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BNW Sorority House Round 2

  • JViti

    Its been 20 years since college!!!

    Use this dice

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS-Roll a 20 sided die. *If divorced or widowed, roll again until you get a current status (can be divorced or widowed several times). If same sex, roll for status-if roll same sex again, it becomes opposite sex*
    1.) MARRIED
    2.) SINGLE
    3.) MARRIED
    5.) DIVORCED
    6.) SINGLE
    7.) ENGAGED
    8.) MARRIED
    9.) WIDOWED
    10.) MARRIED
    12.) ENGAGED
    14.) SINGLE
    15.) MARRIED
    16.) MARRIED
    17.) ENGAGED
    18.) DIVORCED
    19.) MARRIED
    20.) SINGLE

    AGES-Roll a 10 sided dice
    1.) 1-2 years older
    2.) 3-4 years older
    3.) 5+ years older
    4.) May/December (large age difference)
    5.) 5+ years younger
    6.) 3-4 years younger
    7.) 1-2 years younger
    8.) same age
    9.) same age
    10.) same age

    1.) Beings with M
    2.) This page only
    3.) Any name from the list
    4.) Correct Gender, and Choose either name
    5.) Keith, Harry, Jared, Ryan, Christian, Anthony, Zachary, Dante, Robert, Christopher, John, Paul, Ronald, David
    6.) Click Correct Gender and Use name
    7.) Any Name from the Middle Box
    8.) Begins with G
    9.) Correct Gender, All Names, Generate 5, Choose 1
    10.) New Boy Name
    11.) Choose Correct Gender and Choose a name
    12.) Click Get Male Names and choose one
    13.) Choose any players last name
    14.) Any name ending in -son
    15.) This page only
    16.) Correct Gender and Middle Name
    17.) Any name from the list
    18.) Correct Gender and First Name
    19.) Ends in -r
    20.) Any car name

    1.) Choose any Name
    2.) Get male names, use either first or last name
    3.) This page only
    4.) City Name
    5.) Just a surname, All names, generate 5, choose 1
    6.) Choose one
    7.) Similar last name to the Sorority Girl
    8.) Last name of a relative
    9.) Surprise Me, and choose the more surnamish name
    10.) Generate 5 names, male and female, choose 1
    11.) Begins with the same letter as their first name
    12.) Any name ending in -son
    13.) Random Gender, Brazil name set, United States
    14.) Color Name
    15.) This page only
    16.) 3 syllable last name
    17.) Masculine and Scottish
    18.) Anderson, Bramwell, Costa, DeCosta, Ellis, Franks, Grant, Holmes, Innis, Jennings, Kline, Lewis, Mackenzie, Nunes, Orlando, Preston, Qualls, Roberts, Sullivan, Trenton, Underwood, Vine, Watson, Xena, Yardley, Zane
    19.) New Last Name
    20.) Begins with the last letter of your first name

    CAREERS-Roll a 10 sided die for each girl and her major. For her S/O, Roll a 100 sided die and choose the corresponding career.

    1.) Journalist
    2.) Newspaper Columnist
    3.) Internal Communications Specialist
    4.) Unemployed
    5.) Public Relations Specialist
    6.) Publicist
    7.) Advertisement Copywriter
    8.) Customer Service Representative
    9.) Sales Representative
    10.) Any Job Outside of Major
    1.) 3rd Grade Teacher
    2.) Unemployed
    3.) Preschool/Daycare Teacher
    4.) Health Educator
    5.) Any Job Outside of Major
    6.) GED Teacher
    7.) Childcare Center Director
    8.) Special Education Teacher
    9.) High School Principal
    10.) 8th grade Teacher
    1.) Social Worker
    2.) Criminal Lawyer
    3.) Detective
    4.) Private Investigator
    5.) Police Officer
    6.) Unemployed
    7.) Security Guard
    8.) Corrections Officer
    9.) Any job Outside of Major
    10.) Prosecutor
    1.) Medical Laboratory Technologist
    2.) Any job Outside Major
    3.) Nurse
    4.) Medical Assistant
    5.) Doctor
    6.) Physical Therapist
    7.) Unemployed
    8.) Pharmacy Technician
    9.) Medical Research Assistant
    10.) Biology Teacher
    1.) Pharmacist
    2.) Soil/Plant Scientist
    3.) Chemistry Teacher
    4.) Lab Technician
    5.) Pharmaceutical Researcher
    6.) Nuclear Medical Technician
    7.) unemployed
    8.) job outside of major
    9.) Biochemical Engineer
    10.) Chemist
    1.) MRI Technician
    2.) Nuclear Engineer
    3.) Physics Teacher
    4.) unemployed
    5.) Science Journalist
    6.) Patent Attorney
    7.) job outside of major
    8.) Physics Consultant
    9.) Nuclear Fusion Energy Technician
    10.) Physicist
    1.) unemployed
    2.) Accountant
    3.) Financial Tax Accountant
    4.) Auditor
    5.) Budget Analyst
    6.) Asset Manager
    7.) Accounting Clerk
    8.) job outside of major
    9.) Financial Reporter
    10.) Financial Planner
    1.) Market Researcher
    2.) Stock Broker
    3.) unemployed
    4.) job outside of major
    5.) Real Estate Broker
    6.) Manager
    7.) Economist
    8.) Financial Analyst
    9.) Administrative Assistant
    10.) Secretary
    1.) job outside of major
    2.) Software Engineer
    3.) Software Developer
    4.) Java Developer
    5.) Business Analyst
    6.) Network Engineer
    7.) Systems Administrator
    8.) Project Manager
    9.) unemployed
    10.) Web Developer
    1.) Financial Analyst
    2.) Actuator
    3.) Statistician
    4.) job outside of major
    5.) Accountant
    6.) Personal Financial Advisor
    7.) unemployed
    8.) Bank Teller
    9.) Financial Journalist
    10.) Market Researcher
    1.) Attorney
    2.) CIA Agent
    3.) City Planner
    4.) job outside of major
    5.) Corporate Executive
    6.) unemployed
    7.) Mediator
    8.) Systems Analyst
    9.) Lobbyist
    10.) Immigration Officer
    1.) Guidance Counselor
    2.) unemployed
    3.) Human Resources
    4.) Social Worker
    5.) Psychiatric Aide
    6.) Addiction Counselor
    7.) job outside of major
    8.) Trial Lawyer
    9.) Psychiatrist
    10.) Mental Health Counselor

