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Extended Family Congrats Round 4

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  • lilybell

    DH: Chris Tavryn Loke (62)
    -Surgical First Assistant
    DW: Truce Gudrun {Maximus} Loke (64)
    –Costume Attendant at the Local Theater

    DS: Louis Elijah Loke (34)
    -Aluminum Pourer
    –DGF: Rowan Brandi Carter (36)
    -Building Pressure Washer
    —-DAS: Tatum Niles Loke (12) –adopted from Russia at age 4–
    —-DS: Jason Arden Loke (4)
    —-DAS: Anatol Flipper Loke (2) –adopted from Russia at 6 months–

    DS: Bryan Gillis Loke (34)
    -Elevator Technician
    –DGF: Lee Debi Jett (35)
    -Delivery Vehicle Driver
    —-DD: Shelby Ursula Jett (12)
    —-DD: Maeve Kimberly Jett (11)
    —-DD: Heathleah Ice Jett (9) “Leah”
    —-DAD: Army Darlene Jett (7) –Lee’s niece legally adopted–
    —-DS: Chip Eun Jett (6)
    —-DS: Madee Tybeerious Jett (6)
    —-DS: David Madison Jett (6)
    —-DD: Valerie Zebra Jett (2)
    —-DD: Lindsay Curly Jett (2)

    DD: Tavia Knenji Loke (34) (bi)
    –DEXGF: Zhivka Vernon Munoz (40)
    –DF: Liam Ben Jett (38) –Lee’s older brother–
    -Mineral Technologist
    —-DD: Jamison Claire Jett (2) “Jami”
    —-DS: Derek Guy Jett (1)
    Tavia and Zhivka broke up because Tavia really wanted kids and Zhivka wasn’t. She ended up falling for one he brother Bryan’s Girlfriend’s Brother Liam. They got pregnant about 3 months after they started dating and so far have a beautiful son and daughter

    DS: Niles Troy Loke (31)
    -Hard Tile Setter
    –DW: Jan Kelly {Va} Loke (31)
    -Registered Nurse
    —-DS: Noah Matthew Loke (14)
    —-DS: Ray Hardy Loke (13)
    —-DS: Pax Michael Loke (11)
    —-DD: Indi Grace Loke (11)
    —-DD: Yula Kendra Loke (4)
    —-DS: Robert Brian Loke (4)

    DS: Quinn Joey Loke (31) (bi)
    -Fiberglass Fabricator
    –DBF: Yannie Fernando Habibah (33)
    -Workforce Deployment Specialist
    —-DD: Pamela Redmond Loke (9) “Mela”
    —-DAD: Katie Valentina Loke (7)
    —-DD: Monpetite Sophia Loke (6) “Moni”
    —-DS: Bartholomew Steven Loke (5) “Bart”
    —-DS: Cameron Justin Loke (4)
    —-DS: Harold Clayton Loke (2)
    They used a different surrogate and Yannie’s sperm this time to have Cameron and Harold

    DS: Nestor Sabado Loke (30) (bi)
    -Bindery Machine Operator
    –BabyMama: Dolly Chaya Canan (31)
    –DF: Bird Tereesuh Vincenzo (32)
    -Retail Associate
    —-DD: Adira Madeleine Canan (11)
    —-DD: Christa Joanne Canan (10)
    —-DS: Colton November Loke (newborn)
    —-DS: Casher Argyle Loke (newborn)


    DH: Minos Epemetheus Dickinson (54)
    DW: Chloris Rufina {Wang} Dickinson (53)

    DS: Andre Somerville Dickinson (33)
    –DW: Nola Teagan {Kitna} Dickinson (33)
    —-DD: Quartz Victoria Dickinson (14)
    —-DS: Warren Quaternion Dickinson (8)
    —-DS: Jordan Landyn Dickinson (6)
    —-DD: Odele Baby Dickinson (11 months)

    DD: Azalea Willow {Dickinson} Astera (33)
    –DH: Kel Lance Astera (33)
    —-DS: Liam Chan Astera (13)
    —-DAS: Quinn Madison Astera (11) –adopted at age 4 locally–
    —-DS: Anthony Linden Astera (4)

    DS: Colby Kelen Dickinson (32)
    –DW: Alexis Alia {Qua} Dickinson (32)
    —-DD: Shelly Cecilia Dickinson (14)
    —-DD: Anika Hadlynn Dickinson (10)
    —-DS: Alecksander Himeros Dickinson (8) “Alec”
    —-DD: Mathilda Valentinah Dickinson (5) “Mattie”
    —-DS: Hugh Dariel Dickinson (4)
    —-DD: Dixie Olga Dickinson (1)

    DD: Seraphina Isabel Dickinson (32)
    –BabyDaddy: Lyle Joel Patrick (32)
    –DF: Ken Viqter Graham (39)
    —-DS: Newt Sebastian Dickinson-Patrick (13)
    —-DS: Billy Taven Dickinson-Patrick (12)
    —-DAS: Kit Xander Dickinson (10) –adopted locally as a newborn–
    —-DD: Leila Yeong Dickinson-Graham (8)
    —-DD: Pellean Sioux Dickinson-Graham (8)
    —-DS: Caper Micah Dickinson-Graham (8)
    —-DD: Londyn Mahapa Dickinson-Graham (6)
    —-DD: Robin Rukmini Dickinson-Graham (4)
    —-DS: Walter Bryan Dickinson-Graham (1)
    —-DS: Watson Sonny Dickinson-Graham (1)
    —-DS: Bernard Garrick Dickinson-Graham (3 months)


    DH: Curtis Robert Miller
    DW: Diana Jane Miller

    DS: Dylan Christoper Miller (37)
    DW: Hannah Taylor Stewart Miller (36)
    - DD: Olivia Margaret Miller (13)
    - DD: Madelyn Claire Miller (10)
    - DS: Weston Alexander Miler (8)
    - DD: Charlotte Rose Miller (5)

    DD1: Megan Aubrey Miller Lopez (35)
    DH: Carson Gabriel Lopez (35)
    - DD: Maya Isabél Lopez (11)
    - DD: Ariana Jade Lopez (8)
    - DS: Lukas Antonio Lopez (6)

