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College Friends Round 2

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  • raindrops

    For surnames if you roll an even number go to, choose average and then choose from the 10 listed. If you roll an odd number choose rare and the 4th surname.


    Friend 1: Natalie Rose (39)- Clinical Nurse
    DH: Daniel Adam (40) – Petroleum Engineer
    - DS: Alexander Graham (12)
    - DD: Charlotte Rose (9)
    - DS: Zachary Dominic (6)

    Friend 2: Georgia Margaret (38)- Therapist
    DH: Stephen Arthur (42) – IT Manager
    - DD: Amelia Rachael (11)
    - DS: Oliver Marshall (8)
    - DS: Colton Dashiell (5)

    Friend 3: Seth Michael (40) – Information Analyst
    DGF: Elizabeth Grace (30) – Fashion Designer

    Friend 4: Anna Victoria (40) – Administrator
    DH: Justin Micah (44) – Bank Manager
    - DD: Olivia Claire (8)
    - DD/DD: Adeline Chelsea & Arabella Casey (6)
    - DS: Owen Christopher (2)

    Friend 5: Ethan Samuel (38) – Optometrist
    DW: Lauren Rebecca (33) – Physician’s Assistant
    - DD: Madison Paige (3)
    - DD: Julia Lauren (1)

    Friend 6: Brady Alexander (41) – Accountant
    DW: Jessica Michelle (38) – Pediatrician
    - DD: Lucy Eleanor (10)
    - DS: Jude Wesley (7)
    - DD: Avery Kathryn (4)


    Friend 1: Sean Alexander Scott (39)
    –DBF: Tyson Thomas Runyan (36)
    -Career Development Specialist

    Friend 2: Anderson Norman Shearer (38)
    -Geographic Information Systems Specialist
    –DLW: Marisa Sofia {Antonio} Shearer (39)
    -Informatics Nurse
    –DF: Adrian Nils Edwards (37)
    -Video Game Designer
    —-DS: Flynn Piper Shearer (7)
    —-DD: Liz Lina Shearer (6)
    —-DD: Charlotte Wren Shearer (4)
    —-DD: Madigan Kai Shearer (1)

    Friend 3: Kiesha Jasmine Sabatier (41)
    -Computer Systems Integrator
    –DF: Otto Ralph Hyde (43)

    Friend 4: Andrea Rowan Kendell (39)
    -Pricing Analyst
    –DF: Soren Dougal Egan (35)
    -Clinical Research Associate
    —-DD: Jamie Hadassah Egan (11)
    —-DD: Alondra Jo Egan (10)
    —-DD: Emerson Wilhelmina Egan (4)
    —-DD: Arrietty Elizabeth Egan (3)
    —-DS: Leopold Neo Egan (2)

    Friend 5: Gage Anthony Camerer (39)
    -Public Health Educator
    –DW: Dolores Aliana {Crouch} Camerer (37)
    -Community Health Specialist
    —-DS: Jasper Willy Camerer (12)

    Friend 6: Grayson Shane O’Neal (42)
    -IT Data Scientist
    –DW: Carmen Thora {Rogers} O’Neal (44)
    -Information Assurance Analyst
    —-DS: David Christopher O’Neal (1)
    —-DD: Sandra Elizabeth O’Neal (1)
    —-DD: Annie Helena O’Neal (1)

    Friend 7: Craig James Corrigan (41)
    –DLW: Marion Amber {Middleton} Corrigan (42)
    -Management Consultant
    –DGF: Lisbet Lucia Michel (32)
    -Computer Systems Integrator
    —-DD: Caroline Young Corrigan (10)
    —-DS: James Dale Corrigan (9)
    —-DD: Rebecca Cynthia Corrigan (6)
    —-DD: Lainey Karoline Corrigan (5)
    —-DD: Angel Silvia Corrigan (2)

    Friend 8: Vicki Rebecca Neveu (41)
    -Compliance Analyst
    –DEXW: Delaney Hollie Hollingsworth (39)
    -Clinical Nurse Specialist
    –DGF: Claudia Nicola Torres (35)
    -IT Data Scientist
    —-DS: Benjamin Todd Hollingsworth (7)
    —-DS: Pippin Ireland Hollingsworth (5)
    —-DD: Lidia England Hollingsworth (5)
    —-DS: Charles North Hollingsworth (2)
    —-DD: Nanette Theresa Hollingsworth (2)


    Friend 1: Imogen Kathleen Fairbanks (41) – nurse
    -DBF (nm): Adam William Sailor
    -DD: Sadie Rose (12)
    -DS/DD: Milo Sarpedon/Kira Luna (11)
    -DD: Maeve Alice (8)
    -DD: Darcy Elisabeth (7)
    Imogen and her long time boyfriend Adam have four daughters, Sadie (12), Kira (11), Maeve (8) and Darcy (7) and one son, Milo (11).