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  • JViti

    (42): Brianna Marisa (Jefferson) Pander-”Brie” Acuator
    DH(42): Logan Michael Pander Pharmacist

    (42): Victoria June Semloh-”Vickie” Nuclear Fusion Energy Technician
    DBF(42): Bentley Ethan Brown Nurse

    (39): Shyanne Haley (McGrath) Hart Unemployed
    DH(41): Landon Jackson Hart Attorney

    (41): Harley Simone Taylor Nurse
    DF(45): Vaughn Lewis Watson GED Teacher

    (43): Kaylee Savina Jorgensen Java Developer
    DEXH(46): Victor Albert Robertson Lab Technician
    DEXH(50): Fletcher Callum Grant Financial Analyst

    (40): Kylie Anna (Iverson) Gonzalez Waitress
    DH(38): Harrison Brent Gonzalez-”Harry” Lobbyist

    (42): Presley Alexis (Alabama) Silva Medical Assistant
    DLH(42): Tyson Vincent Silva Financial Analyst
    DF(42): Cooper Oliver Albany unemployed

    (40): Britney Essence (Glen) Gabrielle Call Center Representative
    DH(60): Carter Vernon Gabrielle High School Principal

    (41): Alexandria Mercy Mitchell-”Alex” Economist
    DBF(65): Nicandro Rigoberto Nunez-”Nick” Preschool Teacher

    (42): Alyssa Jodi Springfield Secretary
    DF(50): Anthony Alexander Abrams Administrative Assistant

    (38): Jacinda Scarlet (Clark) Black-”Cindy” Customer Service Representative
    DH(52): Lincoln Bailey Black Human Resources

    (39): Lilian Willow (Aberson) Danielson-”Lily” Advertisement Copywriter
    DH(40): Stanley Jason Danielson-”Stan” Systems Administrator

    (40): Lacey Vanessa White Corrections Officer
    DF(42): Connor Victor Ryan Software Engineer

    (39): Megan Stacy Leddy-”Meg” Web Developer
    DF(40): Rodney Wade Vanessa-”Rod” Biochemical Engineer

    (41): Alyvia Miriam (Irvine) Barbosa-”Lyvi” Chemist
    DH(35): Christopher Kent Barbosa-”Chris” Financial Tax Accountant


    1. Wilhelmina Isabella Winslet (40) Lobbyist
    –DF: Jonas Matthew Quintero (41) 8th Grade Science Teacher

    2. Erica Wanda {Connick} Zapata (39) Trial Lawyer
    –DH: Paul Kelvin Zapata (39) 8th Grade History Teacher

    3. Kwyn Owen Jaan (41) Financial Tax Accountant
    –DBF: Bruno Balthazar Rabbie (37) Science Journalist

    4. Ivana Winter {Thompson} Altoona (39) Pharmacy Technician
    –DH: Colton Peter Altoona (28) Market Researcher

    5. Whitney Raleigh Skyler (38) Financial Tax Accountant
    –DF: Mohammad Geoffrey Jade (38) Private Investigator

    6. Wynona Alyssa {Barrs} Rougeson (38) Project Manager
    –DH: Mortimer Thornton Rougeson (34) Stay at Home Dad

    7. Christine Layla Del Pizzo (40) Systems Analyst
    –DBF: Paul Montero Moss (37) Systems Administrator

    8. Erimentha Miley Clarkson (42) “Eri” Accountant
    –DF: Victor Cooper Qualls (27) Corrections Officer

    9. Kori Amber Lewis (39) Network Engineer
    –DLH: Emanuel Drake Black (39) –died 12 years ago– Criminal Lawyer
    –DH: Jess Barkley Orlando (36) Public Relations Specialist

    10. Lindsay Willetta Linsley (40) Unemployed

    11. Lauren Patty Peeter (42) Financial Journalist
    –DLH: Judah Vincenzo Quintero (46) Accountant
    –DF: Soran Jacob Lamar (30) Bank Teller

