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BFFs Round 3/3

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  • JViti



    1. Tracey Elspeth Fidan (35)
    —-DAS: Stormy Tom Fidan (10)
    —-DAS: Monty Zain Fidan (9)
    —-DS: Patrick Grayson Fidan (6)
    —-DAS: Naveen Yesson Fidan (3)
    Tracey decided to adopt brothers Stormy and Monty 8 years ago. Not too long after that she discovered she was pregnant with Patrick. No one except her knows who the father is she had him sign over all rights to her. Just 3 years ago she adopted a six month old boy Naveen Yesson, she moved his last name to middle name so he would have the same last name as the other boys.

    2. Carolina Marta {Robin} Feldman (36)
    —-DD: Sophie Aquata Robin-Jennings (9)
    —-DD: Jennifer Azalea Robin-Jennings (6)
    –DH: Lawrence Jude Feldman (36)
    —-DSD: Jordynn Reptile Feldman (7)
    —-DD: Claudia Marta Feldman (7 months)
    Carolina had Sophie and Jennifer with her ex. Lawrence also had his daughter Jordynn when they met 4 years ago. Jordynn’s middle name is Reptile which is her mother’s maiden name. They didn’t want to hyphenate and knew that the relationship wouldn’t last forever.

    3. Teresa Grace {Esconder} Cumming (38) “Terri”
    –DLH: Austin Stanley Cumming (45) -died 5 years ago-
    —-DD: Ashrah Adalia Cumming (16)
    —-DD: Beatrice True Cumming (15)
    —-DS: Ziggy Sektor Cumming (9)
    —-DSD: Frances Sophia Cumming (9)
    —-DD: Ambriana Delilah Cumming (5)
    —-DAD: Blaise Caroline Cumming (4)
    —-DD: Emma Minnie Goodman-Cumming (3)
    —-DD: Olivia Charlotte Goodman-Cumming (1)
    —-DS: Jake Hud Goodman-Cumming (8 months)
    Teresa and Austin had 4 kids before he died unexpectedly in combat. She found out after he died that he had fathered a daughter while he was stationed overseas. After having a discussion with Frances’s mother she got partial custody of Frances so she could get to know her siblings. At the same time she decided to adopt Blaise. She also met Samuel Goodman and they had three kids together. They kinda knew it wasn’t gonna work out but they are really good co-parents.

    4. Eisenhower Exton {Elif} Joke (38) “E”
    —-DS: Windell Motaro Elif (19)
    —-DD: Wilma Catherine Elif (18)
    —-DD: Liberty Kenya Elif (14)
    —-DD: Ilene Ellen Elif (13)
    —-DD: Jama Christine Elif (11)
    –DH: Chet Joshua Joke (43)
    —-DSS: Rhodes David Joke (9)
    —-DSD: Nura Lacey Joke (9)
    —-DSD: Delite Jayden Joke (9)
    —-DD: Cynthia Taylor Joke (7)
    —-DS: Scott Exton Joke (2)
    —-DS: Delete Jomei Joke (2 months) “Del”
    E had 4 daughters and a son before he met Chet. Chet had triplets when they met too. They also have used surrogates to have another three kids since they got married.

    5. Frito Dennis Didem (37)
    –DF: Bob Camden Koivisto (42)
    —-DS: Stryker Wilson Didem (19)
    —-DS: Bosco Camden Didem (15)
    —-DD: Kylie Jade Didem (13)
    —-DD: Daisy Liliana Didem (12)
    —-DD: Candy Sophie Didem (6)
    —-DD: Oliana Cameo Didem (5)
    —-DS: Kingston Zeus Didem (2)
    Frito had Stryker before he met Bob and they have used surrogates to have 6 children together.

    6. Harold James Michaelsen (36)
    —-DD: Sarah Sonya Michaelsen (8)
    —-DAS: Noah Waylon Michaelsen (7)
    Harold has a daughter Sarah. Her mother died during childbirth. Harold named her after her mother and then decided to adopt a son so that Sarah wouldn’t be an only child. Harold hasn’t even considered dating again he just wants to be a dad.

    7. Cassius Montgomery Superior (36)
    –DW: Miley Juliana {Husher} Superior (30)
    —-DAD: Mikayla Noob Superior (11)
    —-DD: Carly Sophie Superior (8)
    —-DS: Clinton Kevin Superior (4)
    —-DD: Ciana Fujin Superior (2 months)
    Cassius had adopted his niece Mikayla when her parents were killed in a car accident. He met Miley 10 years ago and within 6 months they were married. Exactly 1 month before their 1 year anniversary Carly was born. They’ve had three children since then.

    8. Chelsea Yolanda Lovett (37)
    —-DAD: Miah Annabelle Lovett (19)
    —-DAS: Cruz Brian Lovett (15)
    —-DD: Zinnia Pammy Lovett-Qualls (11)
    —-DAD: Perdita Sarah Lovett-Qualls (9)
    —-DS: Sebastian Darrell Lovett-Qualls (6)
    Chelsea adopted her younger half brother and sister when she was 25, when her father and stepmom were killed in a plane crash. Miah was 7 and Cruz just 3. She and her then boyfriend had Zinnia, adopted Perdita and had Sebastian. When Sebastian was 2 they broke up, but still co-parent very well.

    9. James Des Baranski (35)
    —-DD: Josie Constance Baranski (11)
    –DW: McKenzie Dortha {Ravensdale} Baranski (29)
    —-DSD: Mahala Jenny Oliveira (6)
    —-DSS: Blade Elmo Oliveira (6)
    James had Josie with an ex-girlfriend and McKenzie had the twins, Mahala and Blade with her ex-husband. They’ve been married for 3 years now and they are so much in love.

    10. Kathleen Urska Casey (35) “Kathy”
    —-DD: Nala Misty Casey-Goodman (17)
    —-DS: Jayden Weston Casey-Goodman (12)
    —-DS: Lloyd Piper Casey-Goodman (9)
    —-DD: Elenor Isabella Casey-Goodman (6)
    —-DD: Constance Janet Casey-Goodman (5)
    —-DS: Butler Avery Casey-Goodman (3)
    –DF: Sulaky Alder Looney (37)
    —-DSD: Sherin Agatha Vance-Looney (6)
    —-DS: Dezi Aidan Looney (4 months)
    Kathleen had 6 kids with her ex. Her kids and Teresa’s younger kids are cousins actually. When she met Sulaky 3 years ago he had a 3 year old daughter Sherin. It started out casual but when Kathy got pregnant with Dezi it got more serious and on her 35th birthday Sulaky asked her to marry him. She said yes of course and as long as she doesn’t get pregnant again they plan to get married next year.

    11. Treven Sergio Bigoness (35)
    –DLW: Izabella Leona {Kidd} Bigoness (45) –died 3 years ago–
    —-DS: Landon Curtis Bigoness (15)
    —-DS: Tony David Bigoness (3)
    –DW: Liberty Debroah {Justice} Bigoness (33)
    —-DSD: Sophia Hazel Justice-Indigo (8)
    —-DSS: James Oran Justice-Indigo (7)
    —-DD: Adelyn Glory Bigoness (6 months)
    Treven and Izabella had Landon and she was 8 months pregnant with Tony when she got into a horrible car accident. She died within an hour of getting air lifted to the hospital but they were able to save Tony. He was in the NICU for 3 months but then Treven got to take him home. He met Liberty about 20 months later she had two children from a previous relationship. They were just dating casually when she got pregnant with Adelyn they were married within a month of finding out she was pregnant. It’s a year next month and so far so good.

    12. Young Yanni Green (35)
    –DEXW: Dreamer Naomi Pich-Green (45)
    –DEXW: Cleotilde Carman Abilene (41)
    —-DS: Joe Josh Green (17)
    —-DD: Vikana Zorina Green (14)
    —-DD: Ilona Vera Green (12)
    —-DAS: Koji Braxton Green (11)
    —-DAS: Stanley Raiden Green (8)
    –DGF: Isabel Kenya White (30)
    —-DSS: Ross Arthur White-Reid (10)
    —-DSS: Troy Preston White-Reid (8)
    —-DSS: David Orville White-Reid (7)
    —-DAD: Ellen Chrysanthemum Green (1)
    Young and Dreamer got married in college and the marriage only lasted about six months. He and Cleo were married only a year later when she got pregnant with Joe. They had three kids and adopted two more before they decided it wouldn’t work. Young and Isabel have been together for 4 years. They’ve decided that they don’t want to actually have any more kids but they did decide to adopt Ellen together mostly to join the two families together.