    Friend 2: Rose Shelby Chandler (40) – enviornmentalist
    -DH: Finn Elliott Bridgeton
    -DD: Aurora Beatrix “Rory” (12)
    -DD: Clementine Holly “Clem” (7)
    -DD: Lilia Claire (6)
    -DS: Archer James “Archie” (2)
    Rose and her husband Finn have three daughters, Rory (12), Clem (7) and Lilia (6) and one son, Archie (2).

    Friend 3: Jasmine Lucia Wilson (40) – civil engineer
    -DBF (m): Benedict Soren Ellis
    -DD: Charlotte Rachel (10)
    -DD: Abigail Rosika (3)
    Jasmine and her boyfriend Benedict have two daughters, Charlotte (10) and Abigail (3).

    Friend 4: Milania Celeste Ketterle (39) – photographer
    -DFiance: Blaine Matthew Appleton
    -DD: Natalie Dara (11)
    -DD: Amber Cora (7)
    -DD: Lisette Rachel “Lise” (2)
    Mila and her fiance Blaine have three daughters, Natalie (11), Amber (7) and Lise (2).


    Friend 1: Claire Josephina Grunwald (41)
    Education Program Manager
    DFiance: Adam Karl Buchanan (43)
    Business Intelligence Manager
    DS: Felix Gordon Buchanan (9)
    DD: Stella Katherine Buchanan (6)

    Friend 2: Nathaniel Justin Riggs (40)
    Banking Relationship Manager
    DW: Zoe Helene Goodman Riggs (40)
    Community Relations Manager
    DD: Adelaide Pearl Riggs (9)
    DD: Charlotte Blythe Riggs (4)
    DS: Henry Leandros Riggs (2)

    Friend 3: Heidi Regina Sachs Blunt (39)
    Business Development Executive
    DH: Simon Niall Blunt (39)
    Network Security Analyst
    DD: Tessa Wren Blunt “Tess” (12)
    DS: Oliver Easton Blunt (11)
    DD: Eliza Rachael Blunt (10)

    Friend 4: Maren Louisa Bourne-Lessard (40)
    Certified Public Accountant
    DH: Emmett Sigmund Lessard (41)
    Technical Support Engineer
    DD: Caroline Lianne Lessard (10)
    DS: Miles Thaddeus Lessard (6)
    DD/DS: Beatrix Barbara Lessard/Jasper James Lessard (2)
    DD: June Vivian Lessard(1)

    Friend 5: Oliver Garrett Wiltshire (39)
    Tax Accounting Manager
    DFiance: Julien Leonhard Beck (41)
    Career Development Specialist
    DD: Margot Giselle Beck (14)
    DS: Silas Emery Beck-Wiltshire (12)
    DD: Georgia Violet Beck-Wiltshire (9)

    Margot is Julien’s daughter from a previous relationship.

    Friend 6: John Connor Bayliss (41)
    DW: Kaia Morgane Haynes Bayliss (41)
    Nurse Educator
    DD: Isobel Ruth Bayliss (11)
    DD: Clementine May Bayliss (8)
    DD: Hazel Grace Bayliss (4)
    DS: Preston Walter Bayliss (3)
    DS: Remy Joel Bayliss (1)


    Friend1 (38): Maren Lanie *King* James
    DH (40): Nathan Walter James
    DD (12): Adelaide Piper James “Addie”
    DS (10): Hudson Walter James
    DS (8): Milo Dillon James
    DS (5): Wesley Logan James “Wes”

    Friend2 (40): Anderson Paul Wallace
    ExDW (40): Gwendolyn Alice Hayes
    DD (15): Annie Charlotte Wallace
    DS (12): Sebastian Louis Wallace
    DD (9): Amelia Natalie Wallace

