later and Landon became “daddy” to Amber. They then had 3 kids in 3 years. They had 2 more kids after they got engaged. They got married 4 years ago when she was 3 months pregnant with the twins. They like the idea of having a big “Duggar-like” family and continue to have more children. Right now they are happily married with 10 kids.

    DS(33): Wesley Phillip Noble
    -DEXGF(33): Brooke Ivy Lewis
    –DS(12): James Vincent Noble
    -DW(32): Xyla Carlyn (Finn) Noble
    –DSD(11): Stephanie Candace Finn
    –DSS(10): Stephen Adam Finn
    –DD(3): Mackenzie Gabriella Noble
    –DS(2): Benson Wesley Noble
    Wesley and Brooke had broken up after counseling failed to help their relationship. Wesley then met Xyla who was divorced with 2 children. They dated for a year then moved in together. James, Stephanie, and Stephen all got along very well together, and Xyla was great with James and Wesley was great with Stephanie and Stephen. They got married 4 years ago. On their honeymoon, they discussed having children together. When they came back from the honeymoon, they found out they were pregnant with Mackenzie. Xyla and Wesley like how close James, Stephanie, and Stephen are, and its because they are close in age. So they decided to have another child right away. Along came Benson.

    DS(32): Harry James Noble
    -DBM(30): Alice Jan Harper
    –DD(13): Alexia Skye Noble
    -DF(29): Mae Olivia Yulin
    –DS(8): Joseph Harley Noble
    –DD(5): Cheyenne Jennifer Noble
    –DD(4): Kansas Hermione Noble
    Harry and Alice only dated for a few months when Alice got pregnant with Alexia. They broke up before she was born and have stayed broken up. Harry gets Alexia every weekend. Harry then met Mae and they have had 2 children. Harry proposed to Mae 4 years ago after they found out she was pregnant with Kansas. They are getting married next month.

    DD(30): Lillian Victoria Noble-A.K.A. “Lilly”
    -DF(31): William Todd Curtis
    –DS(4): Blake Carsten Curtis
    –DS(3): Connor Weston Curtis
    –DS(2): Jesse Cameron Curtis
    –DS(1): Samuel Miguel Curtis
    Lilly and William are both pediatric oncologists and met in medical school. They got engaged 5 years ago. As a celebration of their engagement, they decided to have a child. They talked about wanting a big family (since they can afford it) and wanted all their children very close in age. They had one child after another. All their children are named after patients of theirs that have passed away. They are currently trying for baby #5 and hope they can have a little girl. They are planning their wedding, but want it to be extravagant, so they are saving their money.

    DS(29): Matthew Jonathan Noble-A.K.A. “Matt”
    -DEXGF(29): Sidney Riley Tivona
    –DS(14): Xavier Blake Noble
    –DD(13): Samantha Charlotte Noble
    -DF(29): Allis Savannah Cador
    –DS(5): Dylan Nikolaus Noble
    –DD(3): Callie Shawna Noble
    –DS(2): Michael Devon Noble
    –DD(1): Addison Flora Noble
    Matt and Sidney started dating in their freshman year of High School. They had an “oops” moment and got pregnant with Xavier. Sidney got on birth control right after Xavier was born, but didn’t realize it doesn’t work right away. She then found out she was pregnant with Samantha after she failed to get her period on the first month of birth control. Matt and Sidney broke up 10 years ago. Matt then met Allis and they hit it off quickly. They are engaged and have 4 children together. They are getting married in December.


    DH (65): Anthony Douglas McDermott “Tony”
    DW (63): Mona Shanelle *Carrell* McDermott

    DD1 (37): Madison Jane McDermott “Maddie”
    BF (39): Joe Costin Lee (never marry)
    DS (13): Sebastian Theodore Lee-McDermott
    DD (9): Caroline Tatum Lee-McDermott
    DD (8): Addisyn Jade Lee-McDermott “Addie”
    DS (4): Cormac Jay Lee-McDermott
    DD (3): Tania Karrigan Lee-McDermott
    DD (nb): Lara Jasmine Lee-McDermott

    DD2 (36): Molly Alyssa McDermott
    DD (14): Violet Delilah Boone
    DD (12): Ava Robin Boone
    DD (10): Delia Sage Boone
    ~baby daddy (37): Jay Callan Boone
    BF (40): Chandler Joseph Eden (never marry)
    DD (5): Sara Lacey Eden-McDermott
    ADS (4): Pierce Thomas Eden-McDermott
    DS (4): Fletcher James Eden-McDermott
    DD/DD (3): Natalie Sarah Eden-McDermott/Brittany Reese Eden-McDermott