    DD2: Grace Eleanor Miller Lowe (32)
    DH: Benjamin James Lowe (34)
    - DS: Mason Bradley Lowe (7)
    - DS: Benjamin Paul Lowe (4)
    - DS: Cohen Jeffrey Lowe (1)

    DD3: Lauren Michelle Miller O’Leary (32)
    DF: Shawn Douglas O’Leary (33)
    - DD/DS: Georgia Kay & Henry Michael O’Leary (9)
    - DD: Lucy Rebecca O’Leary (3)


    DH: Tyler Olaf Karin (64)
    DW: Eva Virginia {Aekley} Karin (61)

    DS: John Torryn Karin (36)
    –BabyMama: Candace Wynn Alexander (35)
    –BabyMama: Percy Anya Diaz (33)
    —-DD: Vita Ann Alexander (14)
    —-DS: James Travis Diaz (10)
    –DW: Kia Wilhelmina {Ezra} Karin (29)
    —-DS: Valdeze Grayson Karin (7)
    —-DS: Campbell Paul Karin (5)
    —-DD: Margaret Aquilina Karin (4) “Mary”
    —-DS: Veggie Jefferson Karin (1)
    John and Kia are doing great. They’ve had two more kids and are going strong.

    DD: Seena Kaitlyn Karin-Smith (35)
    –BabyDaddy: Alex Ethan Jeb (39)
    —-DD: Judy Daniella Karin (12)
    —-DD: Robin Emily Karin (11)
    —-DAS: Wilbur Jay Karin (10)
    —-DS: March Rush Karin (10)
    –DH: Taylor Tony Smith (35)
    —-DSS: Frederick Noah Florence (9) “Freddie”
    —-DS: Blakey Urbancowboy Smith (7)
    —-DS: Irving Graduate Smith (5)
    —-DD: Willow Omaira Smith (2)
    —-DD: Kelly Pleione Smith (2)
    —-DS: Bobo Solomon Smith (1)
    Seena and Taylor got married and have added three more children to their huge brood.

    DS: Soren Timothy Karin (34)
    –DGF: Akia Chaya Web (32)
    —-DSD: Adeline Katherine Diana (14)
    —-DS: Gilbert Vex Web (12) “Gilly”
    —-DS: Jamee Ari Web (8)
    —-DD: Charlotte Branch Web (2 months)
    —-DS: Ewan Fitzhugh Web (2 months)
    Soren and Akia have no plans to ever get married. They have just added twins and are doing great.

    DS: Lance Matthew Karin (34)
    –DEXW: Aloa Iris {Lewis} Karin (35)
    —-DD: Deenah Elizabeth Karin (13)
    —-DS: Beck Alfredo Karin (10)
    —-DS: Henry Kyle Karin (10)
    –DEXGF: Oona Rooth Gaston (34)
    –DGF: Bethany Bok Fox (26)
    —-DSS: Fox Ike Dexter (1)
    Oona and Lance’s relationship didn’t work out. He’s now seeing Bethany who has a little boy named Fox.

    DD: Rikki Frances Karin (34) (bi)
    –BabyDaddy: Elio Miroslav Johnson (35)
    —-DAD: Rosemary Johanna Karin (12) “Rosie”
    —-DD: Clarissa Violet Johnson (11)
    —-DS: Gary Scott Johnson (11)
    —-DS: Paget Gus Johnson (11)
    –DBF: John Nicolas Emerson (36)
    —-DS: Thomas Elking Emerson (4) “Tommy”
    —-DS: Johnathan Babson Emerson (3) “JB”
    —-DS: Ryan Glock Emerson (1)
    Rikki met John and started getting pregnant again lol. They’ve had 3 boys together so far.

    DD: Aliyah Anne Karin (30)
    –DBF: Indiana Ciaran Saucedo (33)
    —-DD: Macy Valentin Saucedo (1)
    —-DS: Jupiter Padget Saucedo (7 months)
    Aliyah and Indy have no plans to get married but they have started a family. 3 years ago they bought a house and right after started trying. They’ve had a daughter and a son so far.


    DH (65): Harrison Jonas Muller
    DW (62): Evelyn Josephine *Krasinski* Muller

    DS1 (37): Ryan Blake Muller
    DW (36): Audrey Quinn *Martin* Muller
    DD (17): Jade Brynn Garcia (from Audrey’s previous relationship)
    DD (15): Isabella Madilynn Garcia “Izzy” (from Audrey’s previos relationship)
    -dad (38): Martin Brett Garcia
    ADD (13): Sloan Kinley Muller
    DS (12): Jack Colin Muller
    DD (10): Ella Catherine Muller
    DS (8): Adam Henry Muller
    DS (7): Grayson Montgomery Muller
    DD (5): Madelynn Carolina Muller “Mady”

    DD1 (36): Lorraine Adanna *Muller* Helmore “Raine”
    DH (38): Conner Sinclair Helmore
    DD (14): Liv Adelaide Helmore
    DD (12): Delilah Rose Helmore “Lila”
    ADS (11): Harrison Jack Helmore
    DD (9): Rebecca Kay Helmore “Becca”
    DS (8): Brice Bowden Helmore
    DD (6): Evangeline Storm Helmore

    DS2 (35): Toby Clarke Muller
    DGF (33): Piper Elizabeth Lennon (never marry)
    DD (13): Margaret Ashley Muller “Maggie”
    -baby mama (31): Morgan Dawn Stewart
    DD (4): Bridget Josephine Muller-Lennon
    DS (2): Dylan Hugh Muller-Lennon

    DD2 (35): Shea Claire *Muller* Hayes
    DH (38): Chandler Conrad Hayes
    DS/DS (13): Knox Weston Williams/Dane Lincoln Williams
    -baby daddy (39): Reed Benjamin Williams
    DD/DD (9): Bella Ruth Hayes/Naomi Diane Hayes
    ADD (8): Kristalyn Alexandria Hayes “Krista”
    DD (6): Jaylin Ramona Hayes

    DD3 (34): Molly Brook *Muller* Levine
    DH (37): Xavier Owen Levine “Zay”
    DD (13): Sophie Aislynn Moreno
    DS (12): Dashiell Silas Moreno “Dash”
    -baby daddy (37): Luca Joe Moreno
    DS (9): Conor Milo Levine
    DD (5): Sophia Brontes Levine
    DD/DD (4): Darla Patrick Levine/Alyssa Channing Levine
    DS (3): Dexter Emmett Levine “Dex”