    Friend1 (38): James Arthur Jones “Jamie”
    DW (36): Lauren Grace *Wynne* Jones (died at 25)
    ExDW (37): Sienna Ruth Blair
    DF (31): Tallulah Elouise Anderson “Lulu”
    ADD (18): Isabella Sadie Jones “Bella”
    DS (17): Stuart Levi Jones
    -DS (1): Sebastian Louis Jones
    ~baby momma (17): Luciana Jocelyn DeCosta “Lucie”
    DS (17): Scott Ryan Jones (Stuart’s twin)
    DD (15): Mileena Aubree Jones
    DD (14): Piper Aliana Jones
    DD (11): Darcy Robin Jones
    -children with Lauren
    DS/DS (10): Max Lucian Jones/Sam Beacon Jones
    ADD/ADS (7): Misty Clementine Jones/Stone Dashiell Jones
    DS (6): Auden Chandler Jones
    -children with Sienna
    ADS (nb): Kiran Rocco Jones
    -child with Lulu

    Friend2 (35): Riley Dane Patinar
    DH (37): Chandler Tenet Shamir
    DS (17): Christian Zain Patinar-Shamir
    DS (14): Ace Colin Patinar-Shamir
    DD/DD/DS (9): Edie Rachael Patinar-Shamir/Lulu Reagan Patinar-Shamir/Duke Reynolds Patinar-Shamir
    DD (7): Thea Kai Patinar-Shamir
    DS (4): Clifford Troy Patinar-Shamir “Cliff”

    Friend3 (37): Ian Miles Chambers
    GF (37): Lydia Penelope Adams
    DD/DD (19): Alina Isabel Chambers/Leora Ingrid Chambers
    DS (18): Maverick Tobias Chambers
    DD (17): Caroline Olivia Chambers
    DS (13): Brock Gavin Chambers
    DS (10): Hudson Lance Chambers
    DD (2): Rain Lydia Chambers
    DS (1): Forester Apollo Chambers
    DD (nb): Darlie Catherine Chambers

    Friend4 (35): Grace Ariana Abdicar
    DF (37): Karl Tucker Mardling
    DSS (17): Matthew Thomas Mardling “Matt”
    DSD (9): Harmony Jane Mardling
    DSD (8): Christa Lucy Mardling
    DD (8): Kai Rochelle Mardling
    DS/DS (6): Lyle Dominic Mardling/Hugo Evander Mardling

    Friend5 (38): Kendall Faith Sawyer
    ExDH (41): John Scott Wilcox
    ExDH (38): Jared Garland McCallie
    DS (11): Duke Everett Wilcox
    DS (7): Milo Kaiden McCallie

    Friend6 (37): Hayden Robert Chandler
    ExDW (36): Kailyn Harper Jordan
    ExDW (37): Mirabella Jillian Pemberton “Mira”
    DF (34): Gloriana Alessia Manzanno
    DD/DS (19): Rosa Edith Chandler/Mack Henry Chandler
    -children with Kailyn
    DS (14): Cash Theodore Chandler
    DD/DD (5): Isabel Catherine Chandler/Rachel Elizabeth Chandler
    -children with Mira
    DSD (4): Abigail Ellen Chandler “Abby”
    DSD (3): Gracyn Gloriana Chandler “Gracie”
    -Glorianna’s children

    Friend7 (38): Arizona Clare Marchand
    BF (40): Davis Anton Thompson
    DS (19): Jack Brent Thompson
    DD (16): Lily Devyn Thompson
    DD (14): Sophie Dawn Thompson
    DS (13): Dillon Zain Thompson
    DS (10): Jax Logan Thompson
    DD/DD (9): Tara Violet Thompson/Vida Daisy Thompson
    DS (3): Mack Paul Thompson
    DD (1): Kerry Lilac Thompson

    Friend8 (38): Gwendolyn Rose Lyons “Gwen”
    DH (41): Scott Jeffery Hayes (died at 40)
    DF (39): Brendan Garrett Hunter
    DS (17): Gideon Burke Hayes
    DD (15): Cadence Grace Hayes
    DD (11): Romy Ellen Hayes
    -children with Scott
    DS (6): Carter Clayton Hunter
    DD (5): Addison Claire Hunter “Addie”
    DD (1): Josie Matilda Hunter
    -children with Brendan

    Friend9 (38): Juliet Camille Hixson
    GF (36): Deana Evangeline Reid
    DS (10): Butler Grady Hixson-Reid
    ADD (10): Andrea Hailey Hixson-Reid
    ADD (6): Shea Aliannah Hixson-Reid

    Friend10 (36): Gideon Thomas Cage
    ExDW (35): Avariella Maria Fusaro
    DW (34): Camryn Emilee *McCallie* Cage
    ADD (17): Darlie True Cage
    DS (15): Westley Robert Cage “West”
    DS/DS (14): Rhodes Anderson Cage/Conrad Alexander Cage
    ADD (12): Aurora Luciana Cage “Rory”
    -children with Avariella
    DD (2): Carleigh Hazel Cage
    DD (1): Olivia Willow Cage “Livy”
    ADS (nb): Theodore Carson Cage “Theo”
    -children with Camryn

    Friend11 (37): Emilia Helene Parker
    DF (38): Miles Grant Hollingberry
    DS (19): Mason David Holingberry
    DD (17): Gia Annabelle Hollingberry
    ADD (17): Cadence Savana Hollingberry “Cady”
    DS (14): Eli Bryson Hollingberry
    ADD (13): Penny Catherine Hollingberry
    DS (11): Maverick Anthony Hollingberry
    DD (10): Emiliana Kylie Hollingberry “Emmi”
    DD (8): Kira Laurel Hollingberry
    DD/DS (6): Lila Emersyn Hollingberry/Luca Everett Hollingberry
    ADD (3): Camille Delilah Hollingberry
    DS (1): Evander Carson Hollingberry “Evan”
    ADS (nb): Cade Walter Hollingberry

    Friend12 (35): Greer Heidi Diaz
    DF (37): Oliver Denim Fitzgerald
    DS (13): Robert Caiden Fitzgerald “Robbie”
    DS (8): Max Landon Fitzgerald


    Dfriend1 (36): Sterling Davidson Grey
    DF (38): Karyn Emillie Hart
    ADS (16): Max Roscoe Grey
    DD (14): Annabelle Sophie Grey
    ADD (13): Thalia Everly Grey
    DS (9): Maverick Ace Grey
    DD (7): Rochelle Marie Grey “Elle”
    DS (6): Samson Skyler Grey “Sam”
    DD (2): Daisy Kathryn Grey
    DD (nb): Carleigh Ana Grey

    Dfriend2 (36): Emily Taylor *Branch* Headly
    DH (39): Gabriel Nathan Headly
    DSS (10): Bryson Vance Headly
    DD (5): Eliana True Headly “Elie”
    DD (4): Gracen Elizabeth Headly “Gracie”

    Dfriend3 (36): Farrah Katherine *Thornton* Morgan
    DH (40): Andrew Tucker Morgan “Andy”
    DD/DD (18): Darlie Adelaide Morgan/Christa Giselle Morgan
    ADD (17): Rain Rose Morgan
    ADS (16): Hugo Felix Morgan
    DS (15): Grayson Henry Morgan
    DS/DS (11): Braxton Elmore Morgan/Caiden Maverick Morgan
    DD (9): Edie Lake Morgan
    DS (7): Jack Troy Morgan
    ADS (5): Toby Reiko Morgan
    ADS (4): Scott Ryan Morgan

    Dfriend4 (37): Samuel Felix Solomon “Sam”
    DF (37): Lyndsie Diane Reed
    DS/DD (19): Zain Clay Solomon/Thea Rose Solomon
    DS (16): Lyle Samuel Solomon
    DS (nb): Ezra Stuart Solomon

    Dfriend5 (37): Ian Elliot McCormick
    DW (37): Rhiannon Karla *Middleton* McCormick (died)
    DW (34): Mirabella Claire *Haskin* McCormick “Mira”
    DD (12): Luciana Kylie McCormick “Lucie”
    DS (9): Sam Judd McCormick
    DS (8): Ryder Sullivan McCormick
    DD/DD (4): Vida Daisy McCormick/Tara Violet McCormick
    -kids with Rhiannon
    DS (3): Clayton Duncan McCormick
    DD (2): Gia Darcy McCormick
    DD/DS (1): Evelyn Lucille McCormick/Cameron Elijah McCormick
    -kids with Mira
    DSD (11): Romy Dahlia Haskin
    DSD (10): Kylee Rain Haskin
    -Ddad (37): Anthony Thomas Haskin “Tony”

    Dfriend6 (35): Logan Thomas Segel
    DF (38): Carolyn Ashlie Johnson
    DD (16): Ellen Lucy Segel
    DS (14): Butler Christian Segel
    DD (13): Clarissa Ellison Segel “Clair”
    DD (8): Isabella Piper Segel “Bella”
    DS (7): Bryce Logan Segel
    DD (6): Caroline Alanna Segel
    DD (5): Audrey Harmony Segel

    Dfriend7 (36): Julian Zachary Hirsch
    ExDW (37): Taylor Amanda Bishop
    GF (36): Magnolia Rachael Vanna “Maggie”
    DS (16): John Thomas Hirsch “JT”
    DD (5): Emma Rose Hirsch
    DS (2): Sebastian Beacon Hirsch
    -kids with Taylor
    DSD (9): Kai Isabel Marin
    DSD/DSD (6): Jane Taylor Marin/Jill Teagan Marin
    -Ddad (38): Joseph Robert Marin “Joe”