    DS1 (36): Gavin Maddox McDermott
    DW (35): Riley Beth *Alexander* McDermott
    DS (14): Sterling Oliver McDermott
    DS (3): Bryson Laurence McDermott
    DS (1): Levi Alistair McDermott
    DD (nb): Romy Caroline McDermott

    DS2 (32): Warren Brett McDermott
    ExGF (31): Daisy Monroe Jorgensen (never marry)
    DD (6): Sophia Marlo McDermott-Jorgensen
    DF (30): Kerri Charlotte Connor

    DS3 (31): Matthew Gideon McDermott
    GF (30): Alia Maggie Johnson (never marry)
    DD (14): Piper Victoria McDermott-Johnson
    DS (12): Reed Harrison McDermott-Johnson
    DD (9): Ayla Raine McDermott-Johnson
    DD (6): Ruth Maycee McDermott-Johnson “Ruthie”
    ADS (5): Spencer Jeremiah McDermott-Johnson
    DS (5): Tobin Hayes McDermott-Johnson
    ADD (3): Alexa Belle McDermott-Johnson “Lexie”

    DS4 (29): Julian Patrick McDermott
    DW (29): Lauren Jules *Harper* McDermott
    DD (13): Catherine Bridget McDermott “Catie”
    DS (8): Conor Patrick McDermott


    DH (65): Harrison Charles Steiner
    DW (63): Karolina Raquel *Maxen* Steiner “Lina”

    DD1 (37): Tenley Rosalyn *Steiner* Jorgensen
    DH (39): Riley Conner Jorgensen
    DS (7): Blake James Jorgensen
    ADD (2): Rachel Greer Jorgensen
    DS (2): Isaac Davis Jorgensen
    DD (nb): Heidi Isabelle Jorgensen

    DS1 (35): Matthew Landon Steiner “Matt”
    DW (36): Chaney Reagan *Morrow* Steiner
    DD (6): Della Maycee Steiner
    DD (5): Alyssa Lauren Steiner “Aly”
    DS (4): Felix Christian Steiner
    DS (2): Eli Matthew Steiner

    DS2 (35): Joshua Duncan Steiner “Josh”
    DH (37): Xavier Owen Whelan
    DS (5): Samuel Robert Steiner-Whelan “Sam”
    DS (3): Patrick Benjamin Steiner-Whelan
    DD/DD (2): Naomi Annabelle Steiner-Whelan/Holly Margaret Steiner-Whelan

    DS3 (32): Emmett Duke Steiner
    GF (32): Jana Kristin Lee (never marry)
    DS/DD (9): Brock Harrison Steiner-Lee/Sadie Madelynn Steiner-Lee
    DD (7): Rachel Jolene Steiner-Lee
    DS (3): Jameson Beaumont Steiner-Lee “Jamie”
    DD (nb): Halle Mackenna Steiner-Lee

    DD2 (31): Savannah Lynley Steiner
    DF (32): Chandler Brennan Everett
    DS/DS (9): Rexford Warren Everett/Maximilian Andrew Everett “Rex & Max”
    DS (8): Flynt Jonas Everett
    DS (5): Spencer Edward Everett
    ADS (4): Benson Harding Everett “Ben”
    DD (2): Campbell Elaine Everett

    DD3 (31): Sheridan Kinsley *Steiner* Bennett
    DH (32): Neal Thomas Bennett
    DS/DS/DS (5): Tobin Rutherford Bennett/Asher Montgomery Bennett/Hayes Fitzgerald Bennett
    DD/DD/DD (3): Stella Abigail Bennett/Rowan Shayna Bennett/Molly Taylor Bennett
    DS (2): Ryan Charles Bennett

    DS4 (30): Eliott Warren Steiner “Eli”
    DW (30): Jules Valerie *Hawthorn* Steiner
    DS (9): Jacob Ryan Steiner “Jake”
    DS (5): Holden Tucker Steiner

    DS5 (30): Maximus Derrick Steiner “Max”
    DF (29): Caroline Rebecca McClain
    DS (6): Tobias Fraiser Steiner “Toby”
    DS (3): Myles Patrick Steiner
    ADD (nb): Madison Hazel Steiner “Maddie”


    LN: Smith

    DH(60): Jeffrey Tyler-”Jeff”
    DW(56): Virginia Vera-”VeeVee”

    DS(36): Matthew Alvin-”Matt”
    DEXGF-(34): Wendell Taylor Reign-”Wendy”
    DW(33): Rebecca Bailey (Emerson)-”Becky”
    –>DS(9): Herb Matthew Smith
    –>DD(8): Julie Desire Smith