    12. Rachel Martha {Serl} Augustdorf (43) Network Engineer
    –DH: Austin Felix Augustdorf (47) Secretary

    13. Hannah Kelsey Eduard (38) Web Developer
    –DF: Halver Dorenbos Rawley (54) Childcare Center Director

    14. Luna Megan {Maule} Quarles (41) Pharmaceutical Researcher
    –DH: Lucifer Dario Quarles (41) Nuclear Medical Technician

    15. Kaylee Diane Iginla (41) Financial Analyst


    SG1 (41): Alyssa Rachel Harris “Aly”
    -bank teller
    ExDH (42): Ford Parker Rush
    -guidance counselor

    SG2 (43): Kaytlynn Desiree *Haddaway* Yates “Kayty”
    -stock broker
    ExDH (45): Julian Todd Chapman
    -8th grade teacher
    DH (43): Derek Samuel Yates
    -private invesigator

    SG3 (38): Riley Diane Pierce
    -financial analyst
    DF (40): Connor Edward Middleton
    -advertisement copywriter

    SG4 (39): Marleigh Gabrielle Lazzaro
    -web developer
    DF (41): Ryan Davis Miller
    -nuclear fusion engineer tech

    SG5 (39): Madelyne Zoe *Hansen* Stoffel “Mady”
    -corporate executive
    DH (42): Rex Hunter Stoffel
    -criminal lawyer

    SG6 (38): Kenley Jordana Oliver
    -3rd grade teacher
    BF (40): Christian Forrest Blair
    -criminal lawyer

    SG7 (39): Molly Annabel *Reagan* Whistler
    DH (41): Zachary Grayson Whistler “Zach”
    -corrections officer

    SG8 (41): Hanna Mallory Clark
    BF (44): Ethan Isaiah Cooper
    -software developer

    SG9 (40): Sawyer Kate *Brannen* Mills
    DH (42): Chad Kenneth Mills
    -pharmaceutical researcher

    SG10 (40): Taylor Kelsie *Hamilton* Sanders
    -financial planner
    ExDH (44): Alden Ford Grey
    DH (41): Stellan Robert Sanders
    -asset manager

    SG11 (41): Kacee Alexis Sloan
    -8th grade teacher

    SG12 (38): Stella Kaylie *Green* Young
    -software engineer
    DH (40): Harrison Peter Young
    -customer service representative

    SG13 (43): Lucy Madison Olsen
    -java developer
    BF (45): Michael Thomas Douglas “Mike”
    -security guard

    SG14 (39): Ava Jillian Hudson
    -criminal lawyer
    BF (40): Bradley Webb Nelson

    SG15 (41): Lila Emilee Franklin
    -finanacial journalist
    DF (43): Ethan Gregory Davis
    -medical assistant


    1) Elizabeth Salome Miller Towlson (40) Network Engineer
    DH: Jasper Mark Towlson (39) Medical Assistant

    2) Beatrix Laurel Hill Silverstein (40) Economist
    DH: Maxwell Brett Silverstein “Max”(37) Asset Manager

    3) Adelaide Michelle Ford Tate (42) Actuator
    DH: Dorian Giles Tate (39) MRI Technician

    4) Gianna Blair Meyers-Levinson (39) Preschool Teacher
    DH: Ronan Zane Levinson (40) Market Researcher

    5) Lila Darcy Burgo Morse (41) Budget Analyst
    DH: Connor Birch Morse (41) Public Relations Specialist

    6) Margaret Camille Silver Ribeiro “Maggie” (40) Publicist
    DH: Quentin Matthew Ribeiro (45) Statistician

    7) Chelsea Parker Hanson (41) Newspaper Columnist
    DFiance: Graham Jason Cooper (47) Java Developer

    8) Ainsley Alicia Nenni (42) Patent Attorney
    BF: Miles Arthur Gibson (36) Special education Teacher

    9) Kathryn Rylee Edvin “Kit” (41) Medical Laboratory Technician
    BF: Dexter Bertram Davis (41) Public Relations Specialist

    10) Hannah Rachel Waldman (39) Addiction Counselor
    BF: Jackson Piers Woodbery (48) Biochemical Engineer

    11) Emily Sawyer Maine-Callaghan (38) Personal Financial Advisor
    DH: Nicolas Logan Callaghan (40) Soil/Plant Scientist

    12) Layla Autumn Rask Hilvers (39) GED Teacher
    DH: Harrison Martin Hilvers (45) Auditor

    13) Sophie Callista Koit (39) Asset Manager

    14) Violet Louise Jones (38) Physics Teacher

    15) Lydia Kristine Hamilton (42) Software Engineer
    DFiance: Alfred Moe Schwartz (45) Financial Tax Accountant


    17. Ira Eryn Akoni (39)

    11. Cher Queen {Aleksander} Felton (39)
    —DH: Mustang Steven Felton (40)
    –Physics Teacher

    4. Paris Zella {Aying} Teal (38)
    –Corporate Executive
    —DH: Xavier Adrian Teal (53)
    –Retired {Stay at Home Dad}

    19. Imogen Brittany Zavala-Bailey (41)
    –Stay at Home Mom
    —DW: Georgia Alexia Zavala-Bailey (41)
    –Social Worker