    Dfriend8 (38): Scott Alexander Adkins
    DW (33): Summer Ashley *McCallie* Adkins (died)
    DW (38): Anneliese Harper *Gamble* Adkins
    DD (16): Morgan Tallulah Adkins
    DS (14): Brady Rylan Adkins
    ADD (14): Harmony Savannah Adkins
    ADS (14): Carson Stone Adkins
    DD (11): Sarah Grace Adkins
    ADS (10): Noah Daniel Adkins
    -children with Summer
    DD/DS (5): Olivia Cadence Adkins/Felix Elliot Adkins
    DD (4): Lucy Jayde Adkins
    DS (3): Catherine Noelle Adkins “Catie”
    ADD (3): Sophia Caroline Adkins
    -children with Anneliese
    DSD (11): Ava Ruby Moore
    -Ddad (41): Gregory Andrew Moore

    Dfriend9 (35): Christian Jack Lawley
    ExDW (31): Ivy Taryn Thompson
    DF (30): Kristy Abigail Header
    DD (10): Piper Olivia Lawley
    DD/DD (1): Jordynn Delilah Lawley/Brooklyn Talullah Lawley
    -kids with Ivy
    DSD (7): Cara Gail Clayton
    -Ddad (33): Michael Timothy Clayton “Mike”

    Dfriend10 (35): Clayton Gregory Campbell

    Dfriend11 (35): Jason Denver Holmes “JD”
    DW (35): Natalie Rachel *McCallie* Holmes (died)
    ExDW (35): Isabelle Whitney James
    DS (16): Chandler Flynn Holmes
    DD (14): Harper Faith Holmes
    -kids with Natalie
    DD (6): Hadley Violet Holmes
    -kid with Isabelle
    DSS (9): Cade Westley Hastings
    -Ddad (37): John Collin Hastings

    Dfriend12 (36): Robin Christina *Ridley* Hayes
    DH (31): Elijah Hamilton Hayes (died)
    DS (13): Hudson Forester Hayes
    DD (7): Kate Caroline Hayes
    DS (3): Rylan Brock Hayes


    F1 (38): Ryan Montgomery Stafford
    DF (38): Harper Kellie Milligan
    DS (12): Maverick Daniel Stafford
    DS (10): Tyler Hayden Stafford
    DD/DD (8): Daisy Caroline Stafford/Lilac Charlotte Stafford
    DS (5): Theo Raiden Stafford

    F2 (35): Austin Garrett Webb
    DW (34): Adelle Jordyn *Grey* Webb
    DS (17): Tobias Logan Webb “Toby”
    DD (16): Gia Annabelle Webb
    DS (14): Levi Dominic Webb
    DS (8): Beacon Anderson Webb
    DD (6): Piper Grace Webb
    DS (5): Felix Joshua Webb
    DD (3): Rain Sophia Webb
    DS (10mo): Aidyn Brock Webb

    F3 (38): Robin Madeleine *Haywood* Thompson
    DH (40): Nolan Peter Thompson
    DSS (21): Reid Mason Thompson
    DS (14): Rhodes Neil Thompson
    DS (7): Raiden Walter Thompson
    DD (6): Romy Fay Thompson

    F4 (37): Matthew Riley Nelson “Matt”
    DH (37): Cayden Marshall Walker
    ADS (9): Henry Zain Nelson-Walker
    DD (2mo): Ava Kylee Nelson-Walker

    F5 (35): Peyton Emmett Calvert
    DW (35): Ashlie Diane *Blair* Calvert
    DSD (20): Jordan Darlie Blair
    DSS (17): Max Raiden Blair
    DSD (15): Olivia Morgan Blair “Livy”
    DD (13): Brooklyn Claire Calvert “Brook”
    DS/DD (9): Deacon George Calvert/Phoebe Giselle Calvert
    DD (8): Hadley Ellison Calvert
    DD (5): Gia Caroline Calvert
    DS (4): Stone Matthew Calvert

    F6 (37): James Ray Marshall “JR”
    DW (37): Lesley Kaye *Holland* Marshall (died)
    DD (16): Sophia Caroline Marshall
    DS (15): David Brody Marshall
    DF (36): Fiona Taryn Heathers
    DSD (4): Mileena Violet Heathers
    DD (2): Vida Jane Marshall
    DS/DS (1): Sebastian Josiah Marshall/Berkeley James Marshall

    F7 (37): Grace Kathleen Hatfield
    ExDH (37): Rex Michael King
    DD (19): Lucy Rachel King
    DD (17): Nora Ashley King
    DF (39): Tucker Elliott Mardling
    DSD (16): Isabella Juliana Mardling “Bella”
    DSS (15): Braxton Shane Mardling
    DSS (13): Brock Raiden Mardling
    DD (9): Thea Hailey Mardling
    DD (5): Edith Robin Mardling “Edie”
    DD (1): Tinley Bryn Mardling
    DD (3mo): Rain Oakley Mardling

    F8 (35): Anthony Thomas Haywood “Tony”
    ExDW (35): Cora Cathryn Husher
    DD (10): Eliana Piper Haywood “Elie”
    DW (35): Kristen Rosaria *Allen* Haywood
    DS (10mo): Milo Ace Haywood

    F9 (36): Reese Kathryn Bennett
    ExDH (38): Jared Neil Loftin
    DSD (21): Juliana Ellen Loftin “Jules”
    DSS/DSS (17): Zane Hendrix Loftin/Theo Denver Loftin
    DS (14): Westley Duke Loftin “West”
    DS (13): Isaac Gavin Loftin

    F10 (37): Kendall Lorraine *Etheridge* Hamilton
    DH (37): Mark Alexander Hamilton
    DSD/DSD (21): Marley Annabelle Hamilton/Reagan Isabella Hamilton
    DSD (20): Darlie Faye Hamilton
    DD (18): Jordynn Everly Hamilton
    DD (15): Kylie Morgan Hamilton
    DD (4): Lucy Rose Hamilton
    DD (3): Corleigh Madison Hamilton
    DD (1): Edith Sarah Hamilton “Edie”

    F11 (37): Kennedy Greer Sawyer
    ExDH (38): Harlan Scott Radley
    ADS (19): Ace Landon Radley
    ADD (18): Sophia True Radley
    ADD (15): Alana Catelyn Radley
    DD/DD (9): Eliana Braelyn Radley/Savana Ellison Radley
    DD (6): Kai Annabelle Radley
    DS (5): Caiden Bronson Radley
    DD/DS (4): Harper Catherine Radley/Hayden Clifford Radley
    DD (2): Hanna Jayde Radley
    DS/DD (1): Arthur Robert Radley/Olivia Caroline Radley

    F12 (38): Rose Emilee *Haydar* Fisher
    DH (40): William Gideon Fisher “Will”
    DSS (23): Mason Elliot Fisher
    DSS (21): Jack Beacon Fisher
    DSD (20): Clair Oakley Fisher
    DS (18): Zane Daniel Fisher
    DS (10): Max Caiden Fisher
    DS (8): Reid Scott Fisher
    DS (5): Clayton James Fisher


    Friend 1: (37) Sophia Victoria Wilcox *Webb*
    DH: (38) Dominic Paul Wilcox “Dom”
    DS: (13) Jasper Fleet Wilcox
    DD: (9) Marlo Everly Wilcox
    DD: (5) Mercy Skye Wilcox
    Sophia and Dom met through work and fell in love, a pretty perfect romance. They had their children Jasper, Marlo and Mercy and have the perfect life. The golden Labrador and the white picket fence.

    Friend 2: (36) Chester Daniel Grey
    ExDW: (34) Emma Alexis Grey *Danielson*
    DF: (30) Kaylee Sabrina Hart
    DS/DS: (15) Tobias Kane Grey “Toby” & Jayden Reeve Grey “Jay”
    DSD: (6) Cassia Blaise Hart
    DS: (1) Callum Duke Grey “Cal”
    Chester and Emma had always been wrong for each other. They were on and off all the time, fighting all the time. They settled down a bit when Emma found out she was pregnant with twins and they decided to get married. While they had their hands full with Toby and Jay that they seemed to be finally happy but then Chester caught Emma with another man and everything spiralled out of control. They had a pretty nasty split and they twins suffered. Emma started drinking pretty heavily and Chester decided to go for full custody. He won and settled into life as a single parent. He met his fiance Kaylee who was also a single parent to her daughter, Cassia and they are now engaged and living together and have a baby boy Cal. They hope to marry next year.