    Friend3 (42): Kelly Jensen Taylor
    ExDH (44): Jonathan Henry Randall “Jon”
    DS (17): Oliver Lyle Randall
    DS (15): Nicholas Tate Randall “Nick”
    DS (11): Miles Flynn Randall
    DD (9): Lorraine Stella Randall “Raine”

    Friend4 (39): Kristin Simone *McGhee* Stafford
    DH (41): Trent Robert Stafford
    DS (15): Max Charles Stafford
    DS (11): Landon Todd Stafford
    DD (9): Holland Celeste Stafford
    DS (5): Peter Zackary Stafford “Zack”
    DS (4): Trevor Henry Stafford

    Friend5 (42): Grayson Wesley Pennington
    DF (38): Lacey Katharine Young
    DD (14): Sara Juliet Pennington
    DS (12): Samuel Holden Pennington “Sam”
    DS (9): Shawn Elliot Pennington
    DS (6): Simon Conrad Pennington
    DS (4): Sebastian Kade Pennington

    Friend6 (40): Jeremy Dalton Bauer
    DW (39): Elaina Michelle *Hoover* Bauer
    DS (17): Emmett Charles Bauer
    DD (15): Madeline Ashley Bauer “Maddie”
    DS (12): Harper Lorraine Bauer

    Friend7 (38): Simon Arthur Ford
    DGF (37): Sara Noelle Levin (never marry)
    DS (12): Sawyer Avery Ford-Levin
    DD (9): Tallulah Jane Ford-Levin “Lulu”
    DD (5): Melia Adalynn Ford-Levin

    Friend8 (39): Vanessa Tracy Moore
    DGF (38): Helena Molly Wilks


    Friend 1: Farrah Jasmine Ford *Henson* – 40 – Event Coordinator
    DH: Malachi Jefferson Ford – 45 – Software Developer
    DD: Erin Adalynn Ford – 18
    DS: Grant Walter Ford – 15
    DS: Dominick Kai Ford – 11 “Dom”
    DD/DD: Tia Jane Ford & Anya Jacqueline Ford – 6
    Farrah was always going to do something creative so when she started her own events business nobody was surprised. She thrived on being organised and organising others. This reflected in her home life as well, she met and married Malachi Ford and had five children as well as juggle her career and keep a pristine home. Most people would think Farrah was stuck up and ‘had it all’ but she is actually very down to earth and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

    Friend 2: Kolby Lorenzo Moore – 41 – Marketing Consultant
    DW: Alivia Clare Moore *Hollingsworth* – 38 – Customer Support Manager
    DSD: Gracelynn Irene Hollingsworth – 10 “Gracie”
    DS: Tate Orlando Moore – 2
    Kolby was never lucky in love all the way through college and it continued on in his twenties and early thirties. He had been engaged three times but it never seemed to work out. He was a bit of a workaholic and he thought that it was one of the reasons he couldn’t hold down a relationship. 3 years ago though he met Alivia Hollingsworth, a recent divorcee who was just as career driven as he was. Their lives quickly became entwined and Kolby became stepdad to Alivia’s daughter Gracie. They married within six months and to their great surprise as they hadn’t planned on having children, Tate was born not long after. With a new family to think about Kolby isn’t so work focussed anymore just extremely happy.

    Friend 3: Sofia Vanessa Keller – 39 – Pediatrician
    ExDH: Finn Antonio Dillon – 40 – Financial Planner
    DD: Kiley Maliyah Dillon – 12
    Sofia and Finn were set up on a blind date when Sofia was still doing her residency at the local hospital. They got on really well and although Sofia wasn’t completely head over heels when Finn popped the question six months later she said yes and she didn’t think she would find anyone else with how busy she was as a doctor and Finn was a good man. Not long after they married they had Kiley and everything was okay for a while but Finn wanted a big family and for Sofia to give up her job. Things started to go downhill as Sofia didn’t really want anymore children and her career was important to her. They ended up divorcing when Kiley was nine and they share custody. Sofia was sad but knew her and Finn were too different.

