Name: Yuto

Origin and Meaning of the Name Yuto

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    (YOO to)
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    Japanese speaking countries
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    Yuto is a variant transcription of the Japanese name Yuuto, pronounced with a long vowel 'u'. Yuuto is a popular Japanese boy name that was ranked 6th most popular boys' name of 2006. The favorite way to write the name is to use the characters for "tenderness; superiority" (yuu) and "Big Dipper; 10 sho (vol); sake dipper" (to). This second character is used for its phonetic and graphic qualities rather than to reach a specific meaning. Other popular combinations are "permanence; distant; long time; leisure" (yuu) and "Big Dipper; 10 sho (vol); sake dipper" (to), as well as "permanence; distant; long time; leisure" (yuu) and "person" (to).

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