    Friend 3: (36) Erin Michelle West *Gibson*
    ExDH: (40) Oscar Reid Hamilton
    ExDH: (45) James Harold Grant
    DH: (36) Colby West
    DD: (17) Raya Hadley Hamilton
    DD: (15) Astra Braelyn Hamilton
    DS: (10) Darius Jace Grant
    DS/DD: (2) Jaggar Cade West & Cailin Justice West
    Erin has had 3 husbands. Her first she met fresh out of college. They had a whirlwind romance and married within 4 months of knowing each other. They were together 3 years having 2 girls, Raya and Astra before amicably splitting knowing they rushed their relationship before really knowing each other. She then met James Grant when she was set up with him on a blind date. They again had a whirlwind romance and married within 6 months. They had their son Darius and then Erin caught James with his secretary. After that divorce she vowed to take it slow. When she met Colby she kept him waiting and she didn’t introduce him to her kids for 8 months. She needed to know he was the right one. They married after 2 years of being together and had the twins Jaggar and Cailin shortly after. Erin is sure her and Colby are the right match this time and although she wishes she had met him first she doesn’t regret the 3 beautiful children she has out of her previous marriages.

    Friend 4: (38) Tammy Lee Swan
    DGF: (33) Natalie Joy Anderson
    DSS: (8) Ezra Jude Anderson
    Tammy always knew she was gay growing up, her parents were really supportive as were her friends but Tammy never wanted to settle down so she just went through different girlfriends while keeping up her career as a fashion designer. She met Natalie, a model on one of her trips and fell instantly in love. Natalie though was in a relationship with a guy at the time, and the father of her son Ezra so Tammy just settled with being her friend. When though Natalie broke up from her partner Tammy was her shoulder to cry on. They then ended up in bed. They are now dating, taking it slow especially because of Natalie’s son but Tammy knows Natalie is the one.

    Friend 5: (36) Zachary Charles Bennett “Zach”
    DW: (35) Cora Reanne Bennett *Isaacs*
    DS: (16) Ayden Duke Bennett
    DD/DD: (12) Millie Delilah Bennett & Poppy Violet Bennett
    DS: (7) Levi Gulliver Bennett
    DS: (4) Roman Ike Bennett
    DD: (1) Edie June Bennett
    Zach and Cora have known each other forever, they lived next door to each other as children and Cora was always around Zach’s house as she had parents that screamed at each other at all hours of the day and night. Zach knew he would marry Cora and they would have lots of children. And thats what happened. They have 6 children, Ayden, Millie, Poppy, Levi, Roman and Edie and they don’t plan on stopping there.

    Friend 6: (35) Ryan Xavier Cahill
    ExDW: (deceased) Joanne Angelina Cahill “Jo” *Roberts*
    DGF: (25) Fiona Hillary Bright “Fee”
    DD: (9) Flora Olive Cahill
    DSS: (4) Zane Lennon Bright
    DSD: (3) Hazel Ivy Bright
    DS: (nb) August Kai Cahill
    Ryan and Jo were crazy about each other. They married within a year of meeting and began trying for a baby pretty much straight away. It took them 4 years and 2 rounds of IVF before Jo got pregnant with their daughter Flora. When she was 6 months pregnant she was diagnosed with breast cancer. When Flora was just 2 years old, Jo lost her battle. It crushed Ryan and he was so scared about being a single dad to Flora. It took him a long time to get over Jo’s death but he became the best father he could be and met Fee along the way. She was a single parent also to Zane and Hazel, they met at a grievance group as Fee lost her fiance in Iraq. They now live together and have just welcomed a baby boy August into the family. Flora calls Fee mummy and although Jo will never be forgotten Ryan is so glad he met Fee.

    Friend 7: (38) Christina Ivonne Davids *Woodley* “Christy”
    DH: (39) Jared Elijah Davids
    DS/DD/DS: (nb) Max Wayne Davids & Sarah Belle Davids & Jack Henry Davids
    Christy and Jared have been trying for a baby for a long time. They thought it would never happen, even IVF didn’t seem to work for them so they gave up trying resigning themselves to never being parents. Then 7 months ago Christy started to feel sick and have sore boobs. She took a test and it was positive. To make sure they went for a scan where Christy and Jared found out they were having triplets! They were born months later via c-section, all healthy and at a good weight. They had 2 boys and a girl, Max, Jack and Sarah. They feel very blessed.

    Friend 8: (37) Jennifer Patrice Holt “Jenna”
    DBF: (40) Marc Antonio Perez
    DSD: (18) Selena Nicole Perez
    DSS: (16) Jake Ethan Perez
    Jenna never wanted to get married and settle down, she was always the party girl who wanted to travel and throw caution to the wind. After graduating she travelled around the world gaining life experience. She had her heart broken along the way but never found the right person. At the age of 35, after seeing all her friends get married and have children, she decided to settle back down at home, get a normal job and try to meet the right person and maybe one day have children herself. She met Marc through speed dating and they hit it off straight away. Marc had been married before and had 2 teenage children, Selena and Jake. At first it scared Jenna but she decided to give it a go. Her and Marc now live together but it hasn’t been easy. Marc’s children took a while to come around to the idea of their father with another woman but now Jenna gets on really well with them. Jenna hopes to marry Marc and one day have a baby of her own.

    Friend 9: (36) Amelia Rose Elliot *Sawyer* “Melly”
    DH: (44) Jenson Ryder Elliot
    DD: (16) Emilie Heather Roades “Emmy”
    DSS: (16) Logan Casey Elliot
    DS: (5) Jesse Allen Elliot
    DD: (3) Isabelle Diane Elliot “Izzy”
    Melly was a bit rebellious when she was a teenager and ended up pregnant at 19 without a boyfriend and without a home as her parents kicked her out. She brought her first child, Emmy up in a hostel for young mums and always vowed she would do better for her daughter. She went back to college when Emmy started school and there met her now husband Jenson. He was a professor at her college and she fell in love with him pretty much from day 1. They kept their relationship a secret for a while even though Melly was at an age where their relationship was okay, she didn’t want to jepodize Jenson’s job in any way. He was going through a divorce at the time also so they didn’t come clean with their relationship until well over 9 months. Melly and Emmy pretty much moved in with Jenson as soon as their relationship was out in the open. It took a while for Emmy to get used to a man around the house but she soon grew to love Jenson and Melly had to grow to love Jenson’s son Logan who was a little bit difficult at first. They have now been married for 7 years and have 2 children together, Jesse and Izzy.

    Friend 10: (35) Andrew Jordan Black “Drew”
    ExDW: (31) Sierra Jayne Black *Abbott*
    Drew is divorced from his ex-wife Sierra after 8 years of marriage because of their difference in life. Drew has always wanted children and Sierra at first did but changed her mind shortly after they married. Drew tried to live with it but he couldn’t so they decided to divorce. Drew is now trying to find the person that does want to settle down and have kids before its too late.

    Friend 11: (37) Alan Anthony Holmes
    DGF: (28) Maya Evelyn Jones
    DD: (6) Tara Fawn Holmes
    DS: (4) Rocky Alan Holmes
    DS: (2) Ace Jovan Holmes
    Alan and Maya have been together a long time, they are yet to make a proper commitment as they have an up and down relationship even though they have 3 children, Tara, Rocky and Ace. Alan does want to marry Maya but their relationship is too volatile at the moment and they keep splitting up.

    Friend 12: (38) Taylor Deanna Roscoe-Lucas
    DH: (39) Edward Corbin Lucas “Ed”
    DAS: (10) Fabio Rebel Lucas
    DAD: (7) Harmony True Lucas
    Taylor knew she would never be able to have children since she was young so when she married Ed who had no desire for children she thought she had met the right match. But a couple of years into their relationship they both started to get broody. They talked about it endlessly and they decided on adoption. They now have 2 children, both adopted, Fabio who is 10, they adopted him from Italy when he was just 3 weeks old, his birth mother was killed and Harmony who was given to them when she was a year old when her teenage mother couldn’t take care of her anymore. They love them like they were their own flesh and blood but they are sure 2 is enough!


    1. Mary Catherine Thornton [38]
    DH: Elias Rowan Sanchez [39]

    DSS: Harrison Noah Sanchez [16] “Harris”
    DD: Harmony Dawn Thornton-Sanchez [12]

    Mary and Elias met sixteen years ago, when she was twenty-two and he was twenty-three. He already had a newborn son, Harris. They also have a daughter, Harmony, who is twelve.

    2. Ruby Lilia Winslet [37]
    DFiance: Atticus Jefferson Nelson [35]

    DD: Josie Rachel Winslet-Nelson [4]

    Ruby and Atticus met nine years ago, when she was twenty-nine and he was twenty-six, two years ago they became engaged. They also have a four year old daughter, Josie.

    3. Rose Georgina Winslet [37]
    DH: Colby Joseph September [35]

    DSD: Darcy Bianca Winslet [18]
    DSD: Rosa Kendra September [11] “Rose”
    DS: Lou Thad September [5]
    DD: Lily Gia September [4]
    DD: Posy Tara September [2]

    Rose and Colby married five years ago, when she was thirty-two and he was thirty. She has one daughter that she had at age nineteen, Darcy, and he has one daughter, Rose. They also have three children between them, five year old Lou, four year old Lily and two year old Posy.

    4. Charlotte Darinka Woodley [36]
    DXH: Liam Wes Anchor [36]

    DD: Arianna Kendra Anchor [15] “Anna”
    DD: Eliana Christine Anchor [13] “Ellie”

    Charlotte and Liam married fifteen years ago, when they were both twenty-one, but divorced four years later, because they were both unhappy. They are still close friends, and talk each day. In those four years, they had two daughters, fifteen year old Anna and thirteen year old Ellie.