    13. Nelly Nazneen {Ballon} Walsh (38)
    –Police Officar
    —DH: Vince Dorenbos Walsh (38)
    –Financial Journalist

    14. Norway Cameron {Colorado} Lebron (38)
    –Medical Laboratory Technician
    —DH: Oakley Rio Lebron (34)
    –Trench Pipe Layer

    18. Amanda Alyssa {Connick} Queen (41)
    –Tennis Coach
    —DEXW: Lexi Wolff Yellow-Connick (41)
    —DW: Katherine Keva Queen (41)
    –High School Principal

    3. Zara Lucille Hammond (42)
    –Retail Manager
    —DH: Vincenzo Volt Yellow (42)
    –Orthopedic Podiatrist

    6. Catherine Cassadee Htebazile (38)
    –Administrative Assistant
    —DF: Emery Never Zook (53)
    –Registered Nurse

    9. Fiona Farlee Htebazile (41)

    16. Lauren Monica Idaho (43)
    –Budget Analyst
    —DLH: Griffith Smith Aromas (52) –killed in a prison fight 12 years ago–
    –Corrections Officer
    —DH: Ronald Zane Gane (43)
    –Social Worker

    10. Mila Alice {Ike} Kerki (38)
    –Project Manager
    —DH: Armani Gerrit Kerki (46)
    –3rd Grade Teacher

    1. Zoe Dora {Juhan} Bramwell (39)
    –Budget Analyst
    —DH: Kenzie Kristopher Bramwell (40)
    –Biology Teacher

    7. Wanda Florida {Lammi} Qualls (43)
    –Preschool/Daycare Teacher
    —DH: Messiah Ryan Qualls (52)
    –Addiction Counselor

    2. Anastasia Zelda {Mazyck} Marzack (41)
    —DH: Valentin Usher Marzack (35)
    –Nuclear Engineer

    20. Zunda Susan {Navy} Quinonez (42)
    –Health Educator
    —DF: Thatcher Kory Quinonez (42)

    8. Harley Avery {Postal} Yellow (38)
    –Java Developer
    —DH: Barnaby Cody Yellow (38)

    15. Lourdes Ursula Postal (38)
    –Health Educator

    5. Darla Zia Quince (39)
    –Currently Unemployed
    —DBF: Ryson Morris Quincy (55)
    –Currently Unemployed

    12. Lily Scarlett {Rasmussen} Valga (39)
    –Biomedical Engineer
    —DH: Alexson Kareem Valga (39)
    –Stay at Home Dad


    1. (39) Jillian Colette Preston *Walker* “Jilly” – Special Education Teacher
    DH: (40) Zachary Robert Preston “Zach” – Software Developer

    2. (42) Isla June Sullivan *Clark* – Accountant
    ExDH: (42) Ethan Bailey Grant – Financial Planner
    DH: (44) Lucas Jude Sullivan “Sully” – City Planner

    3. (41) Esme Elizabeth Underwood – Criminal Lawyer
    DBF: (33) Jace Phillip Watson – Biology Teacher

    4. (38) Alicia Wren Kline *Jorgan* – Real Estate Broker
    ExDH: (40) Oliver Leslie Kline – Patent Attorney
    DF: (38) Nathaniel Zane Anderston “Nate” – Psychiatrist

    5. (40) Aubree Georgia Innis *Winslet* – Publicist
    DW: (40) Magdalena Sun Innis “Maggie” – Journalist

    6. (38) Rhiannon Ethel Jennings *King* “Rhia” – 8th Grade Teacher
    DH: (40) Dylan Anthony Jennings – 3rd Grade Teacher

    7. (43) Marlee Taryn Brixton – Addiction Counsellor
    ExDH: (43) Jasper Benjamin Franks – Biochemical Engineer
    DBF: (30) Cason Maxwell Lewis – Addiction Counsellor

    8. (40) Emily Joanna Holmes *Hudson* – Bank Teller
    DH: (45) Austin Langston Holmes – Asset Manager

    9. (39) Juliette Harper Shepherd *Osborne* “Jules” – Doctor
    ExDH: (41) Ramzi Park Trenton – MRI Technician
    ExDH: (40) Felix Shepherd – Pharmacy Technician
    DF: (39) Riley Leonardo DeCosta – Prosecutor

    10. (41) Aria Kendall Mackenzie *Holland* – Social Worker
    DH: (41) Oscar Xavier Mackenzie – High School Principal