    Friend 4: Katelynn Lily Wise – 40 “Kit” – Bereavement Councillor
    DF: Rylan Kristopher Kendall – 35 – IT Training Specialist
    DAS: Romeo Dale Wise – 7
    DAD: Maggie Aurora Wise – 5
    DSS: Hunter Beckett Kendall – 4
    Kit was once in a serious relationship where she was ready for a family but after suffering many miscarriages and a fatal eptopic pregnancy the relationship ended and Kit tried to move on with her life. She longed for a family though so she decided to adopt even though she was to be a single mum. She adopted Romeo and then Maggie the following year. She was finally complete and focussed on being the best mum she could be. Her job as a bereavement councillor put her in touch with people from all over the place and that’s where she met Rylan. He had lost his wife during childbirth and was bringing up his son Hunter on his own. They really liked each other but took it slow after all the tragedies that they had been through. 18 months later though they were living together and engaged. They plan to marry within the year with their children by their side.

    Friend 5: Conor Jax Chambers – 42 – Civil Engineer
    DW: Macy Katherine Chambers *Riggs* – 39 – Deceased
    DS: Zackary Clay Chambers – 19 “Zack”
    DS: Malik Jose Chambers – 17
    DD: Holly Jaylen Chambers – 14
    Conor and Macy married straight out of college and settled down and had their children Zack, Malik and Holly. They had a pretty perfect life until Macy was killed in a hit and run accident when coming home from work one night. Although it has been four years Conor has never gotten over it. He just focusses on bringing up their three children.

    Friend 6: Daniela Mckenzie Wilson *Pennington* – 39 “Dani” – Physical Therapist
    DH: Elliot Chase Wilson – 46 – General Surgeon
    DSD: Payton Susan Wilson – 18
    DD: Cali Teresa Wilson – 3
    Expecting DS: Shawn Nathan Wilson
    Dani was always handed everything to her on a plate so when she married a very rich surgeon nobody was surprised. He was quite a bit older than Dani though with a teenage daughter from a previous marriage, Dani and Elliot’s daughter, Payton clashed right from the beginning and Dani did end up leaving Elliot a couple of times in the early days of their marriage. But Elliot and Dani were in love and she was determined to make it work, Elliot was the only man that could put up with her high maintenance ways. They decided to make it work whether or not Payton was happy about it. They became strong and Dani even let Elliot persuade her in trying for a baby. They now have a 3 year old daughter, Cali and are expecting a little boy Shawn in the fall.


    Friend1 (39): Eric Morrison Bedford
    ~civil engineer
    GF (37): Amanda Agnes Miller “Mandy” (never marry)
    ~physical therapist
    DS (12): Nash Oliver Beford-Miller

    Friend2 (38): Blake Malcolm Wheeler
    ~bank examiner
    ExDW (38): Helena Vivien Brock
    DD (10): Ellie Sara Wheeler
    DD (5): Annie Charlotte Wheeler
    DS (1): Colten Lance Wheeler

    Friend3 (42): Hollis Rae Talley
    ~physical therapist
    BF (43): Nolan David Haynes
    ~software architect
    DD (10): Aurora Katherine Haynes “Rory”
    DS/DD (5): Isaac Conrad Haynes/Sadie Diana Haynes
    DS (1): John Oliver Haynes “Oliver”

    Friend4 (38): Natalia Alyson Massey
    ~business development executive
    ExDH (40): Alec Reece Hogan
    DS/DD (12): Micah Jasper Hogan/Emery Maxene Hogan
    DS (11): Lyndon Conrad Hogan
    DD (5): Claire Adalynn Hogan

    Friend5 (40): Nathan Clark Moore “Nate”
    ~software developer
    GF (38): Katharine Heidi Bishop (never marry)
    ~network security analyst
    DS (11): William Christian Moore-Bishop “Will”
    DS (2): Samuel Walter Moore-Bishop “Sam”
    DD (1): Rachael Margaret Moore-Bishop

    Friend6 (41): Elizabeth Nicole Atwood
    ~research analyst
    DS (12): Dexter Keith Reed “Dex”
    DD (10): Cecily Raegan Reed
    DS (9): Thatcher David Reed
    DS (7): Wyatt Sebastian Reed
    DD (3): Adelaide Sara Reed “Addie”
    -Ddad (43): Trent Jefferson Reed