    5. Anise Cora Undersea [38]

    6. Adele Christina Charlar [38]
    DH: Robert Oliver Sothy [49]

    DSS: Ronan Andrew Sothy [19]
    DSD: Rose Alice Sothy [15]
    DS: Riley Abram Sothy-Charlar [8]

    Adele and Robert married ten years ago, when she was twenty-eight and he was thirty-nine. He already had a nine year old son, Ronan and a five year old daughter, Rose. Two years later, they had Riley, now age eight.

    7. George Darren Kudret [36]
    DXW: Kendall Penelope Collingwood [35]
    DW: Willow Carolyn November [39]

    DD: Poppy Clementine November-Kudret [3]

    George and Kendall married twelve years ago, when he was twenty-four and she was twenty-three. They divorced three years later, because she was having an affair. George and Willow married five years ago, when he was thirty-one and she was thirty-four. Willow and George have a daughter, Poppy, who’s three.

    8. Melissa Lily Naillil [37] “Lissa”
    DFiance: Warren Clinton Mendee [37]

    DS: Brandon Jack Mendee [18] “Brant”
    DS: John Henry Mendee [17]
    DD: Cassia Alina Mendee [14]
    DD: Juniper Ciana Mendee [9]
    DD/DS: Laila Ellen Mendee/Will Scott Mendee [8]
    DS: Chris Paul Mendee [6]
    DS: Andrew Tom Mendee [4]
    DD: Thea Annalie Mendee [3]
    DD: Lucy Ember Mendee [1]

    Lissa and Warren got together eighteen years ago, right out of high school, when they were both nineteen. They had a son right away, Brant, and then another, John, eighteen and seventeen. Three years later, they had a daughter, Cassia, and another five years later, Juniper. Then, they had twins, Laila and Will, who are now eight. They’ve had four kids since, Chris, six, Andrew, four, Thea, three and Lucy, one. But, they’ve never married, although they have been engaged for almost six years.

    9. Penelope Amber Tyler [37] “Penny”
    DdH: James Cooper Eden [d. 30, 9 years ago]
    DH: Conall Owen Wood [34]

    DSD: Willow Rachel Eden (14)
    DSS: Gideon Nicholas Eden (12)
    DSD: Ivy Selena Eden (11)
    DS: Benjamin Scott Tyler-Wood (2) “Ben”

    Penny and James married fourteen years ago when she was twenty-three and he was twenty-five. James passed away five years later in a plane crash. Four years ago, Penny and Conall married. Penny has three kids with James, fourteen year old Willow, twelve year old Gideon and eleven year old Ivy, as well as one with Conall, two year old Ben.

    10. Bradley Harrison Kerrisdale [37] “Brad”

    DAD: Elizabeth Hazel (18) “Beth”
    DAS: Isaac Asher (17)
    DAS: Elliot Atticus (14)
    DAD: Marie Clementine (13)
    DAD: Summer Matilda (9)
    DAS: Liam Tobias (7)
    DAD/DAD: Christina Poppy/Callie Anais (6)

    Brad has been adopting kids for years, starting when he was just nineteen. Now, he has eight children. Five daughters, Beth, eighteen, Marie, thirteen, Summer, nine and twins, Christina and Callie, six. And, three sons, Isaac, seventeen, Elliot, fourteen and Liam, seven.

    11. Katthyrine Robin Kerrisdale [38] “Kate”
    DdH: Denny Nathan Nickelson [50]

    DS/DS: Calloway Kai/Tobias Hatten Nickelson (5)
    DD/DD: Anna Claire/Charlotte Alice Nickelson (4)

    Kate married Denny twelve years ago, when she was twenty-six and he was thirty-eight. He passed away nine years later, of colon cancer. They have two sets of twins together, conceived through in-vitro. Boys, Calloway and Tobias, age five and girls, Anna and Charlotte, age four.

    12. Jessica Eleanor Bennett [37] “Jess”
    DXH: Miles Robert Washington [47]
    DFiance(g): Kiera Slainé Rosewood [36]

    DSS: Hugo James (7)
    DD/DS: Rose Eleanor/Liam Micah (6)
    DS: John Robert (3)
    DD: Lucy Kiera-Jane (2)

    Jess married Miles fourteen years ago, when she was thirty-three and he was forty-three. They divorced two years later, but remained close friends. Jess met Kiera seven years ago, became engaged six months ago and are ready to wed. Jess and Miles have one son together, seven-year-old Hugo. Jess and Kiera have two sons, Liam, six, and John, three, as well as two daughters, Rose, six and Lucy, two.


    F1 (35): Emily Katherine *Sawyer* Blair
    DH (36): Caiden Zackery Blair
    DSD (17): Eliana Catherine Blair “Elie”
    DSS (16): Everett Caiden Blair
    DSD (15): Shayna Kylie Blair “Shay”
    DS/DS (11): Sam Gavin Blair/Max Ethan Blair
    DD/DS (7): Thea Gail Blair/Zain Mack Blair

    F2 (37): Grant Aaron Dawson
    GF (37): Ashlie Emma Garrison
    DD/DS (19): Caroline Olivia Dawson/Robert Mason Dawson
    DD (18): Isabel Juliana Dawson
    DS/DD (17): Scott Hugo Dawson/Sarah June Dawson
    DD (15): Gia Sophie Dawson
    DS (11): Judd Nicholas Dawson
    DS (5): Jack Walter Dawson
    DS (1): Levi Hudson Dawson

    F3 (38): Daxton William Cole “Dax”
    DW (32): Alessia Norah *Beck* Cole (died 6 years ago)
    DS (19): Alec Stellan Cole
    GF (38): Gianna Daisy DaCosta
    DS (4): Tony Raiden Cole
    DD (1): Grace Carolyn Cole “Gracie”

    F4 (36): Julian Kyle Dawson
    DW (36): Natalie Alanna *Houtson* Dawson
    ADS (19): Jon Brian Dawson
    ADD (17): Molly Claire Dawson
    DS (16): Jace Sullivan Dawson
    DS (14): Theo Henry Dawson
    DD (10): Alanna Marie Dawson
    ADD/ADS (5): Jane Frances Dawson/Jack Richard Dawson

    F5 (36): Grace Ellen *White* Manchester
    ExDH (37): Chandler Shay Douglas
    ADS (18): Liam George Douglas
    DD (17): Rachel Mandy Douglas
    DD (14): Carly Rose Douglas
    DD (13): Olivia Sophie Douglas “Livy”
    DS (12): Raiden Duke Douglas
    DH (37): Keaton Oliver Manchester
    DSD (15): Oakley Annabelle Manchester
    DS (9): Braxton Grady Manchester
    DD (8): Darlie Braelyn Manchester
    DD (4): Rain Fay Manchester
    DS (3): Lyle Keaton Manchester
    DD (nb): Caroline Eliana Manchester

    F6 (36): Dallan Amelia Hamilton
    ExDH (35): Parker Roland Stepp
    DD (15): Adelaide Delilah Stepp “Addie”
    DS (11): Landon Jagger Stepp
    BF (36): Aidan Alexander Hughes
    DSD (14): Hailey Dawn Hughes
    DS/DS (8): Ben Thayer Hughes/Sam Ryder Hughes
    DD (6): Piper Juliana Hughes
    DS (5): Stuart Dominic Hughes

    F7 (38): Kelsey Greer *Hixson* Robinson
    DH (36): Jared Thomas Robinson (died 4 years ago)
    DD (8): Kylee Isabel Robinson

    F8 (35): Dean Riley Anderson
    DF (34): Naomi Caelyn Grey
    DSS/DSS (20): Carson Brock Grey/Hudson Craig Grey
    DD (18): Darlie Jane Anderson
    DD (13): Daisy Mileena Anderson
    DD (12): Thalia Adelyn Anderson
    DS (10): Jax Rylan Anderson
    DD (8): Rochelle Caroline Anderson “Elle”
    DD (6): Dakota Emily Anderson
    ADD (5): Kerry Grace Anderson
    DS/DS (3): Levi Daniel Anderson/Tony David Anderson

    F9 (38): Austin Hayes Green
    ExDW (37): Whitney Piper Haughton
    DS (17): Jax Alexander Green
    DD (16): Romy Talia Green
    ExDW (38): Heather Kendall Black
    DS (10): Auden Walter Green

    F10 (35): Scott Benjamin Parker
    ExDW (35): Rebecca Genevieve Linden “Becca”
    DSS (12): Levi Stone Linden
    DSS (11): Reid Dominic Linden
    DSD (8): Cara Lucy Linden
    DS (6): Gavin Henry Parker
    DD (nb): Emma Savannah Parker

