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Extended Family Congrats Round 3

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  • ktspruill

    DH (60): Harrison Reid Carver
    DW (59): Lydia Taylor *Maxen* Carver

    DD1 (29): Rachel Lauren *Carver* Butler
    DH (30): Zachary Bryson Butler “Zach”
    DS (8): Everett Josiah Butler
    DS/DD (2): Maximilian Hayes Butler/Evangeline Palmer Butler “Max & Eva”
    DD (1): Adeline Christen Butler “Adie”
    DS (nb): Lance MacLaine Butler

    DD2 (29): Kelley Allison Carver
    DS (6): Samuel Grant Stewart “Sam”
    -Dad (32): Miles Joe Stewart
    DF (30): Brennan Chandler McPherson
    DSD (7): Murphy Sloan McPherson “Sloan”
    DSS (5): Beckett Warren McPherson
    -Dmom (30): Whitney Rose Everett
    DS (3): Dash Fletcher McPherson
    DD (2): Emeline Elizabeth McPherson “Emi”

    DD3 (29): Elaine Michelle *Carver* Knight
    ExBF (30): Duncan Max Williams
    DD (7): Bryn Charlotte Williams
    DS (6): Micah James Williams
    DH (31): Dillon Asher Knight
    DS (9): Spencer Ramsey Knight
    DS (7): William Ian Knight “Will”
    -Dmom (29): Caroline Ann Reed
    DS (3): Montgomery Harrison Knight
    DD (nb): Georgianna Rose Knight “Gianna”

    DD4 (28): Holly Rhiannon *Carver* Johnson
    DH (30): Simon Oliver Johnson
    DS (5): Oliver Tobias Johnson
    DD (4): Marleigh Corbyn Johnson
    DS/DS (3): Warren Nathaniel Johnson/Carter Sebastian Johnson
    DD (2): Rachel Madelynn Johnson

    DD5 (28): Macey Ellina Carver
    DF (29): Benjamin Walter Hamilton “Ben”
    DS (3): Clark Hayden Hamilton

    DS1 (26): Brett Hayden Carver
    ExGF (26): Hilary Carrington Gilbert
    DD (9): Abigail Reese Carver “Abby”
    GF (25): Avery Savannah Lincoln (won’t marry)

    DD6 (25): Emma Robyn Carver
    ExBF (27): Joshua David Fields “Josh”
    DD (8): Devin Brooke Fields
    DS (7): James Henry Fields “Jamie”
    DD (6): Madeline Savannah Fields
    DS (5): Jack Hayden Fields
    DF (26): Easton Todd Campbell
    DS (4): Maximilian Peter Campbell “Max”

    DD7 (25): Lila Kristine Carver
    ExBF (25): Tobias Sawyer Roberts “Toby”
    DD (9): Nora Annabeth Roberts
    DS/DD (8): Wiley Daxton Roberts/Della Roxanne Roberts
    DS (6): William Bentley Roberts “Liam”
    BF (27): Elias Jarrett Hayes “Eli”
    DS (9): Auden Fitzgerald Hayes
    -Dmom (25): Rebecca Catherine Douglas “Becca”
    DS (3): Spencer Montgomery Hayes
    DS (2): Jonas Alexander Hayes
    DS (1): Ryan Jasper Hayes


    LN: Dicello
    DW: Cherice Dorcas Dicello (53)
    DH: Julius Victor Dicello (55)

    DD: Petra Bright Juno (nee Dicello) (32)
    DH: Alexander (Alex) Ronan Juno (34)
    DS: Leon Julius Juno (8)
    DD: Delilah Zoe Juno (6)
    DD: Eloise Lake Juno (5, twin)
    DD: Genevieve Flower Juno (5, twin)
    DD: Talia Zohra Juno (4)
    DS: Sebastian James Juno (2)
    DS: Micah Clay Juno (1)

    DS: Xavier Mason Dicello (29)
    DW: Ira Monroe Dicello (nee Butler) (28)
    DS: Haydon Leo Dicello (7)
    DD: Violet Belle Dicello (5)
    DS: Peirce Roscoe Dicello (4)
    DD: Luna Tabitha Dicello(2)