    1. Kristen Eleanor George Adams (39) – Chemistry Teacher
    DH: Trevor John Adams (34) – Mental Health Counselor

    2. Rachel Catherine Irving Evans (38) – Stay At Home Mom
    DH: Carson Graham Evans (36) – Prosecutor

    3. Ashley Marilyn Hudson (40) – Java Developer
    DexH: Michael Patrick Coleman (40) – Physical Therapist

    4. Lauren Rebecca Cox Ziegler (41) – Secretary
    DH: Evan Christopher Ziegler (41) – Science Journalist

    5. Nicole Mary Hackett (38) – Financial Analyst
    DBF: Luke Robert Bramwell (42) – Unemployed

    6. Kendra Joanne Tillman (38) – Accountant
    DF: Gregory Matthew Lewis (40) – Human Resources

    7. Hannah Christine Lind Peterson (42) – Stay At Home Mom
    DH: Zachary Seth Peterson (40) – Publicist

    8. Victoria Jane Patterson Sullivan (41) – Pharmacist
    DH: Jesse Thomas Sullivan (45) – Lab Technician

    9. Chelsea Anne McDonald (41) – Special Education Teacher
    DBF: Stephen Kurt Ellis (38) – Chemist

    10. Emily Allison Miller (39) – Medical Lab Technologist
    DF: Benjamin James Nash (42) – Customer Service Rep.

    11. Olivia Kelly Campbell (40) – Social Worker
    DBF: Matthew Edward Collins (35) – Medical Assistant

    12. Taylor Jillian Anstey DeCosta (39) – Market Researcher
    DH: Ryan Daniel DeCosta (40) – Accountant

    13. Melissa Amy Costello Holmes (42) – Corporate Executive
    DH: Brett Alexander Holmes (45) – Financial Journalist

    14. Hayley Brianne Ford (40) – 8th Grade Teacher
    DBF: Connor Brian Hughes (28) – Physics Teacher

    15. Jessica Lynn Mayne-Grant (42) – Web Developer
    DW: Casey Michelle Mayne-Grant (37) – Systems Analyst


    SG1 (38): Emily Chyler *Hudson* Grey
    DH (40): Harrison Bryce Grey
    -chemistry teacher

    SG2 (39): Sara Kaitlyn *McCallie* Anderson
    -newspaper columnist
    DH (41): Parker Vincent Anderson

    SG3 (38): Katie Eleanor *Hamilton& Harley
    -financial journalist
    DH (39): Emmett Bryan Harley
    -public relations specialist

    SG4 (39): Marcie JoAnna Whittenton
    -corporate executive
    BF (41): Grayson Everett Colborn
    -mental health counselor

    SG5 (41): Zoe Rachel Walker
    BF (44): Byron Lewis Holmes
    -social worker

    SG6 (41): Lynsie Marie *Bateman* Peterson
    -pharmacy technician
    DH (42): Bradley Todd Bowers “Brad” (died)
    -advertisement copywriter
    DH (41): Gregory Vaughn Peterson “Greg”
    -financial reporter

    SG7 (40): Alexandra Taylor *Maine* Santos “Lexie”
    DH (43): George Sawyer Santos
    -market researcher

    SG8 (38): Charlotte Penelope Whitmore “Charley”
    -8th grade teacher
    BF (40): Rex Warren Masterson
    -sales representative

    SG9 (38): Amelia Kenley Grey
    -financial tax accountant
    BF (39): Benjamin Parker Robinson “Ben”
    -real estate broker

    SG10 (38): Kiley Samantha Washington
    -administrative assistant
    DF (40): Landon Ford Hartgrove
    -pharmaceutical researcher

    SG11 (42): Carlee Madison Clark
    -private investigator
    DH (44): Clifton Harrison Zeigler “Cliff” (died)
    -chemistry teacher
    DF (42): Mitchell Austin Schulte

    SG12 (39): Brianna Karlyn *Black* Haines
    -guidance counselor
    DH (39): Tobin Sean Haines “Toby”
    -police officer

    SG13 (42): Amanda Kaelie *Roberts* Phillips “Mandy”
    -accounting clerk
    DH (43): Clinton Fletcher Phillips “Clint”

    SG14 (43): Abigail Zaida *Clemmens* Holling “Abby”
    -immigration officer
    ExDH (44): Ian Ezra Matheson
    DH (43): Keith Tucker Holling
    -8th grade teacher

    SG15 (38): Cecilia Alexis Wright
    -childcare center director
    DF (39): Jared Kevin Holmes
    -business analyst

    SG16 (38): Emilia Brooklynn Ford
    -social worker
    BF (38): Vincent Donald Chapman “Vince”
    -asset manager

    SG17 (40): Lauryn Sophia *Karlsen* Callahan
    DH (42): Michael Brandon Callahan “Mike”
    -nuclear medical techician

    SG18 (41): Claire Diane *Leighton* Fisher
    -trial lawyer
    DH (42): Davis Gregory Fisher
    -software developer

    SG19 (40): Lucille Jane Young “Lucy”
    -criminal lawyer
    BF (43): George Cooper Jackson
    -high school principal

    SG20 (39): Kyra Lacey Jakobsen
    -city planner
    BF (40): Noah Graham Ferguson
    -project manager


    SG1 (41): Sarah Caitlyn *Bateman* Chandler
    -Accounting Clerk
    DH (41): Tobin Michael Finlay “Toby” (died)
    -Medical Research Assistant
    DH (43): Nathan Keith Chandler “Nate”
    -Biology teacher

    SG2 (39): Ellie Karen *Walker* Zeigler
    -Personal Financial Advisor
    DH (40): Shane Ross Zeigler
    -Medical Research Assistant

    SG3 (38): Hannah Whitney *Grey* Middleton
    -Addiction Counselor
    DH (38): Kenneth Mason Middleton “Kent”
    -Web Developer

    SG4 (38): Kenley Elayne *Williams* Moore
    -Lab Technician
    DH (39): Fletcher Grayson Moore
    -Financial Reporter