    DS3 (31): Duke Aiden Muller
    DGF (30): Gianna Alexandra Davyn (never marry)

    DD4 (30): Summer Elaine *Muller* Johnson
    DH (32): Ryan Oliver Johnson
    DS (14): Paxton Spencer Johnson (from Ryan’s previous relationship)
    -Mom (31): Annie Carrington Artemis
    DD (12): Kate Elizabeth Johnson
    DS/DS (11): Wyatt Victor Johnson
    ADS (10): Ryan Simon Johnson
    DS (8): Todd Henry Johnson
    DD/DS (6): Maximilian Price Johnson/Evangeline Katie Johnson “Max & Eva”

    DS4 (29): Dawson Michael Muller
    DGF (28): Savannah Bailey Thompson (never marry)
    DD (8): Georgianna Madelynn Muller-Thompson “Gianna”
    DD (6): Blair Jamee Muller-Thompson
    DD (5): Dakota Mary Muller-Thompson
    DS/DS (3): Hugo Christian Muller-Thompson/Gray Matthew Muller-Thompson
    DS (2): Garrison Walter Muller-Thompson
    DS (nb): Isaac Asher Muller-Thompson


    DH: Jim Viper Fergus (64)
    –Merchandise Displayer
    DW: Ariana Mary {Maxwell} Fergus (61)

    DS: Fabio Nathan Fergus (36)
    –Power Plant Control Room Operator
    -DW: Leona Iricka Johnson-Fergus (41)
    —-DSS: Tucker Linus Kaihui-Johnson (17)
    —-DS: Toby Gus Fergus (14)
    —-DD: Kathryn India Fergus (10)
    —-DS: Austin Vito Fergus (10)
    —-DD: Angelina Belinda Fergus (4)

    DD: Lennox Jawanda {Fergus} Nu (35)
    –Escrow Officer
    -DH: Howard Evan Nu (35)
    –Software Applications Designer
    —-DAS: Solomon Vulcan Nu (5) –adopter 4 years ago–
    —-DD: Pamela Christina Nu (2)
    —-DS: Timothy Axel Nu (1)

    DD: Fioralba Bright Fergus (35)
    –Criminal Justice Social Worker
    -DBF: Alin Paul Johnson (37)
    –Carpenter Supervisor
    —-DD: Maximiliana Vega Fergus-Johnson (8) “Ana”
    —-DAS: Emmanuel Christopher Fergus-Johnson (6) “Manny”

    DS: Aidan Price Fergus (35)
    –Cardiac Surgeon
    -DGF: Nola Valini Charlotte (29)
    –Stay at Home Mom
    —-DS: Charlie Carver Fergus (8)
    —-DAD: Mary Hannah Fergus (6)
    —-DS: Julian Excited Fergus (2)
    —-DS: Alan Price Fergus (2)
    —-DAD: Ginevra Kiwi Fergus (2) “Gini”
    —-DS: Travis Mabon Fergus (1 month)

    DD: Roseanne Sirvard Fergus (35)
    –Emergency Medical Technician
    -DBF: Tim Zac Ashton (38)
    –Bridge Painter

    DS: Wyatt Brandon Fergus (33)
    –Ordnance Officer
    -DW: Esther Shakti {Johnson} Fergus (33) “Essie”
    –Autism Tutor
    —-DD: Bethany Essex Fergus (13)
    —-DS: Khalil Patrick Fergus (9)
    —-DS: Finley Leonard Fergus (8)
    —-DD: Maizhie Luciana Fergus (5)
    —-DD: Phoebe Ava Fergus (1)
    —-DD: Tina Quillan Fergus (3 months)

    DD: Journey Rose Fergus (31)
    –Political Reporter
    -BabyDaddy: Lorenzo Sam Edmonds (32)
    –Accounts Receivable Clerk
    —-DD: Opal Carrie Edmonds (13)
    —-DD: Deirdre Hardiss Edmonds (13)
    —-DS: Halifax Lester Edmonds (11)
    -DF: Kye Ash Zane (30)
    –Helicopter Search and Rescue Swimmer
    —-DS: James Sean Zane (9)
    —-DD: Katarina Avery Zane (6) “Kat”
    —-DS: Patrick Frederico Zane (5) “Tricky”
    —-DS: Kanaan Fergus Zane (5)
    —-DAD: Gloria Alexandra Zane (5) –adopted at age 2–
    —-DAD: India Ursula Zane (5) –adopted at age 3–

    DS: Jakob Juron Fergus (29)
    –Decontamination Officer
    -DGF: Chelsea Esia Zedong (28)
    –Deli Clerk
    —-DD: Seraphina Isane Fergus (9)
    —-DD: Dakota Florabella Fergus (8)
    —-DD: Bardot Hanuel Fergus (7)
    —-DD: Daisy Lucille Fergus (5)
    —-DS: Franklin Viper Fergus (3)


    DH: Vernon Shannon Hexum (59)
    DW: Magda Celine {Stonestreet} Hexum (57)

    DD: Nenna Jane Hexum (37)
    –DF: Avery Ash Miles (33)
    —-DD: Blake Ash Miles (8)
    —-DD: Zora Michaela Miles (6)
    —-DS: Ross Steven Miles (6)
    —-DS: Gabriel Sruthan Miles (5)

    DS: Joey Joshua Hexum (36)
    –DEXGF: Elizabeth Ruby Fernandez (38)
    —-DS: David Benjamin Hexum (14)
    —-DS: Isaiah Harold Hexum (13)
    —-DS: Travis Azure Hexum (11)
    —-DS: Edward Umber Hexum (11)
    –DF: Grace Savannah Dumervil (32)
    —-DD: Oliviana Timothea Hexum (7)
    —-DD: Bonita Melissa Hexum (4)
    —-DD: Gianna Jaffa Hexum (4)
    —-DS: Bill Tamson Hexum (3)

    DD: Susie Cherry {Hexum} Caiomhe (35)
    –DH: Atticus Gabriel Caiomhe (40)
    —-DD: Quintessa Madeline Caiomhe (13) “Tessa”
    —-DD: Devan Elisabeth Caiomhe (9)
    —-DS: James Alexander Caiomhe (9)
    —-DAD: Serena Helena Caiomhe (4) –adopted from Mexico–
    —-DS: Wonder Marshall Caiomhe (2) “Marsh”
    —-DS: Jonas Bruce Caiomhe (1)
    —-DD: Evlin Louise Caiomhe (newborn)

