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Anne-Sophie Juliette and Leo Kirill, but better?

  • ashthedreamer

    I’m looking for a French middle for Anne-Sophie (an-so-FEE) a European middle for Leo (I’m not particular about which European nationality for Leo), and Anne-Sophie Juliette (or possibly Anne-Sophie Emilia/Anne-Sophie Laerke/Anne-Sophie Rosamund) and Leo Kirill are the best I’ve gotten. I’m not really happy with either, but I can’t seem to find anything better. What are your favorite French (or European) names? Any great combo ideas for Anne-Sophie and Leo?

    Thanks, ladies!

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  • TwoSapphires

    Anne-Sophie Mireille
    Anne-Sophie Noelle
    Anne-Sophie Renee
    Anne-Sophie Claire
    Anne-Sophie Maelys
    Anne-Sophie Celeste

    For boys:
    Leo Dominic
    Leo Sergei
    Leo Artur
    Leo Raphael
    Leo Vladimir

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