    SG5 (40): Reese Michelle *Hamilton* Young
    -Physics Consultant
    DH (43): Jay Gregory Young
    -Network Engineer

    SG6 (38): Lydia Kiley *Rohan* Wilson
    -Physics teacher
    DH (40): James Ryan Wilson

    SG7 (41): Skyler Amelia Phillips
    -Software Engineer
    DF (42): Dawson Ford Raines
    -Chemistry teacher

    SG8 (38): Rachel Sophie *Waldren* Zimmerman
    DH (39): Brennan Peter Zimmerman
    -Health Educator

    SG9 (40): Marlee Kyndall *Logan* Brigham
    DH (43): Rex Duncan Brigham
    -Addiction Counselor

    SG10 (41): Harper Jordan *Ingram* Myles
    -High School Principal
    DH (41): Ethan Richard Myles
    -Psychiatric Aide

    SG11 (39): Adeline Kate Allerton “Addie”
    -Financial Planner
    DF (40): Sawyer Jensen Yates
    -MRI Technician

    SG12 (42): Sara Zoe *Presley* Carter
    -Financial Planner
    DH (42): Allan Nicholas Carter

    SG13 (39): Emily Isabella Ramirez
    -Nuclear Fusion Energy Technician
    DH (40): Vincent Tucker Scarano “Vince”
    -MRI Technician

    SG14 (38): Margaret Taylor Anderson “Maggie”
    BF (40): Ezra Cameron Zielinski
    -Nuclear Medical Technician

    SG15 (39): Kelsey Lorraine *White* Bradford
    -Psychiatric Aide
    DH (39): William Rhys Bradford “Will”
    -Pharmacy Technician

    SG16 (42): Camille Alexandria Jackson
    -Health Educator
    DF (42): Carter Mason Roberts
    -Administrative Assistant

    SG17 (42): Lacey Alyssa *Moore* Powell
    -City Planner
    DH (42): Grant Brooks Powell
    -Medical Laboratory Technologist

    SG18 (40): Summer Rose *Allan* Holmes
    -Financial Analyst
    DH (42): Cooper Matthew Holmes
    -Medical Assistant

    SG19 (39): Audrey Madison *Larsen* Moeser
    -High School Principal
    DH (40): Jared Kirk Moeser
    -Public Relations Specialist

    SG20 (42): Ariana Kristine Reynolds
    -Newspaper Columnist
    DH (42): Theodore Griffin Shaefer “Ted” (died)
    -Bank Teller
    DF (42): Allen Michael Young


    SG1 (43): Kelly Rachel *Stewart* Martin
    -Bank Teller
    DH (45): George Robert Martin
    -Nuclear Engineer

    SG2 (39): Margaret Kaelea *Washington* Carston “Maggie”
    -Corporate Executive
    DH (40): Fletcher Grant Carston
    -Patent Attorney

    SG3 (42): Zoe Lucille *McLean* Houston
    -Psychiatric Aide
    DH (42): Griffin Webb Houston “Griff”
    -Nuclear Fusion Energy Technician

    SG4 (41): Brianna Kristen Harris
    -Pharmaceutical Researcher
    DH (37): Douglas Cole Richie “Doug” (died 5 years ago)
    -Physical Therapist
    DF (42): Mitchell Graham Birman
    -Lab Technician

    SG5 (41): Kenley Violet Hudson
    DF (41): Micah Andrew Robinson
    -Network Engineer

    SG6 (42): Alexis Whitney Grey “Lexi”
    -High School Principal
    ExDH (42): Ian Parker Anderson
    -Financial Tax Accountant
    DF (43): Jared Caleb Lowell
    -Software Engineer

    SG7 (43): Lindsay Lorraine *Scott* Campbell
    -Biology teacher
    DH (43): Connor Evan Campbell
    -Human Resources

    SG8 (43): Lucie Kay *Oliver* Holmes
    -Childcare Center Director
    DH (45): Spencer Grayson Holmes
    -Web Developer

    SG9 (41): Hannah Colleen *McNeal* Houston
    -Public Relations Specialist
    ExDH (41): Darren Brett Patterson
    ExDH (42): Marshall Humphrey Dillon
    -Financial Reporter
    DH (45): Keaton Oliver Houston
    -Financial Analyst

    SG10 (39): Riley Jewel Hamilton
    ExDH (40): Parker Grady Hammond
    -Real Estate Broker
    BF (39): Duncan Brock Hadaway
    -Corporate Executive

    SG11 (40): Whitley Hope *Clark* Yates
    -Sales Representative
    DH (42): Nicholas Kenton Yates “Nick”
    -Social Worker

    SG12 (42): Christina Bailey *Vermont* Harlan
    DH (42): Bryan Eric Harlan

    SG13 (38): Sawyer Nicole Anderson
    ExDH (40): Brody Michael Hayes
    -Asset Manager
    BF (38): Nash Conall Zeigler
    -Physics Teacher

    SG14 (43): Alyssa Raleigh Wyatt
    -Financial Tax Accountant
    ExDH (43): Benjamin Stuart Hatfield “Ben”
    -Administrative Assistant
    DF (45): Stephen Kyle Blair

    SG15 (41): Abigail Zoe *Turner* “Abby”
    -Personal Financial Advisor
    ExDH (41): Emmett Conner Allen
    -Pharmaceutical Researcher
    DH (44): Tucker Alexander Bolding
    -Business Analyst