    DD: Seraphina Harper Steele (nee Dicello) (28, twin)
    DH: Carter Nathan Steele (31)
    DS: Oliver Hugh Steele (9)
    DD: Lucia Peal Steele (6)
    DS: Emmett Sterling Steele (5)

    DD: Leilani Rose Gilbert (nee Dicello) (28, twin)
    DH: Riley Parker Gilbert (30)
    DD: Francesca Grace Gilbert (7)
    DS: Paxton Jace Gilbert (5, twin)
    DS: Jett Maxwell Gilbert (5, twin)
    DD: Tatiana Reagan Gilbert (3)
    DS: Ross Emmanuel Gilbert (1)

    DD: November Eliza Jones (nee Dicello) (26)
    DH: Rex Francis Jones (27)
    DD: Mila Hazel Jones (1)
    DD: Gemma Eden Jones (newborn)

    DS: Jasper Cade Dicello (25, twin)
    DF: Harrison Miles Johnson (28)

    DS: Griffin Mercury Dicello (25, twin)
    DF: Noelle Rachel Davey (25)
    DS: Forest Malcolm Dicello (6)
    DD: Ariel Sadie Dicello (2)

    DD: Phoenix Ruby Dicello (24)
    DF: Beniamin (Ben) Dragan Lee (25)


    DH (62): Robert Evan James “Bob”
    DW (60): Shirley Victoria *Clifton* James

    DD1 (32): Allison Lydia *James* Williams “Allie”
    DH (32): Miles Harrison Williams
    DS (7): Hayden Oliver Williams
    DD (6): Taylor MacKinley Williams
    DS (1): Maximilian Clay Williams “Max”

    DD2 (30): Julia Lauren *James* Reynolds
    ExBF (30): Collin Max Washington
    DSS (13): Samuel Robert Washington “Sam”
    DSD (10): Bryn Margaret Washington
    DS (7): Jack Gavin Washington
    DH (31): Todd Eli Reynolds

    DD3 (28): Holly Rose *James* Stuart
    DH (29): Lyle Monroe Stuart
    DSS (10): William Todd Stuart “Liam”
    DS (9): Aidan James Stuart
    DD (6): Bailey Grace Stuart
    DS (4): Spencer Levi Stuart

    DS1 (26): Clark Bradyn James
    ExGF (26): Riley Belle Robinson
    GF (25): Savannah Kelly Douglas
    DS (3): Henry Alan James

    DS2 (26): Brock Archer James
    DF (26): Ivy Catherine Brant
    DS (8): Asher Lennon James
    DS (4): Duke Sebastian James
    DS (2): Levi Spencer James

    DS3 (25): Madden Emmett James
    ExGF (25): Kendall Tatiana Reyes
    GF (25): Olivia Carlyn Monroe “Liv”
    DS (3): Bodi Maddox James
    DD (nb): Isabella Caroline James “Bella”

    DD4 (25): Marley Skylar *James* Fox
    DH (25): Tobias Holden Fox “Toby”
    DS (7): Paxton Vincent Fox
    DD (2): Adeline Mae Fox “Adie”

    DS4 (24): Blake Matthew James
    DF (24): Lillie Adelyn Harper
    DS/DD (5): Flynn Michael James/Reese Madelyn James



    DH: Eric Douglas Fillion (55)
    DW: Vanessa Ruby Fillion (53)

    DS1: Logan Anthony Fillion (32)
    –DDIL: Sidney Jay Lowe-Fillion (30)
    –DS: Hudson Reed Fillion (9-twin)
    –DS: Forest Reilly Fillion (9-twin)
    –DD: Olivia Ray Fillion (5)
    –DD: Piper Ryleigh Fillion (3)

    Logan and Sidney met in a college Economics class. The couple got engaged their junior year and married the summer after they graduated. The twins, Hudson and Forest, arrived the following year! The family was blessed with two more girls, Olivia and Piper soon after. Sidney now owns an accounting service and works from home as an accountant so she can take care of the couples children. Sidney also babysits her nieces and nephews. Logan co-runs Fillion and Harmon Construction with his brother-in-law.