    DS: Steve Larry Hexum (30)
    –DEXW: Chaya Zhenya {Harris} Hexum (30)
    —-DD: Shoshannah Ava Hexum (7)
    —-DAD: Hye Jin Hexum (6) –adopted from Korea–
    —-DD: Catlin Lorna Hexum (5)
    —-DD: Gwen Juliana Hexum (4)
    —-DS: Yahir Harve Hexum (4)
    —-DD: Darlene Lynne Hexum (1) “Darla”
    —-DD: Elin Antonia Hexum (1) “Ella”


    LN: Elias
    DW: (55) Elkanah Gonzales Elias
    DW: (54) Julia Coral Elias
    DD: (35) Erin Brook Elias
    DD/DD: (34) Sophia Rain Elias and Shanna Alexandria “Elias” Young
    DS: (32) Valentine Trevor Elias
    DS: (30) Seth Denarius Elias
    MN: Elias
    LN: Phillips
    DW: (35) Erin Brook Elias
    DH: (34) Joshua Ray Phillips “Josh”
    DD: (9) Storm Narcisa Phillips
    DD/DS: (6) Alexandria Olivia Phillips and Gawain Jason Phillips
    DAS: (5) Jasper Lukas Phillips
    DS: (4) Rowan Jaden Phillips (3 and 10)
    DD/DD/DS: (infant) Emily Agnes Phillips (14 and 2), Holly Serena Phillips (14 and 4), and David Emerson Phillips (13 and 10)

    Erin married Joshua 9 and a half years ago. She had known him for a few years but they only started dating about 10 years ago. Since they had known each other for so long they got engaged only a month after they officially started dating and got married 4 months later. Josh is a youth pastor and Erin teaches kindergarten. Jasper’s mother was a girl in Josh’s youth group who was only 13 when he was born. When she discovered she was pregnant she went to Josh and Erin for help and advice and after much prayer and discussion they ended up adopting the baby after he was born. A year after they adopted Jasper, Rowan was born. A few years later, Erin was shocked to discover she was pregnant with triplets. Their big family is a handful sometimes, but they’re happy.

    DW:(34) Sophia Rain Elias
    DH: (34) Nicolas Traian Young
    DD: (9) Bella Hadassah Young
    DS: (8) Matthew Dilan Young
    DD: (6) Myung Ashley Young
    DS: (5) Andrew James Young
    DD: (4) Ariadne Sunshine Young (5 and 15)
    DS: (2) Gwalchmei Gabriel Young (16 and 6)
    DD: (1) Éimhear Kara Young (16 and 8)
    DD: (infant) Aurelia Honor Young (3 and 8)

    Soon after they got married, a little under 5 years ago Sophia discovered she was pregnant with Ariadne. The divorce of his brother and her sister caused some strain between them but they were able to work it out, and realize they couldn’t let the dissolvement of that marriage ruin their own.
    MN: Elias
    LN: Darby
    DFiance: (34) Shanna Alexandria “Elias” Young
    Ex-DH: (34) Adrian Brad Young
    DFiance: Phineas Matthew Darby (6 and 8)

    Shanna and Adrian had been under financial strain and the stress got to them, after several months of fighting they divorced about three years ago. A year later Shanna met and fell in love with Phineas Darby. They are now engaged.
    DBoyfriend: (32) Valentine Trevor Elias- add 3 kids
    DGirlfriend: (31) Tessa Aurora Lincoln
    DD: (15, Tessa’s only) Xander Asa Lincoln
    DS: (13) Tyler Steven Elias
    DD: (11) Charlotte Wren Elias
    DAD: (4) Honey Jill Elias (15 and 8)
    DS: (3) Ricardo Jose Elias (6 and 11)
    DD: (2) Calantha Persephone Elias (20 and 7)

    Valentine and Tessa do not plan to get married. Xander was born when Tessa was sixteen, after which his father broke up with her. Honey’s mother was a close friend of Tessa’s. She and her husband both died in a car-wreck. 1-year-old Honey was in the car too and was injured, but lived. Tessa was pregnant with Ricardo at the time, but she couldn’t let Honey go to an orphanage or some stranger so she and Valentine adopted her.
    MN: Preston
    LN: Elias
    DFiance (30) Seth Denarius Elias
    DFiance: (25) Astrid Bailey Preston

    They have no children yet and they are engaged.


    Evan Perseus Garcia – 60
    Tanya Primula Garcia – 59

    Harry James Garcia – 36
    Crystal Olivia Theodore – now Garcia
    DD: Mahalia Louise Theodore – changed to Garcia – 12
    DD: Chloe Jennifer Garcia – 8
    DS/DD: Hamish Rodney & Brielle Muna Garcia – 5

    Adrienne Richelle Garcia – 35
    Boyfriend/Girlfiend – not getting married – to
    Sawyer Darcey Gideon – 37
    DD: Lucia Pamela Garcia – 7

    Brooklyn Theresa Garcia – 32
    Now engaged to
    Jasper Dragoslav Rinehart – 32
    DD: Erin Annabeth Rinehart – 10
    DS: Chad Michael Rinehart – 9
    DS: Peter Caerwyn Rinehart – 6

    David Raphael Garcia – 29
    Kamala Ashiqa Widad – now Garcia – 27
    DS: Joshua Robin Garcia – 4


    DH: Theodore Francis McDermott (63)
    DW: Rose Florence Zhang McDermott (60)

    DD: Sophie Michelle McDermott Troyes (35)
    DH: Chandler Xavier Troyes (37)
    DD: Eliza Carina Troyes (12)
    DD: Willow Guinevere McDermott (10)
    DD: Alice Dorothy Troyes (8)
    DS: Desmond Grant Troyes (5)

    DS: Henry Thomas McDermott (34)
    DW: Juliet Quinn Johnson McDermott (33)
    DS/DD: James Franklin McDermott/Violet Paige McDermott (9)
    DS: Harrison Matthew McDermott (7)
    DS: Reed Christian McDermott (6)
    DS: Brennan John McDermott (4)
    DD/DD: Margaret Sara McDermott “Meg”/Nathalie Rebecca McDermott (2)

