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Baby's gender is a surprise, so picking names is getting hard! Input please!

  • jessicapav

    hi! I am new to this community and I never ever get involved in things like this, but this baby is stumping us, especially because gender’s a surprise! We like classic names that aren’t over used and also honoring family members is very important to me (not necessarily to DH). There are several people that I would love to “honor” in our baby’s name, I know I can’t possibly include all of them, however I do not mind using 2 middle names nor do I mind being creative with my association/having one name honor two people, etc. So, those I’d want to name after:
    Cleo Allen
    Diana Louise
    Mary Edith
    Jane Ellen
    Joshua Martin
    Benjamin Lee
    Michael John
    Robert James
    Christi Ann
    Sara Jane
    Jeannie Marie

    The first two are top priority, though obviously may not be able to use for both genders.
    Most of these have reasons behind them, though not all, and sometimes it’s hard to explain.

    So far my top pics for girls are:
    Moira/Mara/Molly (from Mary) – my preference is in that order, also
    Margaret/Marjorie (similar to Mary, though not the same source)
    Louisa (from Louise)
    Eloise (only as MN, ^ the same)
    Clemence (from Cleo, though I know they’re not really related- this is where I’m flexible!)
    Clara (MN ^the same)
    August (Cleo’s birthday was in August and the month always meant a lot to him & my family because of it, also that’s when baby was conceived… though that may not come up in the conversation)
    Edie (from Edith)
    Elsa (from Ellsworth)
    Briony (just always loved it, though I can’t come up with a family connection for it, which makes it hard for me to really consider it)
    Viola (great grandma’s FN)
    Francis (great grandma’s FN)
    Honora (MN)

    Robin (for Robert)
    August (see above)
    Arthur (DH is obsessed with King Arthur, and he didn’t have a TON of choice in the names of our first two… so, no real family connection, except a great great grandfather down the line)
    Johnny (not John, but as a masculine form of Jeannie, but also in connection with Michael John, only as FN)
    Christian (MN – from Christi Ann)
    Jasper (similar to my husband’s name)
    Martin (MN)
    John (MN)
    Benson (MN – for Benjamin and was also Mary’s maiden name)

    Hopefully this isn’t too confusing. Basically I want to have a beautiful classic name, but that isn’t just pulled out of the air.

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  • jessicapav

    Siblings are :
    Hazel Wyn & Drake Edward


    What about Margaret Diana (I love Diana!) and Robin Allen? Or would you consider Robert Allen? With so many female Robins/Robyns a few decades ago I think it can be harder for a boy to live with.


    For girls, I like Viola Jane or Marjorie Clara.
    For boys, I like Arthur John or August Robin.

    I think of Cleo as being a girls name and August definitely being a boy’s name. Would you consider Cleo as is for a girl? I think Cleo Jane or Cleo Molly would be cute.

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