    DD: Samantha Rose (Fillion)Harmon “Sam” (28)
    –SO: Owen Rourke Harmon (29)
    –DD: Gianna Catherine Harmon “Gia” (7)
    –DD: Phoebe Rebecca Harmon (5)
    –DS: Andrew William Harmon (3)

    Sam met Owen through her older brother, Logan, 8 years ago. The couple immediately hit it off. Not long after meeting Sam gave birth to their daughter, Gianna. Sam and Owen agreed to wait a while before having more children so they could get their careers off the ground. But, life had a big surprise in store! Phoebe Rebecca entered the world in a thunderstorm. Sam works as a library media specialist and is trying to open up her own bookstore. Owen and Logan co-own Fillion & Harmon Construction.

    DD: Natalie Danielle (Fillion) Wood (27)
    –DSIL: Jesse Ryan Wood (33)
    –DD: Lauren Ava Wood (11)
    –DD: Kendall Blair (Hailey) Wood (8)
    –DD: Aniston Grace (Hailey) Wood (4)
    –DDS: Harrison Blake Wood “Blake” (2)

    Not long after Natalie and Drew found out they were expecting, Drew was gunned down in a robbery at a Fillion & Harmon Construction site. Natalie gave birth to Aniston Grace 3 months later. Natalie met Jesse during a barbecue at her church. Jesse, a police officer, had recently moved to town to be near his ailing mother. Jesse and Natalie began dating. After a whirlwind courtship, Jesse asked Natalie to be his wife. Jesse adopted Natalie’s girls and the couple added two children to their growing brood; a daughter from Jesse’s previous marriage and a son.

    DS: Sullivan James Fillion “SJ” (25) dating
    –SO: Bianca Sloane Fox (23)
    –DS: Matthew James Fillion (6)

    SJ returned from rehab and moved into an apartment with Bianca and his son, Matt. SJ is manages a department store while Bianca works as a nursing assistant in the pediatric hospital.


    DH: Tucker James Maxson
    DW: Melia Tuesday Maxson

    DD1: Leilani Jade Maxson (26)
    * Leilani is single. She has no children.

    DS1: Kingston Thomas Maxson (26)
    —gf[won't get married]: Mirela Rose Santiago (26)
    * Kingston has been dating Mirela for four years. They have no children. They do not plan on getting married.

    DD2: Azalea Robyn Maxson (20)
    —fiance: Grant Riley Johnson (21)
    * Azalea and Grant have been dating for three years, and engaged for six months.

    DD3: Serenity Rose Maxson (19)
    —-ds: Atticus Gray (4)
    * Serenity, the family’s youngest, gave Tucker and Melia their first grandchild early at the age of 15. She became pregnant after attending a party and becoming intoxicated. Serenity never really knew for sure who Orion’s father was. Tucker and Melia help Serenity with Orion. The two live with Tucker and Melia. Serenity graduated high school last year and has begun nursing school at a local community college while working full time.
    DH: Tucker James Maxson
    DW: Melia Tuesday Maxson

    DD1: Leilani Jade Maxson (31)
    —bf: Khrystian Michael Skidmore (33)
    —-ds: Sean Wilson (4)
    —-ds/dd: Jotham Dakota/Arabella Dawn (3)
    —-ds: Carter Mitchell (2)
    * Leilani and Khrystian met at a night club five years ago. What started as a one night stand resulting in a pregnancy, has turned in to a loving and stable relationship, after Khrystian vowed to be their for Leilani and his children. Three more children have been added to the union and the couple plan to wed some time in the future.

    DS1: Kingston Thomas Maxson (31)
    —gf[won't get married]: Mirela Rose Santiago (31)
    —-dd/ds: Neveah Kalla/Orion Oxley (3)
    —-ds/ds: Beckett Zayn/Lukas Alexzander (1)
    * Kingston has been dating Mirela for nine years. They do not plan on getting married. In the past five years they have been blessed with two sets of twins!

    DD2: Azalea Robyn Maxson (25)
    —DH: Grant Riley Johnson (26)
    —-ds: Stellan Prudentius (3)
    —-ds: Callum David (1)
    * Azalea and Grant married four and a half years ago. They have been blessed with two boys in the last five years.

    DD3: Serenity Rose Maxson (24)
    —-ds: Atticus Gray (9)
    * Serenity is still single. She lives with Atticus in an apartment 15 minutes away from Tucker and Melia.

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