    DS(34): Jason Wesley-”Jay”
    DEXGF-(34): Andela Nora Johnson-”Andi”
    –>DEXGFDS(19): Patrick Emmett Johnson
    –>DEXGFDD(14): Penny Erika Johnson
    –>DS(13): Michael Edward Smith
    –>DD(10): Charlotte Lillian Smith
    DW(36): Avery Kat Claudin
    –>DFDS(15): William Joon Claudin

    DD(30): Rosalyn Amanda-”Rose”
    DH(33): Martin Domingo Steele
    –>DD(13): Annabeth Ruth Steele
    –>DS(9): Aaron Suk Steele
    –>DD(6): Addison Olivia Steele

    DS(29): Anthony James-”AJ”
    DEXGF-(28): Tabitha Maria Novak
    DW(29): Xoe Madigan (Blake)-”Maddie”
    –>DSS(11): Braden Lance Smith
    –>DS(9): Adam Toby Smith
    –>DD(7): Salena Kathryn Smith
    –>DD/DS(1): Leila Adriana Smith/Colin Joel Smith


    DH: Nathan Alistair Jonas (55)
    DW: Katherine Olivia Jonas (43)

    DS: Louis Patrick Jonas (35)
    - DW: Charlotte Audrey (Diaz) Jonas (35)
    – DS: Aidan Oliver Jonas (13)
    – DS: Caleb Emmett Jonas (10)
    – DD: Isabel Maisie Jonas (10)
    – DD: Caitlin Adele Diaz-Jonas (8) – adopted from Charlotte’s sister who passed away
    – DD: Maggie Rose Jonas (6)
    – DD: Lila Bridget Jonas (5)
    – DS: Penn Walter Jonas (3)
    – DS: Benjamin Joshua Jonas (4)
    – DS: Thomas Noah Jonas (2)
    – DD: Emily Colette Jonas (nb)

    DD: Molly Abigail Jonas (35)
    - DH: Finn Zachary Steele (37)
    – DS: William Reid Steele (14)
    – DD: Violet Aria Steele (12)
    – DD: Evelyn Ivy Steele (10)
    – DD: Elena Grace Steele (10)
    – DS: Maximilian Lucas Steele (9)
    – DD: Karina Elizabeth Steele (8)
    – DS: Rory Jackson Steele (4)
    – DD: Phoebe Mia Steele (1)

    DS: Arthur Frederick Jonas (34)
    - DGF: Ava Violeta Rodriguez (33)
    – DD: Polly Aviana Rodriguez (6)
    – DD: Maeve Aurelia Rodriguez (4)
    – DD: Serena Autumn Rodriguez (3)

    DD: Rose Agatha Jonas (32)
    - DH: Seth Ciaran Lewis (36)
    – DS: Edward Alexander Lewis (16) – Seth’s son from a previous relationship
    – DD: Mae Charlotte Lewis (14)
    – DD: Rhiannon Lacey Lewis (9)
    – DD: Stella Kate Lewis (6)
    – DD: Geneva Mary Lewis (4)
    – DS: Jasper Carson Lewis (2)
    – DD: Anya Madeline Lewis (1)

    DS: George Nathaniel Jonas (30)
    - ExDGF: Rosie Valentina Harper (29)
    - DF: Savannah May Judd (30)
    – DS: Flynn Matthew Harper-Jonas (12)
    – DD: Georgia Primrose Judd-Jonas (7)
    – DS: Jonathan Davis Judd-Jonas (1)
    – DS: Samuel Mason Judd-Jonas (1)

    DD: Eleanor Isabel Jonas (30)
    - DF: Oliver Michael Johnson (32)
    – DD: Annabeth Ruby Pearl Jackson (11)
    – DS: Oscar Franklin James Jackson (9)

    DD: Sophia Jane Jonas (29)
    - DGF: Lydia Odette Jensen (28)
    – DD: Bella Corinne Jensen-Jonas (2)
    – DD: Maelie Gabrielle Jensen-Jonas (2)
    – DD: Imogen Anna Jensen-Jonas (1)


    LN: Durham

    DH: Seamus Malcolm [67]
    –Firefighter, Chief (retired)
    DW: Sahzana Adamina [63]
    –Registered nurse, Pediatrics

    DD: Ellina “Lina” Shannon O’Leary [36]
    –Preschool teacher
    —DH: Jonah Benjamin O’Leary [37]
    –Construction worker
    ——DS: Connor Matthew O’Leary [13]
    ——DD: Sadie Bryn O’Leary [12]
    ——DD: Sienna Annabeth O’Leary [10]
    ——DS: Keagan Alvis O’Leary [4]
    ——DS: Benson Edmond O’Leary [2]