    DS: George Ryan McDermott (32)
    GF: Maya Katherine Hayes (31)

    DD: Leah Rosalind McDermott (29)
    BF: Max Joseph Blumenthal (30)
    DS: William Edward Blumenthal (6)
    DS: Gabriel Jason Blumenthal (1)


    DH: Avery Vyncynte Azul (58)
    –Naval Flight Officer
    DW: Caryl Neve {Payat} Azul (61)
    –Pharmaceutical Sales Representative {Retired}

    DD: Numah Brandy Azul-Hailey-Penelope (37)
    –Family Service Assistant
    -DLH: Gary Stanley Hailey (42)
    –Cancer Registrar
    —-DD: Daniella Nora Azul-Hailey (11)
    —-DD: Gloria Charlotte Azul-Hailey (10)
    —-DS: Mike Alexander Azul-Hailey (10)
    –DH: Jarrett Vulture Penelope (39)
    –Electronic Systems Security Assessor
    —-DS: Beau James Penelope (9)
    —-DS: Flannery Desmond Penelope (4)
    —-DS: Miguel Roger Penelope (4)
    —-DD: Epona Quincey Penelope (1)
    Numah got pregnant with the twins and when she was put on bed rest she quit her job. During that time Jarrett got a new job and they ended up moving just a month after the twins were born. After that Numah found a new job. All the kids have settled into their new schools. Numah and Jarrett also just added a little girl to the bunch.

    DS: Kingston Saxton Azul (36)
    –Carpet Installer
    -DEXGF: Opal Wilhelmina Chase (35)
    –Custom T-Shirt Embroidery Machine Operator
    —-DSD: Nylah Aimee Chase-Baloo (10)
    —-DS: Ikhyd Attwell Chase (8)
    —-DS: Octavius Bryan Chase (7)
    —-DAD: Nightingale Xanthe Chase (6)
    —-DD: Jun Seong Chase (5)
    —-DD: Rebecca Gwyneth Chase (4)
    —-DS: Tiger Doug Chase (3)
    Kingston and Opal adopted Gale and had two more kids. However they realized once they stopped having kids they didn’t really work and they broke up last year.

    DS: Wylliam Miles Azul (36)
    –Stock Broker
    -DW: Akia Macy {Jay} Azul (35)
    –Travel Agent
    —-DSS: Cedric Otis Ohrnberger (15)
    —-DS: Diego Arthur Azul (13)
    —-DD: Catalina Alyssa Azul (11)
    —-DS: Emmett Aaron Azul (10)
    —-DS: Leonidas Abiah Azul (9) “Leo”
    —-DS: Artemis Aethelfrith Azul (8) “Artie”
    —-DAS: Wade Cason Jay (8)
    —-DS: Craig Anatol Azul (4)
    —-DD: Gray Anna Azul (2)
    —-DAS: Brennan Johnny Jay (2)
    Wylliam and Akia got married and had Craig and Gray. They also got custody of Akia’s sister’s kids Wade and Brennan when her and her husband tragically died in a car accident. 10 kids total is a lot and Akia had to start working again but they wouldn’t have Wade and Brennan living anywhere else.

    DD: Erica Merryck {Azul} Taliesin (34)
    –Land Sales Agent
    -DH: Mark Owen Taliesin (35)
    –Marine Drafter
    Erica and Mark haven’t had any luck having kids. They start fertility treatments next month so hopefully soon they’ll have a baby of their own.

    DS: Zachary Track Azul (34)
    –Undertaker Helper
    -DGF: Ruby Norris Rozmeher (34)
    –Embroidery Machine Operator
    —-DS: Corey Osbourne Rozmeher-Azul (8)
    Zachary got hurt on the job and had to change careers while Ruby decided she was no longer in shape enough for her job. They’re waiting until they’re all settled in to try to add children.

    DD: Thalia Rylee {Azul} Fernandez (32)
    –Stay at Home Mom
    -DH: Harper Barry Fernandez (34)
    –Aircraft Part Assembler
    —-DD: Jade Sadie Fernandez (13)
    —-DD: Cailyn Naomi Fernandez (7)
    —-DAD: Helena Xanthe Fernandez (5)
    —-DD: Felicca Honesty Fernandez (3)
    —-DS: Brandon Orpheus Fernandez (3)
    —-DS: Ash Cedric Fernandez (3)
    Thalia and Harper decided to adopt when Cailyn was 3. They got a one year old Helena. When Thalia got pregnant with the triplets she decided to stay at home with the kids and Harper found a better paying job.

    DS: Abraham Somerville Azul (32)
    –Thermostat Repairer
    -BabyMama: Jamie Chaya Hernandez (32)
    –Middle School Math Teacher
    —-DS: Macallister Dane Hernandez-Azul (10) “Mac”
    —-DD: Pravita Lucia Hernandez-Azul (10) “Vita”
    -DF: Astrid Hun Egan (37)
    —-DS: Charlie Fredderick Egan-Azul (9)
    Abraham and Astrid are now engaged. They haven’t added anymore children. Just Abraham’s twins and Charlie.

    DS: Atticus Plantagenet Azul (32)
    -DW: Marty Zora {Keiser} Azul (32)
    –Social Work Professor
    —-DSS: Terrence George Lewis (13)
    —-DSS: Trevor Steven Lewis (13)
    —-DS: Linus Sage Azul (12)
    —-DS: Reese Marcel Azul (10)
    —-DS: Tiberius Michael Azul (8) “Ty”
    —-DS: Myles William Azul (7)
    —-DD: Trista Jo Azul (7)
    —-DD: Tatiana Jamison Azul (4)
    Marty got offered an amazing job as a professor that she loves, the summer after she gave birth to Tatiana.


