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Boy Name Help

  • christineyoung

    Which do you prefer? Brothers name is Cade

    Drake Conrad (Conrad after great grandfather)
    Drake Christian
    Reeve (may be too close to my husbands best friends name, Reed?)
    Cash (know someone who just named son this and may become very popular)

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  • TwoSapphires

    Hmmm … Reeve would definitely be my top choice. I wouldn’t worry about it being too close to husband’s BFF’s name.
    Drake is OK, just NMS.
    Trey is fine but for some reason sounds kind of 80s to me.
    Cash is one of those names where I’m afraid I really just don’t see the appeal. Maybe as a nickname but as a given name, it seems kind of crass and tacky to me to name your kid a slang term for money.


    I like Reeve far better than your other options. Drake is ok. Trey to me is a nn for the third generation of the same name (whatever – Junior – Trey). I don’t care for Cash alone or as a sibset with Cade.


    Love Trey! I’d worry that it sounds too much like Cade, though, both one syllable with that “ay” vowel sound. I think Drake Conrad sounds pretty good, though either Drake combo could be nice. Drake might be too like Cade, too, though. Say them out loud. I think it would be confusing when you actually have to talk to your kids…

    Not a fan of Reeve, and Cash is WAY too similar to Cade, not to mention it’s got a horrible bad cowboy film vibe to it and that it’s a common word for money. Not a name I would ever use.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3)

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