    F11 (37): Kristyn Faith Kirkland
    ExDH (39): Nathan Dexter Radley “Nate”
    DD/DD (19): Christiana Claire Radley/Adriana Carly Radley
    DS (17): Maverick Kirk Radley
    ExDH (37): Ryan Nolan Phelps
    DS (14): Max Landon Phelps
    DS (12): Cash Rhodes Phelps
    DS (11): Stone Beacon Phelps
    DF (45): Brice Keaton Newman
    DSD (11): Ava Rose Newman
    DSD (9): Catherine Ellen Newman “Catie”
    DS/DD (7): Milo Braxton Newman/Jane Kylie Newman
    DS (nb): Kaiden Butler Newman

    F12 (38): Eva Kathryn *Monroe* Coleman
    DH (35): Dalton Adam Miller (died 9 years ago)
    DS (18): Davis Harrison Miller
    DD (15): Caroline Jordynn Miller
    DD/DD (14): Emerson Kylie Miller/Ellison Sophie Miller “Emmie & Ellie”
    DS (12): Micah Emmett Miller
    DH (38): Owen Bronx Coleman
    DS (7): Weston Foster Coleman “Wes”
    DD/DD (6): Lauren Hazel Coleman/Rachel Frances Coleman
    DD (3): Sarah Bailey Coleman


    DF1 (36): Kyle Landen McAdams
    ExDW (36): Joanne Natalie MacDonald
    DS (18): Easton Scott McAdams
    DS (15): Jonah Henry McAdams
    DW (35): Lillian Jaicee *Patterson* McAdams “Lilly”
    DSS (14): Raiden Max Patterson
    DSS (11): Noah Mason Patterson
    DSD (9): Mileena Lorraine Patterson “Leena”
    DS (8): Caiden Jax McAdams
    DS/DS (2): Stuart Hudson McAdams/Conrad Jackson McAdams

    DF2 (37): Madeleine Virginia *Price* Allen “Maddie”
    DH (33): Brett Thomas Allen (died 5 years ago)
    DS (17): Matthew Troy Allen “Matt”
    DS (16): Levi Braxton Allen
    DD (11): Charlotte Faye Allen “Charley”
    DD (9): Annabelle Marie Allen “Annie”
    DD (5): Olivia Rain Allen “Livy”

    DF3 (36): Damian Everett Wilde
    DF (35): Torrin Bethany Grey
    DSS (16): Stone Westley Grey
    DSS (15): Landon Tyler Grey
    DSD (14): Bryn Thalia Grey
    DD (12): Adelaide Sophia Wilde “Addie”
    DS (9): Cash Beacon Wilde
    DS (5): Rylan Jaxson Wilde
    DS (3): Jagger Rhodes Wilde
    DS (1): Duke Theodore Wilde
    DD (6mo): Darcie Olivia Wilde

    DF4 (35): Wesley Harrison Dawson “Wes”
    DW (31): Caelan Sarah *Jordan* Dawson (died 3 years ago)
    DS (13): Flynn William Dawson
    DD (7): Aubree Isabel Dawson

    DF5 (36): Kelly Lorraine *Woods* Blair
    DH (38): Sean Aidan Blair
    DSS (19): Lucas Raiden Blair “Luke”
    DSS (15): Henry Zain Blair
    DS (13): Maverick Kayden Blair
    DS (5): Weston Jax Blair “West”

    DF6 (38): Kendall Victoria *Braun* Wilcox
    DH (40): Keith Tobias Wilcox
    DSS (24): Ian Anthony Wilcox
    DD (18): Bailey Sarah Wilcox
    DD (15): Lucy Isabella Wilcox
    DD (12): Kylie Josephine Wilcox

    DF7 (36): Sawyer Derek Patten
    DF (34): Emilee Cora Robertson
    DS (11): James Christian Patten “Jamie”
    DS (6): Spencer Jax Patten

    DF8 (35): Laney Georgia *Parker* Jennings
    DH (31): Oliver Colton Jennings (died 4 years ago)
    DSD (17): Lila Kennedy Jennings
    DD (14): Eliana Brooklyn Jennings “Elie”
    DS (9): Scott Henry Jennings
    DS (8): Braxton Louis Jennings
    DS (1): Mack Theodore Jennings

    DF9 (37): Rosemary Helen *Burch* Montgomery “Rose”
    DH (38): Peter Braxton Montgomery
    DSD (22): Piper Rachel Montgomery
    DD (19): Tara Jordan Montgomery
    DD (18): Hadley Carol Montgomery
    DD/DS (13): Elizabeth Darlie Montgomery/Clinton Henry Montgomery “Lizzy & Clint”
    DS (11): Hugo Sebastian Montgomery
    DD (6): Aliannah Nicole Montgomery “Ali”
    DD (5): Thea Kylie Montgomery
    DD (1): Sophia Rochelle Montgomery
    DS (nb): Orson David Montgomery

    DF10 (37): Rachel Emily *Hamilton* Cormac
    DH (38): Brennan Yates Cormac
    DSD (22): Ava Rose Cormac
    DSD (18): Juliana Hailey Cormac “Jules”
    DS (16): Levi Foster Cormac
    DS (12): Bennett Dexter Cormac “Ben”

    DF11 (37): Jonas Shepherd Andrews
    GF (37): Olivia Whitney Grant “Liv”
    DSS/DSD (14): Caiden Burke Gran/Sophie Lilac Grant
    DSS (12): Henry George Grant
    DD (11): Catherine Lucy Andrews “Catie”
    DS (9): Ace Beacon Andrews
    DD (5): Nora Summer Andrews
    DS (2): Tobias Stone Andrews “Toby”
    DD (1): Darlie Kai Andrews

    DF12 (35): Emmett Dean Miller
    DW (35): Summer Mairin *Thompson* Miller
    DD (7): Eva Caroline Miller


    F1: Lila Stacy Xavier, 36
    -DF: Matthias Eamon Carrigan “Matt”, 39
    -DS: Maverick Joshua Carrigan “Mav”, 19
    -DS: Kai Sebastian Carrigan, 17
    -DS: Blaze Owen Carrigan, 11
    -DD: Mileena Olivia Carrigan “Leena”, 1

    F2: Julienne Alyssa (Johansson) Anderson “Jules”, 35
    -XDH: Oliver Bo Howsham, 35
    -DS: Eli Jackson Howsham, 17
    -DS: Cooper David Howsham “Coop”, 13
    -DS: Dashiell Oliver Howsham “Dash”, 12
    -ADD: Talullah Anais Howsham “Tali”, 10
    -ADS: Landon Thomas Howsham, 10
    -DS: Mack Charles Howsham, 8
    -ADS: Corbin Dwight Howsham, 5
    -DD: Bryn Odette Howsham, 5
    -DH: Michael Gregory Anderson “Cael”, 32
    -SDS: Levi Morgan Anderson, 7
    -ADS: Bryson Elliot Anderson, 4
    -ADD: Kendra Marilyn Anderson, 2
    -DS: Zain Edwin Anderson, 1
    -ADS: Dylan Noah Anderson, 1

    F3: Gabriel Jonathan Robar “Gabe”, 37
    -DW: Luisa Katharine (Mason) Robar “Lulu”, 41
    -DD: Liliana Ellen Robar “Lily”, 14
    -SDD: True Josephine Robar, 10
    -SDS: Cyrus Lucian Robar “Cy”, 9
    -SDS: Kiran Apollo Robar, 7
    -DD: Aurora Judith Robar “Rory”, 3

    F4: Ezra Griffin Cricket, 37
    -DW: Joella Iris (Raynard) Cricket “Ella”, 38
    -SDS: Caden Luca Cricket “Cade”, 10
    -DD: Briana Tatiana Cricket “Bria”, 9
    -DS: Tyler Atticus Cricket “Ty”, 8
    -SDS: Evan Lance Cricket, 7
    -SDS: Oran Craig Cricket, 6
    -DS: Xander Frank Cricket, 3

    F5: Annie Reychelle Xavier, 35
    -BF: Brendan Cicero Reginald, 35
    -DS: Henry Jagger Xavier-Reginald, 18
    -DD: Ava Dawn Xavier-Reginald, 15
    -DS: Ethan Jeffrey Xavier-Reginald, 8
    -DD/DD: Caroline Juliette Xavier-Reginald “Carly”/Ellie Catherine Xavier-Reginald, 2

    F6: Roan Andrew Cardoc, 37
    -DW: Haneya Sarin (Grant) Cardoc “Neya” (died at 30, 10 years ago)
    -DD: Riley Ilona Cardoc, 16
    -DS/DD: Felix Preston Cardoc/Bailey Hannah Cardoc, 15
    -DS: Bentley Isaac Cardoc “Ben”, 10
    -XDH: Isaac Anthoney Green “Zac”, 38
    -SDD: Isla Michelle Green, 10
    -SDD: Phoebe Anastasia Green “Bee”, 9
    -SDD: Liberty Zola Green “Libby”, 8
    -XDW: Amirah Jasmine Hemmings, 40
    -DS: Dominic Arthur Cardoc, 8
    -XDW: Natalie Maura Simmons “Naty”, 35
    -DD/DD: Naya Elizabeth Cardoc/Romy Iris Cardoc, 5
    -XDW: Khloe Victoria Roy, 36
    -DD: Addison Penelope Cardoc “Addie”, 4
    -DS: Jessie Clayton Cardoc, 3

