Name: Riddick

Origin and Meaning of the Name Riddick

  • Meaning:
    Farm where reeds grow
  • Origin:
  • Gender:
  • Pronunciation:
    (REE dik); (RID ik)
  • Form of:
    Itself (Riddick)
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Miscellaneous Info for Riddick

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  • Used in:
    English speaking countries
  • Additional Info:
    Transferred use of the surname, derived from place names.

    Redwick in Gloucestershire, England, is named in Old English with hreod ‘reeds’ + wic ‘outlying settlement’.

    Rerrick or Rerwick in Kirkcudbrightshire, in Scotland, is named with an unknown first element + wic ‘outlying settlement’. It is also possible that the first element was originally Old Norse rauđr ‘red’.

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