    DS: Chase Elijah [33]
    —DW: Katie Anne Durham [32]
    –Flight attendant
    ——DS: Alexander Seok Durham [9]
    ——DS: Lance Josephus Durham [7]

    DD: Brooke Nicole Sullivan [32]
    –Clinical psychologist
    —DH: Jay Monroe Sullivan [36]
    –Computer programmer
    ——DD: Kassidi Magnolia Sullivan [14] (from Jay’s previous relationship)
    ——DD: Brielle Sophia Sullivan [9]
    ——DS: Seth Alistair Sullivan [1]

    DD: Saskia “Kia” Kailey Jonfield[31]
    —DH: Cahrson Hawke Jonfield [33]
    ——DS: Jason Adonis Jonfield [3]
    ——DS: Kelton Sebastian Jonfield [2]

    DS: Madden Roy [30]
    —DW: Elizabeth Aurora Durham [27]
    –Dance instructor
    ——DS: Forrest Brennan Durham [4]
    ——DS: Micah Weston Durham [3]
    ——DD: Sara Naomi [2]
    ——DD: Tora Gabrielle [1]
    —–ExGF, Baby-mama: Xanthia Odessa Ellery [30]
    ——DS: Holden Andrew Durham [8]
    ——DD: Holly Amandah Durham [5]
    —–Baby-mama: Hattie Taylor Jorgenson [30]
    ——DS: Dhylan Michael Durham [10]

    DS: Sampson “Sam” Aciano [29]
    —DF: Janis Kailea Alabaster [25]
    –Dog groomer
    —–ExGF, Baby-mama: Savannah Rose Olwen [28]
    ——DD: Maycee Myung Chung [10] (From Savannah’s previous relationship)
    ——DD: Sarina Isabella Durham [9]
    ——DD: Bethany Primrose Durham [5]


    DH (65): Oliver Michael Davis
    DW (63): Shannon Evelyn *Muller* Davis

    DS1 (36): Austin Parker Davis
    GF (35): Bailey Kendall Hamilton (never marry)
    DSS (17): Hayden Forest Hamilton
    DSD (16): Ella Faith Hamilton
    DS (14): Jaxon Reid Davis “Jax”
    DD (4): Caroline Molly Davis
    DS/DS (2): Christian Robert Davis/Patrick Jason Davis

    DD1 (36): Alyssa Violet *Davis* Butler
    DH (37): Zachary Jon Butler “Zach”
    DD (7): Meredith Alison Butler
    DS (5): Spencer Montgomery Butler
    DS (4): Samuel Holden Butler “Sam”
    DD (3): Isabel Madeline Butler
    DD (nb): Kendall Reese Butler

    DS2 (35): Scott Marshall Davis
    DW (35): Lydia Hollie *Carlisle* Davis
    DD (9): Hallie Addisyn Davis
    DS (7): Mason Lance Davis
    DS (5): Tucker Harrison Davis
    DD (4): Hollie Kerrigan Davis
    DS (3): Ryan Cain Davis
    DS (2): Austin Clayton Davis
    DS (1): Matthew Colin Davis “Matt”

    DD2 (35): Sarah Michelle Davis
    DF (35): Jon Xavier Doyle
    DD (13): Madeleine Grace Alexander “Maddie”
    DD/DS (11): Neely Caroline Alexander/Myles Donovan Alexander
    DD (10): Della Aislynn Alexander
    -Ddad (37): Neal Mason Alexander
    DS (6): William Sullivan Doyle “Will”
    DD (5): Libby Annalise Doyle
    DD (4): Ellery Genevieve Doyle

    DS3 (32): Brock Landon Davis
    DW (32): Audrey Monroe *Lee* Davis
    DSD (16): Zoe Jade Lee
    DD (14): Keeley Charlotte Davis
    DS/DS (11): Webster Reid Davis/William Hugo Davis “Webb & Liam”
    DS/DD (7): Maximilian Carter Davis/Emeline Pamela Davis “Max & Emi”
    DS/DS (4): Colin Spencer Davis/Brian Nicolas Davis
    DS (nb): John Emmett Davis

    DS4 (32): Bryce Philip Davis
    GF (30): Roxanne Elena Harper “Roxy” (never marry)
    DS/DD (12): Reeves Weston Davis/Riley Willow Davis
    DS (11): Paxton Henry Davis
    DS/DD (3): Sean Radley Davis/Kara Autumn Davis
    DS (2): Benjamin Robert Davis “Ben”
    DS (1): Alec James Davis

    DD3 (31): Molly Tenley *Davis* James
    DH (33): Tobias Harrison James “Toby”
    DD (13): Kailey Adelaide James
    DS (11): Theodore Scott James “Theo”
    DD (7): Clarabelle Jade James “Clara”
    DD/DS (3): Makayla Holland James/Gabriel Brannon James
    DD (2): Bryn Sophia James
    DD (nb): Abigail Corinne James “Abby”