    SG1: Callie Diane Chinnery, 43
    - Private Investigator
    DF: Vance Gerald Turner, 43
    - Nurse

    SG2: Amaya Jennifer Dobles “Maya”, 43
    - Preschool/Daycare Teacher
    DF: Grayson Allen Pema “Gray”, 46
    - Prosecutor

    SG3: Hayley Adele (Peers) Dougray, 43
    - Guidance Counselor
    DH: Alistair Keith Dougray, 43
    - Internal Communications Specialist

    SG4: Kiley Tabitha (Lahcim) Zimmerman, 43
    - Financial Reporter
    DH: Bradley Conall Zimmerman “Brad”, 43
    - Psychiatric Aide

    SG5: Zoe Anastasia (Pullman) Pallmen, 39
    - Customer Service Representative
    DF: Stellan Mason Pallmen, 45
    - City Planner

    SG6: Scarlett Teresa Enileuqcaj “Scarly”, 43
    - Financial Reporter
    exH: William Leonard Washington “Will”, 43
    - MRI Technician

    SG7: Colbie Mairee (Eriksson) Arsenio, 43
    - Project Manager
    DH: Micah Austin Arsenio, 43
    - Preschool/Daycare Teacher

    SG8: Harriet Sandra Ztiwokreb “Hattie”, 40
    - Psychiatrist
    DH: Matthias Kelton Marx “Matty”, 36
    - Systems Analyst

    SG9: Lucy Winifred Freed, 40
    - Mediator

    SG10: Lindsay Autumn Mascola, 42
    - Real Estate Broker
    DF: Vaughn Darren Halpin, 52
    - Asset Manager

    SG11: Macy Elizabeth Gavitt, 42
    - Guidance Counselor
    exH: Maxwell Ian Martin “Max”, 42
    - Public Relations Specialist

    SG12: Zora Kristen (Jersey) Fredericks, 43
    - Software Developer
    DH: Fletcher Vince Fredericks, 43
    - Biology Teacher

    SG13: Nelle Zofia Connors, 39
    - Nuclear Engineer

    SG14: Eliana Celine (Wymore) Bailey “Ellie”, 39
    - Publicist
    DH: Vincent Morran Bailey, 39
    - Physics Consultant


    SG1: Lorelei Alexandra Mathiesen (43)-Photographer

    SG2: Kelsey Winona Johannes (41)-software developer

    SG3: Zoe Kristen Kalev (39)-Human Resources

    SG4: Stephanie Claire (Hamilton) Quigley (41)-unemployed
    Ex-husband: Noah Vaughn Stonebraker (41)-software developer
    Husband: Richard Alexander Quigley (47)-Newspaper Columnist

    SG5: Hailey Catherine Koch (38)-psychiatric aide
    Fiancé: Cade Spencer Munce (39)-guidance counselor

    SG6: Lindsay Winter (Rose) Wilson(42)-secretary
    Ex-husband: Darin Royce Wilson (42)-Preschool Teacher
    Boyfriend: Martin Parker Robinson (48)-Administrative Assistant

    SG7: Zena Christine Lucic (43)-asset manager

    SG8: Samantha Kate (Dixon) “Sami” (41)–software developer
    Husband: Declan Kyles Dickerson (41)–customer service representative

    SG9: Casey Diane (Rayner) Kingsley (40)–Newspaper Columnist
    Husband: Kevin Samuel Kingsley (55)– Pharmaceutical Researcher

    SG10: Zenobia Allison (Vance) Baltimore “Zia” (42)–Java Developer
    Husband: Isaiah Nolan Baltimore (48)–Social Worker


    sg1: Kourtnee Grace Austin (42) [Single]
    -8th Grade Teacher

    sg2: Heather Zoe Bond nee:Potter (43) [Married]
    -Health Educator
    dh: Anthony ‘Tony’ Oscar Bond (42)
    -Addiction Counsellor

    sg3: Miley Katherine Sloan(38) [Widowed, Married]
    -Trial Lawyer
    dh: Vito Paul Newt (38) [Died]
    -Newspaper Columnist
    dh: Graham Judah Moss(41)
    -City Planner

    sg4: Ashley Piper Baton nee:Washington(43) [Married]
    -Customer Service Representive
    dh: Chet Christopher Baton (60)
    -E.R. Doctor

    sg5: Logan Genna Clark(43)[Engaged, Same Sex]
    df: Katlyn Sarah Lewis (29)

    sg6: Bella Jazmin Watt (39) [Widowed, Boyfriend]
    dh: Sayer Ward Silver(35) [Died]
    -Patent Attorney
    bf: Ryder Victor Downing (45)
    -Health Educator

    sg7: Macy Zandra Perrell (40)[Single]
    -Asset Manager

    sg8: Brianna ‘Bree’ Jude Kennedy (39)[Boyfriend]
    -3rd Grade Teacher
    bf:Jeremy Leo Ziegler(33)

    sg9: Cameron ‘Cammi’ Marie Anderson (41) [Engaged]

    sg10:Anabel Brooke Ingle(41) [Engaged]
    df:Hudson Louis Armstrong (40)

    sg11:Lindsay Nia Jensen nee: Pereina (38) [Married]
    -Bank Teller
    dh: Korey Marco Jensen(43)
    -Lab Technician

    sg12: Kelly Taylor ‘K.T.” Turner (42) [Widowed, Single]
    -Financial Analyst
    dh:Matthew ‘Matt” Aaren Quinn (42)[Died]
    -Social Worker

    sg13: Eleanor ‘Elle’ Kylie Gray (38) [Engaged]
    -Guidance Counsller
    df: Milton Reece Uma (39)
    -Financial Reporter

    sg14: Zola Grey Denver(39) [Married]
    -Biology Teacher
    dh: Gavin Miles Zook (37)