    Friend7 (38): Helen Marie Hawthorne
    ~applications engineer
    BF (39): Andrew Michael Conner (never marry)
    ~database manager
    DS (2): Theon Lyle Conner-Hawthorne “Theo”
    DS (1): Dashiell Pierce Conner-Hawthorne “Dash”


    Dfriend1 (39): William August Chandler “Will”
    ExDW (38): Lydia Phoebe Underwood
    GF (34): Genevieve Diana Bacall

    Dfriend2 (40): Kristyn Farrah *Chaney* Mills
    DH (42): Calvin Blake Mills “Cal”

    Dfriend3 (42): Ethan Ford Wise
    DW (40): Cathy Rhea *Monroe* Wise

    Dfriend4 (42): Carlie Rose Hawthorne
    DF (43): Eric Edward Rollins

    Dfriend5 (42): David Jeremiah Wallace
    DH (44): Alex Walter Simmons

    Dfriend6 (38): Zackary Anderson Mendel “Zack”

    Dfriend7 (39): Margaret Lauryn *Bauer* “Maggie”
    DH (41): Daniel Clayton Pavlos “Dan”

    Dfriend8 (41): Wilson Reed Corrigan
    DW (39): Jennifer Kate *Macleod* Corrigan


    Dfriend1 (39): William August Chandler “Will”
    ~commercial loan officer
    ExDW (38): Lydia Phoebe Underwood
    ~event coordinator
    GF (34): Genevieve Diana Bacall
    ~career development specialist
    DS (10): Bryson Matthew Chandler
    DS (3): Samuel Bryce Chandler “Sam”
    -with Lydia
    DD (2): Ivy Adelaide Chandler
    -with Genevieve

    Dfriend2 (40): Kristyn Farrah *Chaney* Mills
    ~data management specialist
    DH (42): Calvin Blake Mills “Cal”
    IT configuration manager
    DS (8): Easton Clay Mills
    DS (7): Theodore Conrad Mills “Theo”
    DS (3): Beckett Anthony Mills
    DD/DD (1): Kelsey Jewell Mills/Kendall Emilie Mills

    Dfriend3 (42): Ethan Ford Wise
    ~data management specialist
    DW (40): Cathy Rhea *Monroe* Wise
    ~grant coordinator
    DS (3): Jack Oliver Wise

    Dfriend4 (42): Carlie Rose Hawthorne
    ~marketing consultant
    DF (43): Eric Edward Rollins
    ~employee trainer
    DS (12): Dexter Quade Rollins “Dex”
    DD (10): Adalynn Blair Rollins “Ada”
    DS (9): Anthony Kyler Rollins “Tony”
    DD (8): Kylie Rose Rollins
    DS (3): Hayden Myles Rollins

    Dfriend5 (42): David Jeremiah Wallace
    DH (44): Alex Walter Simmons
    ~family physician
    DS (11): Lyndon Tate Wallace-Simmons
    DS (5): Isaac Arthur Wallace-Simmons
    DD (4): Margaret Payton Wallace-Simmons “Maggie”

    Dfriend6 (38): Zackary Anderson Mendel “Zack”
    ~construction estimator

    Dfriend7 (39): Margaret Lauryn *Bauer* Pavlos “Maggie”
    ~biomedical engineer
    DH (41): Daniel Clayton Pavlos “Dan”
    ~web anaylst
    DS (9): Leonardo Dillon Pavlos “Leo”
    DS (4): Milo Lazar Pavlos

    Dfriend8 (41): Wilson Reed Corrigan
    ~clinical applications specialist
    DW (39): Jennifer Kate *Macleod* Corrigan
    ~nurse educator
    DS (11): Nathan Lance Corrigan “Nate”
    DS/DS (8): Wesley Paul Corrigan/Hunter John Corrigan
    DS (3): Oliver Michael Corrigan
    DS (1): Shawn Philip Corrigan


    Friend 1: Flinn Rory Brenner (41)
    Friend 2: Rickie Jacob Thomson (43)
    Friend 3: Ezra Harry Hartwell (44)
    Friend 4: Ashley Noelle Kidwell (41)
    Friend 5: Jensen Corin Fisher (42)
    Friend 6: Caroline Helen Yates (44)

    Flinn Rory Brenner (41)
    -Clinical nurse specialist
    DW: Mimi Andrea Brenner (40)
    -IT data scientist
    DWsD: Cat Eliza (17)
    DWsS: Kai Aries (15)
    DS: Tom Thatcher (11)