    DS5 (29): Wesley Samuel Davis “Wes”
    DW (28): Robin Avery *Atkinson* Davis
    DS/DS (7): Nash Brady Davis/Neil Hayes Davis
    DS (5): Clay Samson Davis
    DS (3): Bennett Asher Davis “Ben”
    DS/DD (1): Simon Lowell Davis/Nadia Rachel Davis


    The Tallak Family
    DH[60]: Reed Edwin Tallak
    DW[60]: Avery Grace (Michael) Tallak
    Reed & Avery = Brett, Ben, Emma, Alexa, Jaydon, Ryder, Lucas, & Sophia

    DS[37]: Brett David Tallak
    –DW[36]: Lucia Catherine (Grant) Tallak
    —-DSS[18]: Oliver Lawrence Grant
    —-DAS[15]: Declan Joel Tallak
    —-DS[14]: Hayden James Tallak
    —-DD[14]: Madelyn Clara Tallak
    —-DD[12]: Sienna Evangeline Tallak
    —-DD[9]: Hope Arcana Tallak
    —-DD[5]: Chloe Nicole Tallak
    —-DD[5]: Carlie Naomi Tallak
    —-DS[4]: Jackson Xavier Tallak
    Brett & Lucia = Oliver, Declan, Hayden, Madelyn, Sienna, Hope, Chloe, Carlie, & Jackson

    DS[37]: Ben Michael Tallak
    –DexGF[35]: Audrey Monroe Hera
    —-DS[14]: Brady Edward Tallak
    —-DD[12]: Isabel Margaret Tallak
    —-DD[12]: Abigail Imogene Tallak
    —-DS[10]: Henry Matthew Tallak
    —-DS[5]: Cody Alexander Tallak
    –DGF[34]: Emily Kathleen Snow
    —-DD[nb]: Leila Eloise Tallak
    Ben & Audrey = Brady, Isabel, Abigail, Henry, & Cody
    Ben & Emily = Leila

    DD[35]: Emma Fleur (Tallak) Sable
    –DH[37]: Nathan Richard Sable
    —-DD[9]: Gabrielle Alexandra Sable
    —-DS[5]: Blake Nathaniel Sable
    —-DS[3]: Ethan Frederick Sable
    —-DD[2]: Maëlle Anastasia Sable
    —-DD[2]: Molly Rosalind Sable
    Emma & Nathan = Gabrielle, Blake, Ethan, Maëlle, & Molly

    DD[35]: Alexa Rose Tallak
    –DF[38]: Jeremiah Ash Campbell
    —-DD[14]: Makayla Cheyenne Campbell
    —-DS[11]: Landyn Jeremiah Campbell
    —-DS[11]: Holden Jonah Campbell
    —-DS[6]: Max Christopher Campbell
    Alexa & Jeremiah = Makayla, Landyn, Holden, & Max

    DS[34]: Jaydon Abraham Tallak
    –DGF[33]: Hannah Elizabeth Rodriguez
    —-DAS[16]: Owen Christopher Tallak
    —-DS[14]: Camden Elliot Tallak
    —-DD[11]: Willow Sage Tallak
    —-DS[8]: Grayson Murray Tallak
    —-DD[7]: Ava Rain Tallak
    Jaydon & Hannah = Owen, Camden, Willow, Grayson, & Ava

    DS[33]: Ryder Samuel Tallak
    –DGF[32]: Violet Aurora Nazanin
    —-DAS[10]: Nolan Aurelio Tallak
    —-DS[7]: Jacob Michael Tallak
    —-DD[6]: Rosalie Mae Tallak
    —-DD[5]: Avery Vivien Tallak
    —-DS[3]: Conor Slade Tallak
    —-DAS[1]: Daniel Ash Tallak
    —-DAS[1]: William Jay Tallak
    —-DAD[nb]: Olivia Marina Tallak
    Ryder & Violet = Nolan, Jacob, Rosalie, Avery, Conor, Daniel, William, & Olivia

    DS[32]: Lucas Elijah Tallak
    –DGF[30]: Harper Juliet Copley
    —-DD[13]: Reese Lynn Tallak
    —-DS[12]: Aiden Jack Tallak
    —-DAD[10]: Briana Kate Tallak
    —-DD[5]: Kaley Drew Tallak
    —-DS[4]: Cameron Scott Tallak
    —-DD[3]: Sophie Brooke Tallak
    —-DAD[nb]: Arianna Clare Tallak
    Lucas & Harper = Reese, Aiden, Briana, Kaley, Cameron, Sophie, & Arianna