    Mollie Emilie Dam (40)
    DFiance: Victor Trystan Henderson (47)
    -City Planner


    Ashlee Chelsea Maxwell (38)
    -Pharmacy Technician
    DBF: Frederick Alistair Bond (42)


    Laurel Noel (Winslet) Quinn (41)
    -Biochemical Engineer
    DH: Jett Bentley Quinn (46)
    -Systems Analyst


    Kelly Hayley Morino (42)
    DBF: Parker Jared Harris (39)
    -Financial Analyst


    Maisie Marie Mitchell-Hook (38)
    -Mental Health counselor
    DW: Margot Hannah Mitchell-Hook
    -Real Estate Broker


    Laura Theresa Hudson (40)
    -Sales Representative
    DExH: Christopher Vance Hanson (40)
    DFiance: Adam Solomon Ardley (49)
    -Financial Planner


    Coral Winter (Midland) Springer (38)
    -Private Investigator
    DH: Euan Magnus Springer (38)
    -City Planner


    Alice Lynn (Hauck) Quick (43)
    -Administrative Assistant
    DH: Travis Julian Quick (43)


    Elizabeth Eve Turner (42) “Eliza”
    DH: Dillon Piers Roberts (45)
    -CIA Agent


    Kirsty Whitney Linden (38)
    -Internal Communications Specialist
    DExH: Harvey Ryan Starling (Deceased)
    -Nuclear Engineer
    DH: Gage Deacon Tucker (43)


    Madeline Ema Blaker (38)
    -Budget Analyst


    Selah Jillian Poppy (38)
    -Criminal Lawyer
    DFiance: Kareem Josiah Austin (37)


    1. Latona Charlotte {Annville} Usher (38)
    —Stay at Home Mom
    –DLH: Mordechai Larry Lechuga (47)
    –DH: Cash Darrion Usher (39)

    2. Lana Christina {Wisconsin} Quick (41)
    —Computer Operator
    –DEXH: Arthur Victor Agrew (34)
    –DH: Lige Meyer Quick (46)
    —Stay at Home Dad

    3. Mary Wynona Russ (42)
    —Professional Sports Scout

    4. Kymn Kelsey Olsen (42)
    –DF: Luca Rhys Zarson (53)
    —Registered Nurse

    5. Leighton Mary {Remeark} Paddington (43)
    —Nuclear Engineer
    –DEXH: Hadley Gustav North (60)
    —Mental Health Counselor
    –DH: Foles Ivor Paddington (45)
    —Web Developer

    6. Windy Brooklyn {Scola} Oprah (41)
    —College Physics Teacher
    –DEXH: Thelonious Christian Rines (41)
    —Soil/Plant Scientist
    –DH: Eclipse David Oprah (25)
    —Trial Lawyer

    7. Megan Colleen {Vasta} Trackerton (40)
    —Financial Analyst
    –DH: Canyon Murphy Trackerton (40)
    —Financial Analyst

    8. Sophie Esme Jeppesen (40)
    —Cleaning Supervisor

    9. Zena Christine Clark (43)
    —Technical Sales Manager
    –DF: Millard Oswald Quinonez (55)
    —Stay at Home Dad

    10. Benazir America {Miller} Yoder (42) “Bena”
    –DH: Timothy Gordon Yoder (42)
    —Stay at Home Dad

    11. Ivana Carrie Bowlsby (38)
    —Personnel Director

    12. Suspiria Zofia {Verbier} Arsenio (42)
    –DH: Carson Gustav Arsenio (43)
    —Criminal Defense Lawyer

    13. Lali Maathai Sloan (41)
    —Addiction Counselor

    14. Raleigh Harlow Ingram (42)
    —Nuclear Engineer

    15. Elizabeth Lupe Pennsylvania (38) “Ella”
    —Corporate Executive
    –DF: Jesse Stellan Hill (43)
    —Nuclear Medical Technician

    16. Christina Mayra Amboy (39) “Tina”
    —Physics Consultant

    17. Evangelia Noah Ground (39)
    —Financial Planner

    18. Julienne Laura {Knowles} Yelling (40)
    —College Chemistry Teacher
    –DLH: Maximiliano Raul Beyonce (43)
    —Stay at Home Dad
    –DH: Rhazien Ozzie Yelling (37)
    —High School Chemistry Teacher

    19. Macy Clementine Cullop-Sailer (41)
    —Lab Technician
    –DW: Riley Harmony Cullop-Sailer (41)
    —Stay at Home Mom

    20. Madison Ingrid Ravn (42)
    —Divorce Attorney

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