    Rickie Jacob Thomson (43)
    -Government Program Manager
    DD: Margot Anne Thomson (8)
    DD: Emily Elise Thomson (4)

    Ezra Harry Hartwell (44)
    -Petroleum Engineer
    DExW: Abbie Elizabeth (46)
    -General Surgeon

    Ashley Noelle Kidwell (41)
    -Reasearch Analyst
    DBF: Adam Lucas (43)
    -Technical Support Engineer
    DS: James Richard Kidwell (5)
    DS: Charles Hudson Kidwell (1) “Charlie”

    Jensen Corin Fisher (42)
    DGF: Maelys Molly (40)
    DWsS: Theodore Charles (14) “Theo”
    DAD: Larkin Hazel Fisher (11) “Lark”
    DAS: Dexter Elliot Fisher (10) “Dex”
    DAD/DAD: Florence Camille Fisher and Aurora Holly Fisher (3) “Flora and Rory”
    DAS: Beckett Miles Fisher (1) “Beck”

    Caroline Helen Yates (44)
    -Transportation Engineer


    Dfriend1 (42): Nicole Heidi Breckenridge
    -network manager
    BF (42): Charles Andrew Carroll “Charlie”
    -forensic computer analyst
    DD (12): Kylie Linden Carroll
    DD (10): Morgan Bayleigh Carroll
    DS (5): Christian Matthew Carroll
    DS (3): Wyatt Charles Carroll

    Dfriend2 (39): Weston Guthrie Pennington “Wes”
    -instructional designer
    DF (38): Hanna Katherine Parker
    -government program manager
    DS (7): Kade Brandon Pennington
    DD (3): Kara Adelaide Pennington

    Dfriend3 (39): Turner Jared McDonald
    DW (38): Camille Elisabeth *Reid* McDonald
    -government program manager
    DS (12): Miles Dillon McDonald
    DD (7): Katherine Tallulah McDonald “Katie”
    DS (6): Sawyer Beckett McDonald
    DD (3): Avery Dara McDonald

    Dfriend4 (40): Lee Frederick Noland
    -tax analyst
    DW (40): Julia Caroline *Massey* Noland (died)
    DD (10): Olivia Margot Noland “Livy”
    DD (8): Meredith Charlotte Noland
    DW (38): Margaret Rachel *Fuller* Noland “Maggie”
    -employee trainer
    DS (2): Dexter Huxley Noland “Dex”
    DS (1): Casey Brent Noland

    Dfriend5 (38): Ryan Monroe Beckers
    -patent attorney
    ExDW (38): Elissa Vivien Gregory
    -physical therapist
    DS (12): Evander Nathan Beckers “Evan”
    DS/DS (9): Colton Todd Beckers/Michael Scott Beckers
    DS (8): Theon Rory Beckers “Theo”
    DF (36): Anna Elizabeth Hammond
    DD (3): Lucy Holland Beckers

    Dfriend6 (41): Georgia Alyson *Montgomery* Burke
    -customer support manager
    DH (43): Colin Daniel Burke
    -event coordinator
    DS (12): Arthur Thomas Burke
    DS (7): Benjamin Philip Burke “Ben”
    DD (6): Riley Adelaide Burke

    Dfriend7 (41): Jacob Titan Hamlin “JT”
    -geographic information systems specialist
    DF (39): Hollie Annabelle Warren
    -IT Business Analyst
    DD/DS (9): Marie Harper Hamlin/Scott Hudson Hamlin
    DD (8): Charlotte Jane Hamlin “Charley”
    DS (2): Lyle Zackary Hamlin

    Dfriend8 (40): Carla Noelle *Robinson* Harrison
    DH (44): Alec Reece Harrison
    -Business Intelligence Manager
    DS (10): Wesley Hale Harrison “Wes”
    DD (3): Kendall Evelina Harrison


    Friend 1[38]: Evangeline Elnora Acosta “Evie”, Instructional Designer
    Boyfriend (will get married): Mattias Yefrem Seals, Banking Relationship Manager
    Evie Acosta and Mattias Seals – No children

