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6 weeks out, HELP!

  • stonelenn

    We’re having a girl, and are thinking possibly Sariah or Aurora, what’s your thoughts on Sariah (pronounced sar-eye-a) using it solely, or naming her Aurora but actually call her Rory for short? and what would you suggest for a middle name for both?

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  • TwoSapphires

    Congrats on your little girl! Sariah is kind of pretty, but it always makes me think a bit of psoriasis. I really like Aurora though; very pretty. Rory is a cute nickname, too.

    A few middle name options:
    Aurora Nicole
    Aurora Celeste
    Aurora Noelle
    Aurora Celine
    Aurora Mae


    Twosapphires: Thanks for the oversight we had on sariah! One we didn’t think of, and of those I really like Aurora Noelle!


    Glad you like it! :)


    Sariah is lovely!
    How about:
    - Sariah Brielle
    - Sariah Chloë
    - Sariah Hayden
    It’s similar to Saria, which I adore (not a Zelda reference).

    I absolutely LOVE Aurora! The nickname Rory is adorable for a girl.
    Middle name could be:
    -Aurora Chloë (Chloë is a flexible middle name)
    -Aurora Belle (Disney theme)
    -Aurora Grace
    -Aurora Charlotte
    -Aurora Eden
    -Aurora Scarlett
    -Aurora Lily
    -Aurora Cadence
    -Aurora Claire
    -Aurora Elizabeth
    -Aurora Gabriel
    -Aurora Rowan
    -Aurora Riley
    -Aurora Rose
    -Aurora Celeste
    -Aurora Piper
    -Aurora Hayden (Hayden is also flexible)
    -Aurora Phoenix
    -Aurora Phoebe
    -Aurora Jade
    -Aurora Evelyn
    -Aurora Willow
    -Aurora Bailey
    -Aurora Brooke
    -Aurora Paige
    -Aurora Callie
    -Aurora Zoe
    -Aurora Evangeline
    -Aurora Jasmine (slight Disney theme)
    -Aurora Faith
    -Aurora Hope
    -Aurora Sophie
    -Aurora Bridget
    -Aurora Elise

    I know that was loads, but I hope I helped :-)


    Thanks for your suggestions! We love Aurora jade probably the most from your list, Aurora Charlotte caught us off guard as its my name and it wasn’t even something I thought to consider, so thanks for putting that in there too!


    I do like Aurora Jade and Aurora Charlotte, too! :)


    I’m not a huge fan of either name but I do agree that Sariah reminds me of psoriasis.

    So going with Aurora…

    Aurora Kathleen
    Aurora Jane
    Aurora Colette
    Aurora Vivienne
    Aurora Elaine
    Aurora Jolene
    Aurora Justine


    Sariah is pretty and way better than the plain “Sarah,” although it may get mistaken for it. I didn’t think of psoriasis, but I do know someone named Sarai (Sa-rye) that it reminded me of.
    Overall, Aurora is the safer option and I adore Rory!!


    I actually really like Sariah, but given the “psoriasis” overtones pointed out by others, maybe Sarai is a better alternative. Sarai was the original name for Sarah and means “my princess”.

    I prefer Sariah to Aurora, which is getting quite overdone at the moment.

    Sariah Blair
    Sariah Jane
    Sariah Lotte (pr. Lottie)
    Sariah Greer
    Sariah Maud
    Sariah Merle
    Sariah Bree (or Irish spelling is Brigh)
    Sariah Dawn (which mixes Sariah with the meaning for Aurora)


    I don’t really like Sariah. I feel like it would constantly be mispronounced or mistaken for Sarah. I had a roommate named Saraya, which has a similar pronunciation, and she had such a hard time with people getting her name wrong… Something about it just doesn’t really work for me.
    I really love Aurora, though, and especially with the nickname Rory!! So cute! (If you like Rory a lot, you could also go with Lorelai nn Rory, like in Gilmore Girls. Just something different to maybe consider.) Aurora is really beautiful, too, and I feel like it’s a name we name-lovers discuss a lot, but it’s not actually used nearly as often as we might think.
    You’ve got a lot of good auggestion for middle names, too. I really like Aurora Noelle, Aurora Vivian, and Aurora Jade! (I adore Jade, too…)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10)

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