    F7: Emma Karolina (Brady) Taragon “Emmy”, 36
    -DH: Darnell Maximilian Taragon (died at 41, 5 years ago)
    -ADD: Gia Danielle Taragon, 19
    –DD: Sheeva Rochelle Taragon, 2
    -ADS: Logan Charles Taragon, 14
    -ADS: Max Tobias Taragon, 12
    -ADS: Rocco Thaddeus Taragon, 11
    -DS: Chand Ivar Taragon, 11
    -ADS: Asher Daniel Taragon “Ash”, 10
    -DS: Declan Derek Taragon, 6
    -ADS: Ryder Jovan Taragon, 6
    -DF: Connor Marshall Phillips, 41
    -DD: Braelyn Skye Phillips “Brae”, 5
    -ADS/ADS: Forester Wayne Phillips/Conrad Antonio Phillips, 2

    F8: Samantha Kelly Larkin “Sam”, 38
    -DF: Barrett Noah Linden “Rhett”, 35
    -DD: Frances Diane Linden “Frankie”, 19
    -DS: Timothy Ray Linden, 17
    -DD: Rylan Albert Linden, 13
    -DD: Rain Laura Linden, 12
    -SDS: Kevin Sean Linden, 11
    -DD: Mackenzie Adella Linden “Kenzie”, 10
    -DS: Scott Mikey Linden, 5
    -DD: Bianca Eleanor Linden, 4
    -DD: Brooklyn Sophie Linden “Brooke”, 1

    F9: William Patrick Harte “Will”, 38
    -DW: Kaiya Brooklynn (Benson) Harte “Kai”, 41
    -DD: Chelsea Andrea Harte “Chels”, 18
    –DD: Chloe Jane Harte, 4
    -SDD: Kyra Belle Harte, 10
    -SDD: Kasey Martha Harte, 9

    F10: Warren Gerald Lahcim, 38
    -XDW: Teagan Harriet White, 34
    -DS: Jace Edward Lahcim, 18
    –DD: Aileen Carol Lahcim “Ailey”, 1 mth
    -ADD: Jordynn Tess Lahcim, 17
    -DS: Quentin Wilson Lahcim “Quent”, 14
    -DD: Isabella Hope Lahcim “Izzy”, 13
    -DS: Taven Braxton Lahcim, 12
    -ADD: Natasha Fawn Lahcim “Tash”, 12
    -ADD: Jade Allison Lahcim, 9
    -DD/DS: Wren Leora Lahcim/Leonard Walter Lahcim “Leo”, 6
    -ADS: Ryan Shinnock Lahcim, 2
    -DD/DD: Piper Sheila Lahcim/Tatum Theresa Lahcim “Tate”, 10 mths

    F11: Lucy Kathryn Scola, 37
    -BF: Lolev Carson Heathrow “Lev”, 32
    -DS: Layton Anwar Scola-Heathrow, 17
    -DD: Laney Yvette Scola-Heathrow, 6
    -DS: Lennon George Scola-Heathrow, 5

    F12: Theodore James Triplett “Theo”, 37
    -DW: Violetta Patrice (Finlayson) Triplett “Vi”, 37
    -DS: Richard Fergus Triplett “Richie”, 18
    -DS: Colin Darius Triplett, 17
    -DD: Kianna Pauline Triplett , 16
    -DS: Blake Nicholas Triplett, 15
    -DD: Victoria Amber Triplett “Tori”, 13
    -DD: Calla Anais Triplett “Cally”, 7
    -SDD/SDS: Darlie Emma Triplett/Vanessa Tanith Triplett “Nessa”, 7


    Friend #1: Joshua Gavin Smith (38)
    DW: Cerise Keyah (41)
    DD: Lucy Clementine (16)
    DS: Grady Christopher (15)
    DAS/DAD: Ryan Dominic/Jade Briana (14)
    DS: Maverick David “Mack” (11)
    DD/DD/DS: Juliet Kianna/Kira Dawn/Lance Kiran (10)
    DAS: Rocco Jason (5)
    DD: Phoebe Nora (4)
    DS/DD: Evander James “Evan”/Kendra Alice (2)

    **Josh and Cerise have nine biological children and three adopted children. Ryan and Jade were adopted as infants when their parents were killed in a car accident (parents were Good friends with Josh). Rocco was adopted last year after his parents surrendered custody to the state. Cerise found out about Rooco through a friend of hers that works as a social worker.

    Friend #2: Kevin Maximus Hockley (37)
    Girlfriend: Hermine Rianna Wilcox “Minnie” (22)
    DD: Kara Rachel (19)
    DS: Chad Lucian (11)
    DS/DD: Sebastian Angelo/Kitana Charlotte “Kia” (9)
    DD: Victoria Adelyn “Tori” (8)
    DS: Donovan Troy “Van”(7)
    DS: Tyler Hudson (4)
    **Kevin has seven biological children, none of them are with Minnie. Kara was born right after he graduated high school. He has had custody of her since she was four months old. Her mother was unable to care for her. Kara is now a sophomore in college. Chad, Sebastian and Kia are from a long term relationship Kevin had with their mother. Kevin and the mother split up before the twins were born, but he has always been very involved their lives. The three of them live with him every weekend and six weeks of the summer. Tori, Van and Ty are Kevin’s children with his girlfriend prior to Minnie. They split up when Ty was two because the mother was more into partying than mothering. Kevin has sole custody of them.

    Friend #3: Jarrett Jordan Coleman “JJ” (38)
    Wife: Audrey Mackenzie (32)
    DSS: Isaac Jensen Matthews(15)
    DD/DD: Mileena Iris/Caroline Janessa (12) “Leena and Cari”
    DSS: Abner Felix Matthews “Abe” (11)
    DS: Zain Waylon (9)
    DS: Felix Paul (7)
    DS: Christopher John “CJ” (6)
    DAD: Aubree Sarah (6)”Bree”
    DAS: Jordan Andrew (5)
    DD: Laura Pauline (3)
    DD/DD: Piper Dana/Heather Liana (2)
    **JJ has 8 biological children, two step children and two adopted children. Isaac and Abe are Audrey’s sons from a previous relationship. They live with JJ and Audrey but visit their dad every other weekend. JJ has identical twin daughters from a previous relationship. Leena and Cari live with their mother but stay with JJ every other weekend and the whole summer. Bree and Jordan were adopted last year after Audrey’s sister died.

    Friend #4: Riley Thomas Phillips (38)
    Girlfriend: Gabrielle Desiree Toffee (34) “Brie”
    DD: Jessica Bryn (19)
    DD: Bianca Kylie (18)
    DS/DD: Robert Kai “Robby”/Grace Adalia (17)
    DSD: Alexia Carol “Lexi” Brown (14)
    DSD/DSD: Olivia Christine Brown/Tanya Nicole Brown (13)
    DSS: Landon Ryan Brown (10)
    DS: Theodore Michael “Theo” (9)
    DS: Calvin Thomas “Cal” (8)
    DD: Rochelle Liberty (6) “Ellie”

    **Riley has four children from his high school sweetheart. They lived with their mother in Virginia while Riley lives in Florida. He still does his best to be a part of their lives. Jessica and Bianca recently moved to Florida for college and now live in an apartment less than a mile from their dad’s home. Robby and Grace are juniors in high school, the visit on breaks and summer vacation. Bries four eldest children are from her first marriage. She left him before she knew she was pregnant with Landon because he became abusive. Brie has sole custody of them. Together they have Theo, Cal and Ellie.

    Friend #5: Sandra Jennifer Robinson “Sandy”(36)
    Husband: Landon Martin Robinson (36)
    DS/DD: Camden Vito/Abigail Tiana (9) “Cam and Abby”
    DD: Layla Sloane (7)
    DD: Gia Patricia (1)
    **sandy and Landon have been married for 13 years and have four biological children.

    Friend #6: Henryk Harvey Calvert (36) “Henry”
    Wife: Lillian Kelsie (30)
    DD: Lyndsay Mariana (15)
    DSD: Jackson Everett (11)
    DS: Chase Nicholas (8)
    DD: Summer Lauren (6)
    DD: Felicity Jane (1)
    **Lyndsay is Henry’s daughter from a previous relationship. She lives with her mother but visits Henry regularly. Jackson is Lilly’s son from a previous relationship. She has primary custody but is on good terms with his father; Jackson visits him regularly.

    Friend #7: Carter Giovanni Yma
    Widower: Emily Rebecca
    DSS/DSD: Vance Ervin Costa/Oceana Belle Coata(19)
    DS: Kiran Apollo (16)
    DS: Benson Jax (15)
    DD: Lilac Rain (13)
    DS: Elliot Jason (10)
    DAD: Annabelle Ava (4)
    DAS: Mark Titan (3)

    Vance and Oceana are Emily’s children from her first marriage. They moved in with their dad after Emily died, but still visit Carter and their siblings regularly. Kiran, Ben, Elliot and Lilac are Carter’s biological children with Emily. The Yma family adopted Annabelle and Mark six months before Emily died. They were orphaned in a local house fire.

