Name: Niobe

Origin and Meaning of the Name Niobe

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    (nee O bee); (nie O bee)
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    Itself (Niobe)
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    A name from Greek mythology of uncertain derivation, Niobe was a queen of Thebes and daughter of Tantalus. Her continual weeping for her slain children turned her into a stone from which tears continued to flow. The story of Niobe is mentioned by Achilles to Priam near the end of Homer's Iliad, as a stock type for mourning. Another Niobe, also from Greek mythology, was a daughter of Phoroneus, and the first mortal woman to attract the love of the god Zeus. By Zeus, this Niobe was the mother of Argus, legendary founder of the Greek city of Argos. This Niobe lived many generations before Niobe, daughter of Tantalus.

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