    Friend 2[39]: Catherine Augustina Abraham “Cat”, Forensic Accountant
    Married to: Tristan Samuel Hughes, Career Development Specialist
    Four children:
    DD [12]: Persephone Maria “Pony”
    DS [9]: Peter Conrad “Pete”
    DD [8]: Julia Beatrix “Trixie”
    DD [7]: Marilyn Colette “EmCee”
    Cat, Tristan, Pony, Pete, Trixie, & EmCee Hughes

    Friend 3[42]: Ryder Mason Calhoun, Network Security Analyst
    Engaged to Male Partner: Kristopher Albrecht “Kris” Masters, Clinical Applications Specialist
    Ryder Calhoun and Kris Masters – No children

    Friend 4[40]: Serenity Isabella Haber “Seren”, customer Support Manager
    Boyfriend (will get married): Alexander Christoph “Xander” Peterson, Tax Analyst
    Five children:
    DD [11]: Elinor Elizabeth “Nora”
    DS [10]: Linden Anthony
    DD [8]: Madelyn Louisa “Maddie”
    DD [7]: Josephine Margaret “Josie”
    DS [6]: Homer Dominick
    Seren Haber and Xander, Nora, Linden, Maddie, Josie, and Homer Peterson

    Friend 5[40]: Nolan Frederick Roth, Certified Financial Planner
    Girlfriend (will not get married): Gabriela Rose “Briele” Powers, Patent Attorney
    One child:
    DD [4]: Linnea Charlotte
    Nolan Roth, Briele Powers, and Linnea Powers-Roth

    Friend 6[42]: Annalise Meaghan Fairbanks “Annie”, Single, Community Relations Manager
    Divorced from: Arthur William “Will” Duncan, Software Quality Assurance Manager
    One child:
    DS [2]: Cody Arthur Duncan

    Friend 7[42]: Loretta Aubrey Sullinger “Aubrey”, Single, Curator – No children

    Friend 8[41]: Camden Oliver Anthony “Cam”, Applications Engineer
    Engaged to: Delaney Jessamine “Laney” Harlan, Environmental Health Scientist
    Two children:
    DD [11]: Cassandra Evelyn “Cass”
    DD [6]: Lilianna Rose “Lily”
    Cam Anthony, Laney Harlan, and Cass & Lily Anthony


    Friend 1: Brian Christopher Moreno [42]
    –Portfolio Manager
    -DW: Noelle Daisy Moreno *Costwell* [41]
    –Clinical Nurse Specialist
    —DD: Gabriela Eleni Moreno [12]
    —DD: Cheyenne Georgia Moreno [11]
    —DS/DS: Hunter Kiran/Logan Nilam Moreno [7]
    —DS: Noah Saul Zakary Moreno [5]

    Friend 2: Chanel Valerie Rutledge [40]
    –Employee Trainer
    -DF: Adam Kelvin Chiaramonte [42]
    –Energy Analyst
    —DD: Sadie Aurora Chiaramonte [10]
    —DS: Shawn Everett Chiaramonte [8]
    —DD: Summer Magnolia Chiaramonte [6]

    Friend 3: Harper Kylie Mantovani [38]
    –Registered Dietician
    -DF: Nathan Jefferson Sozanski [42]
    –Investment Manager
    —DD: Noel Christine Sozanski [10]
    —DD: Melody Diana Sozanski [9]
    —DD: Rachel Kimberleigh Sozanski [6]
    —DS: Elijah Jeremiah Sozanski [3]

    Friend 4: Heidi Ellerie Costello *Anderson* [38]
    –Community Relations Manager
    -DH: Jack Mathieu Costello [40]
    –Civil Engineer
    —DD/DD: Catherine *Catie* Sarah/Charlotte *Sharlie* Salina Costello [9]
    —DS: Benjamin Wyatt Costello [6]
    —DS: Liam Connor Costello [4]

    Friend 5: Rowan Francesca Hartwell [38]
    –Public Health Educator
    -BF: Diego Noam Matera [40]
    (will get married)
    —DD: Colette Amelia Matera [1]


    Friend 1 (38): Rowen Cole O’Brian
    –DS (6): Cedric Jeffrey O’Brian

    Friend 2 (42): Georgia Cambria (Suttner) Hadley *Physician’s Assistant*
    –DH (45): Alexander Winston Hadley “Alex” *Tax Analyst*
    –DS (8): Beckett Julian Hadley
    –DS (6): Quintin Darby Hadley