    DH: (62) Oscar Joe Muller
    DW: (61) Mary Irene Muller


    DS: (36) Simon Christopher Muller
    DW: (36) Audrey Mel Muller
    DD/DS: (8) Monohan Ingrid Muller & Vasko Edward Muller
    DD: (6) Song Anastasia Muller
    DS: (5) Bodhi James Muller


    DD: (36) Jennifer Molly Lewis-Muller
    DW: (35) Sidney Simona Lewis-Muller
    DD: (14) Elle Theodora Lewis-Muller
    DD: (13) Daisy Elizabeth Lewis-Muller
    DS: (11) Kai Lawrence Lewis-Muller
    DD: (9) Vera Alice Lewis-Muller
    DS: (5) Duffy William Lewis-Muller


    DS: (35) Scott Nalin Muller
    DW: (32) Olive Tiger Cruz
    DD: (11) Marjorie Tyler Muller
    DD: (5) Keshav Courage Muller
    DD: (4) Anath Aonani Muller
    DS: (nb) Necros Hawk Muller


    DS: (31) John Marcus Muller
    DW: (29) Kay Rebecca Muller
    DS: (9) Edward Sean Muller
    DD: (8) Greta Lauren Muller
    DS/DD: (5) Dennis Alexander Muller & Judith Evangeline Muller
    DS: (3) Walter Joseph Muller


    DD: (29) Eliza Rose Muller
    DF: (32) Ace Xavier Douglas
    no kids


    The Erlend Family
    DH[63]: Nathan Oliver Erlend
    DW[60]: Violet Kimberley Erlend

    DD[38]: Olivia Nicole (Erlend) Steele
    –DH[40]: Henry Nicholas Steele
    —-DD[7]: Alexandria Harmony Steele
    —-DD[6]: Sophia Elizabeth Steele
    —-DD[4]: Isabella Charlotte Steele
    —-DS[3]: Benjamin Nathan Steele
    —-DD[1]: Leila Selene Steele
    —-DAD[nb]: Juliana Angelina Steele

    DD[34]: Zoe Danielle Erlend
    —-DD[12]: Madeleine Violet Erlend
    –DBF[33]: Jeremiah Austin Sullivan
    —-DAD[14]: Hannah Rose Sullivan
    —-DD[7]: Scarlett Lacey Sullivan
    —-DS[5]: Andrew Christopher Sullivan
    —-DD[1]: Emily Willow Sullivan

    DD[33]: Mia Rosalie (Erlend) Juno
    –DH[35]: Spencer Lawrence Juno
    —-DS[14]: Aidan Rhett Juno
    —-DS[13]: Owen Knox Juno
    —-DD[8]: Sara Blair Juno
    —-DD[4]: Darcy Jasmine Juno
    —-DS[2]: Max Harrison Juno
    —-DD[nb]: Claire Victoria Juno

    DS[31]: Jack Dillon Erlend
    –DBF[32]: Brennan Chandler King
    —-DS[9]: Devin Elijah Erlend-King
    —-DD[7]: Brenna Jalen Erlend-King
    —-DD[4]: Callie Bridget Erland-King
    —-DAS[2]: Jesse Lyon Erland-King

    DD[30]: Aubrey Brooke Erlend
    –DBF[30]: Lucian ‘Luc’ Alexander Duggar
    —-DD[6]: Ariana Storm Duggar
    —-DS[4]: Axel Forrest Duggar
    —-DS[1]: Asher Christian Duggar
    —-DS[nb]: Aaron Luka Duggar

    Nathan & Violet
    Olivia & Henry: Alexandria, Sophia, Isabella, Benjamin, Leila, & Juliana
    Zoe & Jeremiah: Madeleine, Hannah, Scarlett, Andrew, & Emily
    Mia & Spencer: Aidan, Owen, Sara, Darcy, Max, & Claire
    Jack & Brennan: Devin, Brenna, Callie, & Jesse
    Aubrey & Luc: Ariana, Axel, Asher, & Aaron


    LN: Elise

    DW: Ruby Eloise
    DH: Cadmus Oliver

    DD: Rachael Catherine (37)
    -DH: Justin Tobias Gates
    –DD: Poppy Joanne (13)
    –DS: Tobias James (12)
    –DD: Maisie Julia (10)
    Rachel and Justin are married with three kids, Poppy (13), Tobias (12) and Maisie (10).

    DD: Josy Alice (36)
    -DW: Petia Natalie Steele
    -DD: Meredith Zella (9)
    -DD: Delilah Yoon (7)
    -DS: Bennett Tyre (5)
    -DS/DD: Arden Colt/Ruby Beatrice (3)
    Josy and Petia are married with two daughters, Meredith (9) and Delilah (7) a son, Bennett (5) and twins, Arden and Ruby (3).

    DD: Rose Charlotte (33)
    -DBF (nm): Sidney Jay “Sid” Bo
    –DD: Penelope Tessa (14)
    –DAD: Rosamund Abigail “Rose” (13)
    -DAS: Cassius Trevor “Cas” (8)
    -DD: Lilia Molly (2)
    Rose and Sid are dating with two daughters, Penelope (14) and Lilia (2), an adopted daughter, Rose (13), and an adopted son, Cas (8).

    DS: Benjamin Vidar “Ben” (30)
    -DW: Elizabeth Margaret “Beth” Johnson
    -DD: Eleanor Kylie (4)
    Ben and Beth are married with a daughter, Eleanor (4).


    DH: Humphrey Tyler Maxwell (55)
    DW: Vashti Moyra {Werner} Maxwell (58)

    DD: Shoshana Kayla {Maxwell} Ellery (36)
    –BabyDaddy: Abe Chris True (40)
    —-DD: Guinevere Maxine True (13)
    —-DS: Alexander Hawkins True (12)
    —-DS: John Bruce True (11)
    —-DD: Geneva Eleanor True (10)
    –DH: Lion Vole Ellery (35)

    DS: Vachel Patrick Maxwell (33)
    –DGF: Alia Quinn Johnson (29)
    —-DD: Claudette Wave Johnson-Maxwell (6)
    —-DAS: Orville Morgan Johnson-Maxwell (3)
    —-DD: Tilly Alison Johnson-Maxwell (1)
    —-DS: Topaz Falcon Johnson-Maxwell (1)

    DS: Florent Gregory Maxwell (31)
    –DGF: Gia Nyckohl Durnure (36)
    —-DD: Rebecca Bianca Durnure-Maxwell (2) “Becca”
    —-DS: Roger Xavier Durnure-Maxwell (1)