    DD[30]: Sophia Lily (Tallak) Chandler
    –DH[31]: Cruz Alexander Chandler
    —-DS[9]: Ryan William Chandler
    —-DS[7]: Andrew Paul Chandler
    —-DS[5]: Theodor “Theo” James Chandler
    —-DD[5]: Liliane “Lily” Isabelle Chandler
    —-DD[2]: Hannah Caroline Chandler
    Sophia & Cruz = Ryan, Andrew, Theo, Lily, & Hannah


    DH: Anzor Parson Mikkel (65)
    DW: Ruby Eulita {Hannah} Mikkel (68)

    DS: Nalin Gentian Mikkel (37)
    –DGF: Audrey Chaya Clary (44)
    —-DSD: Harvard Paralee Stewart (16) “Honey”
    —-DS: Halvert Claude Mikkel (14) “Hal”
    —-DS: Holmes Roman Mikkel (8)
    —-DD: Henrietta Baby Mikkel (5)
    —-DD: Harlow Julie Mikkel (5)
    —-DD: Hermosa Eleanore Mikkel (4)
    —-DAS: Hawk Saunders Mikkel (2)
    —-DD: Holly Janelys Mikkel (1)

    DD: Stella Maye Mikkel (34) {bi}
    –DW: Jackie Alia {Rodriguez} Mikkel (36)
    —-DD: Anna Vivian Mikkel (12)
    —-DAS: Colin Willard Mikkel (11)
    —-DAD: Sadie Amelia Mikkel (10)
    —-DD: Marilyn Lou Mikkel (8)
    —-DD: Mathilde Amber Mikkel (8)
    —-DS: Matthew Young Mikkel (7)
    —-DS: Truman Anzor Mikkel (7)
    —-DS: Lucas Scorpio Mikkel (4)
    —-DD: Kristine Zosia Mikkel (1)
    —-DD: Sarah Laverna Mikkel (6 months)

    DS: Evan Corey Mikkel (33)
    –DGF: Riley Annabelle Grania (29)

    DD: Shari Penelope Mikkel (33)
    –DBF: Robert Honor Johnson (33)
    —-DD: Tavia Verity Johnson (14)
    —-DS: Dwayne Roberto Johnson (14)
    —-DD: Kavita Carol Johnson (14)
    —-DD: Tovania Judy Johnson (12)
    —-DD: Edie Pamela Johnson (9)
    —-DAD: Melinda Hyeon Johnson (8)
    —-DS: Holden Chase Johnson (4)
    —-DS: Eddie Desmond Johnson (3)


    DH: Timothy Arthur Maxwell (65)
    DW: Victoria Mary Maxwell (62)

    DS: Tyler Elliott Maxwell (37)
    DW: Maggie Evelyn Gilbert Maxwell (36)
    - DS: Henry James Maxwell (13)
    - DD: Nora Abigail Maxwell (10)
    - DS: Thomas Edwin Maxwell (4)

    DD: Natalie Rose Maxwell Lowe (35)
    DH: Simon Gabriel Lowe (38)
    - DS: Lennon Garrett Lowe (12)
    - DD: Aubree Madison Lowe (9)
    - DS: Cohen Spencer Lowe (7)
    - DD: Georgia Grace Lowe (5)

    DD: Emma Lillian Maxwell Byrne (35)
    DH: Cody Harrison Byrne (34)
    - DD: Charlotte Eleanor Byrne (6)
    - DS: Benjamin Richard Byrne (4)
    - DD: Madeline Kathleen Byrne (nb)

    DS: Jonathan Patrick Maxwell (33)
    DW: Olivia Catherine Steele Maxwell (32)
    - DS/DS: Noah Oliver & Nathan Peter Maxwell (3)

    DD: Paige Margaret Maxwell Judd (31)
    DH: Owen Barrett Judd (34)
    - DS: Hunter Matthew Judd (6)
    - DD: Peyton Caroline Judd (3)
    - DS: Liam Alexander Judd (nb)

    DD: Alexa Christine Maxwell Ryder (29)
    DW: Michael Anthony Ryder (30)
    - DS: Mason Charles Ryder (2)


    DH (65): Harrison Reid Carver
    DW (64): Lydia Taylor *Maxen* Carver

    DD1 (34): Rachel Lauren *Carver* Butler
    DH (35): Zachary Bryson Butler “Zach”
    DS (18): Everett Josiah Butler
    DS/DD (17): Maximilian Hayes Butler/Evangeline Palmer Butler “Max & Eva”
    DD (16): Adeline Christen Butler “Adie”
    DS (15): Lance MacLaine Butler
    DD (4): Rory Cate Butler
    DD (2): Alexa Marie Butler “Lexie”
    DD (1): Ella Hazel Butler
    DS (nb): Cain Scott Butler

