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Do you believe in fortune telling?

  • gmr2broadway

    I used to post on here ages ago, but completely forgot my log-in! So, I’m here under a different name (My username means give my regards to broadway, if you were wondering!).

    Anyways, I’m single woman in my mid-twenties. I definitely want children, but I’d like to put it off until I’m more stable, and have a partner! My friend’s mother is something of a psychic, and she predicted that I’m going to have a daughter, or at least be pregnant with one, within the next year.

    Now, I’m a skeptic. But she also predicted that my work situation was going to become highly unstable, and I was laid off 4 days later. And every time I draw a rune or a card, thinking about the next year of my life…. I get a fertility prediction.

    It’s a not the ideal time (AT ALL). And I’m definitely not trying to get pregnant any time soon. But who knows? Maybe she’s as good as she seems to be.

    Anyway, here are a list of my favorite names. I have a decidedly “old-school” style. My girl names are feminine and… almost “lacey”. Not frilly, though. My boy names are classic and strong.

    (My brother and his wife are expecting a baby, likely a girl, who will be Grace).

    Favorites: Anna, Violet, Miriam, Helena, Norah, Camilla, Katherine,
    Likes: Beatrice, Amelia, Eleanor, Eloise, Marilla, Lillian, Marjorie,
    Guilty Pleasures: Hermione, Matilda,

    Favorites: Frederick, Henry, William, Benedict, Reid
    Likes: Graham, Oliver, Calvin, Simon, Dylan, Arthur, Everett
    Guilty Pleasures: Sherlock, Felix, River (so out of place for me)

    If I had a baby tomorrow, I’d probably go with Violet for a girl and Benedict for a boy… Maybe Henry. My last name sounds very similar to “Lamar”.

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  • embra

    Lots of pretty names there. I like Violet, Miriam, Camilla, and Marjorie best (as long as Marjorie is not nn Marge. Rory or Jory might be cute). Of your boy names, I like William, Graham, Calvin, and Everett best. My take on the fortune teller – I’d not put a lot of stock in it. If you don’t want to get pregnant right now, it seems as though you probably have some control over that. Not having sex or doubling up on birth control would both probably do the trick.


    I personally don’t really believe in psychics, fortune telling, horoscopes, etc. But they definitely have a chance of being right with some of their predictions! :)

    You have a lot of great name choices! My favorites would be Marilla, Norah, Eleanor and Anna, in that order. From your boy list, my favorites are Oliver, Simon, Henry and Reid, in that order. I love William but I have a son (almost 5) named William and there are always SO many other Wills/Williams around. Even at gymnastics day camp when there were only 3 boys, 2 of them were named William. (And the other Will ended up in his preschool class too!) Granted, it’s #1 in our state so a few spots higher here than nationally, but I wouldn’t recommend it as much as I love the name.


    Yea I don’t believe it them either. However, you have a lot of great names here!!

    My faves: Anna, Katherine (though I prefer Catherine), Norah, Eloise, Reid, Graham, Oliver, Calvin, Everett

    Combos: Katherine Eloise, Norah Katherine, Everett Graham, Calvin/Oliver Reid

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