    Friend #8: Cyan Grey Hutchinson (36)
    Fiancé: Caitlin Saorise Henderson (37) “Caty”
    DS: Hugo Cyan (20)
    DS: Jackson Shane (18)
    DD: Daisy Alina (16)
    DSD: Josephine Cherish (14) “Josie”
    DD/DS: Carissa Sophie/Kai Henry (13)
    DD: Emma Sue (10)
    DD: Elizabeth Jane (7) “Libby”
    DS: Caiden Levi (3)
    **Hugo and Jackson are from Cyans high school sweetheart. They are both in college but visit when they can. Daisy is from a different mother, Cyan has had custody of her since she was three. She has limited contact with her mother. Carissa and Kai are from Cyans girlfriend before Caty. They live with their mother but visit Cyan regularly. Josie is Catys daughter from her first marriage. She lives with Cyan and Caty but visits her father regularly. Emma, Libby and Caiden are their children together.

    Friend #9: Alecia Kathryn Hackley (36)
    Fiancé: Devon Oliver O’Gorman (36)
    DD: Adella Rose (19)
    DD: Selena Ember (17)
    DSS: Braxton Noah (12)
    DSD: Juliana Kate (9)
    DD: Lauren Giselle (8)
    DS: Kiran Constantine (7)
    DS: Dylan Zachary (3)
    DS: Luke Dimitri (2)

    **Alecia has Adella and Selena from a prior relationship, their father was killed in a robbery when Selena was two. Braxton and Juliana are Devon’s children from a previous marriage. He has custody of them but they visit their mother regularly. Lauren, KC, Dylan and Luke are their children together.

    Friend #10: Camille Neza Hunter Pich (37)
    Widow: Jared Henry Pich
    Boyfriend: Ciaran Fernando Johansson (37)
    DD: Liliana Jordan Pich (11) “Lil”
    DS: Jameson Robert Pich (9). “Jamey”
    DD: Chelsey Diane Johansson (3mo)

    **Liliana and Jameson are Cami’s children from her marriage to Jared. Chelsey is their daughter together.

    Friend #11: Fiona Emily (36)
    Widow: Brent Alessandro Sothy
    Widow: Parker Bryce Sandoval
    Husband: Austen Paul Jericho (41)
    DAD: Raina Claire Sothy (19)
    DAS: Jax Timothy Sothy (15)
    DAD: Christiana Marie Sandoval (13)
    DAS: Lucian Blake Sandoval (12)
    DS/DS: Fergus Anthony/Patrick Thad Sandoval (9)
    DS: Kai Charles Jericho (4)
    DD: Vanessa Danielle Jericho (3)

    Fiona is twice widowed. She has four children she legally adopted after their fathers passed. Raina and Jax were Brent’s children from his first marriage. Their mother passed prior to Brent’s passing. Christiana and Lucian belonged to Parker and his ex-wife. Their mother was battling a drug addiction when Parker passed, so Fiona legally adopted them. Her other four children are biological…Gus and Patch are also Parker’s children. Kai and Vanessa are from her current marriage to Austen.

    Friend #12: Dominick Sterling Landrum (36)
    Fiancé: Valentina Dominique Tioga (36)
    DD/DS: Tatiana Ava/Leonard Davis “Tia and Leo” (11)
    DAS/DAS: Eric Conrad/David Magnus (8)
    DS: Zane Mason (3)

    **Tia and Leo are Dominick’s biological children from his ex girlfriend. Eric and David are Val’s sons from a previous relationship, Dominick legally adopted them. Zane is their son together.


    DFriend1: Lauren Lily Hermann (37)
    -DD: Rose Liliana Hermann (18)


    DFriend2: Allysen Mikayla Frederickson (38) “Ally”
    DFiance: Jaquelyn Rebecca Davis (41) “Jackie”
    -DSS: Jack Noah Davis (9)
    -DSD: Ansley Jane Davis (7)
    -DS: Lucian Mason Frederickson-Davis (4) “Luc”

    Jack, Ansley, and Luc:
    Jack, Ansley and Luc

    DFriend3: Ariana Alivia Curry (35)
    DBF: David Matthias Bruno (34)
    -DSD: Clara Layla Bruno (18)
    -DSS: Alexander Carter Bruno (13) “Lex”
    -DD: Cassia Kai Bruno (11)
    -DD: Andrea Frances Bruno (8)
    -DS: Levi Asher Bruno (4)
    -DS/DD: Jagger Daniel Bruno and Camilla Delilah Bruno (3)
    -DS: Weston Jett Bruno (1)

    Clara and Cassia:
    Clara and Cassia


    Andrea, Jagger and Camilla:
    Andrea, Jagger and Camilla

    Levi and Weston:
    Levi and Weston

    DFriend 4: Kenneth Brian Osborne-Mae (37) “Kenny”
    DExH: Theron Jeffrey Frazier (40)
    -DS/DD: Roscoe Ryan Frazier-Mae and Azalea Annabelle Frazier-Mae (20)
    -DD: Amelia Ariana Frazier-Mae (15)
    -DS: Caiden Clay Frazier-Mae (11)
    -DD: Callista Camden Frazier-Mae (10)
    -DD: Karlie Kendra Fraizer-Mae (7)
    DH: Zachary Michael Osborne-Mae (35) “Zach”
    -DSD: Laurel True Osborne (14)
    -DD/DD/DD: Ciana Clarity Osborne-Mae, Bailey Birch Osborne-Mae, and Pamela Primrose Osborne-Mae (6)
    -DD/DS: Frances Fay Osborne-Mae and Alden Ace Osborne-Mae (4)
    -DD: Lilac Luna Osborne-Mae (3)

    Roscoe and Azalea:
    Roscoe and Azalea

    Amelia, Callista, Karlie, and Lilac:
    Amelia, Callista, Karlie, and Lilac

    Laurel and Caiden:

    Ciana, Bailey, and Pamela:

    Frances and Alden:

    DFriend5: Filip Edmund McGhee (35)
    -DAS: John Charles McGhee (12)


    DFriend6: Hazel Felicity Dailey (35)
    DH: Felix Blake Gallahad (Deceased)
    -DD: Olivia Emily Gallahad (9)
    DBF: Walter Byron Mackay (50)
    -DAD: Lucy Sarah Mackay (7)
    -DD: Sophie Claire Mackay (6)
    -DAD: Caroline Lake Mackay (4)
    -DAS: Kai Jayden Mackay (3)
    -DAD: Isabel Rain Mackay (1)

    Olivia and Lucy:
    Olivia and Lucy

    Sophie and Isabel:

    Caroline and Kai:

    DFriend7: Emmett James Cahill (35)
    DW: Emma Hailey Cahill (30)
    -DS/DS: Zain Felix Cahill and Harrison Layne Cahill “Harris” (13)
    -DD: Eliza Emmeline Cahill (7)
    -DS/DS: Everett Henry Cahill and Ellis Reiko Cahill (nb)

    Zain and Harris:


    Everett and Ellis:

    DFriend8: Leilani Mikelle Summers (36)
    DBF: Gabriel Trevor Meath (34)
    -DS: Maverick Allen Meath (15)
    -DD: Tara Christa Meath (10)
    -DD: Rose Charlotte Meath (6)
    -DD: Lorelei Briana Meath (5)
    -DS: Sebastian Eli Meath (3)

    Maverick and Sebstian:

    Tara, Rose and Lorelei:

    DFriend9: Yardleigh Albina Frederickson (37) – Ally’s Cousin
    DExH: Martin Lane Krick (37)
    -DD: Adelaide Josephine Krick (17) “Ada”
    -DD/DS: Amelia Juliette Krick “AJ” and Arthur Jagger Krick “Archie” (11)
    DBF: Jaime Mitchell Green (34)
    -DS: August Jackson Green (8) “Auggie”
    -DAD: Annabelle Jenny Green (6) “Annie”
    -DAD: Armery Juliana Green (4) “Amy”

    Ada, AJ, and Archie:
    A A andA

    Auggie, Annie, and AMy:

    DFriend10: Devon Colin Rowland (37)
    DW: Elia Baylor Rowland (38)
    -DD: Brooklyn Bryn Rowland (6) “Brooke”
    -DD: Ella Olivia Rowland (4)

    Brooke and Ella:

    DFriend11: Catherine Joan (Dillon) Redland (36)
    DH: Chad Jonah Redland (41)
    -DD: Ava Zorina Redland (15)
    -DS: Kyle Andrew Redland (10)
    -DD: Nora Delilah Redland (5)

    Ava and Kyle:


    DFriend12: Caroline Sage (Bluster) Johnson (38)
    DH: Schuyler Mason Johnson (40)
    -DD: Jane Mary Ellen Johnson (18)
    -DD: Violet Piper Johnson (13)
    -DS: Ralph Charlie Johnson (8)
    -DD: Thea Faith Johnson (6)
    -DS: Nicholas Ben Johnson (3)

    Jane and Violet:

    Ralph, Thea and Nicholas:

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