    DD2 (34): Kelley Allison *Carver* McPherson
    DS (11): Samuel Grant Stewart “Sam”
    -Dad (37): Miles Joe Stewart
    DH (35): Brennan Chandler McPherson
    DSD (12): Murphy Sloan McPherson “Sloan”
    DSS (10): Beckett Warren McPherson
    -Dmom (35): Whitney Rose Everett
    DS (8): Dash Fletcher McPherson
    DD (7): Emeline Elizabeth McPherson “Emi”
    DS/DD (1): Noah Campbell McPherson/Bryn Samantha McPherson
    DD (nb): Madison Waverly McPherson “Maddie”

    DD3 (34): Elaine Michelle *Carver* Knight
    ExBF (35): Duncan Max Williams
    DD (12): Bryn Charlotte Williams
    DS (11): Micah James Williams
    DH (36): Dillon Asher Knight
    DSS (14): Spencer Ramsey Knight
    DSS (12): William Ian Knight “Will”
    -Dmom (34): Caroline Ann Reed
    DS (8): Montgomery Harrison Knight
    DD (5): Georgianna Rose Knight “Gianna”
    DD (4): Brooke Laurel Knight
    DS (1): Holden Mitchell McPherson
    DD (nb): Kerrigan Belle McPherson “Kerri”

    DD4 (33): Holly Rhiannon *Carver* Johnson
    DH (35): Simon Oliver Johnson
    DS (10): Oliver Tobias Johnson
    DD (9): Marleigh Corbyn Johnson
    DS/DS (8): Warren Nathaniel Johnson/Carter Sebastian Johnson
    DD (7): Rachel Madelynn Johnson

    DD5 (33): Macey Ellina *Carver* Hamilton
    DH (34): Benjamin Walter Hamilton “Ben”
    DS (8): Clark Hayden Hamilton

    DS1 (31): Brett Hayden Carver
    ExGF (31): Hilary Carrington Gilbert
    DD (14): Abigail Reese Carver “Abby”
    ExGF (30): Avery Savannah Lincoln
    GF (30): Charlotte Jane Lowell (won’t marry)
    DD (7): Sarah Rachel Sutton
    -Ddad (35): Wesley Alan Sutton “Wes”
    DD (2): Isabella Hazel Carver “Bella”

    DD6 (30): Emma Robyn *Carver* Campbell
    ExBF (32): Joshua David Fields “Josh”
    DD (13): Devin Brooke Fields
    DS (12): James Henry Fields “Jamie”
    DD (11): Madeline Savannah Fields
    DS (10): Jack Hayden Fields
    DH (31): Easton Todd Campbell
    DS (9): Maximilian Peter Campbell “Max”
    DS (nb): Alec Beaumont Campbell

    DD7 (30): Lila Kristine Carver
    ExBF (30): Tobias Sawyer Roberts “Toby”
    DD (14): Nora Annabeth Roberts
    DS/DD (13): Wiley Daxton Roberts/Della Roxanne Roberts
    DS (11): William Bentley Roberts “Liam”
    DF (32): Elias Jarrett Hayes “Eli”
    DSS (14): Auden Fitzgerald Hayes
    -Dmom (30): Rebecca Catherine Douglas “Becca”
    DS (8): Spencer Montgomery Hayes
    DS (7): Jonas Alexander Hayes
    DS (6): Ryan Jasper Hayes
    DS (2): Simon Walter Hayes
    DS (nb): Forest Christian Hayes


    LN: Dicello
    DW: Cherice Dorcas Dicello (58)
    DH: Julius Victor Dicello (60)

    DD: Petra Bright Juno (nee Dicello) (37)
    DH: Alexander (Alex) Ronan Juno (39)
    DS: Leon Julius Juno (13)
    DD: Delilah Zoe Juno (11)
    DD: Eloise Lake Juno (10, twin)
    DD: Genevieve Flower Juno (10, twin)
    DD: Talia Zohra Juno (9)
    DS: Sebastian James Juno (7)
    DS: Micah Clay Juno (6)

    DS: Xavier Mason Dicello (34)
    DW: Ira Monroe Dicello (nee Butler) (33)
    DS: Haydon Leo Dicello (12)
    DD: Violet Belle Dicello (10)
    DS: Peirce Roscoe Dicello (9)
    DD: Luna Tabitha Dicello (7)
    DD: Anastasia Eve Dicello (4)
    DD: Molly Christmas Dicello (3)