    DS: Vanya Otto Maxwell (30) (bi)
    –DW: Viv Ruby {Jimenez} Maxwell (29)
    —-DD: Emmeline Eliza Maxwell (14)
    —-DD: Olivia Patricia Maxwell (12)
    —-DD: Dorothy Fleur Maxwell (11)
    —-DD: Mabel Joycelyn Maxwell (11)
    —-DAD: Olympia Hulda Maxwell (10)
    —-DAS: Quincy Ray Maxwell (10)
    —-DD: Annabella Hyeon Maxwell (9)
    —-DD: Matilda Irene Maxwell (6)


    DH (64): Tucker Martin Clinton
    DW (62): Helen Virginia *Dean* Clinton

    DD1 (36): Abigail Kristine *Clinton* Hamilton “Abby”
    DH (38): Simon Paul Hamilton
    DS (14): Aidan George Hamilton
    DD/DD (11): Adelaide Ruth Hamilton/Isabella Katy Hamilton “Addie & Bella”
    DD (8): Alexandria Naomi Hamilton “Lexie”
    ADD (6): Evangelina Bryeleah Hamilton “Eva”
    DS (4): Kingston Jack Hamilton “King”
    DS/DD (2): Benson Joel Hamilton/Caroline Della Hamilton

    DD2 (35): Lauren Jane Clinton
    BF (37): Brennan Conrad Fisher (never marry)
    ADD (5): Marleigh Anniston Fisher-Clinton
    DD (4): Shayla Rachel Fisher-Clinton
    DD (2): Mina Rowan Fisher-Clinton
    DS (1): Cain Lowell Fisher-Clinton
    DD (nb): Robin Charlotte Fisher-Clinton

    DD3 (34): Molly Renee *Clinton* Sorrel
    DH (35): Nicolas Mumford Sorrel “Nic”
    DS (11): Oliver William Alvarez
    -Baby Daddy (35): Dane Samuel Alvarez
    DD (4): Macy Bridget Sorrel
    ADD (4): MacKenna Naomi Sorrel “Kenna”
    DD/DD (2): Ripley Claire Sorrel/Keeley Eloise Sorrel

    DS1 (31): Macklin David Clinton “Mac”
    DGF (30): Landry Rose Baxter (never marry)
    DD (14): Della Blair Holde
    -Baby Daddy (35): Leo Austin Holde
    DD (11): Madison Victoria Clinton-Baxter “Maddie”
    DS/DD (10): Zane Emmett Clinton-Baxter/Romy Meredith Clinton-Baxter
    DS (6): Jonas Warren Clinton-Baxter

    DS2 (31): Wesley Brian Clinton “Wes”
    DF (30): Courtney Bailey Alexander
    DD (8): Hazel Emily Clinon
    DD (6): Adrianna Isabel Clinton
    ADS (nb): Cormac Anthony Clinton


    DH: Harry Jupiter Maximus (60)
    DW: Tallulah Louise {Blanco} Maximus (58)

    DD: Selena Avi Maximus (37)
    —-DS: Rutger Israel Maximus (14)
    —-DAS: Julian Dillon Maximus (13)
    —-DS: Trevor George Maximus (11)
    —-DS: Silas Vito Maximus (10)
    –DF: Jeremiah Oscar Otis (39)
    —-DD: Myung Fracas Otis (5) “Mya”

    DS: Simon Russell Maximus (33)
    –DGF: Amelia Maya Palmer (30)
    —-DAS: Jason King Maximus (8)
    —-DD: Echo Trace Maximus (6)
    —-DD: Nicole Nadja Maximus (4)
    —-DD: Yardley Margaret Maximus (1)
    —-DD: Lynx Mila Maximus (10 months)

    DS: Shane Jacinto Maximus (32)
    –DW: Lee Stella {Bacall} Maximus (32)
    —-DS: Sterling Maury Maximus (14) “Ling”
    —-DS: Sebastian Zane Maximus (13) “Seb”
    —-DD: Daniella Fern Maximus (11) “Dani”
    —-DD: Alexandra Odettah Maximus (10) “Lexi”
    —-DS: Frederick Tiny Maximus (1)

    DD: Sadie Rosabel {Maximus} Perez (31)
    –DH: Joel Matt Perez (30)
    —-DD: Carole Ava Perez (9)
    —-DS: James Bradyn Perez (4)


    The Tyler Family

    DH: Robert Casey Tyler “Bobbie”
    DW: Mary Rose Tyler *Olympia*

    DD1: (36) Ruby Marie Edmonds *Tyler*
    ExDH: (40) Oliver Joel Edmonds “Olly”
    DBF: (30) Tom Anthony Sorrel
    DSS: (20) Austin Hugo Edmonds
    DD: (12) Skye Felicity Edmonds
    DSD: (11) Dolly Elektra Sorrel
    DS: (6) Lucas Gage Edmonds
    DS: (5) Theo Emmett Edmonds
    A lot has happened to Ruby in the last five years. After her cancer all clear and having 2 boys things started to get tough between her and Olly. The boys were rather a handful and Olly and Ruby clashed on how best to bring them up. They started arguing quite a bit and for their children’s sake they decided to seperate. It wasn’t long though before Olly met someone else and requested a divorce. Ruby was devestated but she knew there was no going back for them. They had been divorced a year when Ruby met Tom Sorrel, he sold her a new car and charmed her to dinner. They started dating and Tom introduced her to his daughter Dolly from his first marriage. They are taking things slowly for the children but Ruby likes Tom a lot.

    DS1: (34) Ryan Samuel Tyler
    ExDGF: (33) Leona Estelle Lewis
    DW: (42) Isla Quinn Tyler *Hamilton*
    DSD: (22) Charlotte Grace Hamilton “Charley”
    DSD: (20) Katy Jade Hamilton
    DS/DS: (14) Rory Edward Tyler & Isaac Grey Tyler
    DD: (8) Ava Viviene Tyler
    Ryan and Isla have a really happy marriage. The last five years have flown by and they only have 8 year old Ava at home now and are enjoying the quiet life. Isla’s eldest daughter Charley is about to get married and Katy is moving to Paris to kickstart her fashion career. Ryan spends a lot of time with his twin boys, their mother, Leona is about to get married and have another baby as well so everybody is happy with their life.

    DS2: (32) Rafer Marshall Tyler
    DF: (32) Rebecca Olivia Phillips “Becky”
    DS: (8) Maxwell Chase Tyler “Max”
    DD: (7) Lucy Mae Tyler
    DS: (6) Elliot Sayer Tyler
    DS: (3) Hugo Scott Tyler
    DD: (1) Serena Nicole Tyler
    Rafer and Becky are still together and still having children. They have added two more little angels to their brood, Hugo and Serena. Becky still wants to marry Rafer and she has got one step closer as Rafer has just proposed. She is over the moon and is having fun planning the wedding.