    Friend 3 (42): Zoe Emmeline (Cross) Payne *Technical Support Engineer*
    –DH *deceased* (52): Casper Felix Payne *User Interface Engineer*
    –DS (6): Jonathan Rooney Payne
    –DS (4): Dominick Charles Payne
    –DD (3): Jamie Celina Payne

    Friend 4 (38): Austin John Van De Velde *Clinical Research Associate*
    –DGF *Will get married* (36): Grace Elizabeth Farmer *Physical Therapist*
    –DS (8): Alfred James Van De Velde “Alfie”
    –DD (7): Cass Violet Van De Velde
    –DD / DD (5): Chesley Ashton Van De Velde / Claire Maria Van De Velde

    Friend 5 (40): Ella Rachel (Chandler) Drummond *Family Physician*
    –DH (40): Sid Arthur Drummond *User Interface Engineer*
    –DD (9): Audrey Rose Drummond
    –DD (7): Adelaide Cora Drummond
    –DD (3): Nora Catherine Drummond

    Friend 6 (38): Jesse Simon Boland *Corporate Counsel*
    –DFiance (32): Sophie Caroline Kimball *Network Security Analyst*

    Friend 7 (39): Annalise Coraline (Burr) Foster-Burr *Clinical Applications Specialist*
    –DW (38): Christin Lucia Foster-Burr *Software Architect*
    –DS (12): Nathan Atticus Foster-Burr
    –DS (6): Linden Christopher Foster-Burr
    –DS (4): Gordon Judah Foster-Burr
    –DD (3): Abigail Christine Foster-Burr

    Friend 8 (40): James Ezra Bayless
    –DFiance (42): Hugo Willem Nash
    –DD (5): Anna Holland Nash-Bayless


    1. Catherine Tatyana Pellegrino (41) “Cate”
    —Technical Support Engineer
    –DF: Winston Jonathan Conway (41)
    —-DS: Zachariah Gray Conway (12)

    2. Skye Alex O’Brien (41) {gay}
    —-DAS: Xue Beckett O’Brien (10) “Bex”
    —-DAS: Alberto Fallon O’Brien (9) “Albie”
    —-DAS: Oliver Pond O’Brien (9) “Ollie”
    —-DAD: Melisande Evelina O’Brien (7) “Mel”
    —-DAS: Tom Fort O’Brien (1) “Tommy”

    3. Gloria Winslow {Kaye} Frank (39)
    —Business Development Executive
    –DH: Dustin Chase Frank (36)
    —Tax Accounting Manager
    —-DD: Georgia Rory Frank (9)
    —-DD: Lydia Giada Frank (7)
    —-DD: Chelsea Nala Frank (6)
    —-DD: Sarah Duff Frank (3)

    4. Gavin Tom Balderas (40) {gay}
    —Occupational Therapist
    —-DS: Darion Victor Balderas (7)

    5. Nathalie Milania {Dreiser} Erickson (40)
    —Clinical Documentation Specialist
    –DH: Boyd Josiah Erickson (45)
    —Community Relations Manager
    —-DD: Justice Adalynn Erickson (2)

    6. Clayton Decimus Pynchon (39) {gay}
    —Clinical Nurse Specialist
    –DBF: Lino Robert Lauer (39) {will get married}
    —-DAD: Violet Nelle Pynchon-Lauer (11)
    —-DAD: Stella Kimberly Pynchon-Lauer (11)
    —-DAD: Gypsy Sarah-Jane Pynchon-Lauer (4)

    7. Homer Nicholas Byatt (41)
    –DF: Evie Eleanor Courtney (36)
    —Database Manager
    —-DS: Yong Andrew Byatt (10)
    —-DS: Sid Ricky Byatt (10)
    —-DS: Rooney Dominic Byatt (8)
    —-DS: Agrippa Louis Byatt (1)

    8. Isaac Pierre Chaney (41) {gay}
    —Software Architect
    –DF: Nassim Harris Benoit (37)
    —-DAS: Morgan Horace Chaney (12)
    —-DAS: Wolfgang Max Chaney (10)
    —-DAD: Andrea Abigail Chaney (5)
    —-DAS: Nicky Edmund Chaney (5)

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