    DD: Seraphina Harper Steele (nee Dicello) (33, twin)
    DH: Carter Nathan Steele (36)
    DS: Oliver Hugh Steele (14)
    DD: Lucia Peal Steele (11)
    DS: Emmett Sterling Steele (10)
    DD: Beatrix Cecilia Steele (3)
    DD: Reese Nicole Steele (1)
    DS: Ian Joshua Steele

    DD: Leilani Rose Gilbert (nee Dicello) (33, twin)
    DH: Riley Parker Gilbert (35)
    DD: Francesca Grace Gilbert (12)
    DS: Paxton Jace Gilbert (10, twin)
    DS: Jett Maxwell Gilbert (10, twin)
    DD: Tatiana Reagan Gilbert (8)
    DS: Ross Emmanuel Gilbert (6)
    DS: Benson Scott Gilbert (4)
    DD: Zara Tulip Gilbert (3)

    DD: November Eliza Jones (nee Dicello) (29)
    DH: Rex Francis Jones (32)
    DD: Mila Hazel Jones (6)
    DD: Gemma Eden Jones (5)
    DD: Cecelia Vivian Jones (3, twin)
    DD: Ruby Karman Jones (3, twin)

    DS: Jasper Cade Dicello-Johnson (30, twin)
    DH: Harrison Miles Dicello-Johnson (33)
    DD: Rosalind Mika Dicello-Johnson (adopted from Korea) (newborn)

    DS: Griffin Mercury Dicello (30, twin)
    DW: Noelle Rachel Dicello (Davey) (30)
    DS: Forest Malcolm Dicello (11)
    DD: Ariel Sadie Dicello (7)
    DS: Lennox Flynn Dicello (4)
    DS: Soren Hale Dicello (2)
    DD: Coco Esme Dicello (1)

    DD: Phoenix Ruby Lee (nee Dicello) (29)
    DH: Beniamin (Ben) Dragan Lee (30)
    DD: Isadora Kai Lee (4)
    DD: Story Thea Lee (3)
    DD: Aurora Teal Lee (1)


    DH (67): Robert Evan James “Bob”
    DW (65): Shirley Victoria *Clifton* James

    DD1 (37): Allison Lydia *James* Williams “Allie”
    DH (37): Miles Harrison Williams
    DS (12): Hayden Oliver Williams
    DD (11): Taylor MacKinley Williams
    DS (6): Maximilian Clay Williams “Max”
    DD (nb): Rowan Caroline Williams

    DD2 (35): Julia Lauren *James* Reynolds
    ExBF (35): Collin Max Washington
    DSS (18): Samuel Robert Washington “Sam”
    DSD (15): Bryn Margaret Washington
    DS (12): Jack Gavin Washington
    DH (36): Todd Eli Reynolds
    DS/DS (3): Christian Walter Reynolds/Patrick Thomas Reynolds
    DS (2): Reece Micah Reynolds
    DS (nb): Keegan James Reynolds

    DD3 (33): Holly Rose *James* Stuart
    DH (34): Lyle Monroe Stuart
    DSS (15): William Todd Stuart “Liam”
    DS (14): Aidan James Stuart
    DD (11): Bailey Grace Stuart
    DS (9): Spencer Levi Stuart
    DD/DS (2): Isabelle Mackenzie Stuart/Brennan Harrison Stuart
    DD (1): Halle Catherine Stuart

    DS1 (31): Clark Bradyn James
    ExGF (31): Riley Belle Robinson
    DF (30): Savannah Kelly Douglas
    DS (8): Henry Alan James
    DS (1): Patrick Robert James

    DS2 (31): Brock Archer James
    DW (31): Ivy Catherine *Brant* James
    DS (13): Asher Lennon James
    DS (9): Duke Sebastian James
    DS (7): Levi Spencer James
    DD (3): Robin Claire James
    DD (2): Emily Kerrigan James
    DD/DD (1): Addison Leila James/Mackenna Naomi James “Addie & Kenna”

    DS3 (30): Madden Emmett James
    ExGF (30): Kendall Tatiana Reyes
    DF (30): Olivia Carlyn Monroe “Liv”
    DS (8): Bodi Maddox James
    DD (5): Isabella Caroline James “Bella”
    DS (4): Colin Radley James
    DD (3): Holly Sophia James

    DD4 (30): Marley Skylar *James* Fox
    DH (30): Tobias Holden Fox “Toby”
    DS (12): Paxton Vincent Fox
    DD (7): Adeline Mae Fox “Adie”

    DS4 (24): Blake Matthew James
    DF (24): Lillie Adelyn Harper
    DS/DD (5): Flynn Michael James/Reese Madelyn James
    DS (3): Thatcher Rylan James
    DS (nb): Cain Pierce James

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