    DD2: (31) Rosie Carwen Tyler-Steele
    DH: (35) Zachary Paul Steele “Zach”
    DD/DS: (7) Harper Alice Tyler-Steele & Henley Abel Tyler-Steele
    DS: (4) Kamran Timothy Tyler-Steele
    DD: (1) Heather Marie Tyler-Steele
    Rosie and Zach are still together. They have added 2 more children to their family, Kamran and Heather. With 4 children Rosie thought she should lighten her work load and help out with the kids so she has gone to part-time and Zach has been writing for the local paper in the evenings to make some extra money. They get to spend a lot of time together as a family now.

    DD3: (31) Rianne Esmay Tyler
    ExDBF: (43) Todd Richard Drake
    DGF: (28) Clea Nancy Snow
    DSS: (21) Kai Sullivan Drake
    DSD: (19) Marina Jane Drake
    DSD: (17) Scarlett Eve Drake “Lettie”
    DS: (11) Jack Gregory Tyler
    DS: (5) Ethan Atticus Drake
    DD: (nb) Sophie Louise Tyler
    Rianne’s life has been eventful as per usual the past five years. Her relationship with Todd ended after months of abuse from his older children. She also didn’t like how he treated Jack differently to Ethan so she left him and he hasn’t tried to get in contact since, not even to see his son. She was completely heartbroken and swore off men for good. She got in contact with her old college friend, Clea and they started to hang out. Clea took to her 2 boys really well and they started to call her ‘mommy 2′. One night after drinking a lot of wine Rianne kissed Clea and they realised they had fallen in love. They moved in together right away and Clea settled in with the family. Clea really wanted a baby after playing mommy to Jack and Ethan so Rianne and Clea decided to look into sperm donor. They were pregnant straight away and 9 months later they welcomed little baby Sophie into their crazy family. Rianne wants to pop the question to Clea but she is waiting for the right time.


    DH: Shannon Seraphim Karin (54)
    DW: Irma Garnet {Timothy} Karin (54)

    DD: Genek Emily Karin (37) “Gen” (bi)
    —-DS: Travis Shannon Edmonds (12)
    —-DD: Imogen Dorothy Edmonds (11)
    –DEXBF: Cardinal Greg Shipley (39)
    —-DSS: Michelangelo Joshua Shipley (11) “Mike”
    —-DS: Luciano Clinton Shipley (8)
    —-DD: Serraphina Giselle Shipley (5) “Serra”
    —-DS: Randolfo Scatter Shipley (5)
    —-DS: Ewan Alberto Shipley (3)
    —-DD: Flavia Shirley Shipley (2)
    —-DSS: Hugh Paul Shipley (1)
    Cardinal had an affair and ended up with Hugh. Gen tried to look past it for the kids and they started therapy but it just couldn’t work.

    DS: Lawrence Quincy Karin (36)
    –DGF: Ira Norris Theophilia (35)
    —-DD: Petal Miley Karin (12)
    —-DS: Kelly Dash Karin (11)
    —-DS: Ohden Edrick Karin (11)
    —-DD: Eliza Ursula Karin (10)

    DS: Florian Commodore Karin (35)
    –DEXGF: Rose Maya Ellery (32)

    DS: Niklas Andrew Karin (35)
    –DW: Hattie Tatiana {Ojufemi} Karin (39)
    —-DS: Garrett Reed Karin (12)
    —-DS: Othello Frost Karin (11)
    —-DS: Blake Max Karin (9)
    —-DD: Meredith Eve Karin (5)

    DD: India Chelsea Karin (31)
    —-DS: Johnny Blake Karin-Harper (15)
    —-DD: Brandi Navita Karin-Harper (15)
    —-DD: Melanie Annabelle Karin-Harper (10)
    –DF: Jetsum Nicolas Shyama (31) “Jet”

    DS: Bruce Austin Karin (30)
    –DW: Veronica Ania {Lee} Karin (30)


    DH (63): Pierce Byron Smith
    DW (61): Ruby Shannon *Maxwell* Smith

    DD1 (35): Chelsea Jane Smith
    DBF (37): Brennan Oliver Rhett (never marry)
    DS/DS (13): Jack Cael Web/Todd Drew Web
    DD (12): Madelyn Elise Web “Mady”
    -Ddad (38): Julian Dallas Web “JD”
    DD (4): Ripley Annabelle Rhett-Smith
    ADD (1): Calliope Sofia Rhett-Smith “Callie”
    DD (1): Georgia Hazel Rhett-Smith

    DS1 (33): Jacob Thomas Smith “Jake”
    DW (32): Leona Abigayle *Malloy* Smith
    DD (12): Bryn Wiley Smith
    -Dmom (30): Jules Morley Casimir
    DD (9): Anniston Maycee Smith “Annie”
    DD (9): Kinley MacLaine Hayes
    -Ddad (32): Greg Owen Hayes
    DD (7): McKenna Lorraine Smith
    DD (6): Adelaide Carlie Smith “Addie”

    DD4 (31): Elaine Rose Smith “Lainey”
    DBF (34): Lyle Tony Edmonds (never marry)
    DD (9): Berkley Ruth Edmonds-Smith
    DS/DD (4): Asher Hugo Edmonds-Smith/Alison Tess Edmonds-Smith
    DD/DS (nb): Caroline Leah Edmonds-Smith/Robert Neal Edmonds-Smith

    DD2 (29): Robyn Margaret Smith
    DBF (30): Callan Henry Johnson (never marry)
    DD (10): Claire Delilah Johnson-Smith
    DS (3): Gabriel Ryan Johnson-Smith “Gabe”
    ADS/ADS (nb): Sean Lowell Johnson-Smith/Brad Walden Johnson-Smith

    DD3 (29): Holly Catherine Smith
    DBF (32): Marlin Todd James (never marry)
    DS/DD (13): Zane Webster Johnson/Romy Charlotte Johnson
    DD/DS (11): Sage Elizabeth Johnson/Knox Alexander Johnson
    -Ddad (34): Miles Oliver Johnson

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